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Cobra Interview Transcript with Rob Potter

Posted By: Mr.Ed
Date: Thursday, 23-Apr-2015 00:40:16

Cobra Interview Transcript with Rob Potter

Rob – Here we are ladies and gentlemen. In earth time, it is April 16, 2015, and this will get to you sometime, hopefully by the end of the weekend we’ll get at least the audio up. Welcome, again to another special edition of the Victory of Light Radio Show. Thank you so much for coming on Cobra.

COBRA – Thank you everybody for listening.

Rob – We have so many questions, there’s no way we’re going to get through them all this month. I apologize to you people again who won’t get their questions asked. Cobra, I’d like to start off and I always do this when I get a lot of repeat questions from people.

We spoke about this privately the other day, but my take is kind of like yours. Of course, no one knows the future exactly, but we’ve been hearing about chemtrails have been on the scene now for at least 17 years going over the planet. We’ve had endless horror, destruction through the secret governments and their depopulation programs and all these things going on as well as, you know, fomenting of wars and all these things are horrible things.

For some reason now, there’s an internet push, another fear-based element . . . we’ve had FEMA camps for a long time. A lot of people, some close friends of mine, are extremely depressed and paranoid. They seem to become reactive to certain things, so we’ll talk about what they can do to shield themselves from that. But the primary question is Jade Helm. There seems to be evidence for some people indicating that there are masses of foreign troops living normal lives and will be activated as sleeper cells to join NATO operations in some sort of joint operation called Jade Helm.

Could you please give a little background to this type of stuff to allay the incessant fears? And I know that they may get away with something. Certain elements may take place, but can you speak about the fail-safe for the resistance and what is going on with this operation? It’s very important to a lot of people right now.

COBRA — OK. The first thing I would like to mention here is that this is a double-edge sword. On the surface, it might appear like a big operation for the Cabal. On the other hand, I can say that the same troops, the same movement, can be interpreted as movements of the positive military. I would not get too reactive. I would not get too afraid over this situation, and also, if there would be even a remote chance that something like this could get out of control, the RM could trigger the Event if necessary.

Rob – OK. The question I’m going to ask is, if the RM could stop this, for instance, why wouldn’t they stop some of these other things going on in Ukraine? That’s another horrible tragedy that’s going on over there. A lot of people have mentioned, why aren’t they intervening in these things? Why are they letting these skirmishes take place? Why would this type of thing in America . . . would it trigger more heavy intervention?

COBRA – OK. It is a risk assessment evaluation. So we have the Chimera group with their strangelet bombs on one side and the atrocities that those people are doing on the other side. The RM will intervene when the risk will be worth it. For example, if we were to have a massive, like martial law scenario in the US, that would affect 250M people, that might be a worthwhile risk to risk some strangelet bomb explosions and then the RM will intervene. I will not give any exact strategic details of how those risks are evaluated. I would just say the RM and the light forces know exactly how to act to minimize the suffering on this planet. They never allow unnecessary suffering to continue. If they can prevent it, they are preventing it. They will not be taking risks to reduce a certain amount of suffering to risk a much larger amount of suffering that could potentially take place.

Rob – OK. Thank you. You mentioned that these troops could be interpreted as being used by the light forces. Obviously these on the ground troops are just taking orders and following them. Ben Fulford seemed to have mentioned that. Now, I personally . . . no disrespect to Ben . . . I consider some of his intel really, you know, not necessarily very good. He does have good intel and he has a very good intent, but I’m not sure he would know that this is definitely being planned by the good guys, or is it being planned by the bad guys and the good guys are letting it go and then will take over at the last minute. What do you think is the situation there in regards to the, “who is in control” of these troops? Can you tell us what is the primary intention? Is this Cabal orchestrated movements or are these good guy orchestrated movements?

COBRA – OK. First, about Ben Fulford’s intel. You need to use his reports to pick the gems of intel and leave the rest, because there are some encoded real gems inside there and do not worry about the rest. Regarding about the Jade Helm situation, I will not comment on the deeper background of this, but I will give you an analogy. This famous financial restructuring by the Eastern and BRICS alliance, those new Infrastructure Banks. They can be interpreted as a new globalized centralized, new order system or it can be interpreted as advance of the light forces.

Rob – Very good. And obviously, why would the bad guys switch a system? It’s the good guys that are trying to initiate the system. The bad guys are trying to infiltrate as much as they can. The next big thing that I’d like to talk about that has broken on the scene since we talked about last time was a gentlemen whose real name is Corey. He got outed, which he wasn’t originally happy for, and he goes by an Avatar name, GoodETxSG, I think it is, or ESG, or something like that.

He was the source for David Wilcox revelation at the LA Conscious Life Expo where he revealed a lot of information. And you address this in your blog in regard to what he called the Blue Avians or the civilization from the center of the galactic sun with the huge motherships staying in the Oort cloud because they would influence our solar system’s magnetics.

Now, I have been told by Michael Salla that David Wilcox has flown him to LA for an exclusive. It seems GoodET and David did a series of recordings on the TV, on his TV show, and David will be releasing that intel. He has a kind of a special exclusive with this Corey character is not talking on radio until this Wilcock interview is released.

He seems to be not directly involved so much in the super soldier program, but he’s obviously has been under mind control in the past but he seems to be breaking his programs and he acts as a kind of an empath. For those who are listening, I’m giving background. Cobra knows all this. He acts as an empath for interactions and councils and for the information that he’s been giving is really shocking to many people that there are 10 separate secret space programs run by various factions on the earth and that folks, there have been interactions and full blown council meetings with multiple ET races and multiple representatives of the world’s governments going on for many years. I predicted this, the super soldiers and the space guys coming out. Here he is Cobra. Can you share a little? I’d like to just give an overview and your view and comment of his information. I heard . . . is it true you posted on his blog?

