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Where Can We Get The Best Whole Natural Vitamin C Blend?” Easiest And cost effective Way To Get Our 12 - 100 Grams Of Natural C Per Day

Posted By: mroxygen
Date: Saturday, 9-Jan-2021 07:27:41

Everybody Asks “Where Can We Get The Best Whole Natural Vitamin C Blend?” Easiest And cost effective Way To Get Our 12 - 100 Grams Of Natural C Per Day.

This is the whole simple answer to almost everything about health right here in this article. In my very learned and experienced OPINION of 71 years: If you combine this therapy with Supreme Fulvic Minerals, and the Boyce/Tesla Smacker water (below link), correctly, over time, WE can do anything.

The key is in the DOSAGE amounts. Repeat, WE can do anything! They’ve got us snowed by taking too little of all THREE. This article corrects all that.

To many blogs are full of our nonsense arguments: Sodium Ascorbate vs. Ascorbate Palmitate vs. Cornstarch and sulfuric acid made L-ascorbic acid crystals vs. Nature’s unprocessed whole complete bioflavinoid packages of goodness.

An apple, for example, carries in it all that is needed to digest it. Nature’s complete package all in one. There it is staring us right in the face. If only our beliefs were clear enough to let our minds actually see real Nature, what already IS PROVEN!

There are even videos where someone proclaims - while reading with authority from some seriously challenged vaingloriously influenced ego pronouncement paper that “there is no difference!” Between Nature and identical chemicals in a lab. BIG DIFFERENCES - orbital spin and co-factors, for example.

Sure, you may get similar weak responses when you do not take enough natural C for long enough, but HEREIN I give the answer. I am not practicing medicine, not making product claims, no diagnoseses, and I am not intending to either. I am strictly expressing this writer’s personal opinion, as my inalienable right.

Humans declaring themselves gods that puff themselves up claiming they know more than Mother Nature, because they have letters behind their names proving it, and they are paid by and representing some Big Pharma purchased “prestigious” revolving door agency.

Excuse me, I think She has been here longer? Please unchain her, step aside, and let her through.

You may wish to consider… Eons of development to test what works while discarding what doesn’t, in the biggest reality show called LIFE. THIS is the biggest of ALL the bioengineering labs in real time action.

As I evolve, my teaching evolves. What I have found for US so far is:

As anyone who has been to one of my international lectures, or workshops, or attended my TV, or radio appearances, or read one of my books, or columns, or watched my videos or DVDs can attest to, there is ONE phrase I have endeavored to always DRILL into you. It is The Essence of ALL my teachings:

SOURCE expresses as Nature and US. We choose.
“The further we get from Nature, the sicker we will be. The closer we get to nature, spiritually and physically, the healthier and more joyous, and more at peace we are!”

I have shown us how Nature freely gives us the Natural Vitamin C we desperately need and can find all around us. We only have to choose to eat the best form of it daily, as we can genetically no longer make C ourselves.

I have also shown how we have insanely listened to darkness controlled rats full of fear of belief in lack, and then fearfully chosen to follow their greed. In the process we are destroying our own planet’s mineralized farm soils and are slash burning our rainforests. We are suiciding our very own food and air and water supplies.

Nature wants to help us out. The genes to make our own C - like the animals naturally do - are in us, but somehow we lost that ability as we evolved, or perhaps the fear filled rats bred it out of us to better control us and make money off us. So for now, we still have to supplement.

Our scientists, and like Hobie and my readers, have searched and searched for the best forms of C, and the best way to administer it. All the while extolling C’s plethora of virtues that can fix almost anything when used correctly. Because it’s creating ACTIVE OXYGEN inside us among everything else.

In my - and Nature’s - opinion, Natural Vitamin C naturally supplies us everything we need to eliminate most of our own disease and premature aging caused by dietary errors. Right here, right now.

Here is our chance to correct our selfish thinking inspired and habitual greed-laden dietary choices that destroy our world. This mindset causes all our own cancers, heart disease, arthritis, COPD, not living more than a few years, etc., etc., etc.

