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Q & A with Mr.Ed and Researcher Ernie - (part 1) 3D Planet (part 2) Dimensions - Lost Abilities - CO2 Lies - Galactics

Posted By: Mr.Ed
Date: Saturday, 12-Jun-2021 22:27:18

Q & A with Mr.Ed and Researcher Ernie - (part 1) 3D Planet

(part 1)

Topic: 3D Planet

Researcher Ernest wrote:

We have be told that those who do not ascend to the eventual 5th Dimension will be transferred to another 3d Planet far from earth.

Any comments?

Mr Coker explains what our ascension to 5D will be like. Released memories of our past and travel beyond earth.

Subject: Re: 3d planet 6/11/2021

Mr.Ed comments:

Yes...I can comment on that.

The earth and everything on it will ascend from 3rd to 5th.

We are on that timeline now.

The ones not ready to ascend will be taken to another 3D planet (wherever) on a different timeline to continue to experience and learn/evolve. The planet would be very similar to what we have now so most will not even know they are gone from here. They would go to sleep and wake up there like nothing ever happened.

Inner earth is already 5D...but now the surface will be also. At that time we will be able to mingle with the Agarthans of inner earth.

We will all get our memory back and our forgotten abilities. It will be us who create the new heaven on earth for 1000 years of the golden age. (on the surface. Inner earth is already a paradise) Maybe when we visit inner earth we will be inspired to create some of what we see there on the surface?

The only limits will be your it will be fantastic.

For the ones who don't make it...they do not know any different.

They will have no feel for time.

We are immortal so time really is not a factor...but the shame is it will be a long time before they get another chance to ascend.

Another cycle. A cycle is 26,500 years.

I know we been stuck here at least 1 full I feel like it is time to get up outta here now. :)

Actually we go nowhere...but the reality changes. New game rules. We been here doing the same stuff for so long...we are getting bored. So 5th will bring plenty of new challenges and experiences.

Or maybe we will still be bored as we recall all our past lives and say 'been there...done that'. lol

I look forward to the GFL showing up so we can get on the ships and hit the universe. So many places to see and lifeforms to meet.

We been so suppressed here on our prison planet we haven't even been able to explore the planet under our feet.

It's prolly a good thing we don't know what is residing under us. There is no telling. 😨


(part 2)

Submission from Ernie:

Read this. Is 90% of what we know about math, science, education, history and more false? Was Einstein not an Einstein? Are dimensions misunderstood? We know that we've been lied to but did it go that far? What say you folks?

First of all, there are no "dimensions".

There is just one ever-expanding non-delimited morphogenic information field. Period. No "fifth dimension" to go to.

Second, there is no "time".

Time is nothing but a cataloguing system, like index cards.

The characteristic of the information field that we are trying to express as "time" is actually "place" within the information field.

Third, our mathematics is hopelessly imprecise and wrong-headed.

As a result of our math being incorrect, everything else is incorrect-- and we can't get straight until that fundamental flaw is addressed.

This means that our language and our science and everything else, including our thinking process, is more or less fubar, too.

It means that "Einstein" was no Einstein.

And 90% of what we have been taught is bunk.

Members of the military and the scientific community have been shown this, but they have refused to correct the math.

The idiocy and idolatry of the current banking system has been fully revealed, too.

Earth's "leaders" persist in willful self-delusion and continue to promote sheer hokum for illusory profit.

When we call for new leaders to take responsibility for themselves and their planet, we hear crickets.

Everyone seems to assume that it is someone else's job.

And meantime, psychopathic madness and lies reign supreme:

A full third of the ocean on this planet is dead.

The atmospheric oxygen is down to 15% from 28%.

And the idiots-in-charge are focusing on the build-up of carbon dioxide which is caused by lack of oxygen
as the problem.

People are looking to the military to save them.

The military is useless.

The U.S. Military is dependent on Britain. A British corporation, SERCO, acts as their Paymaster. Go figure.

The DOD, which is controlled by EU interests, is useless, too.

Millions of Americans are being coerced into vaccinations.

After the terrible effects of this become obvious, they will be told they did it to themselves.

Nobody else is responsible for the harm done. They volunteered.

Not the corporations that produced the poison.

Not the "Medical Doctors" and others who distributed it.

Not the politicians who rammed this down our throats for profit.

Not Bill Gates, who was already under indictment for maiming and/or killing and sterilizing 750,000 children in India via "vaccines" when all this started.

Not Anthony Fauci, who partnered with Moderna to make a killing --- literally and figuratively.