COBRA – Yes, I made two short posts on, not actually his blog, but on a certain forum where he posts quite often. I have just expressed support because he has a lot of genuine intel that is critically needed at this time for people to become generally aware of the secret space programs. This intel assists a lot with people becoming aware of various secret space programs. I do not agree completely with all his intel. I have a different perspective on certain things based on my sources and my experiences. But generally, what he’s doing is a good thing. I have just posted a few comments there.

Rob – OK, Thank you. Can you elaborate on the differences that you feel . . . my personal feelings was that some of his extrapolations from his experiences and his opinion of what is going . . . I also have some slight variances in the way he made it sound that these ET races said that we have some interest here because we have genetic contributions to your people. And this seemed to upset a lot of earth people as though they owned us or had a right. Can you talk a little bit about that? All of these different groups and what their . . . are they kind of at odds with each other? Who’s controlling what’s going on here? Sounds more like a control matrix from his viewpoint.

COBRA – OK. This is one of the things I don’t quite agree with him. He presents the whole situation as very fragmented and very compartmentalized. It is exactly as it was 10 or 20 years ago. According to my sources, he was involved in the secret space program. This I can confirm. What I cannot confirm is his updates of the current situation in the solar system. According to my sources the current situation in the solar system is a little bit different than it was 10 or 20 years ago.

Yes, he describes quite correctly all those different space programs that were present in the solar system 10 or 20 years ago. You can view those different space programs as different facets of one greater interconnected network.

For example, you could relate the corporate secret space with mega-corporations on this planet. You could relate the solar warden program with some aspects of the military, financial, military industrial complex and you could relate, I would say, what he calls the dark fleet with the Chimera group. There are certain correlations here and all of this was an interconnected network, which was morphing with shifting alliances.

In one way not so fragmented as he presents it to be. The current situation actually reflects the positive actions of the light forces and the vast majority of this has been cleared from the solar system according to my sources. What is remaining is the Chimera group, which does not have large numbers, but which does have some hostages. The main stronghold. . . The most powerful point . . . the most powerful aspect they have are the strangelet bombs. They are exotic weapons. This is how they hold their positions inside the solar system.

I can confirm the existence of the motherships. They can be called motherships. They can be called many other names. They can be called inter-dimensional portals. It is important to understand that human beings use words to describe phenomena. From the perspective of those beings who are in operation – those Etheric platforms – they are beyond linear space and time. Their understanding is much closer to what you would describe as ascended masters.

After the ascension, after you reach a higher state of consciousness . . . after the ascension, the rules are changed. Perspectives are changed. I will not go into this much deeper because it’s too early, but I will say their perspective of reality is more a perspective of oneness that manifests in different fragmentations through lower dimension. It is not a pragmatic perspective itself.

Rob – Right, so it’s basically they’re coming from a soul level. I understand that. So they’re basically dealing with interactions of multi-dimensional levels kind of in the all time where our linear reality doesn’t affect things. The way I look at it is, Cobra, these superluminal light beings from the pure positive planes and the higher dimensions are coming here and we don’t understand but every now and then from a holographic perspective, they are blocking certain things. Certain things are allowed to go. We don’t understand it. To us it seems illogical. Why did you stop that but allow this? It seems to me that they have a higher perspective on a holographic level to assure victory at a certain point and certain things are allowed to continue, but when it comes to a critical nexus juncture in the time space parallel reality continuum, they see to it that certain actions are taking place and compressing the situation, is that correct?

COBRA – I would not completely agree with that. I would say that if they are able to block something negative, they will. I also do not agree with what Corey was saying that the sphere beings would like to present lessons to humanity because this is the only way to learn some hard lessons. The light forces are never introducing so called hard lessons to various cosmic species to increase understanding, because understanding and awareness does not evolve in that way. This is one of the old programs of the Archons, so I cannot agree with that as well.

Rob – OK. Well, from my understanding is that a lot of operations they certainly could. For instance, they could intervene and take out Boko Haram. The resistance movement could arrange for something to happen, yet it’s not taking place.

COBRA – OK. I will explain. If the RM does any open operations on the surface of the planet, the strangelet bombs would immediately be detonated and this could erase life from the surface of the planet. This is why they are not doing it. This is why the RM does not interfere directly with the surface of the planet.

Rob – OK. For me and my viewpoint, and there’s a lot of people who disagree with your view that this is the last place earth to be (liberated) . . . Alex Collier is still . . . he’s in a world of hurt right now, and he told me he hasn’t had contact in over 9 months. He still feels strongly that there are lots of negative elements out there that are still functioning.

In Corey’s . . . in the GoodET gentleman . . . he mentioned that there were various groups of the negative groups here that were involved in going on with things. It’s a little premature . . . I’ve talked about some of these things occasionally with people, but I didn’t really feel like I have the exact understanding of this, but to go into a little bit of the galactic landscape of the various groups, from what I understand, this is a question I have for you in regards to the light forces, the Chimera, the Reptilians, the tall greys, the Dows, the reptilian types, the tall whites and other hostile forces, the Omegas and Kalrans — whatever people want to call them.

During this situation here, obviously it seems apparent there were good guy bases and bad guy bases on the moon at the same time. What was the situation with these different groups? Do they contact each other and then have these skirmishes in space and then have meetings where there’s a truce like a white flag, and they communicate and the good guys are talking to them? Who’s in charge of that? Is this the Jupiter command? What’s going on there?