Now , in addition to whatever we already are all putting up with - like so many of us being misdiagnosed pre-diabetics in an unnecessary pre-heart disease overweight state, we are finding ourselves having to waste our time discussing new anaerobic nonsense, and perhaps overcoming fear and worry over these new threats.

Reports are surfacing that Doctors have proven to the NIH authorities they already have the coronavirus answers:
“...ozone will likely destroy coronavirus due to the need of the virus to have cysteine to live and work similar to Ebola in which [Ozone] IV has proven remarkably effective.”

Medical journal published Ebola solutions using Monoatomic Active Oxygen already exist. The doctors were told to go away: “NIH is not interested in ozone for this problem. Dr. Robert Rowen tried with our paper and was rejected.” - Dr.Robins in the IAOH International Association for Ozone in Healthcare online forum. No press allowed. Somebody is trying to fill their fearful greed holes.

Right now, if we eat enough C, we are now creating enough Active Oxygen inside us to clean us out naturally! Our immune systems are using C as the prime raw material to create our own forms of Natural Peroxide and Ozone.

Ask any old timer veterinarian. Billy goats NEVER get sick! They make 12-100 GRAMS of their own daily Natural Vitamin C internally.

We humans genetically lost that ability. My golden Holy Grail is to turn this back on.

And, if some rat indoctrinated authority figure tells you mega C will give you stones or some other old wag’s negative nonsense, show them our government’s own PubMed library. Double blind studies clearly show mega C dosing actually resolves all conditions. They lie to us about this while claiming C causes the conditions.

Typical darkside ploy, blame what you do on your opponents. Sounds like politics as usual to me!

PMID: NCBI, PubMed, US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health. Fowler AA 3rd, Syed AA, Knowlson S, et al. Phase I safety trial of intravenous ascorbic acid in patients with severe sepsis. J Transl Med. 2014;12:32. doi: 10.1186/1479-5876-12-32.

CONCLUSIONS: “Intravenous ascorbic acid infusion was safe and well tolerated in this study and may positively impact the extent of multiple organ failure and biomarkers of inflammation and endothelial injury.” Similar also espoused by Naturopaths forever.

So, here is today’s Mr. Oxygen pick as the current best available natural form of Nature’s Vitamin C in a blend of goodness. Perfectly sourced, and best quality strictly direct from NATURE, DRIED NATURAL VITAMIN C, WITH NO ADDITIVES OR FILLERS!

Judging by his publications only, I love this guy and his wife and their books, videos, and the philosophies that they and their guest friends and testimonials prove by actually living them. Their shared truths are based upon their personal realities as experienced so far. That makes them very powerful. They are showing us how.

How to eat, how to live. How to choose wisely - by shedding the darkness ignorance we had to absorb into our error filled belief systems so our SPIRITS could be deployed upon this terrain and incarnate here (see Dr. Bruce Lipton).

Markus is like me, and many others, not in it for the money, and working towards eliminating as much untruth that's causing our suffering as possible. WE are all about being SOURCE’s avatars and advancing our overall quality of life.

WE focus on manifesting as much health and consciousness as we can squeeze out of each of our individual situations.

In this way, WE can most quickly learn enough to easily graduate from our illusions of duality, space, time, and dimensions - and return home to the AWSOME LIGHT BECKONING US WITHIN OUR HEARTS.

WE live to help humanity grow fully into our inalienable AWSOME SOURCE potential.

WE teach so we may ALL be able to more easily realize this highest potential.
WE are SOURCE’S own special SPIRIT Human Children.

Nature’s missing Vitamin C can help us. Using C correctly will change everything.

So to get the highest stability quality to us quickly in a bioflavinoid-rich package, Markus chose drying as his method of choice. In this way he locks in the NATURAL complete package goodness better than anything else I have seen yet.

The Ingredient blend: Only NATURE’s Highest Vitamin C content locked into dried fruits and veggies will remain charged and stable!

