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Posted By: hobie
Date: Saturday, 9-Jan-2021 07:27:46

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:


Dear Hobie,

Please publish the delivery to President Trump, served via White House official record email, 11:04 pm, pacific 1/17/2020 with receipt confirmations. Sent in 6 parts due to the 250 word count limit.

Also sent to the attorneys for the president.

Tomorrow this will be forwarded to a bunch of characters in the Congress, both houses, via their official government emails and fax.

The Governor of Virginia, AG, and leadership in the legislature will receive this via email Saturday.

This is a request for a Public Service. It is hoped that the law prevails over the confusions so rampant in certain government offices concerning their obligations.


Dear Mr. Trump, the Peoples President.
Beneficiaries, Miller, Westover, Provost Jr., Formally Request our President Honor your promise to the People.

As the principals, the bona fide constructors of the government our President serves, we live in the real world of the People. We do-not and should-not have access to all the informations or powers our President does. What we do have, understand and own completely is our law. We the People demanded the Bill of Rights, Amended to and in Amendment of our Constitution, be the control factor over government acts. We did this before We allowed the U.S. Constitution to be ratified. What we do have is the perspective of the regular ole Americans cause we live there. None of your advisors live a regular American life.

Thus, We hold the position to require our public servants, our President, particularly in the circumstances in Virginia at the present, to take immediate action to cause the Law of the Second Amendment be completely respected and honored by the government of the State of Virginia.

It is our Presidents job, the one you promised to do, to ensure every American has full protection of the Second Amendment.

The State of Virginia as an original Union State, is bound by the contract called our Constitution, to honor and fully enforce the law of the Bill of Rights. This is because the will of the People require it to be so.

The sad fact is that DIVIDED LOYALTY, individuals acting out their breach of promises are claiming they are above, superior and proudly out side the law in their false service to the People of Virginia. These individuals are operating in open REBELLION with intentional SEDITION to the Rule of Law set out by our Constitution. The well known and fully identified TORTFEASORS are simply OUTLAWS. What’s more, every real American knows these facts are true and correct. Do you President Trump recognize OUTLAWS when you see them, and will you personally act to hold them to account before the law?

Serve and protect the Second Amendment as required by the Office of President, Please.

President Trump, you gave We the People your promise on Inauguration Day, and many times since. The Peoples 2nd Amendment is safe from encroachment from anyone, any place, any any time, was your promise. Now, this moment is the time, Virginia is the place, to show how good your bound word is. “ I will never forget that my first duty and ultimate loyalty is to you the American people”. Are these your words and if so, will you live by them?

Your words of loyalty to the American People recognize the People as the source and authority for all governments powers.

Now, the the 2nd Amendment is attacked in order to be suspended in Virginia, next door to the White House. Your neighbors, your constituents, are in trouble, lost from the understanding that the Law will protect each of us in our rights guaranteed by law. That law is the Second Amendment. The lost circumstance is due completely to the corruptive forces now called the SWAMP. This DEEP STATE, over a long well planned attack, has destroyed the Peoples confidence in the very governments created by the People. This was accomplished by the same types of individuals now claiming the Peoples public offices in Virginia. The pattern has long been the same, Divided Loyalty government actors disguised as loyal public servants protecting and profiting from the special class status these systemites hide under.

We placed you Donald Trump in the ultimate position of trust as the leader and Chief Law Enforcement Officer wielding the awesome force of the law. You hold the authority to settle all Second Amendment issues country wide. Will you exercise the full authority’s of our Presidents office? Below, please find our solution for calling out all systemites of all levels state and federal.

The clear and present danger to our Republic is the Divided Loyalty operators controlling Virginia.

In the last few days acting as President you settled a serious problem with a foreign terrorist in a direct manner. Agree or disagree with the action, the fact stands that you President Trump made a decision and acted. You carried out the duties and powers you assumed with our Presidents office, to serve and protect the People and our country.

We do not understand why our President is allowing DOMESTIC TERRORISTS, disguised as public Servants in Virginia to act in open Rebellion to the law of the land. We request an explanation telling all of us Americans two things.

We, and you, knows and should know, as most Americans know, DOMESTIC TERRORIST are infinitely more dangerous to our Republic than foreign terrorists. DOMESTIC TERRORISTS eat out the substance of our People, destroying the substance they feed from.

First; Why the government actors in Virginia are-not TERRORISTS, threatening not only the People of Virginia with lethal force, yet openly Rebelling against the Law of the Second Amendment, each promised to serve and protect, prior to accepting a public servants position?

Second; Why the terrorist in the Middle East you caused to be dispatched is considered more dangerous to the People and our form of government under our Bill of Rights than the TERRORIST disguised as a public servant.

We, your employers Wish our President simply call the Governor of Virginia, in front of the press cameras in live feed.

Please inform the Governor that as President your duties require the law of the Second Amendment, currently valid and in full force and effect, be respected and enforced in Virginia. Advise that as Governor of the State of Virginia the promise to support the Constitution, given to accept the public office is valid. Notify the Governor that his and his cohorts current actions attacking the Citizens of Virginia standing on the Constitution and its Bill of Rights, are federal felonies which will be prosecuted in the event that the Trespass on the Second Amendment, on the People continues.

This act puts the whole of the federal government and all state governments on proper notice that the fundamental laws forming our country are in full force. Let the systemites argue and complain of our President simply standing on the law, acting to protect the People and our Country, from Divided Loyalty Seditious Rebellion by crooked public servants. Oh please, let this happen!

President Trump, you have the largest army in the world behind you. Your rallies prove this conclusively.

The people stood up and elected you. The people have formed your army and proved that fact to you by the attendance at your rallies. The People now need direct leader ship.

President Trump, please, inform the TORTFEASORS in Virginia of the law, the penalties for their actions.

Drain the Swamp in Virginia. It’s a good start and easy to do right now!

Apply your persuasive powers to educate the People. Request the People of Virginia to file CRIMINAL COMPLAINTS to the Department of Justice in Washington, directly to the Attorney General, Bill Barr. Put the US DOJ on front street to do their job properly before the whole country.

So, President Trump, you have a choice to make. Continue on your path to greatness, or, expose to the People and the whole world you are no different than any other politician.

Actions have value, words are cheap, especially from bureaucrats.

Where is Trumps famous, or infamous, control over the dialogues via your massive social media presence? Where is Trumps Department of Justice? Where is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer?

The Second Amendment is an exclusive federal issue, so says the United States Constitution,”…which… shall be the supreme Law of the Land;…any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.”; …the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” INFRINGE; to encroach upon in a way that violates law or the rights of another.

President Trump, your neighbors, your constituents, your supporters, those that put you in office need your leadership now!

We, your known Beneficiaries, on behalf of our American brethren require our Trustee, to act now, enforcing the Second Amendment. The People are watching. We know a breach of trust and promise is of the highest crimes in our Republic.


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