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Knock Knock...The Blood of the Earth...The Gathering...A Little Alien Secret...

Posted By: Valiant
Date: Thursday, 14-May-2015 14:14:27

I’m saying this one more time…Timing…
It’s always about the timing.

Kyanite…Such a wonderful, gentle blue
Crystal…Everyone should have some…It absorbs
Negativity, disperses it from the chakras…and
Never retains negative energy…it can even
Help relieve emotional and mental instability…
Something some desperately need right now.

To the Secret Agent Man…Impressive determination.
I’m allowed to give you this clue and only this…

“In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
A stately pleasure-dome decree :
Where Alph, the sacred river, ran
Through caverns measureless to man
Down to a sunless sea.”
…Samuel Taylor Coleridge…
“And 'mid this tumult Kubla heard from far
Ancestral voices prophesying war !…” STC
Now if I were you I would check these…
That Ancestral City where Marco Polo
Visited…I believe I’ve mentioned that
Once or twice…yes, you might find a clue
There, one or two…beneath the ground…

To the Ageless Man, and others in search of…
You know what you have to do.
Remember when I said, the sign is the
Unicorn? There is an animated movie
You might want to watch…
Just full of riddles and hints…
The Last Unicorn…
"You can find the others if you are Brave…
The Red Bull ran close behind them and
Covered their footprints…”

We are in a month of Silent Warnings and Changes…
If you read the last posts carefully…
Read between the lines you hopefully caught
The clues…Well, at least I know some did.
Where one sees fear
Another sees a sign…
Where one sees suffering and accidents
Another sees blame and craziness…
You can’t fix something if you
Don’t see or acknowledge the wound…
Some will get it, some won’t…that’s the point.

For years, every now and then I would have
This re-occurring dream…It was always
The same, never changed, only expanded.
It was about a Gathering.
That one day, in a time of suffering and desperation,
People from around the world would
Come together…summoned silently and secretly…
By a little someone special…timing…

Now I understand people have been waiting…
But that’s how they test…
Separate the wheat from the chaff.
In these difficult hours…
So much at stake after all.
They’ve made their selections and will
Call them…to gather.

Now pay attention because it’s tricky now…
The Gates to the Underworld are shaking…
And if they’re not careful
That Old Great Wall is going to come
Tumbling down…

In the Dream, there were news broadcasts
From around the world…of Earthquakes and
Dormant volcanoes going off…
Sleeping Giants waking up…
And there were these cracks and craters
Opening up with this molten liquid oozing
Out…They said it was gold, but when
Greedy people tried to snatch it up, it
Burned them as though it were acid…
And they died.
Then I was walking with a child,
A very special child, who held my hand
And guided me and a crowd of people
Across these lush green rolling hills…
Hills I didn’t recognize, but seemed familiar…
It looked very much like the pictures I
Had seen of the UK countryside, or
Possibly Scotland or Ireland.
It was cold and windy, and the child said
To me that we had to go to where the
Earth was bleeding…to fix it.
Naturally I was totally confused but
Went along. The child said that
The Earth was bleeding because she
Had enough abuse and was going to clean
Itself…Along this pilgrimage many
Got scared, turned and ran…
They couldn’t handle it.
By the time we reached this great crevasse
Where the molten blood ran…
There were only a handful left…
When I asked the child about this,
They told me…That’s because, they’re
Supposed to be here…The others weren’t.
It was a test.

I’m telling you this because there will come a time
For the Gathering…the process has
Already started.
Don’t be surprised if you find yourself
Drawn into strange situations and places…
And don’t be surprised if, in the end,
You find yourself standing next to
A complete stranger…
We can’t always get what we want,
Or be with who we want…
But maybe that’s how we find our soulmates…
We have to have faith that the Higher
Powers know what’s best…

Just remember what I already old you
In earlier posts…no matter what happens,
What struggles we must face…
There will be a happy ending…
And then everything we faced will make sense
Even though it’s hard and cruel now.

That’s why I tried to tell you before…
About the distractions, the Awareness…
Just because everyone doesn’t see it…
That doesn’t mean it’s not happening…
What it means is that you have to watch
Out for those who can’t see,
If you care about them…you have
To take care of them, even though we
May not get credit for it.
The important thing is to care, watch, and learn
And survive.
After all it’s getting scary out there…

Dear Mr. Spacemen and Mr. Secret Agent Man…
Just so we’re clear…like I’ve said, I will
Only answer your questions in a Public Forum
Until you learn not to come at me in my dreams
And use the front door in the Real world during
The Day.

Now…until you get your act together…
And confess your interactions with aliens…
I’ll just have to help encourage you…
This agreement you have with some Alien
Races…the Medical Experiments, tests, etc?
So many strange diseases and illnesses out
There…you know what I’m reminded
Of? When the First Settlers came to America
And brought with them all these diseases
The Native Americans had no immunity for,
And it devastated them…
I mean really, for thousands of years,
Longer even, primitive tribes lived in
The jungles and survived without being
Eradicated by plagues…Yet strangely
You keep telling the public, blaming all
The diseases from coming out of the
Rain forests and jungles you’re cutting down.
How stupid do you think people are?
Experimenting on the population with foreign
Diseases…not nice. As if we didn’t have
Enough of our own. All for the sake of Eternal Youth…
But then, there’s so much money
To be made for the drug companies…
Right? If you wanted a cure you should
Have asked the right people…nicely…
Anyway, enough for now.
So much to come
So little time…

A whole lot of shaking to come…
And an awful lot of British accents in
The future.
Oh well.

That’s all for now.


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Knock Knock...The Blood of the Earth...The Gathering...A Little Alien Secret...
Valiant -- Thursday, 14-May-2015 14:14:27
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igots2no -- Thursday, 14-May-2015 21:48:16

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