The highest source of vitamin C on the planet is Gubinge, an extremely-rare plant found in top wild lands of Northern Australia. It’s only harvested by tribal natives, and it took me forever to find a reputable, local company out there that deals with the indigenous aborigines. You have no idea what this costs me. Gubinge has been identified world wide as the single natural food source with the highest vitamin C content on the planet. It contains 3000mg of vitamin C per 100g of fruit - over 50 times the concentration found in oranges. It also has ellagic acid which fights parasites, tumors, fungus, bacteria, and anything trying to mutate in the body. Gubinge has one of the highest known antioxidant levels identified in any fruit (ORAC). You won’t see Gubinge in anyone else’s formula because of the cost, but I was determined to have the very best.

Massively more vitamin C than citrus- and you can’t get pine needle powder anywhere in this country! So I started paying a friend of mine to harvest virgin pine needles from Shasta California and grind them for my new powder. Pine trees are the highest source of MSM- organic sulfur needed for skin collagen, hair, arteries, digestion, and a million other things. Pine has Pycnogenol- a highly active bioflavonoid that doubles blood vessel strength, improves joint flexibility and slows the aging process. It is one of the few dietary antioxidants that crosses the blood-brain barrier to directly protect brain cells. Pine needles also contain natural healthy turpentines which are really good for respiratory infections- pneumonia, bronchitis. Pine needles are so powerful, they’ve shown amazing results in cancer and tumor studies, including breast cancer. They’re also a great source of B vitamins and even protein.

A cherry-like caribbean fruit- the most stable, one of the most reliable and extremely-concentrated natural sources of vitamin C. It’s one of the richest sources of 100% natural vitamin C complex in the world- just 100 grams, or about 3.5 ounces, of the ripened acerola fruits can contain 17,000 milligrams of the vitamin C. It’s carotene content is comparable to carrots and it’s also high in niacin, pantothenic acid, potassium, B1 Thaimine and B2 Ribolflavin. They contain whole-plant bioflavonoids, hesperidin, rutin, anthocyanins and other naturally occurring essential cofactors. All this makes it a powerful antioxidant for anti-aging, detoxing and chelating heavy metals out of the body. All this vitamin C also helps build collagen needed for skin, connective tissue, liver and adrenal glands. It helps fight stress and relaxes. Great for people in toxic cities, those who have Parkinsons, herpes, atherosclerosis, bronchitis, cancer, asthma, glaucoma, wrinkles, skin care and even fungal infections. This is one of the top herbs for staying young and wrinkle free.

One of the richest herbal source of vitamin C and bioflavonoids, each amla fruit contains up to 700mg of vitamin C. Famous for it’s anti-aging, immune strengthening properties, amla is used for anemia, asthma, bleeding gums, diabetes, colds, lung disease, glaucoma, hypertension, yeast infections, even used to treat cancer. Amla increases levels of superoxide dismutase, which reduces artery inflammation and strengthens the vascular system. It’s a powerful anti-oxidant, antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic. It cleans and strengthens the liver. Great for sugar freaks because it protects the blood vessels from insulin damage and improves the body’s insulin sensitivity. It improves protein metabolism and contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C, D, E, calcium, chromium, cobalt, iron, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, silicon, tin, zinc, bioflavonoids, and saponins.

Dr. Oz calls it the “Miracle Berry”. The fruit of the plant has a very high vitamin C content- 1550 mg per 100 grams, with an average content (695 mg per 100 grams) about 15 times greater than oranges placing sea-buckthorn fruit among the most enriched plant sources of vitamin C. The fruit also contains dense contents of carotenoids, vitamin E, amino acids, dietary minerals, β-sitosterol and polyphenols (Flavonols). Sea Buckthorn is one of the only known land plants to contain Palmitoleic acid, also known as Omega 7.

