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Posted By: RumorMail
Date: Saturday, 22-May-2021 13:14:22

A post submitted by CGI member, Jonathan_Seagull.

CGI is RMN's readers forum!!




After 1017 people all across America witnessed the main stream media mob moron's failed version of the Academy Awards inadvisedly called the 'Oscars', this Seagull was asked by various Trump Patriots to produce a more traditional version of this celebration of current and future film fandangos. Although we were busy using Looking Glass to explore how God wins the fight we are all in which will determine the future of our galaxy and galaxies throughout this universe, we managed to carve out a little time to host a more traditional version of this celebration of heralded thespian achievements once again called “The Academy Awards”. We The People are the Academy. What follows are our nominations and our Awards. 55 Gems of the Big Screen made the cut. Scroll down to see if your favorite misadventure has been cited by our blind Screen Actors Guild wounded warriors. All of our selections and decisions are arbitrary and capricious just like all the covid lockdown rules. All decisions are final unless we change our mind.

These are our selection criteria – proceed with caution – we are not responsible:

You are all welcome to cast your votes but we will not count them. We are telepathic. If you are too, all you have to do is think your vote and it will be cast into the abyss. We use the Dominion Voting System to tally the votes as they have been reliably and honestly 'processing' votes all around the world for decades. Take our word for it. We have not received any financial support from the CCP. Our votes are worth 1.25%. Your votes are worth .75%. Do not question our methods or the FBI will hunt you down, especially if you were involved in the January 6th williwaw or if you are a friend of Rudy Giuliani. Vote early and often. Fake mail-in ballots accepted. We do not check for water marks, creases or bamboo fibers. No voter ID required. We make the assumption that all votes cast by dead people have been cast for our candidates. No signature matching. If you have been vaxxed you cannot enter our space, touch us or breath our air. If you are sick and dying please vote immediately. No citizenship required. You may sell your vote more than once. No bare feet. Men and women may vote topless. Trannies may change their vote without permission from an adult. If you are not sure of your sex, one will be assigned to you using the 'willie' method. If you have a 'willie' you are male. No bike riding. No ball playing. No Skateboarding. No yelling or screaming. If you refuse to use a deodorant for any reason you must obey social distancing guidelines. No parking or you will be towed away at the owners expense. No soliciting. You must be a member to gain entrance. You may not join a club that would have you as a member. You must have been born before this date. Raise your hand to speak. Raise plows. Deer crossing only. No hunting. Bear Left. No jaywalking. No right on red. This is a smoke free environment. No wheat, soy, nuts, dairy, meat or meat products, no calories, no sugar, no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial colors or flavors, no taste. Non GMO - but if you have taken any of the genetic modification jabs it no longer matters.

You may recognize the names and titles of some of our contenders. However, you may not recognize any of them. Some of the films and film sequels were originally produced in the 70s, 80s, 90s etc. Some are recent. Some of these nominated films and actors and related thespian efforts and creations are well known. We have added our editorial comments to a few of them. Some of them are the films we wish they had made. Some are creations we wish were never created. At least one of these films was not worth any credits or comments. We don't care if we have offended anyone. We are not some limp wristed, delicate, dudley do right, politically correct NGO or 501(c)3. We don't try to be even handed in our offenses. We accept all comments but we don't read any.

This awards program comes in Two Parts. Part One includes all of the films nominated for a Patriot Oscar. It also includes all the actors and related big screen arts and crafts such as producers, directors, costumes, special FX etc.

Part Two is the final program which will include all of the winners of the Patriot Oscars. Part Two will be published after Part One as soon as we receive the voting results from Dominion Systems. The results may not take as long as you think because Dominion Systems is live on the internet, has acquired access to the the Vatican Leonardo Satellite and is working closely with the CIA, CCP, London, Italy, Germany and Spain to rush their results, I mean OUR results, right back to the Democrat Party, I mean right back to us, for our approval, I mean so we can verify who you voted for. Whether you voted by mail or not, your mail-in votes will be tallied multiple times by our highly ethical staff as soon as we kick out any poll watchers. If you don't like the results we suggest that you immediately sue Dominion Systems for billions of dollars. We encourage you to do so because we receive a finders fee if you win. A word of caution: there will be a forensic audit of the voting results in six states beginning with Arizona but the main stream fake media mob morons will seek to hide any mention of these results. However, if the results of these audits do get out, the main street media mob morons and the social media psychopaths will then call you bad names and try to ruin your lives. They will also sick the FBI on you and accuse you of being wankers and bonkers, especially if you have ever associated with, agreed with or heard of Rudy Giuliani. Furthermore, we must warn you that there are still some really stupid doinks out there who may believe them.

OK, now that we are all familiar with the rules of engagement we can proceed to the nominations.

...and now the Trump Patriots in association with President Donald J. Trump, reelected 45th President of The United States of America, present the 2021 international Academy Awards Oscar nominations...


