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Why Do We Fail At So Many Things Repeatedly? It's The Hardwiring!

Posted By: mroxygen
Date: Saturday, 8-May-2021 01:53:38


Has to be this length to tell the whole story.
And totally worth the read and any re-read.

Our parents’ Natural Creation Spirits came together and caused their combined explosive divine spark to start forming our physical vehicle human body. Our Spirit took on our soul and together they created the body.

The sperm and egg combination further formed constantly specializing and dividing cell groups. Counting from the start from 2 cells, to 4 cells, to 8, to 16, to 32, to 64, to 128 cells, and so on, until we ended up in this present form consisting of millions of specialized cells.

In Mom's womb, we physically grew starting with an initial grouping of 40,000 of the purest of Nature Spirit cells who came together and expanded into the physical world from out of our heart center. These pure cells grouped, combined, and the first body part formed was our hearts. Scientists say they "mysteriously" seem to somehow start beating all by themselves, but this is no mystery to our Spirits combining with Nature to reach out of the invisible into the physical to start our visible hearts going.

Nature has formed them/us from the constantly dividing initially free-will-choice fertilized Zygote combination of Mom and Dad's Natural Nature Life Energy Love - hopefully - "flowing together like two rivers." That is how my Dad described my own conception one night to my teenage—self as I sat at the Eagles bar with him.

Our bodies use 2 types of the 200 million billion cells that we physically are.

1. Mitotic cells = Quickly dividing cells like our skin and our immune system.

2. Post Mitotic cells = Slower self replicating more permanent structure cells like heart and brain.

Contrary to what is taught as “science,” DNA does not control us. It is just a cell duplication-reproduction machine taking orders from your environment and your subconscious and your consciousness and your soul and your Spirit, all working through your Smart Body Innate.

We can intentionally now control its mechanisms - if we know how. Our DNA is just a cell reproduction machine. What runs it?

Our Spirit (5%) plus incoming wave energies from our environment and the ancestral backpack of our DNA WE all carry around often unconsciously and automatically controls us (95%) by telling us what to become next and how to act and how to respond. This is hardwired into us by Nature by age 7.

However, our cell DNA codes do get shorter and shorter as we age, so it is a dynamic and continually rearranging itself fluid process. Like when making copies of copies causes poorer quality subsequent newer copies, we all exhibit the reduced function aging of our self replicating cells. But we ask “Do they have to age that fast?”

Yes, because (unless we intervene) in this our local duality time matrix, our quickly dividing Mitotic skin and immune cells are where aging shows up first. But their behavior is not set in stone. it can be altered by us reprogramming our beliefs. If Source does it for us we call it a miracle!

Look up Sadhguru “How to manifest what you really want.” as an example. He also says what Ron Amitron and Bruce Lipton and Marisa Peer and Kryon and Abraham-Hicks have tried to show us. Be completely in the now and reprogram or completely drop your past which is stored in your now mutable DNA energy field and presently manifesting as all the errors in your day to day reality.

You are part of the Infinite Creator. So due to evolution you can now erase your karma, which is just past unfinished business carried in the DNA and pulled thru the veil into your incarnate body here by your smart body INNATE DNA energy field.
Ever wonder why your body remembers which kind of cell it needs and where they go?

SMART BODY INNATE. The smart body innate energy is not a brain function. It is decentralized. Innate is now building a bridge to your corporeal self. When you are practiced enough to control it, you will be able to instantly manifest. Even by growing new limbs.

You can say out loud (command) to your Smart Body Innate. The Innate is the energy of your DNA field - which is now programmed only with concerns of your cumulative spiritual survival. You can command it to expand to full function. To drop all the past restrictions. NOW.

To expand, Innate has to re-remember it's innate ability to instantly manifest in this reality. To live only in the NOW and to create.

"It's time to drop my karma. Time to talk to my body and cells and change my beliefs NOW. I am through with the energy of the past and I drop it and leave it and move on NOW.” And, "I am done with the energy of the past. NOW. Innate, I do not need to die to capture all this advanced spiritual wisdom, NOW."


And you can also really, really feel and imagine and mean it passionately. You can strongly imagine and BE what it feels and smells and sounds and looks like.

Telomeres are our genetic code DNA/RNA cell tip extensions. Every duplicate cell we make causes us more old age symptoms from the previous cell tips extensions’ shortening and finally wearing out. Finally the telomere shortening runs out and ends the cell's life. If left unmanaged, we age and die, WE morph into another form.