COBRA – OK. If I go a little bit back in history, the moon was quite a prize piece of real estate because it was so close to the earth and many operations from the moon could influence the earth surface quite easily. Yes, many different races had bases on the moon. Some of them were of a positive nature and some of them were of the negative nature.

As the situation progressed, many, many thousand years ago, there were drastic battles taking place on the moon. Over time there were certain agreements which were evolved and they were more and more respected. Different races found out that it was easier for everybody not to fight all the time but to respect certain agreements. Yes, there were tension and, yes, there were disputes, but most of them were resolved through diplomatic means.

Each of the races and each of the factions had a very strict territory which was designated to that particular interest group. Most of the time those agreements were respected. All this changed in 1996 with the Archon invasion when there was a huge vast Draconian fleet entering the solar system and they took over the moon completely in 96. Then the liberation forces came, basically between 2001-2004. There was a very strong operation of the light forces to liberate the solar system.

In that time frame . . . most of the locations they were clearing those negative races and there were quite many battles on the moon and most of those negative bases of those races have been removed from the moon. Very few of them were remaining. Most of those remaining were the Chimera group strongholds. Out of those most of them have been removed already. Whatever is remaining on the moon is still classified at this moment.

Rob – OK. So my question is . . . and I’m going to go onto my own little history, you can correct me if I’m wrong. Of course, the Lyran system – some people say the Pleiades came from Lyra – there’s a great influx information that a lot of spiritual life kind of originated, human life may have originated from the Lyran system or whatever and it spread out. We go back in history to the Pleiades and I understand there’s a couple different civilizations there. There’s one around the star Merope, which seemed to have some negative beings involved there and from what I understand is that there is a positive group, of course, as well. Semjase from Erra near Taygeta is in the Pleiades cluster also.

In our ancient earth history, some of the Pleiadians, according to Omnec Onec, had battles on the earth in regards to how much technology and what was going on down here. So groups within the Pleiades had different views of the earth in ancient history and they’re coming back here to kind of correct that wrong originally. Would you agree with that?

Could you explain a little bit about the previous Pleiadian interaction here? Folks, the Pleiades is a very large system with several suns in that cluster there. So you know, we can’t say that like everyone is from one planet. There are people that have different views than your neighbor, so we can imagine differing views from different suns. So we can’t lump all Pleiadians or all ET’s with grey skin into one thing. But can you talk a little bit about that?

COBRA – OK. First, I would like to mention that this information that first humans were coming from Lyra is not correct. This information is coming from a book called The Prism of Lyra and everybody is just repeating quotes from that book without checking the facts. The second part of our question, the Pleiadians. Yes, there were rogue elements of the Pleiadian race. They were quite visible in the Pleiadian race until up to about 200K years ago. Yes, they were involved in some battles on this planet throughout the early Atlantian history.

I would say this faction was getting less and less involved as they were progressing spiritually. The last fragment of that faction learned their lessons of WWII when they were involved in certain operations on the planet and learned their lesson. I would say the Pleiadian cluster has been completely integrated in the network of light very shortly after the end of WWII. Since then The Pleiadian cluster has been completely accepted into the network of light.

Rob – OK. According to Alex Collier, he got quite involved in the various different races, the oxygen based races vs the hydrogen-based races, and that, of course, the reptilians are a hydrogen-based race. He said they couldn’t travel beyond the speed of light. He had some other things he talked about.

One of the things I found interesting – you have Sirius A and Sirius B. He said that there are some beings in the Sirius B system that were quite negative. They had some conflicts with some – this is ancient history – they had some conflicts with some people in the Orion system. According to Alex, some beings . . . and to solve some of their political situations, the humans in Sirius B had some sort of marriage between the beings in the Orion system creating what we would call the Tall Greys.

And so the reptilians control the Tall Greys, who control what are called the Dow Greys or the Zeta Reptilians and the Mantoid races, and, of course, there’s this whole kind of scenario where there’s a hierarchical structure of these negative beings. Were these beings in Sirius B, as Alex Collier said, from your information correct? The Tall Greys are an offspring of a hybrid in order to kind of stop a war between the Orion’s and the Sirius B so that they could have peace amongst themselves while they kind of were both on a semi-hostile agenda?

COBRA – OK. The Sirius B race was having a war with the Orion Draco complex. Many of the representatives of the Sirius B race have been interacting with the surface population of this planet throughout human history. Their agenda was not completely positive but not completely negative.

They were the ones who were perceiving themselves as an advanced race and sometimes they were using human slaves for their work. They were seeing themselves as the masters. This is something I don’t completely agree with. They were not treating humans as their equals. This is what I would say about that particular race.

They were sometimes using technology for their advantage unethically. This is what I would say. I can also say that recently that faction has been integrated in the Sirian Alliance and is now working together with the Galactic Confederation as well. Yes, there were some genetic civilization programs because Sirius B people wanted to infiltrate the Orion complex and they have created some hybrid races which are not having any effect whatsoever on the cosmic situation.

Rob – Right, I often don’t go into outer space politics like that because a lot of that stuff doesn’t matter, but with GoodET coming out with his information I kind of wanted to address some of that stuff.

COBRA – OK. I would say that this information does matter for various reasons. The first one is that the exopolitical situation greatly influences the geopolitical situation much more than people imagine. For example, I will give you one example. The Bush’s and the Kissinger’s and all those people still have their power only because there are elements beyond the scope of this planet that are supporting them.

If you understand what is going on in the solar system, you will understand who is behind the wars, what is happening, what is taking place with the Eastern Alliance, because there are forces beyond this planet that are supporting Putin. There are forces beyond this planet that are supporting the Eastern Alliance. There are other forces that originate from beyond this planet that are supporting the Cabal. If we understand those underground mechanics, we will have much clearer picture of what is going on the surface.