“Invasion Of The Body Snatchers”- in this remarkable Sci-Fi classic, a bunch of green Aliens in flying saucers land at the big fairground carnival in Maricopa County Arizona. It just happens to be right next to where the forensic audit of the 2020 election ballots is being conducted. It seems that the Deep State Dark Forces on Planet Earth invited these creatures for dinner to take everyone's attention away from the obvious results of the audit. The green Aliens, who look like walking lizards, tails and all, don't understand what an Earth carnival is all about. The Aliens were invited for dinner and they believe this is one gigantic picnic with a wide variety of their favorite food – human beings. There's vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, cherry garcia, pistachio, peach, mocha, coffee chip, fudge swirls, cookies and cream, mango...their sacred parietal third eyes are sending hunger messages to their tiny little brains as their slitted pupils peruse this rather appealing variety of earthly delights. They begin walking through the carnival grabbing people of all flavors and sizes and throwing their bodies into a large food bin they are dragging behind them. Our hero, DJ Trump stands defiant at the entrance to the arena next door where the ballots are being counted. He is holding a powerful Laser gun that is deadly to Aliens but only stuns human beings. The Aliens make their way through the carnival counting the bodies they snatch so they can win the body snatching contest being held at the Orion Belt Star Cluster food contest. They reach the end of the carnival and are suddenly facing our hero - right in front of them guarding the entrance to the Arena where the ballots continue to be counted.

They are eye to eye with DJ. Without hesitation the Aliens run toward DJ. He fires his mighty Laser weapon over and over and kills every last green Alien. DJ runs to save the human bodies that have been thrown into the food collection bin. He immediately calls in trauma teams to transport all of the frightened food selections to one of the new MedBed healing centers he recently built. All the carnival attendees are saved and the forensic audit has been completed. The cyber geniuses have found 250,000 ballots fraudulently flipped from President Trump to sleepy Joe. President Trump, as expected, is awarded the County of Maricopa and all of Arizona's electoral college votes. Sequels have been planned in Georgia, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, Colorado, and CALIFORNIA. In the first sequel, President Trump will be armed with a new, more powerful Laser weapon that completely destroys the main stream media mob morons and their useful idiots. This new weapon was created by reverse engineering a device found in one of the abandoned alien crafts. This was done by Salvador Pais of US NAVY fame. Of course NAVY is capitalized – it's a code of some kind.
Produced by Jovan Pulitzer Prizes LLC at the Florida Winter White House Studios in cooperation with Cyber Ninjas Unlimited. According to once reliable pollsters, this cinema release may garner the most votes for best Non-Fiction film and possibly Best Male Lead Actor of the decade and perhaps the century.

“Ma Big Black Bottom” - anti-secure voting rights proponent and sore looser Stacy Abrams stars in this film that most audience members believe they have already seen. She attempts to rig Georgia elections again in plane sight calling everyone who disagrees with her a racist. Realizing Georgia is about to become the next state who's election results will be subjected to a forensic audit she says 'they can kiss ma big black bottom'. Gross. Really gross. Viewer discretion advised.
Produced by Rathlessburger & Kemp PC in association with Dewey Cheatm & How, co-produced by CCP LLC.

“The Number Three” - in this insanely stupid film, the people are being scared to death of a flu virus by the Main Stream Media Mob Morons and The Deep State. Three deadly 'vaccines' are created to assuage the fears of the population. All the leftists have been tricked by the Main Stream Media Mob Morons and believe that masks and vaccines will save them. Also they want to show everyone how smart they are for supporting their illegitimately elected brain dead President. To prove they support sleepy Joe, all of these stupid leftist liberal doinks wear three masks and take three jabs. They all die.
Mortuary Production Studios in association with U. Kilm W.E Chilm LLC.

“JuneTeenth” - JulyTeenth; AugTeenth; Septeenth; Octeenth; NovTeenth; DecTeenth; Janteenth; FebTeenth; MarchTeenth; AprilTeenth; MayTeenth; StupidTeenth
This intriguing avant guard cutting edge politically correct insanely insidious film asks one of the most important questions of our time: which Teenth is the REALLY stupid Teenth...the answer may not be as obvious as it seems. We all agreed that by the end of this abomination we all wanted to cut our wrists.
Presented by 10Mg of Klonopin Please Productions is association with Gag Me With A Spoon Studios and Just Shoot Me LTD.

“Dirty Harry” - an out of control vigilante begins shooting anyone who was genetically modified by the fake covid 'vaccines'. Brilliant screenplay. At first, the audience is led to believe that Harry is a violent madman with a very big gun. But then the audience finds out he is really trying to save all the lives in his city – why? Because it turns out that the fake vaccinations turn all it's victims into ravenous flesh eating zombies disguised as extraordinarily ignorant left wing covidiots!
Produced by Make My Day Studios in association with One Bullet Left LTD.

“Trading Places” - just when democracy in the USA is about to become irreversibly damaged, the US military steps in and arrests sleepy Joe bringing in him and his crime family members along with dozens of other crooks and traitors to face military tribunals at Guantanamo Prison. President Trump is immediately sworn in as President reelected in the 2020 American elections replacing sleepy Joe. As he is being dragged away, sleepy Joe is asked for his comments and he reportedly yells “you can't prove anything, I can't prove anything, where am I, they told me this would never happen, he owes me a dollar, tell the Navaho Indians to release my wife, where's Hunter he will vouch for me...”. Meanwhile Soldiers at Guantanamo Prison are waiting in line to join the firing squads.
Another Q Production in association with Looking Glass Studios and We The People Unlimited.