DNA division-to-duplicate shortens itself about 60 times during our lives. We self-replace our whole body every 7 years.

You can say out loud (to give commands) to your Spirit and address your Smart Body Innate in specific. The Innate is the energy of your DNA field - which is now still only old school programmed with the limited capacity concerns of your cumulative spiritual survival. This condition forces us to have short lives, forcing us to die in order to absorb the wisdom of what we just went through in life here. Part of the slavers limiting us, for keeping control of us.

You can now command Innate to upgrade it’s slaver suppressed “quantum hard drive field” capacity to expand to full function. To drop all the past restricions.

To expand, Innate has to re-remember it's innate ability of how to instantly manifest in this reality. To live only in the NOW and create. You can now remind it and give it permission. And command it.

"It's time to drop my karma. Time to talk to my body and cells and change my beliefs, NOW. I am through with the energy of the past and I drop it and leave it and move on, NOW.” And, "I am done with the energy of the past, NOW.” And, “Innate, I do not need to die anymore to capture all this advanced spiritual wisdom. NOW." And, “I don't have to die to have a spiritual growth." (The old, slow reincarnate to collect the experiences learning method is now outdated.)

WE only work in the frequency of the NOW and we must always say so when giving out loud NOW Spirit commands. Try it.


And it works best when you can also really, really feel and imagine and mean it passionately. Always strongly imagine and BE what it feels and smells and sounds and looks like. Put yourself there and you ARE there.

Depending on what your real deep unconscious beliefs are determines your manifestation. Still stopping yourself? Or finally being free?

Telomeres are our genetic code DNA/RNA cell tip extensions. Every duplicate cell we make causes us more old age symptoms from the previous cell tips extensions shortening and finally wearing out. Finally the telomere shortening runs out and ends the cell's life. If left unmanaged, we age and die, WE morph into another form.

DNA division-to-duplicate shortens itself about 60 times during our lives. We replace our whole body every 7 years.

Why do most older people get so stiff? When the DNA strands have divided so many times that they cannot go on with any further dividing without creating further damage, they sacrifice their reproductive processes but remain as just structure to continue to support our host body. So, we look older and stop repairing.

The cells have lost too many pieces of their own structures. So, for safety, they turn the process of dividing themselves off.

At this point the telomeres at both DNA chain ends in each cell being observed are gone. The old cells have finally lost all their telomere extensions from over duplicating. We can plot ages compared to telomere extension lengths by measuring them.

Most Mitotic cells in these science studies had to stop themselves from replicating, as each replication shortened their DNA down to dangerous conditions after telomere extensions got so short that the DNA cannot survive. So life in that cell turns off replicating. This is called “Replicative senescence.”

Stem cells are different from other cells. They have different functions, and are highly specialized. Their function is to repair all the other cells. They are found all over the body. They can turn into ANY cell depending upon the local environmental attributes around them (Lipton).

The stem cells can keep on dividing and reproducing, because, unlike the usual specialized dividing mitotic cells that can't grow back their own life-extending telomere extensions, the stem cells simply don't wear out.

They produce their own telomerase enzymes and then create new telomere DNA extensions for other cells, so they too can keep right on replicating.

They circulate around our bodies healing other DNA chains by lengthening their extensions, reversing aging. The particular environment where you put them in the body is where they become like what is around them. Smart Body Innate controls this magical process.

This is why all the modern stem cell buzz - about renewing us - is so exciting. Scientists say stem cells can now be put directly under our own control!

Why can't we ever seem to stick with our decisions without difficulty?
Why is finally creating real happiness for ourselves so elusive?
Why do you have disease?

Ron Amitron taught us that all sick bodies are simply bringing the past forward into today's manifestation to have us notice our stored trauma we have accumulated that is needing it's lower frequency density cleared out. In order to heal the past - which is manifesting here right in front of us and exhibiting itself as/in our NOW.

He use to say "The body will kill itself to get well." What??
I puzzled over that one for years.

I only now understand what he meant. To heal ourselves overnight we must clear all density and completely get away from the past. Drop it like it's hot! It is being stored in our subconscious and being held by our DNA memory programs while we unconsciously live in the past.

Until WE do that we run to drugs, magnetism, electricity, plasma, the coming med beds, whatever. But we already know how. WE've already done it before - but the old mind wipes to control us keep us from remembering how. And the ones teaching it here now are still too few and far between.