Rob – Yes, I agree with that. I generally . . . these mechanics and exactly what they are for . . . the average person . . . it’s hearsay coming from you or Collier or someone else. It’s good to know that this is influencing, but I meant for the average person in their day to day life, the average lightworker down here, a lot of people become ungrounded and worry so much about what is going on in outer space and speculate and their mind runs rampant as opposed to purifying their self and raising their vibration, I meant it kind of in that way. I agree with you. It is important now that people come to understand there are different groups. Could you talk a little bit about Sirius A, since we talked about Sirius B? Sirius A, I understand, is the home of the blue lodge and the mission of the 144.000 ascended masters to earth, is that correct?

COBRA – That is absolutely correct. Sirius A is the Beacon of Light for this local cluster of stars in this local sector of the galaxy. Sirius A was holding the light when the Archon invasion happened and filled this quadrant of this galaxy with trillions upon trillions of dark entities. Because of Sirius A we are still alive and here. Because of Sirius A and their light, I am talking to you right now.

Rob – Yea, that’s what Fred Bell was a very strong proponent of – the Blue Lodge and the Sirius A groups there as well. So it resonates with me there. Another question I have is in regards to these giant sphere ships, just to be clear. These are not mistaken by people with this constant talk of Nibiru and this hidden planet or star within our solar system, correct?

COBRA – OK. Those sphere ships or sphere star gates or portals whatever you want to name them have absolutely no connection with so called Nibiru or any other entity or planet or object people are referring to. Nibiru is completely and absolutely misinformation.

Rob – Very good. I’m really glad to hear that. From what I understand, the Nibiruans as they are depicted in the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, were actually beings with kind of wings, which may have been a hybrid type of Orion type being, and these Nibirians were just basically one group that were kind of using earth people as slaves and allowing themselves to be considered as masters, kind of like Sirius B.

Can you talk about that? Is Nibiru a planet, a mothership? From the history of Zecharia Sitchin, it is supposedly planet X. Dr. Frank Stranges has indicated that is NOT correct. You say that is incorrect. What is the story of the ancient history of Nibiru?

Was this a giant mothership that was mining here along with other groups? Was this one group of beings, the Annunaki, but there were many other groups out here? What is the story – if you can get us, kind of correct the story of Zecharia Sitchin and put it in perspective?

I know we’ve talked about it before, and you’ve said it’s not that important. But again, it’s just endless with people. I’d really like to put this to bed. For those of you who want to ask question after this about Nibiru, we will not address them. Cobra, can you go into this a little bit? When was the Nibiru interaction and is that the name for a group of people or a mothership? Where do they come from and what was that history?

COBRA – OK. Sitchen was referring to Sumerian tablets. He was attempting to translate those tablets. He, in that position, was not scientifically correct.. But yes, the Sumerian text was talking about certain beings. You can describe them as winged beings.

They came from a certain star system beyond our solar system. And yes, some of them came from Sirius B. I have described before the traits of Sirius B people. They were not the only ones. There was a group of many different races that were actually mixed among the ruling race in all of Sumeria. They were actually the ones that were forming the Sumerian city-states. Many of them were tied to the Archons, and their agenda was, first, to do some genetic experimentation and, second, to suppress the goddess energy. This is the short story of Nibiru. It has nothing to do with a certain object that some people named Nibiru that is supposed to enter our solar system and create cataclysm. This is absolutely not correct.

Rob – OK. Thank you. I’ve said that many times. People like to hear it from you. So I appreciate that. The other thing I’d like to know and a lot of people have asked this and there is an average person. You and I have an absolute feeling of divine connection. In terms of eternity and the ET situation, we’re talking about hundreds of thousands of years.

What’s changed so much in the last 30K years, or whenever the Niburians, or the people from Sirius B, or the groups that were here . . . All these groups are down here interacting and it seems like they all have agendas in doing things – kind of using the earth as their own for whatever reason they want. What is changed now? Has humanity reached a level of sovereignty that we’re to be respected now and what is really going to change?

How do we know that these ET’s aren’t just fighting over our earth and peoples? I mean, you and I know. What can you give other people here in terms of confidence that these different groups that are vying for what’s going on here that it’s not going to be just another group with a slightly different viewpoint that we still may get exploited that even though they are a positive group they are not that hostile but that they might not manipulate us into treaties or agreements with them that might benefit them more than us? I mean, what’s really changed? How do we know that these benevolent groups . . . are they all going to leave us alone, or are they all going to be vying for influence here? And what’s changed so much that we can trust all of this new interaction that we are hopefully going to be seeing for the average person?

COBRA – OK. First, you need to understand that history does not repeat in cycles. It repeats in spirals. That means that evolution accelerates and each cycle is faster than the previous one. Those cycles converge. The convergence point of those cycles is the compression breakthrough. It simply means that there is a certain purification process taking place throughout the galaxy that converges on this planet. Because this planet is, number one, the prime real estate for the galaxy. This is why so many different races were claiming it for themselves. Second, it is the convergence point for the transformation of galactic darkness. As we are coming closer to the convergence point, things accelerate and escalate. This is exactly what is happening now. At the moment of the compression breakthrough, the light penetrates through and is victorious. This is the moment when the darkness and all those different races with those different agendas can not play their tricks any more because they will be cleared out. This is one aspect of the story. The other aspect is people many times tend to perceive the situation from a victim perspective. Oh, I’m a pure human and there are other races manipulating over my destiny, when in fact each person, each of us, is a sovereign being with full intention of the I Am Presence, and if you connect with that potential and practice it, you will not be able to be manipulated by any body with no Draconian overloads or any other being. All those fears are based on, I would say, not putting enough attention on your own connection with your own higher self and your own power of manifestation.