He's a Eugenist and obviously, killing and sterilizing those dumb enough to take the shot, was a good result in his view.

We disagree.

We believe that these men are monsters as bad or worse than Hitler and Stalin ever were.

We believe that they have been given political power under Color of Law in violation of our Constitutions.

We believe that this is an Act of War being carried out under Color of Law.

And we hold every single one of those perpetuating this situation responsible for capital level crimes.

Any other questions?


Mr.Ed Comments:

Q & A with Mr.Ed and Researcher Ernie - Dimensions - Lost Abilities - CO2 Lies - Galactics are baiting me again. So I will strike again. I am Mr.Ed...not Mr. Coker. My email has nothing to do with my name. Mr.Ed Agent for Truth @ RMN. (I can be contacted there)

During my decades of research on all topics of interest I ran across Alex Collier. I think I heard him on Art Bell. He was/is a Andromedian contactee. I found this source to be so interesting I started digging for more. I found NEXUS in Australia selling his conference recordings. I bought every video he ever made. I had a box full of DVDs (this was in the 90's) and I spent over $350. to get this material/information. I doubt anybody else on earth went to the extremes I did to learn more about this race of galactics.
I learned about the Reptilians and Draconians from Alex way before I knew who David Icke was. (Icke called out the royal family as shape shifting lizards)

Alex Collier - Tracking Andromedan Contactee Alex Collier and Much More

I do not know where you came up with the concept of no dimensions??? You just throw it out there to see it it will stick? It sounds to me just like the fake flat earth theory put out there by the cabal to confuse the flock. (and it worked) If you don't might believe anything.

Alex Collier tells us (and he gets his info from the Andromedian Galactics) the human race is considered royalty by the galactics.
The Andromedians say we had evolved to the highest level of the 23rd dimension. We came down from the highest level down to the lowest level of 3rd climb the spiritual ladder again, to eliminate boredom (as we are immortal spiritual beings having a human experience) and to achieve a higher lever, from a heavenly angel to a creator god. So the different levels of dimensions come with different game rules and laws of nature/creation. Earth is a school of learning via experience. We come here to evolve and ascend up to the next you are ready.

Think of dimensions as a TV. The TV has lots of channels...but only plays one at a time. When you change the see a different program playing. When you see a UFO here one second...and gone the did not disappear. It changed channels on the TV. A dimensional shift and now you can't see it. It vibrates at a different level and you can't experience it anymore.

I will give you an example of a dimension shift from the Bible I think most of you can relate to. Remember the Easter story where Jesus was hanged to death on the cross...and 3 days later arisen from the dead. The observers said he glowed like a light and looked somewhat transparent. Jesus said do not try to touch me. Because he was no longer physical in 3rd...but a glowing light body from upper 5th. Transformed from a carbon based a crystal light body. This is exactly what will happen to all of us as we ascend up from 3rd to 5th.

FYI...the Andromedian race are very talented and advanced skilled and they are the race that builds space craft and motherships for other galactic races. It is their specialty. I think they have blue skin.

So that is one is another from Sheldan Nidle. He teaches us about the GFL. (galactic federation of light) The GFL comprises 100,000 galactic races of the light. (good guys) The Andromedians are members of the GFL. Many other races work with 'The Earth Alliance' like the Pleiadians and Sirians. Sheldan worked with both these races. He grew up on motherships so he knows all about them. So it seems to me a lot of galactics out there are living the various dimensions out there and do not agree with your theory of no dimensions at all.

I know all about the GFL as I promoted and posted weekly updates from the GFL by Sheldan for about a decade. I attended about 100 webinars and bought CDs and view all the Sheldan Nidle material found on youtube. (there is a lot) So I have done my homework on many galactic races. All of them are good guys. He tells that there are 23 different human races here on earth and none of them are from here. He tells about how our true origins are from other worlds and we have a galactic family. They are coming here for a grand reunion and you will remember and you will know your galactic family when you see them.

He tells after 1st contact occurs the first ships to land will be the medical ships. Millions of them will land all over the planet and you can line up to use the med beds and walk out a few minutes later in perfect health.

He tells about the crystal light chambers of inner earth Agartha...and how we will go there as well onboard motherships near the surface to spend 3 days and be transformed from 3rd to 5th. From a carbon based body to a crystal light body. They will correct what has been wronged to us by evil controlling ET races long ago. (Annunaki) They enslaved the human race. They wiped away your memory of all past lives. Took your brain from 100% to only 12%. Disconnected your DNA from 12 strands to only 2. Just enough to keep you alive and reproducing more slaves for them. The 2 strands we run on do the involuntary functions like heart beat...breathing...digestion...and reproduction. All the ones they disconnected were your god like angelic abilities...and your memory. This happened to us a long time ago. We are the same soul group here now that was here way back then a full cycle ago. (26,500 years)

So the GFL know we got screwed long ago and they want to help us out by speeding up the process to get us back to who and what we really are. The crystal light chambers were built special for each person/soul on earth. No 2 are alike. It will restore us fully and it is all good.

