Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube All Censored This Video, But Why?

A groups of doctors held a press conference in DC to debunk all of the lies we are being told about Covid. This video is being censored off of Youtube, FB, and Twitter. The mainstream media is now running cover on this censorship by Big Tech.

This is why Gab exists.

When Big Tech, Big Media, and Big Pharma all act in unison to scrub information off the internet there needs to be a place where people can find this information. Big Tech is in the pocket of Big Pharma. Facebook is loaded with Big Pharma ads. Big Pharma is projected to spend a whopping $10B this year on digital ads, with the lionís share of that going to Google (which owns YouTube) and Facebook.

Gab isnít going to make one penny from Big Pharma. Our business model is not to sell our users and their data, but rather to sell a service that our users can optionally purchase. Therefore, we can afford to host videos from medical doctors that counter the Big Pharma narrative about Covid.

Click here to watch the video Big Tech and Big Pharma donít want you to see.

You donít need a Gab account in order to view the video from this link so please feel free to share it with friends and family.

Gab exists for moments like this. People need to see this video. We are all being CoronaConned and the truth is being censored off the internet in real time.

Weíre not going to allow that to happen.

Andrew Torba
CEO, Gab.com
July 28th, 2020