“The Trial of the Chicago Mayor” - the story of a bug-eyed pathetic pathologically stupid woman who, as mayor of Chicago, single handedly directs her great despondent City to lead the entire United States in the number of murders of Black people by Black people. It's almost too much to believe but she keeps getting reelected and the Black people in this woebegotten City keep killing each other. This all ends when president Trump is asked by the people of Chicago to be rescued. He does this in just a couple of weeks. The mayor is tried and convicted of being dangerously and irreversibly stupid.
Guontanamo Military Tribunal Production Company in cooperation with the Kraken. Visit the brand new and expanded Guantanamo underground facilities that can 'entertain' and execute thousands.

“The Chain Linked Masks” – in this useless two year long film, a corrupt, murderous villain named Dr. Fauci (played by Dr. Fauci) is trying to kill everyone and so he orders chain linked fences to be built to deprive people of air. Suddenly he realizes that one fence will not do it. So he orders 2 fences, then 3 fences, then 4 fences but he still cannot stop the air. The people don't realize it and so they stay behind the fences like morons. It still does not have an ending.
Produced by Big Pharma Jabs LTD in association with Deep State Studios. Filmed everywhere in the world where there is an ordinary flu virus.

“Silence Of The Lambs and Sheeple” - a large group of sheeple have gathered together in a seemingly peaceful, quiet meadow. All the sheeple are wearing masks and doing what they are told to do by their shepherd. The shepherd has told them he will protect them but the wolf will eat their little lambs. One of the sheeple overhears the shepherd discussing his new recipe for rack of lamb. This sheeple runs back to his fellow sheeples and tells them that it is the shepherd who is eating their lambs – not the wolf. Do they believe him? Naaaaaaaaaaaaa. Suddenly a few of the sheeple look around and notice some of their lambs are missing. Do they all figure out that their shepherd is killing and eating them? Naaaaaaaaaaaa. At this point in the film, theater managers have noticed quite a few couples in the viewing audience throw their masks in the air, yell 'oh my God' and run home to make sure their children are safe. When the movie ends the remaining people are herd saying things like “I don't get it” and “what was that all about...”
Satanic Ritual Productions in association with Fresh Young Organs LLC in cooperation with Adrenalin Enriched Blood LTD and Global Luciferian Studios Unlimited.

“A Shaun The Sheeple Farmageddon”
A U.R. Lemmings Production

“The Nursing Home Killing Fields” - starring Andy 'Killer' Cuomo. Also starring Phil Murphy and Gretta Whitmer. In the midst of a mild plandemic that impacts only the old and defenseless seasoned citizens, Andy, who is busy writing a book on great decision making and leadership, makes one of the deadliest stupid decisions in political history. Knowing full well that the virus causing this 'plandemic' is deadly only to seasoned citizens, Killer Cuomo issues an executive order forcing all seasoned citizens in the State of NY who have been infected and are dying of this virus to be sent to nursing home facilities! Thousands of the healthy elderly people in these facilities, who might otherwise have lived for years, are infected and die because of his mindless decision to make this executive order mandatory. Could things get worse? YES! He then pronounces it to be illegal for their families to visit these helpless seasoned citizens as they lay suffering and dying. In another stroke of sadistic genius he forbids any family members of the dead to attend their funeral or burial services. Could things get even worse? YES! Killing thousands of innocent seasoned citizens wasn't enough so while all this is going on, Andy is accused by more than 8 women of inappropriate groping, kissing and other nasty misogynistic activities. In his own defense, Andy says 'all these people were gonna die anyway'. 'We're all gonna die'. “Dead is Dead”. And as for the women accusers he says “well, that's their opinion”. Meanwhile Andy was also found to have 'covered up' and lied about the actual number of people he killed in the nursing homes. His co-stars Phil and Gretta killed thousands of their own seasoned citizens in exactly the same way so they keep silent and the CCP bought and paid for 'fake journalists' have a belly laugh. The whole situation is brought to new heights when Andy passes a law making marijuana legal. He is using the old 'misdirection' technique with the added bonus of getting his critics so stoned, they just laugh in disbelief. What a guy...
People over 65 (still breathing) are prohibited from attending. You must wear five masks to see this flick. You now may smoke pot in the theatre. Remember to sit 6 feet apart in the theatre but don't bogart that joint. Even though there is no scientific proof that any of this nonsense works, it is Andy's show and these are his stupid executive orders.
Produced by They Come In Alive But They Leave Dead LTD in association with I Have Big Hands Studios in cooperation with Dead is Dead Enterprises and U.C. Ant Touch Me Productions.

“Love And Monsters” - Can love conquer all 'things'? Yes.
Area 51 Production Studios in association with You Can't Handle The Truth Productions.