Rob – That’s very good. Now you’re talking my language and this is something I’ve really been wanting people to get and for those people who are following Cobra’s information at PFC again, Cobra and I always emphasize, don’t sit back and just watch the news reports that are going on. Please step up and make changes in your life and in your spiritual connections. We’ll be training and going over a lot of that in my conference in Bolivia and Mt. Shasta. We’ll be going over various connection exercises with meditation. Folks, we’re going to get to your questions now.

Rob – So we’re going to go right forward here with a bunch of questions. We’ll see how many we can get through here. Let’s start off with this. A young girl who follows us – she’s 14 years old – she wants to ask her question. Shout out for the youngsters. Who are the first sentient beings on earth?

COBRA – There were always sentient beings on earth because they were so called guardian beings that were responsible for creating life on this planet that were starting to evolve biological life from viruses, microbes and on and on and on. They were here billions of years ago.

Rob – OK. There’s your answer. Billions of years (beings) and multi-dimensional. As far as physical beings, that’s probably so far in antiquity that no one can know exactly. The guy Gregg Braden in Awakening to Zero point. He says when the earth’s reaches A RESONANCE frequency of 36 cycles per second, that’s when we reach zero point – the collapse of the space time continuum and the knoll zone which also collapses. Some reports say that the earth’s resonance frequency is 16. If that’s true, we may be having . . . if he’s correct then . . . that would be that the ET’s are holding off. Can you talk about . . What is the correct resonance frequency right now?

COBRA – OK. There is a lot of misinformation among new age circles about the Schumann resonance frequency. Actually, there are multiple Schumann resonance frequencies. The main one is about 8 Hz. That has remained the same. That has not changed.

Rob – OK. Thank you. Is there any way we can see tachyon particles with our eyes?

COBRA – Some very gifted, spiritually gifted individuals can see them with their inner eye. To see them physically, it’s almost impossible.

Rob – Is there any particular way we can feel it?

COBRA – Of course, those that are sensitive can feel them. Many people can experience their very strong healing effects.

Rob – OK. Those giant sink holes that have been appearing. Can you talk . . . Were they created by someone, and if so how and what is their purpose – the giant holes that go way down and endless all over?

COBRA – Yes, yes. They were created by the RM for the same purpose the Pleiadians were creating the crop circles for human beings to start to ask questions. To break this monotonous matrix which was created by the Archons.

Rob – OK. Another question. Would it be possible for Chimera members to surrender if they realize the game is over for them? Is surrender an option or would they be killed by their own kind? Or would they never be able to consider that?

COBRA – Surrender is always an option. The ones who surrender will have an easier way out. But most of those types usually never consider surrender as an option. But surrender did happen in the past, is happening now and will continue to happen in the future.

Rob – Are there female members among the Chimera?

COBRA – This is classified information.

Rob – OK. Can you talk about any progress with the Chimera group at this point in time?

COBRA – When I will be able to release more, I will release it properly through the blog.

Rob – OK. When we have the tachyon healing chambers coming out, will these be able to immediately reverse cancer, Alzheimer’s and other life threatening diseases?

COBRA – OK. We have the basic version of the tachyon healing chambers already on the surface. They are built. They are not able to heal the diseases directly, but they heal the inner source of the disease and the person then goes through an inner transformation and that can help healing the disease. The real strong chambers will be available only after the event.

Rob – OK. For the average human in regards to this scalar plasma field mind control implant network, does the frequency that the human is at have anything to do whether the weapon will work, in other words, if someone is extremely connected to their I Am presence, will the plasma scalar field network be less effective or can it be stopped completely?

COBRA – It will be less effective.

Rob – OK. Can you talk about star-seeds? Will their personal role and mission be revealed to them before the event?

COBRA – OK. For the vast majority, no. There are certain individuals who have been working on themselves quite much and following their missions. For those, their missions are going to be revealed more and more every day. For the rest of them, they will most likely wait for the event.

Rob – Can you talk about the sub lunar operations that follow the MOSS operation that you mentioned in one of your last posts?

COBRA – This is, unfortunately, still classified information, and when I am able to talk about it, I will through my blog.

Rob – (laugh). Here’s another question; Is there anything that will be yet another obstacle to get passed in order to start the event?

COBRA – OK. When we clear those strangelet and toplet bombs, the plasmatic ones, it will be a huge breakthrough and it will be felt. When we do that, it will be very close.

Rob – Obviously, there still may be other obstacles that were not known about that are in process, but that’s the final one, that’s the ultimate one. Nothing more beyond. . .

COBRA – There might be or there might not be. I would not say one way or the other. We are dealing with the Chimera group for the last year or so and there is a lot of progress.

Rob – OK. Are there reptilians in a few of them in physical form at all here? A few maybe?

COBRA – Not in reptilian bodies. Incarnated in human bodies, yes.

Rob – OK. A lot of people are asking about Brazil. Brazil is part of the BRICS. A lot of people are upset they have a female president now. Is there infiltration in Brazil? The Cabal is still in control down there?

COBRA – OK. People need to understand that the progress of light forces with the Eastern Alliance does not mean that all those countries are simply turning into paradise. There is still a lot of Cabal influence in China, in Brazil, in India, in all of those countries, in Russia. But there is a strong light presence infiltrated in the government structures of those countries. They have a priority of tasks. Number one priority is the creation of the alternative financial system.

