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10 actions Trump must take NOW to save the Republic and world from impending globalist tyranny

Posted By: CrystalRiver
Date: Wednesday, 2-Dec-2020 22:42:06

10 actions Trump must take NOW to save the Republic and world from impending globalist tyranny
The president must immediately act on as many of these ten actions as he can.
Wed Dec 2, 2020 - 8:54 pm EST

Above photo from Lifesite news

December 2, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — This is the most crucial and detailed article I have ever written since the 23+ years John-Henry Westen and I founded LifeSite. Weeks of exhausting research has been involved. As you read the article you will understand its significance.

I urge you to persevere to the end of this article and to especially urge President Trump to immediately act on as many of the recommended 10 actions as he can.

The article will be much easier to read if printed out, or on a computer screen as opposed to a smartphone. However, the critical several brief videos and numerous supporting links can only be accessed by online viewing.

Steve Jalsevac


You may wish to initially forward to the 10 solutions. All other sections are intended to provide supportive information for the necessity and validity of the 10 solutions.

- COVID, election fraud, and Great Reset all connected

- Trump can end use of COVID for voter fraud, destruction of economy, and imposition of Great Reset

- Globalist scheme is totally dependent on virus fear, the vaccine and proof of vaccination

- Alarming issues with new type of vaccine

- There have always been excellent prevention and treatment meds for COVID

- The ‘casedemic’ hysteria

- Stop being afraid

- The biggest cause of fear

- Trump’s COVID infection raised huge treatment issues

- Hydroxychloroquine is ‘spectacularly’ effective for COVID-19 prevention and treatment

- The real killers

- Immediate actions to stop fear and defeat Great Reset

10 Solutions
- Solution #1 – President Trump should fire his entire COVID advisory group
- Solution #2 – NEW OPERATION WARP SPEED on already available, COVID-effective meds
- Solution #3 – Release strategic stockpile of HCQ
- Solution #4 – Ramp up HCQ production
- Solution #5 – Instructing public on boosting immunity
- Solution #6 – No more ‘2 million deaths prevented,’ no ‘plague’
- Solution #7 – Stop mass testing
- Solution #8 – Remove and investigate Fauci
- Solution #9 – Investigate CDC COVID death numbers
- Solution #10 – Prepare for possible imminent release of much more dangerous COVID-20 or 21 (This one has been addressed here in previous article)

The purpose of this article is to explain the extreme importance of readers immediately inundating President Trump and the White House with communications urging them to stop listening to the very bad advice most of the COVID medical advisers have been giving and to IMMEDIATELY take the 10 critical actions listed further down in this article.

COVID, election fraud, and Great Reset all connected
I realize we are currently in a storm of activity related to the election and that there is great uncertainty as to whether President Trump will still be the U.S. president on January 20, 2021. However, our election reports have revealed that the COVID-19 or Wuhan virus has been heavily exploited to justify many of the still on-going voter fraud actions and investigations.

It will continue to be used to mess up continuing election recounting and investigations and the all-important January Georgia Senate run-off elections and vote observations, as it was used to keep Republicans away from observing vote counting and verification during the November 3 election.

Already, Breitbart reports Georgia Democrat Senate candidate Jon Ossoff “ suddenly stated Sunday he would support a statewide lockdown of businesses to address coronavirus spread.”

How convenient that would be to once again make fair election monitoring very difficult and for frightening Georgians into asking for only mail-in ballots that have high fraud potential.

Prominent Canadian doctor Roger Hodkinson has just doubled down on previous comments and told The Epoch Times that government measures — lockdowns, restrictions on private gatherings, mask mandates— to try to stop the spread of the virus, from which the vast majority of people infected with it recover, do more harm than good.

“All of this is draconian … first of all because they have no basis in evidence-based medicine, and secondly because of horrendous consequences of that action,” he said.

Also, in a November 30 article former Pfizer chief scientist Dr. Michael Yeadon strongly emphasized, “It is now appreciated that this virus is less of a threat to those under 70 than seasonal flu.” He trashed the reliability of massive COVID positive test results, or “cases,” explaining the tests almost everyone is using are notoriously unreliable and that a large percentage of the population is already immune to COVID-19.

Throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe the virus is again being used to justify more rounds of catastrophic lockdowns and other devastating policies demoralizing citizens and gravely harming every aspect of the economic and social environment.