Since we can create anything by deeply believeing it first, WE have to raise our vibrations above worry, anger, trauma and being alone and up to absolute love, peace, and joy. To heal anything instantly we must be able to manifest ONLY our disease and injury free version of ourselves ONLY. That means deeply reprogramming our beliefs by living completely ONLY in the NOW frequency.

Proven by science AND many experiences:

Both cell types mentioned previously are constantly growing, healing, and replicating in us as best they can. They are found to be 95% of the time completely under the direction and control instructions coming out of our subconscious belief systems, and not exactly from our DNA remembering the past.

Surprise! Despite usual establishment science's outdated cart before the horse leading from behind mentality teachings, OUR BELIEFS, and NOT OUR CONSCIOUS MINDS, are the only actual in-control cell on/off binary DNA switches!

Our DNA doesn't create the consciousness energy fields that really are exactly the only thing that controls us, usually. Those Divine highest consciousness field energy waves emanate from within our deep inner Source connected Hearts, and also surround us as well, permeating our environment and our world.

Some say we are not even inside the body (We're actually living in our hearts), and some pray to outside of us entities. (Which is NEVER advised.) The real highest consciousness energy fields for each of us come out of our own hearts, and our fraudulent full of error corrupted outdated DNA structures interfere as usually just being replicating machines playing old worn out belief survival tapes over and over and over.

DNA is found to NOT be the causative factor in our energy, our physicality, and our situation creating lives. The DNA switches within us just get activated on or off, by our Spirit 5% of the time, and our mixed bag of surrounding energies the other 95% of the time. This is coming from our past judgments and the consciousness waves around them, and when they do get switched, they reproduce everything in our physicality. Subconscious triggers are everywhere. That's all there is to them. The slavers get us to slave ourselves by manipulating the symbols they surround us with.

But to really understand better, you can now watch any online hypnotist's video or stage show on YouTube. You can clearly see how the hypnotist carefully tells the subject’s subconscious what to do, and it becomes absolute law for that person, overriding all.

You can easily watch and experience the absolute power of the subconscious in order to reveal it to yourself. The hypnotized audience members can't stop themselves, or even notice that their suddenly now "considered normal" pranks are actually idiotic actions! For example, the hypnotist can actually even make himself invisible to the subject.

OUR lives here are CONSTANTLY operating about 95% of the time, ONLY from these subconscious mind autopilots! But are our 95% autopilots any good? Are they safe?

Ever drive and not remember the details? Or talk on the phone, while cooking, and changing diapers, all at the same time? See how it works? Your awareness is not even home most of the time.

Studies prove that usually 95% of the time, we are mostly all ONLY running on autopilot. See Buddhist "mindfulness" teachings.

BUT! From your being born here, our subconsciousnesses may be, and usually are, running the show very dangerously, without the 95% needed missing critical conscious in the NOW oversight.

We get this unconscious condition in the womb and upbringing from Mom and Dad, (or their equivalent certainly), or perhaps from some ancient long dead DNA relative way back, or emanating as a complete stranger's or outsider's wave energies. Foreign energies usually always can gain entry into our impressionable very young lives, or when we're drunk or high.

These influences can hack into the consciousness waves in your environment, and imprint directly into your less than 7 year old subconscious. That’s when our biology hardwires the host into the patterns it will always carry.

Is this partly why service to self criminals always keep the energies of trauma and fear and wars around us? And then they have to make a cult religion out of keeping their mass control systems alive mostly through the media? They organize and breed dysfunctional adults through planned mass media management when the youth are still mere impressionables, in order to guarantee themselves fresh crops of subconsciousness already slaved consumers.

Their programming can unwisely make you irresistibly “go long” on selling buggy whips, or fill you with their anger waves so you end up screaming at your true love! Or compulsively drink, smoke, binge eat, give yourself cancer, or worse to compensate. No wonder all want relief through escape. So then they are right there to sell it to them. All unconsciously. Especially easy when your diverted attention drifts as your consciousness idles NINETY FIVE percent of the time!

Your subconscious is for a majority of the time only programmed destructively and running under insane scarred and scared trauma child hardwired error programmed instructions! Unfortunately, your mind probably still today believes the signals unconditionally, and acts that hypnotized way every day. However you can still erase and re-program, and change everything to your highest purposes instead.

This situation we are in primarily comes from all our 0-6 year old alpha state mind imprinting we were imperfectly hypnotically programmed with. Usually from our genetics accumulating memory feelings during most of our ancestor's traumatic and often not-always-pure loving childhoods. We are taught to experience fear. It still messes us up as grown-ups. Bad deals always somehow going wrong, sudden deaths, broken things, reaching the top and sill feeling empty, on and on until cleared and self reprogrammed and operating ONLY in the NOW. YOU CREATE IT ALL WITHOUT KNOWING HOW OR WHY.

