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Posted By: hobie
Date: Monday, 23-Nov-2020 03:33:31

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:


Dear Hobie,

Please Publish as a public service.

As sent to President Trump at the White House, via the public property web portal for creating official government records. 11/22/2020, 7:05, pm, pacific.

When the People do nothing, nothing that benefits the People ever gets done.

We at ISR. SOLUTIONS promised to provide tools for our brother and sister Americans.

We are color, gender, national origin, culture blind.

We see only Americans.

In our world there are only two kinds of Americans, or others here in our country legally.

THE STAND UP KIND or the bend over kind!

We all have a choice to make.

President Trump promised to giver our country back.

If We the People fail in this moment of choice to exercise our powers to stand up and be counted We will end up with the kind of government We deserve!!!


Dear President Trump, our President,
The People’s Standing at Capacity. 1 of 6

Beneficiaries, Miller and Provost Jr., recognize and operate under the true partnership shared by all Americans as the first principle of our joint American adventure in individual liberty. This fundamental is particularly relevant at the moment considering the current tidal wave of confusions is now opening the gates to resolution. When the partnership between honest public servants and the People is defined by UNDIVIDED LOYALTY, to our countries foundational documents and the principles declared, We are the most potent force the world has ever experienced.

Beneficiaries have diligently monitored the flow of events surrounding the 2020 elections. The attorneys representing our President across the country appear to be beginning to understand the fundamentals of the People’s true powers. Thus, this Letter of Request to our Trustee and surety, Donald Trump, serving our office of President.

Beneficiaries Request our President to guide the attorneys attempting to clean up the fraud capturing our 2020 elections process.

You Will, please advise those representing the People’s laws that the principal each attorney speaks for is ultimately the People.

Please advise that as the People’s ultimate representative, our President, holds the duty to ensure the People are properly recognized in every action taken to insure honest Voter tabulation.

Beneficiaries recognize the opportunity this moment to have real lasting effect, causing a correction of fundamental errors deeply perverting our judicial process country wide. Thus, this Letter of Request.

Please advise that Beneficiaries request review of Federal Rule of Civil Procedure, 19.

Beneficiaries advise that until Rule 19, Required Joinder of Parties, is applied, the People individually, many or few, in all civil actions, in process and planed, are incomplete because the real party in interest is not present. See: Presidents Duty to Collect Evidence From the People, as duly served to the office of President, 11/20/2020, via the White House web portal owned by the people.

All the gab and hoopla about protecting the vote and ballot process for the People fails the test of fundamental representative Republic form government under one question.

If the People, individually or collectively, are not present in the civil suits addressing fraudulent election process, how is that fundamentally different from the current operations causing the fraud?

The current structures now exposed as fraudulent at the least, and treason at the worst, is the same as all these cases being filed to challenge the fraud. This is because the People, the owners of the Vote property, are allegedly represented. Representation by crooks or representation by honest agents is still re-presentation.

When the People are present under our own action, with fully recognized standing at capacity of the State Citizen owning the Vote property, the middle men, is where corruption is born, groomed as paid for. Representatives are middle men.

When the People are not present in these civil actions, none of the People really know who is honest in their representation of the People’s powers.

The assumption that consent is given fails every time under one demand. Show me where I consented, the public record, or first hand duly sworn testimony indicating my consent.

Attorneys and judges are absolutely barred from testifying in actions they are involved in. This is so, because honest judgement requires neutrality and unbiased application of law or contract.

Consent may never be manufactured no matter how many judges, law professors or attorneys say so! Manufactured consent is Slavery built on deception.

The current confusions capturing the People’s 2020 elections process are based on theft of property, the Vote, and the fraudulent manufacture of consent. Assumptions and appearances die when the principles, facts, law and procedures are present and applied.

The simple solution clearing up all questions as to honest re-presentation of the People’s positions is accomplished through proper application of Rule 19 Joinder of Necessary Parties, the People.

Beneficiaries exercise our duties to provide our honest public servants with tools for serving the People in this time of our countries need. National Security either begins, ends and serves the People first or the claim of National Security serves some one or some thing else. We as a People are deciding that question now.


I, ______________________ , Demand the Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 19 be recognized and applied on my behalf resulting in my joinder as a real party in interest in the above titled civil action.
I, ______________________ , am a Citizen of the State of _______________ .
I, ______________________ , am a registered voter in the State of _________________ , qualified to Vote in federal elections.
I, ______________________ , cast my ballot in the 2020 local, state and federal elections.
My vote is my personal property, duly transferred via properly processed ballot, for use of my political will by governments for providing me government services.
I have never authorized my consent supporting governments to be applied in any manner appearing to be at conflict with either my State or the national Constitutions
I, ______________________ , Declare that I have interest relating to the subject of the action .
I, _______________________ , believe I am situated so that disposing of the action in the my absence may, impair or impede my ability to protect my interest in my Vote property, leave me at substantial risk of incurring inconsistent government obligations or services and create extensive litigation costs attempting to protect my civil rights, particularly the fundamental right to honest elections.
I am aware that credible sources of documented evidence filed in state and federal jurisdictions, this court, are competent evidence testifying to the fact that my personal property, my vote, is implicated in theft and fraud and has most likely been tampered with, cancelled or stolen.
I Demand this court protect my vote property in the form of official ballot.
I Demand this court recognize that my vote is proof of Consent of the Governed.
I Demand this court recognize that even the smallest tampering with my vote and its ballot processing results in theft built on fraud and actions by corrupt public officials, employees and contractors.
I Demand this court protect my civil rights.
I reserve all rights.

Done this ___ day of _____________ ,2020, duly sworn under the penalties of perjury according to the laws of the State of _______________ ,and the United States of America as identified at Title 28 U.S. CODE § 1746 (1).

__________________________________________ All rights reserved.



YOU WILL: File the annexed RULE 19 NOTICE OF JOINDER in the above entitled case;
place the Rule 19 Notice of Joinder on the public docket in the above entitled case;

Done this ___ day of _____________ ,2020, duly sworn under the penalties of perjury according to the laws of the State of _______________ ,and the United States of America as identified at Title 28 U.S. CODE § 1746 (1).

__________________________________________ All rights reserved.


Mr. President, the office of President, in any and all capacities whatsoever, is required to act as the surety for the People.

Your Beneficiaries formally request, Letter of Wishes, that the office of President invite all attorneys representing the Presidents, the Voters, the People’s positions in all these election matters, issue the invitation to Voters, your constituents, to participate in protecting our Vote properties. It is a simple matter for the legal professionals to provide forms and instructions available on line.

The legal mechanisms are available to join all Americans in the exercise of the People’s powers over our governments.

Mr. Trump you as an American are trusted. That’s why you are our President. When the American and President personalities meet such as they have under your administration, true leadership, statesman capacity, becomes evident.

Mr. President, joining the People in a single point focus falls on you at this moment.


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