By now, many are starting to realize that there is a strong connection between

the destructive COVID policies,
the massive election fraud, and
plans to implement the globalist Great Reset.
#3 can’t happen without 1. and 2. being successful. The real goal of the first two has begun to look to have always been to prepare the way for the Great Reset. And planning for all three has likely been taking place for at least a few years.

See the incredible comments last February by U.N., George Soros and Pope Francis close associate Jeffrey Sachs in a Remnant TV video explicitly indicating that Donald Trump had to be removed from the presidency for globalist plans to succeed. The video was included in my April 17 article that went viral to about 1.5 million readers.

Watch Sachs’s comments that predicted where we are at today, starting at 26:22 in the video.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has become an openly declared Great Reset madman heavily exploiting a disease that has a 99.6% survival rate and seemingly bent on deliberately destroying the UK after announcing he will be imposing 12 or more months of lockdowns on his already deeply suffering nation.

See Boris join Communist China admirers Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden in the following 2-minute video clearly indicating they are each committed to the Great Reset and its “Build Back Better” revolutionary changes.

In the U.S., the giant airline and travel industries, most manufacturing industries, even Boeing, and hundreds of thousands of small, medium-sized and even most large businesses, including all manufacturers of fossil fueled vehicles, will likely not be able to endure another round of lockdowns and other suppressions of normal life because of what Klaus Schwab has called “the mildest pandemic in 2000 years.”

We are currently in an extremely dangerous situation and heading towards an even worse, global elites’ planned catastrophe. Dramatic actions are needed to stop this health dictatorship imposed national suicide for no good provable reasons.

Be assured thought that it can still be stopped because it has an “Achilles heal,” or weak dependent factor, that can cripple it.

Trump can end use of COVID for voter fraud, destruction of economy and imposition of Great Reset
I believe there are actions that President Trump can and must immediately take that would greatly lessen public fear of the virus and pull the rug out from under the medical and globalist tyrants by proving to the wide public that none of their harmful anti-virus measures are necessary or helpful.

At the moment a great many have been brain-washed to believe the measures are necessary. It is frightening to see the rampant irrational, almost robotic compliance with the increasing restrictions on normal life and behaviour. Visiting a local Mall recently was a shocking experience in a surreal environment seemingly out a science fiction movie with everyone wearing masks and a sea of COVID policy requirement signs and rigid controls being imposed throughout the mall by a large number of security personnel.

LifeSite’s article on the recent demonstration in Toronto against the latest COVID restrictions is enlightening about the need for the public to fight against these unnecessary, harmful measures.

Don Welsh, professor in physiology and pharmacology from the University of Western Ontario, told the rally that, contrary to health official statements, a large percentage of the public are immune to the virus.

He added:

More distressingly, the public health community is starting to retreat and embrace what we call ‘COVID-zero’ policies”…. “This is a fantasy based on the belief that restrictions, if applied in some sort of puritanical manner, can eradicate a respiratory virus. This is simply not possible. It has never happened in the history of humankind.

The 10 actions proposed below could first make a dramatic difference against continuing exploitation of alleged COVID dangers to deny election justice. That is because they would ensure that persons involved would no longer believe they are in any danger of becoming infected by being close to others or, if they did become infected, that there would mild, if any symptoms and quick recovery from infection. There would also no longer be any perceived need for mail-in ballots.

Secondly, and far more important, the proposed actions could put a huge spanner into exploitation of the virus to prepare the US for the imposition of Davos Forum founder Klaus Schwab’s globalist Great Reset/4thIndustrial Revolution world tyranny.

John Kerry explicitly stated Nov. 17 on behalf of Biden that the Democrats are going to launch the Great Reset “with speed” after Biden’s possible January presidential inauguration. That would start the rapid end of America as a sovereign nation and the end of the American Republic as we know it.

Globalist scheme is totally dependent on virus fear, the vaccine, and proof of vaccination
These elites absolutely need the virus, massive fear, and related nationwide mask mandates, lockdowns, contact-tracing, economic and social devastation, the collapse of Christian influence and above all, a mandated, world-wide “COVID vaccination” and digital proof of vaccination programs to implement their Great Reset. Their evil scheme will fall apart without the success of their virus and vaccination plans.

They failed trying to impose their New World Order by attempting to terrify the public about fake, man-caused global warming that was later changed to Climate Change. We must and can cause them to fail again with their latest much more successful scamdemic using the Wuhan virus. It is not nearly as difficult as most presume.