Notice usually none of your unconsciously programmed solution methods worked for you, or you definitely would not have done that and experienced the follow-up problems. Karma is an unsolvable task. It just keeps piling on. Only way out is to go up in frequency above it’s density.

And “big wheel keeps on churnin’,” it just goes “round and round and round in the circle game,”or “wheel of 84” as some say. Audio clues like these catch phrases abound around us. Plus, remember the subconscious error beliefs combine with whatever energy we inherited from the ancestral DNA energy memory backpack and add the locally decided-to-experience-it energy of everyone we meet here in the duality matrix party.

Bonus. Your Creator installed the most powerful thing. The right to choose, and the power to do it. Therefore, we suggest immediate out loud consciously choosing to continually repeat the Marissa Peer subconscious mind clearing /reprogramming solution her patients taught to her that was working. Video below.

Here's her way to change your life while in the whole merry go round of duality, ASAP, in right and proper ways. Please try to just simply say; "I Am Enough" with passion over and over and over till re-programming overrides all previous embedded errors and locks in the solution. Your stem cells are enough, too.

We are certainly only Pure Awareness, yet, curiously, we now find ourselves deployed upon this terrain as Individualized Awareness combined with our Total Awareness. I call this limited 50/50 situation as our life here as “having bodies while carrying a DNA/MIND backpack.”

Everything I write is always my best opinion. In my opinion, all levels of the machine acting mind MUST be re-programmed and cleared for full success magic to start showing up in your life.

As stated, this is the majority rule for 99% of us. Our own consciously created decisions from the full NOW mindfulness awareness energy is instantly combined with any leftover inserted (by technology) created waves of mind energy into our scarred scared programmed ancestral instruction energies.

We accumulated this mixed bag of error filled beliefs we bow act upon during eons of gathering ancestral recordings and continually storing them in our DNA as survival choices and as remembered judgments. These personal ancestor creations have piled up in us going all the long way back to the origin of the very first physical DNA.

Ron Amitron told us the LightBeings had to clear his physical DNA for six months before he could incarnate here. I can see why now.

So we are somehow never fully satisfied with ourselves, and as little ones we are imprinted/taught/hardwired that we are a "waste of space, and will never amount to anything," or "just wrong," or as TV teaches "really ugly without our makeup" and “unhealthy without our drugs,” or “not having fun without our beer or pot.” All by using hidden symbols beamed directly to your subconscious. Your hypnotic commands.

Please feel free to fill in YOUR descriptors, the ones causing YOUR distracted self being 95% of the time on autopilot. The physical, mental, astral, causal, etheric, and motivational dysfunction that's programmed into you by subconscious images that are seldom in your conscious control.

Remember the subconscious instructions invisibly repeat in you like they just invisibly screamed at you as if it is happening right now and they are freshly the only current grooves in your mind. We go through life hardwired as "never quite enough" from then on, no matter what fame, honor, or fortune we create or acquire, or where we go, or what we do.

Broken? Sick? Depressed? Unhappy? Diseased? Immune system failing? Consider the opposite, that some people can believe something so strongly that rattlesnake poison doesn’t harm them, even if they do get bit during a religious frenzy. Consider that the hypnotized really cannot see the hypnotist if told not to.

Our Smart Body Innate makes these changes manifest instantly through our subconscious. brains that are set up that way. We all have that power. CIA experiments also found out and proved that out loud constant repetition is the key to reprogramming.

All the dysfunction waves we are programmed to create are arriving directly back into us from our own collectively subconsciously stored DNA/Mind backpack genetics combined with those from everybody around us as well – all are designed to program us to stay here while suffering.

We're all under failing immune systems and old age suffering as if we're only mere entertainment dancing around and creating, as someone else insults us, and simultaneously uses us as their personal mental and emotional loosh energy power generators.

Ask yourself, who gains the most when we are purposely kept from our real lives as Total Awareness?
Somebody else. You want more proof?

Please watch this video. You ARE good enough right now. Crash course for phenomenal success | Marisa Peer.

Bruce Lipton's scientific proof of what Marisa Peer's patients experience, and what I just described.

My “Mr. Oxygen” other writings and videos can be found in various places on the Internet and in other publications. is a good starting point.

See also and Some links are under construction.

Donations to help all of us are gratefully accepted at Thanks.

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