WATERCRESS (Nasturtium officinale)
Strong superfood and medicine! Weight for weight, it contains more vitamin C than oranges, more calcium than milk, more iron than spinach, more folic acid than bananas. Watercress is high in the flavonoid quercetin, which breaks down in to rutin. The strong taste is from high sulfur content (beautifies skin and complexion), and a substance called phenylethyl isothiocyanate (PEITC), which is able to block the function of a protein called Hypoxia Inducible Factor (HIF), which is needed for cancer to grow. Molecular biologists at Purdue University in Indiana discovered that watercress could actually correct its genetic code if inheriting from flawed parents, to grow normally again like its grandparents. The results, described by researchers as “spectacular”, defy the scientific law of inheritance and present the notion that the plant, unlike any other species, can effectively heal itself and maintain its pure ancestral blueprint. Watercress has been historically used for tuberculosis, chest, lung, kidney, gland, lymph and chronic skin issues. For canker sores, mouth blisters, acne, ringworm, rashes, skin infections, hot flashes, headaches, nervousness, eczema, dermatitis, excellent for clearing fluids in body tissue like GOUT, clearing mucus and lung congestion, bronchitis, coughs, asthma, high blood pressure, hemorrhoids, rheumatism, chest congestion, ringworm, fungus, helps break up kidney and bladder stones, good for liver and kidney problems. Helps protect against heart disease and eye diseases like cataracts. Helps lighten freckles and brown spots when crushed and applied. Immune stimulant, antioxidant, increases energy, boosts metabolism, enhances oxygen utilization, cleanses blood and colon, diuretic, mild laxative, cancer prevention. Watercress is packed with 15 essential vitamins and minerals; A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, biotin, C, D, E, very high in sulfur, calcium, iodine, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, trace elements, vanadium, zinc, bioflavonoids.

Rose hips develop on wild roses as the flowers drop off and is actually the fruit of the rose. These fruits are one of the most concentrated sources of vitamin C available, - about 1,250 mg/100 g of pure vitamin C. In addition, rose hips contain large amounts of polyphenols, which are also known to possess antioxidative properties. Rosehips contain naturally occurring, extremely important vitamin C COMPLEX nutrients like bioflavonoids, hesperidin and rutin. Rosehips are a famously super high source of vitamin C, riboflavins and antioxidants, also used to help with constipation, arteries, bladder, and the immune system.

Guavas contain 628% the daily value of vitamin C in a single serving! They contain both carotenoids and polyphenols like gallocatechin, guaijaverin, leucocyanidin and amritoside–the major classes of antioxidant pigments – giving them relatively high potential antioxidant value among plant foods.

Vitamin C does not work properly without bioflavonoids, and citrus peels and pith are the best sources. Although each plant in this formula already contains it’s own built-in bioflavonoids, adding a bit of lemon and orange peel and pith really boosts the power even more.”

Looking for this kind of blend your whole life in this seemingly barren desert of no supply, and finally finding it, WOW! WE will probably also be amazed by the rapidity of results obtained - once given enough C for long enough, and once given enough time to respond! Just like the Billy goats.

It’s just like SOURCE surrounding us all, all the time - but our minds won’t let us see IT! Look around - Nature’s Vitamin C surrounds us! It’s in every tree, every bush, in the grass, in every shrub, even underground. Is somebody trying to tell us something obvious? Now how to get it all inside us… WE call this eating consciously.

Here it is Folks! This precious blend, this golden bowl of food, is in a 300 gram tub of NATURE’s dried Vitamin C powders. Thankfully it contains 25 days of my recommended minimum 12 GRAM servings for only $53! You can go ahead and stock up, because as food, there is no contraindications or limit to what you can use. The more you can eat, the more often, the better. Of course, always within reason. Best to build up slowly. Otherwise you’ll detox, and end up blaming the C!

You can order your Vitamin C right here!

If you want to help our ministry continue to continue helping everyone, please allow your browser to accept cookies so Breath of God gets a donation.

Thanks, Mr. Oxygen. Copyright Ed McCabe(C)(R) by Ed McCabe, 2020, Elder of The Breath of God Ministry

Creators of the bestselling "Oxygen Therapies" and "Flood Your Body With Oxygen" book and DVD,

And the new upcoming super advanced book "OxyVelocity Diet."(c.)

Our ongoing African crowdfunding project:

My sites:,

OxyLift, My FAVORITE consumer mineral and oxygen take along with you anti-anaerobe!

People, and I personally, are getting really charged up (better than hydrogen water) non-Hertzian cleansing results using the REALLY DISCOUNTED affordable Boyce/Tesla Ozone Zero Point Energy Water Smacker. Read the testimonials, and get $25 extra off by using the code MROXYGEN at the end of your order at!

Supreme Fulvic Minerals:

Happy Oxygen!

Stock up on Vitamin C HERE

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