Many of the other aspects of the government structures of those countries simply have to wait because they are not strong enough yet to deal with everything at once. There is still a lot of corruption in Brazil – a lot of Cabal influence. But you can observe certain positive trends. The lessening of the influence of international corporations, the lessening of the influence of US military and the lessening of the influence of the petrodollar. You can easily check those trends in Brazil, in China, in Russia and other BRICS countries.

Rob – OK. Thank you. Is the operation a plan after the event – Operation Dreamland?

COBRA – Operation Dreamland will explode with bursts of creativity after the event. It will be the new renaissance.

Rob – Can you give people a little more information about Dreamland. A lot of us know but a lot of us don’t. What is Operation Dreamland, real quick?

COBRA – OK. I would just tell you to go to my blog, search for Operation Dreamland and read that post.

Rob – Very good. Can you talk about the question here: Was the famine in Ireland engineered because of the Irish people’s awakening – The Irish Famine – or was that a natural phenomena?

COBRA – It was, of course. It was engineered for many objectives. The first one was to create a lot of cheap slave labor. Many of the Irish then went to US and worked in horrible conditions in US because of that famine. The other reason was to suppress the Goddess energy which was quite strong in Ireland. This was the plan of the Archons – and also to suppress the awakening of the Irish as a nation and because the point of the Cabal was to unify them with the United Kingdom.

Rob – OK. Here’s another question I got a lot of. I don’t know the Commander Valiant Thor and his people mentioned that Dr. Frank [Stranges] said that there were going to be a lot more plane crashes in the future. It seems like there’s one every couple months now. Of course everyone wants to know – was the Cabal involved in that crash into that mountain recently? Can you give us the reason?

COBRA – Yes, of course. There are many reasons. The first one is there were certain people on board that they wanted to have them silenced. The second reason they want to maintain fear among the surface population to maintain control.

Rob – OK. It is the goal of the Cabal to reduce the human population, and since they have control over the non-physical plane, isn’t it more effective if they let souls incarnate here?

COBRA – OK. It is just the goal of one faction of the Cabal to reduce the population. That is the Rockefeller, Kissinger, Bush, Illuminati faction. The other factions do not agree with that plan. This is one of the reasons why that plan is not successful. It will not be successful. The vast majority of the Cabal want to keep the human population and not for it to be reduced, because they actually like to have a lot of slaves around.

Rob – OK. Someone’s asked a question about the Ain Sophia is associated with the Nag Hammadi material. Does that come from a different star system? What is the source of the Sophia, the Pistis Sophia?

COBRA – OK. Sophia is the ancient archetype of wisdom incarnated as Goddess Earth. Goddess earth is a living entity. It’s not the physical planet itself, but the consciousness of the planet that came from the galactic central sun 4.6 billions years ago, and incarnated, anchored that wisdom presence into this physical planet.

Rob – OK. Alfred Lambremont Webber said that that there was a discussion. Some people say that the earth is actually being moved by benevolent ET’s out of the solar system. Is the solar system being cleared and reconstructed? Alex Collier does talk about planets being engineered by very powerful forces changing their orbits.

Omnec Onec also talked about the earth having two moons and that one of them was exploded and one of the reasons that we are a little more susceptible to imbalances because we only have one moon. What is going on? Will there be any, I guess I won’t say, terraforming, but solar forming of changing the orbits? Is that correct that it’s possible to actually move planets within different orbits by super galactic forces?

COBRA – OK. Yes it is possible to change orbits of planets and it did happen in galactic history. But this is not planned for this planet or for any larger object in the solar system in the near future. What is being planned is the vibrational change of the solar system and this is happening already. And smaller changes on the surface of planets in the solar system are happening as well. This is confirmed the last few decades there are changes in weather the patterns, intensity of magnetic fields and other parables on the surface of many planets inside the solar system. I will not comment about the polar shift. It might or might not happen.

Rob – OK. There’s a lot of people talking about the future time-lines and some of the ways, you’re saying breakthrough is near, and of course that gets a lot of people on the edge of their seats who follow you. Is this. . . they’re wondering about a time line, if possible. The breakthrough could possibly happen in late May. You talk about a target date in January for financial re-set. A lot of people are kind of . . . I guess it’s keeping people on their toes, and we don’t want the Cabal to know when things are happening anyway. What is the situation with these potential time lines, can you tell us? Is there a particular time in this next coming window when things may be looking good?

COBRA – OK. I will explain my perspective. I have been directly involved in operations for the liberation of the planet for about 20 years quite actively. And for me near does not mean tomorrow or next week. So this is relative what somebody perceives as near. I would say from my own perspectives.

We are near to the breakthrough, because most of the operations I have been involved with for many years have been completed and successfully completed. I would say the majority of the project has been brought to completion. The majority of the things that needed to take place behind the scenes have taken place. This is why I am saying that the breakthrough is near. I’m not saying it’s happening today, or I’m not saying it’s happening tomorrow. I am not saying it’s going to happen on January 1, 2016. That is the target date for the Eastern Alliance and their plans. It might or not be the target date for the Event.

Rob – OK, let’s see. Another question we have here is in regards to the clones. We talked a little bit about that before the interview. I found that quite interesting. I thought people would be interested in that. Can you talk about the cloning process? We have a soul entity that inhabits a body. What happens . . . say they go in and make 3 different clones. Are those clones put on ice and just waiting for a possibility when George Bush is killed, and then that soul is pushed into another clone body, or are there multiple bodies actually functioning, and if so, is it the same soul functioning those bodies?

COBRA – Actually one soul, in the vast majority of cases. There are some exceptions, but extremely rare. In the vast majority of cases, inhabits one body. If we have this George Bush for example, if he gets killed, he will be captured by the Archons on the etheric plane. He will be transported to the Long Island facility on the etheric plane and then he will be put with strong magnetic fields and into the clone body that will be chosen for him. He would wake up in that place and then he will be transported back to his original location.