“Field Of Bad Dreams”- in this heart wrenching sequel, a guy who really wants to have a catch with his dead father takes every red sent he has and can borrow and buys a 10,000 acre corn farm in Bumphuk Iowa. In the middle of his newly acquired non-GMO corn fields he builds a state-of-the-art baseball field with designer dugouts, full spectrum lighting, outdoor air conditioning, waterproof cushioned seats for 35,000 fans and lighted parking for 15,000 cars. His father is dead so he never shows up. Nobody comes to play baseball. He falls behind on property taxes and can't pay the mortgage. His crops fail. He goes bankrupt. Bill Gates buys his property in bankruptcy court along with a million additional acres of farm land on all sides of his farm. The local sheriff arrives and removes him from his home. When the movie ends he is homeless and living under a bridge in LA.
Even If You Build It They Will Not Come Production Studios in association with the Bill Gates Couldn't Care Less 501(c)3 Non Profit Org.

“I'm With Dr. Seuss!” - the shortest of short animated films. We Patriots believe this inimitable seeker of simple yet undeniable truths has recently been unfairly defamed. Condemning and censoring a 'few' of his rather profound books and claiming it does no harm because it's just a few books is much like throwing out the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John from the Bible (remember the Word of God?) and saying oh come on, it's just a few books. Well we're just pounding sand here because the doinks who censor books have probably never read the Bible but hate it anyway. Be that as it may, we have decided that this new Dr. Seuss short animated film is so important we have published it's entire script right here. If you missed the movie, just picture Dr. Seuss throwing his red mask away as you read the following:

This Mask?

I will not wear it on my face
I will not wear it any place
I will not wear it to get in
I will not wear it on my chin
I will not wear it on my ear
I will not wear it out of fear
I will not wear your stupid mask
I will not wear it do not ask.

“Yes People”- a sad tale about people who absolutely insist on wearing masks because everyone must conform so they can feel 'secure and comfy'. Oy. These same principled individuals insist on becoming genetically modified by taking at least one of the lethal fake 'Fauci Owchys'. Little do they know that masks are deadly and the jabs cause the jabed ones to become toxic spreaders and shedders of a slew of mysterious illnesses. When anyone tries to help them by explaining the actual SCIENCE that proves face diapers and jabs are causing entire populations on planet earth to be 'culled', they cover their ears and loudly blurt out: NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA...
Produced by I. C. Dead People Production Studios in cooperation with Doinks Unlimited LTD.

“The Midnight Sky”- a true story revealing that the spaceships and UFOs in the night sky are actually our own.
TR3B Universal Explorations LLC in association with the US Navy.

“Over The Moon”- full disclosure of advanced technologies such as healing devices, simple cures for cancer and old age, free energy devices, our own UFO's from Space Force and living entities not of this earth - revealed by our own US government. Disclosure - think you can handle it? Military bases on the other side of the moon and deep below the earth? Anti-gravity ships that can effortlessly 'fly' underwater, in our skies and to Mars and beyond? MedBeds? Theater owners have received countless hysterical letters from audiences with comments like...'why didn't they tell us 50 years ago' and 'you mean my mom and dad did not have to die??
Boy Are You Gonna Be Pissed Productions in Association with TR3B Universal Explorations LLC. Co-produced by the US Navy and Salvador Pais Anti Gravity Patent Productions.

“The Father” “The Son” “The Holy Ghost”
A destructive force unknown to most of current humanity (GOD) mysteriously destroys Hollywood. Hundreds of wealthy, well known actors and music video stars are denied access to adrenochrome and die painful deaths. Thousands of children are rescued. Some who have never seen daylight. Viewer discretion advised.
A White Hat LLC production in cooperation with Special Forces Studios and GOD Unlimited.

“EverGiven” - an Evergreen container ship gets stuck in the Suez canal and is boarded by Seal Team Six. Thousand of weapons are uncovered including nuclear weapons intended for the Ukraine to start WW3. This ship like many other container ships over the years was carrying human trafficking victims. These victims were freed. Dead children were also found.
You Can't Handle the Truth Productions in cooperation with Alliance Special Forces Unlimited. Viewer discretion advised. A special nod to Hunter Biden Productions for providing the Ukraine idiots all the money they needed to try and start WW3. Another special nod to Vladamir Putin for working together with President Trump and telling the Ukraine to shut up and go away, or we'll crush you like the insignificant, insidious bugs you are.

“Boring Subsequent Movie”
No Credits

“Promising Young Woman”- X-rated skin flick starring William Jefferson Clinton. It shows that NOW and several other warped, leftist fake women's rights orgs only care about the abuse of women when it is a conservative accused of abuse. There are at least eight women who have accused Killer Cuomo of abuse but no women's rights organizations have even attempted to end his reign.
Bill Clinton Production Studios in association with Anthony Weiner Short Films LLC. and Little Dick Durban Studios – Special recognition to Hunter Biden's Hard Drive Studios Inc.

“Mank” - Bank, Crank, Dank, Flank, Frank, Hank, Rank, Sank, Tank, Wank.
Remember when you are on line to see this film wear five masks and stand 6 feet apart for social distancing. Tom Cruise insists on it or you will be fired.
Produced by Yet Another Hollywood Film LLC.

