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Off World Healing Technology - Pleiadian Tachyon Energy Chamber - Get One Here

Posted By: Mr.Ed
Date: Wednesday, 8-Sep-2021 13:21:41

Off World Healing Technology - Pleiadian Tachyon Energy Chamber - Get One Here


You can't help reading about Tachyons without being curious about their affect on all living things. We desire to speak without restriction, but you know how the medical commissars are.

However, we do have testimonies and can say the results are astounding!

Tachyons are sub-atomic particles that travel faster than light, infusing physical matter with light.

This produces multiple positive effects when present in the human energy field or the body. Many have reported that healing takes place 2-3 times faster, along with having a noticeable increase in pain reduction.

The interesting thing about Tachyons is that they aren't like any energy you may have ever felt before. They aren't a frequency like say, a Rife machine...or a crystal. Yet Tachyons are magnificent! The benefits are most note worthy.

* Testimonials...

Tachyon Rods:

My first hand experience with Tachyons began with Tachyon rods. The rods are about 8" long X 3/4" in diameter. I am not very sensitive to energies at all. Yet holding them for a short time the energetic tingling could for sure be felt. It was pure joy.

They were placed in socks to help with leg pain, then they were loaned to a neighbor who was having some friends over. We just wanted to see what kind of testimonies would transpire. Each individual held them for about 15 minutes. One put them by her painful knee, another by a painful ankle, another with pleurisy put them on her chest. Each noticed significant lessening of pain. One noticed an overall sense of well being. It has helped curtail foot cramping and pain for another.
One friend bought a set of the rods to use in meditation. She said they were so wonderful they made her "giddy".

Still not convinced, we concentrated on sharing the Tachyons with people known to be energetically sensitive. (THAT has been a BLAST!)

Especially since most are not at all familiar with Tachyons.

What would they think if told it is 12th dimensional technology?

When the rods were handed to a girl (very sensitive to energies) she said "What IS THIS? I have NEVER felt anything like this!"

Another held them for 15 minutes then laughed when she asked for a glass of water saying she could feel the detox/vibration throughout her whole body and felt like she had had a couple of beers!

A contractor held the rods, he handed them right back...saying "WHAT IS THAT?"

Another friend is a mega energy sensitive person. "Hold them (I said) They are Tachyons and they won't hurt you". He held them and within seconds he was rocking, going in circular motions with the energy, a hoot to watch.
Within 40 seconds he said "I am going to give these back to you. I don't know what those things are but wherever they are taking me...I don't have time to go!" (He was working and on the clock)

The Tachyon Chamber:

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh were the astounded words of another energy worker who came to spend time in the chamber. She was blown away by the work accomplished on her and in her. She felt the lift and clearing of her energetic fields.

Dizzy afterwards and amazed at the cellular buzzing she said it was pure bliss. Good in. Garbage out. An amazing experience. Some people have to wait to drive afterwards the energy is so strong.

What did the chamber do for me?

The lights and sound the first time were 'set for detox'.

And pee a river I did when I got out. Every cell in my body felt like it was dancing! After many trips to the bathroom to drain my radiator I was a believer! Where was it all coming from??

The next time it was 'set to work on the crown chakra'.

Again my cells danced...reverberating if you will. Plus, I felt a continuous tapping on top of my head (as if someone were literally tapping my head) for 2 days afterwards! It wasn't annoying. Work was being done!

The next time the lights and sound were 'set to work on intuition'.

Wouldn't it be nice to have better intuition? I didn't notice anything at first. But the following day I did. While outside I could clearly hear my elderly mom calling me. I was way out of hearing distance of her frail voice. Yet I distinctly heard (in my head) her calling me. I ran to her. Indeed she was calling and needed me!

The painful suffering of the Polymyalgia Rheumatica that has plagued me is disappearing. Stiffness is much lessened and mobility is returning. I am not as tired and feel absolutely charged. For the first time in my life, I actually feel like I can do most anything.

We can't make claims. Yet we are beginning to think nothing is outside the realm of possibility with this 12th dimensional Tachyon technology. It heals the body at the cellular level. We only wished we had the latitude to tell you everything it does.

Here are some of the many Tachyon benefits:

* Restoration of the Chakra and Meridians to the Healthy Zero Point

* Accelerates the body's capacity to heal from disease

* Profoundly promotes spiritual development and can open up the 3rd eye

* Amplifies intentions

* Can be used during mediation, manifestation or healing sessions

* Harmonizes EMF's

* Clears emotional garbage (past/present/future)

* Heightens spiritual awareness & helps access emotional memory blocks for mental and emotional release

* Increases stamina, invigorates, protects, recharges

* Assists the body in detoxifying

* Wonderful for anxiety, ADD, ADHD, Autism, circulation, pain, improving sleep, overall sense of well being

We are doing what we can to inform as many as possible of this wonderfully, incredible technology.

Tachyons are a great accompaniment for us as we all participate in the uplifting ascension of humanity.

You can shop for Tachyon accessories available to fit most every budget.

You can experience the bountiful blessing of Tachyon energy.

From hand held rods to your own chamber.

Most chambers are private but this one is open to the public.

Come melt away in total bliss as you bask in Tachyon energy.

Accented by every color and sound in the rainbow, it will take you away.

Click here for Website and learn more about these products: >>>
(also sign up for a free newsletter to learn more)

TACHYON LIVING - Tachyon Living Products

Any further questions or for info on how to book sessions in a chamber contact me. Mr.Ed :)

RMN is an RA production.

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Off World Healing Technology - Pleiadian Tachyon Energy Chamber - Get One Here
Mr.Ed -- Wednesday, 8-Sep-2021 13:21:41
BIG THANKS, Mr. Ed!! Fantastic info on Tachyon healing modalities!! NO MSG *NM*
Lymerick -- Wednesday, 8-Sep-2021 13:21:41

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