Rob – So at this time, when you see a being that’s George Bush, is it possible for a clone to be functioning and not have the soul of George Bush in it? If so, how is that being functioning, that clone?

COBRA – OK. There were some, what people call clone-bots, which are cloned robots which are not ensouled. Those entities have been cleared from the surface of the planet a long time ago. What we have besides the clones are lookalikes. They are beings that look similar to George Bush, for example, and they tend to appear in certain locations which are, from a security standpoint a risk for George Bush.

Rob – OK. An interesting thing I’d like you . . . I found it very fascinating. I talked to Fred and then, of course, I was reading Billy Meyers’ contact notes when I was 17, before anyone knew about him. I was very fascinated with the fact that the Pleiadians took Billy into one area, and if you could talk about this, and the ethic of some people have mentioned it?

I guess benevolent races have a way of creating a type of being that is kind of a humanoid and yet has kind of a, I don’t know what we would call, a vegetable or animal type consciousness. They have some of their machinery in bases that function on things, and they, from an outside earth person, it would look like a slave, but, according to Billy Meyer, he went in and saw these beings and they kind of looked like zombies. They weren’t really sentient, but they actually were human bodies. They were able to perform certain functions. Can you talk a little bit about that technology and how that is deemed ethical by these light forces and what’s the situation with these these beings that are kind of clone like, I guess is it?

COBRA – OK. This is a sad part of the genetic experimentation that was taking place in underground bases. The light forces did not do this. This was done more by the Cabal and this was mostly happening in military underground bases that were joined with Draco Reptilian space programs.

Rob – OK. I’m talking about when Billy Meyer was on one of the ships. The Pleiadians have a type of being, according to him, that they said they actually kind of create a being, but it’s not really human. Is that, I think he said, kind of a vegetable consciousness? They can be programmed.

COBRA – I cannot confirm that.

Rob – You can’t confirm that. I’ll try and get you the Billy Meir actual contact notes. I guess some things are going on there. I guess there’s a different thing. Could you talk about . . . a lot of people are having problem in they have questions about . . . Could you talk about mercy and compassion towards the Cabal and the people involved in this? I think the Chimera breakaway and Archons are slightly different levels of that. Can you talk about compassion and mercy towards this type of situation? You know there’s so much suffering and so many people that just . . . It seems at this point in time, you know, a strong feeling to lash out.

COBRA – OK. The compassion towards the Cabal has it’s place only after the Cabal is stopped. People are angry and they are angry for good reasons, and their anger needs to be channeled into stopping the Cabal. When the Cabal is stopped after they are arrested, I would not suggest to vent people’s frustration on the Cabal, because that will not solve anything. After they are arrested, they have a right for a fair trial. When their crimes are exposed based on their decisions, their future will be decided. If they would like to amend their past actions, they will be given an opportunity. If they are not willing to do that, they will go to the galactic central sun and their individual soul presences will be erased from this dimensional universe. They will cease to exist.

Rob – OK, here’s a question someone had. A lot of people kind of go into this fear. Someone’s mentioning that Poland’s been in the middle of a lot of stress because it borders east and west. Someone is wondering if there’s any tension going on between, I guess European NATO forces and Russia. They feel like Poland . . . people are wondering if they should emigrate from Poland. Is there any potential for anything popping off there?

COBRA – Again this is fear mongering. The escalation between, the large scale escalation between NATO forces and Russia is extremely unlikely.

Rob – OK. Here’s an interesting one. What is transsexualism? How will it look like possibilities of body corrections after the event? What’s going to happen with some people who have done sex changes?

COBRA – OK. At a certain phase after the event, and closer to the first contact, people will be able to experience transmigration from their current body into a body of the opposite polarity. So if somebody is a man and would like to experience life from the perspective as a woman, he will be able to be teleported into a female body at that time. Through some of those experiences, some people will be clear their sexual identities and heal some of their traumas from the past.

Rob – Wow. Very interesting. So there is going to be the possibility for people to change bodies. Will this be possible for people with extreme illnesses, or is this a certain? I mean, I don’t know . . . it kind of seems like we have to take responsibility for the body we’re in and even though we’ve been attacked we can get a new body. What’s the story? Is there a karma where you can’t just destroy a body through bad actions and get a new one?

COBRA – OK. There is no karma as is described in the Archon paradigm. If somebody will need a new body that will be provided based on priority. People with terminal illnesses, with chronic pain, will be healed. If the body can not be healed, they will be able to shift into a different body as we go toward the first contact and after the first contact. Like most advance races, they can choose and change their bodies according to their own inner guidance.

Rob – Wow, that’s very interesting. The man named Bob Reynaude – a famous contactee of Gabriel Green who works with the people of the Korrendor and has actually fallen in love with a woman from there and actually goes there and inhabits a Korrendorian body where he will go after his passing here. He will live his life out on Korrendor. He’s one of those people you’re talking about. You mentioned a while back that after the Congo invasion of 1996, the Archons spent a period from 1996 – 1999 on a mass implant program. Was that through the Greys? Were they physical implants? Was it the nano implants? Could you talk a little bit about that?

COBRA – OK. First, there was massive implantation through plasma etheric scalar technology. Second, there was a lot of implants being distributed globally through vaccinations programs with biochips. There was also a certain number of MILAB type of experiences where they were taken to underground bases and implanted physically after trauma based mind programming sessions.

Rob – OK. I’ve got. . We’re getting near the end here. We’ve got a couple more questions we’re going to get through. Can you talk about if there is more than one Cintamanni stone?