“The Life Ahead” - AKA - “You Will Own Nothing and You Will Be Happy” - the One World Order Dark Ones maintain control of Planet Earth after 'culling' 50% of the population using genetic modification fake vaccines demanded by the willing, sleeping population of Planet Earth.
This movie stresses the point that in order to be controlled you must first use free will to voluntary agree to be controlled.
A Stepford Citizen LLC production in association with Davos Deep State Global Enterprises Unlimited.

“Speak Now – and Die”
An MK Ultra LLC production in cooperation with CIA Global Assassins Inc. – credit also to I. Dareyou Productions.

“Hear My Voice”
Brought to the big screen by MK Ultra LLC in association with Mind Control Global Studios.

“Fight With You” - the continuing saga of Antifa and BLM. Join the party as these two violent unopposed killing machines search the world to find tolerant 'liberal' cities they can violently destroy without resistance. The excitement grows as the communist Democrat Party, Big Corp and Big Tech, useful idiots of the Deep State, invite them in to ravage vulnerable cities and to loot and burn down thousands of middle class family businesses. Note how the leaders of these illustrious killing orgs purchase multi-million dollar homes in the most white suburban neighborhoods. All of us Patriots agreed that these are organization leaders fighting for honorable principles.
Useful Idiot Studios produced and funded by Soros NGOs and 501(c)3 corporations in cooperation with Woka Cola Try 2 Be Less White Studios.

“The Letter” - a specially targeted envelope containing a revealing letter is given to quite a few people at the funeral of GHWB. Did it really say: “they know everything, I'm sorry – GHWB”?
Produced and directed by Firing Squad Entertainment and Donald J. Trump.

“Pieces Of A Woman” - meet the Davos elite as they sell thousands of human bodies with fresh, healthy human organs to the highest bidders all over the globe. Learn how they ritually cut out and trade parts of men, women and children in plain site. Be in wonder as you learn how they have been doing this for decades while making quadrillions in currency and gold bullion. Fascinating! Come alone...
You Can't Handle the Truth Productions in association with Evergreen Containers LLC.

“We've Got The Football” - enjoy watching world leaders from countries across the planet as they laugh at a poor masked sleepy Joe making mindless statements and falling asleep between questions. At one point he wakes up and claims “the Navaho Indians have captured my wife”! What a hoot! Pantomime at its best. Did anyone really think the US Military was gonna give this demented old fart the 'football'?
President Trump Production Studios in cooperation with The US Military Unlimited.

“Insurrection - January 6th” - the true story of a false flag event very similar to the German Reichstad Fire of 1933 that propelled Hitler into power. In this well documented story, Antifa members, dressed as Patriots, are allowed to enter the US Capital building receiving no resistance from any police or guards. They make fun of America and use dirty words. John Sullivan, one of the known leaders of Antifa runs around yelling “we're in, we're in - I can't believe we did it - let's burn this shit down!” He records everything on his own phone. No one ever accused him of being an intellect. Was he yelling to himself like Golum? Does anyone really think he was the ONLY member of these criminal thugs who breached the Capital building on January 6th ? The main stream mass media morons report that 'violent insurrectionist' have stormed the Capital threatening the very foundation of The American Republic. I laughed till I cried! But where IS Pelosi's Lap Top?
Produced and directed in close cooperation with Q and Anon Studios in association with the current President of the United States (per the Military) Donald J. Trump.

“A Love For Latishia” – AKA – “She Was Delicious”
An HRC/Weiner Production – Staring Huma Abedin
Produced by Vatican Satanic Rituals Unlimited and Pizzagate Productions LTD.

“The Fall Of Woka Cola” - the true story of how one of the worlds favorite soft drink companies was able to destroy more than a century of marketing success in just a couple of days. Easy come easy go. The movie goes on to explain how Woka Cola hired an exalted man of color and placed him in the position of guiding the marketing image of this corporate 'titan' in order to make Woka Cola more racially 'sensitive'. His idea was to state that the new policy of Woka Cola was to be 'less white'. Sales of their remarkable product plummeted and Woka Cola sent this marketing 'genius' packing to 'whiter' pastures. Was the reputation of this company irreversibly damaged? Only time will tell.
Try To Be Less White Productions LLC in association Shot Myself In The Foot Studios.

“White Eye” - renamed “Black Eye” so not to offend the tiny 'woke' community. There are not many of them but they all have big, hateful mouths.
A Woka Cola production in association with the Organization of Corporate Oligarchs.

“ YOU'RE OUT!” - in this embarrassing film, Major League Baseball in the USA takes offense to Georgia laws protecting the privilege of voting in US elections. Things like Voter ID are now required when you vote in Georgia very similar to when you apply for a drivers license or fly on a plane, or buy liquor, or buy cigarettes, or buy beer in a baseball stadium or enter any corporate building anywhere in the USA or anywhere else on planet Earth, or enter any government building in the USA, or obtain a passport, etc, etc. MLB thought the new legal vote protections were unreasonable and racist and so it pulled it's All Star game out of Atlanta and moved it to Denver. In an act of irrefutable racial idiocy they took $100 million dollars of business away from an overwhelmingly Black City and moved all that money to an overwhelmingly White City. You really have to make an effort to be that stupid. No one goes to their silly ballgames anymore anyway, even in China. Check the woke 'Oscars' ratings. Are the IQs of all these corporate execs just 'Gone With The Wind?'
Another great film from Room Temperature IQ Productions LLC in association Shot Myself In The Foot Studios and Woka Cola Production Studios LTD.