Your brain will go from 12% to 100%. Full consciousness. Your DNA will be reconnected so you go from 2 strands to all 12 again. The chakras of the body go from 6 to 12 in females and 13 in males. You will remember everything. You will have full access to 'The Akashic Records'. That means you will know everything. God like ability. I called it 'The Universal Knowledge" when it happened to me. I was given a peak behind the veil long ago so I know about these lost abilities. I had regained full use of them for a short period of time...but long enough to learn all about it and remember everything. But I forgot again after it happened. (it took 20 years to learn The Universal Knowledge was The Akashic Records. I read about it in a book about the Pleiadians by Barbara Marciniak "Bringers of the Dawn")

At the time I experienced the Akashic Records I felt I could challenge anybody and Einstein was nothing...I was way smarter than him or anybody. As soon as you could think up a hard have the answer...instantly without fail. Perfection.

Telepathy is the ability to read the thoughts of another or to communicate between another with the mind and never speak. The eyes are the window to the soul. When you have telepathy working...nobody can lie to you. You know as soon as the words are spoken they are false. You can feel just know. But in this life you dare not let on to anybody or call them out for the lie as you are different and they do not understand. It can be a real big you never say a word and you never let on...but you know exactly who is good or bad. You can not be lied to. You see clearly everything.

Also your thoughts create reality. You can manifest anything you desire from thoughts alone. After the 3 days in the light & frequency transforming healing chamber you will go into 2 weeks of training by the galactics so you can learn how to control your new found abilities. You see...your thoughts can be dangerous. You could harm or kill another if you do not take control of your thoughts and learn how to use them. Example: If you were mad at somebody...and you wished harm to could actually cause that other person to fall down dead. You never touched them...but you killed them. So the same powers can be used for the good instead. You can also think or touch another and heal them. So it will be very important to get the 2 weeks of training before your can return to the surface. (or remain in inner earth.

Once we are all fully conscious the galactics will be among us so we can travel on the ships with them and go anywhere. There is a lot out there and we have been stuck on a prison planet for a long time. We are about to be liberated. The galactics call this coming change 'The Event". It is a galactic transformational wave of energy coming to earth from the galactic central sun.

Planetary Activation Organization (you can go here and buy DVDs by Sheldan on the GFL)

GFL Symbol

Everything else about living a lie is true. Very few know the truth. more thing I will comment on...

The CO2 situation. The greenhouse gas. The climate debate. Just another lie.

When they say we want to get rid of harmful gasses like CO2 that is total bunk. We need CO2. They want to get rid of CO2 to get more oxygen they tell you. LIE.

Let's back up a little. Where does Oxygen come from? Yes a lot of it comes from the water. H2O = water. Two atoms of Hydrogen and one atom of Oxygen. But it is trees that create Oxygen. They are like little Oxygen factories. Trees take CO2 in and turn it into Oxygen.

So the more CO2 in the ambient air means the trees will put out more Oxygen as a result.

It is the CO2 in the air that controls the rate of metabolism in the plant. All plants take in CO2 to grow. All plants put off Oxygen as a byproduct. Oxygen is toxic to a plant. But it is life for us and animals. The air we breathe has 4% CO2 in it. If you take away just 1% the plants stop growing. If you take away 2% they die. But on the other hand...if you increase the amount of CO2 in the air...the plant will grow faster than normal. Growers have learned you can increase the rate of growth in a plant up to 4 times normal using CO2. So there is your greenhouse gas. CO2. Growers are able to increase the CO2 levels many different ways (but that's another topic) but you can increase the Co2 level 4 times above normal and the plants will grow 4 times faster.

So if you apply that concept to the lies that they are telling us about CO2...the higher the CO2 levels get...the faster the trees and all plants grow so they put out more Oxygen. Mother nature is correcting the problem automatically. Actually it is not a is a LIE.

Growers inject higher levels of CO2 gas into greenhouses to feed the air as they say.

You would think if the cabal were least they could tell a good lie. One that is more believable or questionable.

LEAVE THE F*****G CO2 alone. Nature it just fine. Time for the cabal to go away. Mr.Ed :)

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