COBRA – Actually, Cintamanni stone . . . here are two aspects of the stone. One aspect of the stone is the stone that fell from Sirius. There are many fragments of that stone. For the large part of human history, that stone was in the hands of the Agarthan network. Small fragments were released to humanity or more precisely to certain, most powerful human individuals who were working for the light forces. And very recently the light forces have started to release that stone massively. I will write a blog post about it quite soon.

Rob – Is it possible for the average humanity to get Cintamanni stones?

COBRA – Yes, we will make that happen.

Rob – Thank you. Here’s a question. I guess it has to do . . . this is the one I was interested in. One is how did Jesus bring back Lazarus from the dead? And I have a follow-up question to that.

COBRA – There was technology involved. There was some advanced ET technology involved in his so-called miracles.

Rob – Right, so he had a mission here to perform certain things and they basically said sorry, you know what the Pleiadians call a creator son is here and we’re going to take over the Archon network and they just did it, right?

COBRA – It was more Sirians and not so much the Pleiadians.

Rob – OK. Can you talk a little bit . . . a lot of question . . . we have these past life regressions. People want to know what their past lives are and stuff like that and what their previous incarnations were? It seems as though Delores Cannon . . . she’s passed over, but she seemed to be pretty accurate. It seems that some hypnotism is a way to get ahold of that. Do you know any other way people can contact their past life reincarnations other than the Golden Disc of the Sun down in Peru Temple of The Seven Rays?

COBRA – The most easiest and most sure way to remember past incarnations is to strengthen your connection with your soul, and when the time is right the soul memory will come into your physical brain and you will remember.

Rob – OK. I’m wondering about if you could describe to people . . . a lot of people have been talking about when you talked about the death experience and going over. A lot of people were concerned for their family members and themselves, especially. You mentioned that the etheric plane isn’t the best place to be right now when you pass over.

What should people do if they’re . . . if it’s possible at the time of death . . . what is the situation? Will someone greet them? Is that a false Archon that’s going to manipulate them? A family member’s going to say, ‘Yes, come into the light.” and you go into the Archon reincarnation network.

COBRA – Actually after you go through the tunnel into the light you will meet your loved ones. It is not a trick. It’s a real situation. There is more and a lighter presence on the etheric and the higher planes. You are still inside of the incarnation cycle. You are not able to be fully free to go and exit the solar system and go to Sirius or Pleiades. The situation is not as bad as it was, but if you’re leaving the incarnation in the usual fashion, you are old and dying. You are most likely in a quite balanced state of mind. But if you do commit suicide, you are in an excited state then the transition is not so easy simply because your emotions and your energy field is in an excited state and then the transition is not so easy and then it’s easier for the Archons to press your buttons – guilt, for example, and trap you more.

Rob – OK. Two more questions here. We got quite a few questions on this. I know you talked a little bit about it in your posts. Can you tell us the story behind the AIIB and what is the role of the AIIB in the financial reset at the Event.

COBRA – It is simply a vehicle of the distribution of the funds that will be released after the Event for infrastructure projects. Right now they are just creating, I would call it, a bureaucratic institution that needs to be established for a current level of consciousness. Because when the event happens, those funds need to be channeled through certain infrastructure bureaucratic institutions. And AAIB is the perfect vehicle for that.

Rob – OK, and here’s another question. People want to know what is the black knight satellite? Alex Collier said it’s a giant highway patrol from the Superluminals to monitor astral pathways and life in various systems. Would you concur with that?

COBRA – I would not agree. Actually the existence of the black knight satellite is a hypothesis. It is not based on fact. It is based on some old NASA photos, which actually show part of the NASA program. This does not mean that there are no artificial satellites that are quite old. Yes, they are, but they are much deeper undercover and nothing is known about them outside the secret space program – the deep secret space program. Anybody else has no idea about them.

Rob – There were some large explosions heard by some people recently underground, and there’s also an earthquake in California – in the Burbank area – a very small one. A lot of people are wondering . . . are we looking at some. . . is it still possible we may be having some more earthquake activity? This is obviously controlled by the light forces to release tension along the acupuncture ley line points of the earth for healing. Can we get any? Will we get any information if there’s to be some major earthquake activity, and will any of this be in Yellowstone?

COBRA – OK. The light forces are monitoring the situation in Yellowstone and are actually buffering it for quite some time. They might not be able to completely guide the situation without any earthquakes or interruptions in that area. I can not guarantee that, but most likely, they will not be very dramatic.

Rob – OK. So another place that you mentioned I think was also in Chile down in South America. There will be a little more earthquake activity. Is that correct?

COBRA – It’s possible.

Rob – OK. Well ladies and gentlemen, I know we had a lot of stuff going on here and we couldn’t get to a lot of questions you had today. We had a lot of stuff to go through. It’s been very informative. Again, thank you, Cobra, for joining us here today and Victory to the Light.

COBRA – OK. Thank everybody for listening. And I will say again, the breakthrough is near. It does not mean to happen tomorrow, but I need to repeat that to anchor and ground that energy into the conscious of human beings. We are close to the breakthrough phase. We have been working for this many, many lifetimes, and in this lifetime especially, and we are getting closer.

Rob – Thank you, Cobra, for that bit of information. I would encourage you all to have the faith in the positive forces of light and the power of your own soul. Connect to that as much as possible through your pure intelligence of your mind and your own I AM presence and that will help you achieve the Victory of the Light. Thank you for coming Don’t forget Mr. Truthseeker, my events, the webinar coming up.

God bless you,

Victory To The Light

Rob Potter


Cobra Interview with Rob Potter 4-16-15… (plus Transcript) | Kauilapele's Blog

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