“Oh Shit, I Missed” - in this vegas style film a well meaning Patriot with a raspy voice predicts that by April 1st , 2021 sleepy Joe will be booted out of orifice by the US Military. It does not happen.
A 107 Production in association with It Will Definitely Happen By August Studios LTD.

“Three Fauci Owchys” - how the Deep State used Big Pharma to trick the entire population of Planet Earth into begging for fake vaccine jabs that are actually experimental genetic modifiers designed to control and 'cull' the population. You have to hand it to these psychopaths, they are very clever. Each jab contains enough genetic garbage to make even a healthy human body reject itself. Watching the movie, you learn that the people who have been jabbed start making the unjabbed deathly ill! And no one knows why – not even Big Pharma! This film reveals that each jab is one more brick in the wall enabling the Deep State to gradually turn the human race into transhuman robots! Ironically, many of the people becoming genetically modified by this experimental genetic garbage insist on eating non-GMO foods. Talk about stupid. The most fascinating part of this movie is that many people are begging for the 'jabs'. Now Big Pharma says you need a new 'Fauci Owchy' every year. Hey, when the table gets hot you keep throwing the dice, right? In this film we find that, indeed, the jabs are not vaccines and they don't prevent covid. But for the 'jabbed' it is too late...there is no reverse gear in this vehicle.
A Stepford Citizen LLC production in association with Davos Deep State Global Enterprises Unlimited in tandem with The Gates Depopulation Foundation NGO.

“Surrender Dorothy?” - when last we saw our hero Dorothy, she was in Washington DC clicking her heals and all of a sudden ten miles of 8 foot fencing appeared from nowhere, covered in barbed wire, surrounding the Capital building and the White House. There is a man behind a curtain controlling someone who says he is the great, impotent sleepy Joe! And then 30,000 troops with weapons and live ammunition begin roaming the streets. She looks up in the sky and sees Q riding in a Space Force anti-gravity saucer creating sky writing that says “surrender, surrender, surrender” but it says nothing about Dorothy. She then realizes this message is not for her – but who is it for? And why are all the soldiers guarding this huge prison? Why won't they go away? Is it real? Is it a bad dream? This horrific nightmare has not yet ended...
Produced and directed by Q And The Anons in association with Send Them All To Guantanamo Production Studios with the cooperation from The Florida Winter White House.

“Return of The King” - starring the US Military and D.J. Trump. The US Military, after sitting on it's duff since the CIA murdered JFK et al, finally lets the citizens of the world know it has had enough! It gives the order to the 30,000 troops already in the hornets nest of Washington DC, to arrest every politician, lawyer and lobbyist in DC. It unseals over a hundred thousand indictments and then sends another 30,000 troops across America to arrest all of the Deep State and CCP 'bought and paid for' local elected and non-elected officials including but not limited to big city mayors, little city mayors, town supervisors, councilmen-women, blue state governors, red state governors (a few), camp counselors, planned parenthood, corporate oligarchs, movie stars, rock stars, judges, priests, teachers, olympic trainers, school board members, legislators, senators, presidents, the Supreme Court, the main stream media mob morons and their useful idiots etc, etc. It then proceeds to dismantle the CIA, FBI, DOJ and all their related secret societies. Antifa and BLM are quickly crushed and all their members are given one last chance to live together in peace – or else. Space Force takes down all mainstream media orgs and dissolves the Federal Reserve and the IRS. Within a few weeks it brings back the duly elected President Donald J. Trump. President Trump activates the Quantum Financial System and NESARA. Other militaries around the planet, like the French and Myanmar militaries, grow sets of brass ones and follow suit thereby freeing the people of Planet Earth from the debt slavery they have been living under for centuries. The last remaining 'black hat' DUMBS are captured and thousands of children are released into the loving arms of newly awakened communities. The RV is released and poverty and starvation is just a bad memory. Medbed healing facilities are opened up throughout Planet Earth and disease and human suffering comes to an end. Even the 'woke' bastards are impressed. There is a standing ovation after each showing of this film.
This is the film we have all been waiting for from Old Glory Studios in cooperation with Q Enterprises and JFK Jr. Production Studios. Directed, produced and created by GOD.

“Da 5+8 Bloodlines”
A Rothschild Production paid for by multiple generations of debt slaves on Planet Earth.

