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Posted By: hobie
Date: Saturday, 9-Jan-2021 07:27:47

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:



Dear Hobie
Please publish ASAP.

The below is in route to the White House, the attorneys representing our law and our President, numerous Members in both the Senate and House, both sides of the circus.
The level of tampering has risen to new levels. The IT officer running the White House email system will be greeted in the morning with a complaint and report.
Explanations are required for the tampering with official government properties and communications.
The felony territory appears to be expanding. Or, perhaps merely being exposed.

Please advise of receipt.



Dear President Trump,
Closing the Trial Charade by Operation of Law.
Your Beneficiaries, Miller, Westover, and Provost Jr., present our Letter of Wishes to our Trustee, for execution concerning the res of the Public Trust, Articles in Amendment VI, V, IV, I, Presidents duties under Article II section 3, United States Constitution as Amended.

Mr. Trump, your Beneficiaries considered opinion is that the Impeachment Trial is the largest stage ever given to a President, for delivering the messages based on facts, law and proof of acts. A huge gift to our President, the People and our country.

The Senate Trial is the forum in which the value of the law, loyalty to the fundamental principles, our public servants, is on trial.

Cancel the Coup in one move that pulls the main drain plug in the Swamp.

The Beneficiaries Wish our Trustee, President Donald Trump, instruct the attorneys representing the United States Government, the Executive Branch, the Office of President, the man serving as President and the People, to close the Trial in the Senate by Declaration on record identifying the felonies admitted on the public record. Requiring the attorneys to present on record, Criminal Complaints identifying 230 Members of Congress as violating civil rights, is the move that Cancels the Coup, and starts the Drain flowing.

There is no question that the felonies took place. The 230 Members of Congress were kind enough to make the official record testifying to the fact.

The Senate is now in the position to convict them selves in the same manner that the 230 Members of Congress did.

Donald Trump, the Office of President, the People, were denied the mandatory legal protections guaranteed in the Sixth, Fifth, Fourth and First Amendments.

The start of draining the Swamp and neutralizing the Deep State stage is set in the Senate right now. President Trump now has the tools, straight up law, to show the People how to take control of Divided Loyalty public servants and hold them accountable. This is called Draining the Swamp.

When the President of the United States signs a Criminal Complaint for violation of Civil Rights, identifies the public record proving the felonies, no one may ignore the Chief Law Enforcement Officer enforcing the law.

A statement, as advised in prior deliveries to the White House, from our President, duly signed and sealed, will be the only record of clarity and precision in the record.

The simple fact is the attorneys you supervise in this trial circus work for us and all of the People. This is because Donald Trump works for the People as President protecting all of us, our Government, from enemyís foreign and DOMESTIC. This means that the notorious evidence of certain Members of Congress, by their own actions defining them selves as Domestic Enemyís, may not be ignored or treated as business as usual in the political Swamp. For our attorneys or the President to ignore the blatant felonies by Domestic Enemyís reaches the highest crime level contemplated by the Constitution.

Domestic means locally. Our neighbors accepting the privilege of public service do-not have as part of their job description, to act as Domestic Enemyís.

Domestic means locally. Our neighbors accepting the privilege of public service do-not have as part of their job description, to act, either covertly or openly, against the Bill of Rights, particularly the Sixth and Fifth Amendments..

Domestic means locally. Our neighbors accepting the privilege of public service do-not have as part of their job description to act in violation of either the civil or criminal codes.

Mr. Trump, the simple fact is that Mr. Cipollone, nor Mr. Sekulow, in their statements at the Senate Trial, identified the blatant civil rights felonies committed by 230 Members of Congress. More to the point, in all the rhetoric surrounding this Impeachment circus, there is not one mention that the acts of 230 Members of Congress are in violation of the law of the Constitution rising to Civil Rights Felonies, Rebellion and Sedition.

The charges of Rebellion and Sedition flow from the 230 Members acts. The definitions of those two words in both the statutes and dictionaries are self authenticating. The acts exposed on the government records created by the 230 Members are self authenticating.

When the MSM-GOOFACED-TWITAZONS fail or refuse to recognize and support the Presidents act of directly executing the felony statutes, they become CO-CONSPIRATORS in Rebellion, Sedition, Civil Rights felonies.

When the Executive Branch, President Trump requires the attorneys representing the Rule of Law to file the Criminal Complaints on the official Senate Trial record, the presentation is made to the highest judge in the country. The law requires reporting of crimes to the nearest judicial officer. Chief Justice Roberts and every Senator will be put in the position to either follow the laws, in public, on the Presidents stage, or convict them selves on the spot of being co-conspirators.

Two short statements validate the criminal charges completely.

The public records produced to this Impeachment Trial of the President of the United States contains no evidence whatsoever that Donald Trump, the President, was provided access to the mandatory legal protections of the Sixth, Fifth, Fourth and First Amendments. In fact none of the records created during the bogus and secret Impeachment investigation indicate any of the 230 Members recognize the Bill of Rights as the valid law each swore an oath to protect.

No act of the United States Government could ever be considered valid, lawful or legal when the mandatory legal protections required by the law of the Bill of Rights, are not directly noticed to a defendant as being available for access and application. This point is particularly relevant in the matters of Impeachment of a President.

Mr. President, could you please explain to your Beneficiaries, and all of the American People, why no public servant has recognized and called out the blatant felonies identified herein? This seems a fair request considering what is at stake at the moment. This question is more than fair considering every public servant is held to know the law of the Constitution on his or her personal promise to serve and protect. More to the point, who is immune from the law and the absolute duty to report crimes when known or witnessed?

In the event that the criminal actions of the 230 Members of Congress are not presented to the Senate Trial for Impeachment, the People will know a few things conclusively.

We will know that, no matter whatís at stake itís business as corrupt usual in the DC SWAMP.

We will know that, public servants, particularly politicians and attorneys, protect each other in order that they themselves are protected no matter whatís at stake.

We will know that, the United States of America is not a country ruled by law.

We will know that, the Congress Assembled and the Judiciary conspire to quietly destroy our country and will cover up felonies to keep their positions, powers and corruptly derived strangle hold over the People as human capital

We will know that, our children have no future chance at the American Dream.

We will know that, the Swamp and Deep State will continue to compromise not only the fundamentals of MAGA, yet more, the Swamp denizens will continue the Seditious Rebellion against the People, our laws, our President, until they are indicted, tried, and if found guilty severely sentenced to prison.

We will know that, in the event our President backs off simply executing the law by filing Criminal Complaints on open Senate Trial records, no other public servant will act. We how this because the thousands and thousands of public servants witnessing first hand the accumulating felonies have never reported the felonies as required by law. More to the point, if the reports were made, the US DOJ and federal courts would need to conspire to cover up the records.

We will know that, no matter what Donald Trump our President does, the DEEP STATE SWAMP will remain in place subverting the potential of our America and destroying the life, liberty and happiness foundation that MAGA seeks.

We will know that, in the event our President, the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the United States does not recognize the gift of this moment, on the world stage, seize the opportunity to truly lead MAGA, We the People will not be living in a free country, We will be surfs on a royal plantation as sold to the highest bidder.

This Monograph will be served into the Senate, House, White House, published on the open World Wide Web under the law of full faith and credit for all government records. The use of public web portals paid for by the People creates official government record.

Our Country and the American Dream so many foreigners strive for is either coming back full force by the Rule of Law, or, the Dream and our Country dies the death of a thousand corruptions driven by cowardice.

Itís our choice. Choose wisely!


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