The U.S. must first of all not wait any longer for a supposed vaccine solution. It won’t and can’t be done. Too many of even the very best people have been taken in by this vaccine scam. Coronaviruses mutate too much for any vaccine to be really effective and long-lasting. Fauci and others are now admitting that it will only be mildly helpful – and with significant, dangerous side effects.

They are saying that even after the vaccine has been given to everyone, we will still have to wear masks, social distance and endure most of their other useless, harmful measures which I strongly suggest have had the deliberate goal of preventing us from being able to go back to a normal life. Bill Gates has strongly indicated that life will not go back to “normal”.

Great Reset creator Klaus Scwabb has also often explicitly decreed, such as in the 5-minute video below, that the virus has created a situation where, according to him, there is now no going back to the “old normal.”

For Schwab and his influential elite co-conspirators, our current, or recent way of life, must be left behind as we adventure forward into his godless, “more resilient, more inclusive, more sustainable,” super-high-technology controlled and downright evil 4th Industrial revolution.

Alarming issues with new type of vaccine
There are too many serious concerns and unknowns about this new type of experimental mRNA gene-altering vaccine that the globalists have been preparing and putting billions of research dollars into. Most of the people behind these vaccines are highly untrustworthy persons such as Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci, who have a disturbing record of having caused much harm via their vaccine projects. The vaccine companies themselves have a seriously worrisome history.

The November 23 article we published about the strong warnings from Dr. Mike Yeadon, Pfizer’s former Vice President and Chief Scientist, about the Pfizer and other new COVID vaccines, is a must-read that has gone viral. Yeadon is the type of person it would be foolhardy to ignore.

You MUST also read his November 3 article with more politically incorrect pronouncements from this great man.

Yeadon says the vaccines have a “whiff of evil” and he “will oppose them …vigorously”. Actually, they have a stench of evil. Trump should have nothing to do with them. Many people will be harmed, including military, law enforcement, first responders and other health care workers. I don’t doubt that some will die from these vaccines. Their claims of 90-95% success for constantly mutating COVID-19 are impossible. These companies are lying to us as they have often lied in the past.

Ireland’s Dave Cullen reveals in the following 2.2. minute video solid government evidence of British plans to use artificial intelligence to identify an expected high volume of adverse reactions to COVID vaccine use once it begins in the U.K. That has to tell us all a lot about how safe these vaccines really are. And one has to question whether the government is going to make this data readily available to the public.

My suspicion, just based on the massive deception that has already been going on since this virus came upon us, is that they are going to keep this negative information to themselves. It would also not be unreasonable to expect that government officials will suppress attempts to alert the public about these adverse reactions given the massive investment in the vaccine project and how critical it is for the implementation of the Great Reset.

Information suppression has been a strong characteristic of COVID virus-related issues. Watch the video!

And no one really knows what is actually in these vaccines that are being especially pushed by world de-population despots such as Bill Gates.

Yeadon, a high-level scientist wrote:

There is absolutely no need for vaccines to extinguish the pandemic. I’ve never heard such nonsense talked about vaccines. You do not vaccinate people who aren’t at risk from a disease. You also don’t set about planning to vaccinate millions of fit and healthy people with a vaccine that hasn’t been extensively tested on human subjects.

So why are we really doing this? We must ask that question!

The November 23 LifeSite article on Yeadon also includes links to numerous other articles with evidence supporting Yeadon’s statements. The US and many other nations are being led into a globalist trap with this vaccine, especially given that there have always been, from the very beginning of this almost certainly man-made pandemic, “spectacular” or otherwise excellent treatments and preventative medications for the Wuhan or distractively named COVID-19 virus.

A large group of German physicians, researchers and scientists have also warned that “COVID-19 is a global false alarm.” 37,000 physicians, 12,500 medical and public health scientists and 668,000 concerned citizens have signed the Great Barrington Declaration advocating a total end to the always very harmful lockdowns, contact-tracing and other measures totally disproportionate to the real threat of COVID-19.

So why then are we being told that then entire world must be urgently vaccinated? Yes, the entire world. That is what Gates, Fauci, Schwab, and other globalists have explicitly emphasized.

There must be another reason for the vaccine that has nothing to do with the Wuhan virus or any new mutation or version of it that might suddenly appear.

There have always been excellent prevention and treatment meds for COVID
This is the coup de grâce, or death blow, to the global conspiracy! And this is where I and most of you readers should become angry.

More at this link:

Many Blessings,

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