“Paid To Betray My Country” - a true story about a man obviously on the spectrum, who is given the most enviable opportunity ever created to save his own country without suffering any pain, death or dismemberment. He has worked for years to develop his reputation and is selected by one of his country's greatest leaders to protect and defend his country during it's most solemn hour of need – but then the Dark Ones offer him money and power to betray his country and turn on the great leader who had selected him above many to help lead a weary nation. He takes the money... no this is not the story of Benedict Arnold. It is someone much more diabolical. Little did this coward know that the cause he could have saved involved not just the future of his country but the future of Planet Earth – and beyond! No wonder that fly landed on his head during the debates. There is some confusion about this movie as to whether it is a tragedy or a comedy. Why? Because this yellow bellied coward thinks the people who's country he betrayed have forgotten the unforgivable. Yes, Mike Pence announces to the very people whom he betrayed that he is considering running for their highest most trusted leadership position, President of The United States! Our marketing division noted that at this point in the film, everyone in the audience just stares and shakes their head in disbelief. Special Guest Star: Kamala Harris.
Produced by Firing Squad Entertainment in cooperation with Benedict Arnold Studios and Show Me The Money LTD.

“Russian Roulette” - staring wealthy 'elite' leftist sleepy Joe fans in NY City and Los Angeles. In the midst of a fake 'plandemic' these doinks are shunning those trying to warn them that wearing masks does not work and the so called 'vaccines' are really experimental genetic modification serums designed to kill them and that they are all lab rats. These wealthy ubber left wing covidiots decide to wear three masks and take all three major vaccines. 'That'll show them' they say. They all die and their families get no insurance money because they voluntarily took the experimental genetic modification serums. A few people in each audience have been seen grabbing their cell phones and calling their insurance agents. Some have been heard screaming.
Produced by Sheeple Studios in cooperation with W. E. R. Lemmings Enterprises LTD.

“I Got My Jab Through The NY Slimes”- starring the actor(s) who play(s) sleepy Joe in real life. Costarring R.Warnock and J. Ossoff. These three (or 4) actors who never could have won any election anywhere, are just bubbling over with laughter and joy making fun of all the stupid people who fell for their vote stealing antics. The title of this film is a bit misleading because it was not just the NY Slimes that went along with this election farce, it was almost all the main stream and social media mob morons that conspired to steal this election and allow the CCP to take over America. A sequel to this anomaly is being filmed as we write this review. It has been leaked by reliable sources that the sequel takes a sharp right turn as Arizona becomes the first of quite a few states to conduct a forensic audit of said election. The new version may include false flags and the usual violent suspects. It has also been leaked that the original stars have been replaced by Patriots and communism is replaced by a Quantum Democracy reversing all of the short term damage. Our advice is to skip the first film and stay tuned for the sequel.
Produced by Voter ID Studios in cooperation with Watermark Productions, Crease Detectors LLC and Signature Matching LTD.

“SuperMan!”- SuperWoman; SuperTranny; SuperGay; SuperMom; SuperDad; SuperSister; SuperBlack; SuperWhite; SuperAsian; SuperSpanish; SuperExpensive – SuperCANCELLED.
Politicly Correct Studios in association with SuperStupid Covid Flu Policies LTD.

“I Got 80 Million Votes!”- starring sleepy Joe. This comedy is just too much to believe. Nobody in any audience has been able to accept it's ridiculous premise. In the initial unveilings, more than half of the audiences simply walked out. Many were heard to say “do they think we are a bunch of stupid doinks?” If you did not catch this film early on then you missed it. It has been removed from most theaters in the 'flyover' states for lack of audience. It is still showing though in a few 'blue' cities such as LA, Portland, Chicago, NYC, Philly and Atlanta. However, many people in those audiences are now getting up and leaving within 15 or twenty minutes. Even some 'woke' morons are finally seeing through this media mogul mirage.
A Dominion Systems Production in cooperation with Venezuela Worldwide Studios and CCP LTD.

“ChinaTown”- in this deadly, idiotic film sequel, stupid is simply redefined. In the midst of a deadly 'plandemic', a really stupid wrinkled old professional politician named Nancy Pelosi (played by Nancy Pelosi) who has a $20,000 refrigerator and eats $20 a pint ice cream just like everyone else in America, invites a nation to shop and dine in the Chinese district of San Francisco threatening the lives of thousands of innocent men, women and children. To accomplish this moronic fete she visits the Chinatown district with her own camera crew in the midst of this really scary 'plandemic'. Live and on all the major fake news networks including CNN which has less than zero viewers, she laughs it up and tells everyone in America to 'pay no attention to President Trump's Covid protective measures... Come on down to ChinaTown!! Not just stupid. REALLY stupid.
Produced by Room Temperature IQ Film Studios in association with Wuhan Laboratories in cooperation with Fauci Weaponized Virus Productions Unlimited. Bought and paid for by the CCP.

“Saturday Night Fever”- Sunday night fever; Monday night fever; Tuesday night Fever; Wednesday night fever; Thursday night fever; Friday night fever...
Produced by It Begins With A Fever Film Studios in cooperation with Genetic Modification Laboratories. Another suicidal film by W. E. R. Lemmings LLC.

“Network” - after years of being bought, paid for and complicit in presenting the false narratives of the Deep State, all the major fake news media mob fake news networks are taken over via Space Force Starlink Satellites. They abandon all false narratives (99.9% of their news) and are forced to tell the truth. Liberating to watch and so fulfilling. CNN has no viewers anyway and shuts down for good.
Free Speech Productions in association with Truth or Consequences Studios LTD, Space Force Enterprises and The US Constitution Unlimited.

“Manhattan” - one of the greatest cities on Planet Earth is quickly destroyed by another dangerously stupid communist mayor. As millions of people, comprising most of the city's tax revenue base, leave this hapless, hopeless city that never sleeps, this brain damaged mayor declares: 'they can all go to hell - we only want stupid people in NYC anyway!” Downright depressing. A Horror Show.
Twin Tower Productions in cooperation with Rotten Apple Studios associated with RIP NYC LTD.

“Back To The Future Proves The Past” - Q and an anonymous group of time traveling heroes use Project Looking Glass to rid Planet Earth of the Dark Forces that have been enslaving it's people for two millennia. Starring DJ Trump. Costarring General Michael Flynn, the US Navy and Space Force.
Trust The Plan Productions in association with Quantum Financial Systems Unlimited.

“Groundhog Day”- each time the socialist democrat party gets back in power it tries to do the same things over and over.
First it increases taxes. Then it tries to remove guns from the citizens. Then it tries to nationalize healthcare. Then it increases poverty. Then it increases debt. Then it tries to teach our children to hate America. Then it tries to remove any trace of God. Then it tries to create class warfare. Then it tries to pit the rich against the poor.
First it increases taxes. Then it tries to remove guns from the citizens. Then it tries to nationalize healthcare. Then it increases poverty. Then it increases debt. Then it tries to teach our children to hate America. Then it tries to remove any trace of God. Then it tries to create class warfare. Then it tries to pit the rich against the poor.
First it increases taxes. Then it tries to remove guns from the citizens. Then it tries to nationalize healthcare. Then it increases poverty. Then it increases debt. Then it tries to teach our children to hate America. Then it tries to remove any trace of God. Then it tries to create class warfare. Then it tries to pit the rich against the poor.
Paid for by Hate America Enterprises. Paid for by Hate America Enterprises. Paid for by Hate America Enterprises. Paid for by Hate America Enterprises. Paid for by Hate America Enterprises.

“Full Metal Jacket”- starring Kyle Rittenhouse. A 17 year old Patriot defending the lives and property of his fellow Patriots is forced to defend himself from being killed by convicted child molesters and murderers while TRYING to surrender to the police.”
Produced by Refund The Police LLC in cooperation with We Are Burning Down And Looting Your Cities Because No One Will Stop Us Film Studios.

“From My Cold Dead Hands” starring 100 Million armed American Patriots with more than 300 million firearms in association with Jesus Christ...inspired by the words of one of America's Greatest Patriots: “Today, we need a nation of Minutemen, citizens who are not only prepared to take arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily life and who are willing to consciously work and sacrifice for that freedom.”
John F. Kennedy
Produced and directed by JFK Jr. in association with Revenge Is Best Served Cold Studios in cooperation with Those Bastards Got My Uncle Too LTD.

“The Critical Race” - in Theory this film might have had some potential. In theory. Starring really stupid teachers and professors from way too many bastions of exalted Pseudo-Academic Institutions charging way too much money contributing their part to the debt slavery of ordinary citizens across America. The film was halted as it was in production due to a lack of funding - which is what this 'Theory' is all about anyway.
Just Because We Are Professors Does Not Mean We Are Not Stupid Productions LTD.

“She Wore A Red Mask” - you know, from time to time us Patriots come across an idea that we have an obligation to share. Who cares about this movie. Wear a RED mask. If someone says “take off that red mask” just say OK, and take your stupid mask off.

“Forest Gump's Mask” - a nifty little flick with a series of short clips of people seemingly unaware of how stupid they are for wearing any deadly masks at all. But these clips are of the every day 'mask stupid' types. As an example, the dog walker on an empty street at 9PM wearing a mask – stupid. The person in a trance driving a car wearing a mask – stupid. People who put deadly masks on their preschoolers – stupid. Joggers wearing a mask – really stupid. The list goes on and on. We've all seen them. In an interesting twist you are required to know the password to view this film. Don't tell anyone I told you but the password is: 'one Forest one'.
Tom Cruise Mask Brigade Productions in association with Really Stupid Mask Requirements LTD.

Well, fellow Patriots, that's a wrap of Part One. If you were one of the 1017 people who were just tortured by the main stream media mob moron's new 'Oscars' production we are pretty sure you enjoyed this more than that garbage. If you did not enjoy this please refer to the instructions you probably did not read at the beginning of this demented amalgam of disturbing Hollywood failures and classic failures. We'll be back again soon in the future or in the past depending on our time traveling success or failure as we continue to mess around with Looking Glass. You've been here before in one lifetime or another so don't be strangers. If you do send us any checks above $1,000,000 we will immediately retire and you will not hear from us again. This may be worth the price. In the mean time keep looking in Rumormill News for a warning of the availability of our conclusive presentation of 'PRESIDENT TRUMP AND THE PATRIOTS PRESENT: THE REAL 2021 ACADEMY AWARDS PART II - THE AWARDS!'

RMN is an RA production.

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