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Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave --- Part 44

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:51:59

Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave --- Part 44

Nellis AFB
Colonel Lenton G. Bryson, you may recall, heads Old Goats’ 6 person nerd shed at NASA. Old Goat had him on speakerphone, and as He and #6 listened, Col. Bryson spoke. “The thing is, not only is he mute, but totally paralyzed. They even have to moisten his eyes, for he cannot even blink his eyelids. All Meds here are stumped. All vital signs are totally normal. Cranial scans and MRI reveal HUGE brain activity, electrical stimulation of his spinal cord verifies that all motor and muscle activity is normal, from brain cortex to big toe. All. He is shallow breathing, so they have him on pressurized oxygen as well. No one yet has even a clue. It’s a never before seen condition, as if the ‘wires’ have been internally cut between brain and body. Of course they are looking everywhere among specialists, and doing all they can.

As for the device, one of his associates were with him, and after he collapsed, noted that all glyphs all 3 planes had blinked yellow twice, and the device then shut itself down.
He had obviously found the communication link. He had previously announced to Eddie, his associate that he had mentally “talking” with it for a good 5 minutes, and had figured out the meaning of a few glyphs.. That’s all we have as of now, sir. On both him and it.”

“Fast courier that thing out here, Lenton, hopefully by this afternoon“, Old Goat ordered.

He and #6 looked at each other for a moment, each looking for the same… someone who may have what they need. Info about the device… #6 said, I was just browsing through the boxes of stuff they seized yesterday from Rocksense…some old information hand written by George Henly over 60 years ago when Area 51 was new, and then edited by him sometime later. Let me see…. Here they are… He shuffled until he found the folder containing the paper that offered the sentence ….‘It was not unlike a modern cell phone. but much more useful”.
Perhaps we need to ask George what he exactly meant by that statement “Much more useful” …
Old goat thought a minute, then said great Idea, but try this added kicker on for size.

Based on what we now know about what he and Rocksense put her through, what say we ask Danielle Meacham to invite George for a private lunch date… Between the kink he’s in with us and FISA, and the potential procuring and Sexual harassment claims she has against them both on the Civil side… If he will talk to her with no lawyers present it may just produce more info than us going through the legal hassle of picking him up…. Plus, he stated, we may even get some intel on the ‘it’s‘ in Rocksense’s basement…

#6 smiled wide, as Old Goat called Christy…
At Home:
Danielle felt like a bird that had been released from a cage, and her bright eyes glistened with happiness. When Danielle was happy, everyone around could see and feel it. Danielle, for the first time in too long, was actually no longer afraid to be out in public as a redhead, for fear of the BOLO’s attracting the beast and delivering her to LEO‘s and Rocksense. The other pursuers they had special plans for, but plans have a way of changing, right?.
Jennifer, Danielle’s mom first mentioned it to her. She nodded over at Buffy. Buffy was dutifully sitting at her computer, doing her online schoolmarm course, and being visibly uncomfortable at times, standing up and squirming in her seat, occasionally. She’s in her eighth month now, Jennifer said to Danielle… she has been sitting too much. She needs some exercise and a change of pace. What say we take her and go someplace for a while? We could go shopping and grab lunch. Great Idea, Danielle said.

Let’s go to Laughlin. I’ve, never been but it’s bigger than Henderson, just as close, and lots more stuff to do, too. It’s right on the river, has a river walk and lots of shops and restaurants. Convincing Buffy was easy. Christy wanted to go, too, but needed to talk to Jim, in Searchlight and check out the Van’s aircraft, and they could drop her off on the way… Jim would bring her back later. Phil had earlier left with Clive on his forerunner to check in on the Wilks, and explore the now quiet ranch land beyond. Poor Yough looked lonesome, as he watched them drive away…. But, as soon as they had driven out of sight, he went to patrol his domain for intruders, like jackrabbits and coyotes…
Only once before had Christy had experienced the singular exuberance of placing herself into the realm of true 3D freedom. It was as a teen in Mobile Al. Her boyfriend’s 8 year older brother was a flight instructor for a local flight school, and he had convinced his brother to take them for a ride, hoping to impress her in the usual way, for the usual male teen reasons. The aircraft was a Cessna 206 on RG Edo Floats, It was an amphibian, and could operate on both land and water, and it did so for an hour….

After her initial apprehension, and within the first 10 minutes she began to understand how this kind of ’high’ could produce freedom within that no drug could possibly induce. It is, she concluded, highly addicting… and of course expensive. But, for years after the boyfriend was ancient history, she still remembered vividly that first hour long flight. The major lesson she learned from the experience is applicable to most everything one does in life. Ones’ ‘fears’ are both real and imaginary. The real part can be sampled only by facing down the imaginary part. After which, the real part can be quite pleasant, Or not.

In less than a minute after they were climbing within 3D space, she felt that ‘high’ of years ago free her body once again from the 2D realm of the flat land below. Their use of noise cancelling headsets and the Van’s intercom had eliminated the distraction of engine noise and the rush of wind, placing her and Jim into their private quiet room, which had windows in all directions. She smiled inside herself as she watched the 2D world below yield secrets to the eyes from above. They had a full view of the trace community as they soared 1500 feet above… Hmm. She said, Clive has quite a few interesting structures on his spread, .. I’ll have to ‘ask’ him about those with some female curiosity, she smiled to herself.

A bit further on she saw Yough on patrol about the Burn’s place, some half mile from the house. As they passed above him, Yough stopped and looked up at them. He’s quite aware of things from above, she thought.. And with good reason…
Directly ahead now was the Wilk’s Place. The panorama included their land to the meandering green strip of land that the Virgin river energized in the otherwise arid land. The small wet weather ‘sometimes’ streams were evident from above. They were part of the upper basin of the river and extended behind them to the trace.

After passing over the Wilk’s home, she recognized Clive and Phil on the four runner, near one of the old bunkhouses 2 miles past the main ranch house. She pointed, and Jim dropped to 500 feet AGL and circled them as they waved in recognition.

Christy was not at all ready to land yet, but she reconciled herself to facts, as they rolled to a stop in front of the Van’s home at the airport. She helped Jim maneuver it under the shed and tie it down. As they walked to Jim’s car, she glanced back over her shoulder at the Van, with a smile of fondness. Just then, her agency cell vibrated.
ONE NEW VOICEMAIL---THREE NEW TEXT MESSAGES, it read. Jim looked, and found that he also had three on his. In Laughlin, Danielle finally noticed she had two on her burner, as did Phil, two miles past the end of the trace out in the desert. Clive had one on his. They were all from Old Goat, and all were similar in content. The last one to Christy and Jim essentially asked “Where the Hell are you?”
Lucifer’s Dome:
Prince Doubt stood in silence, as Lucifer paced around the circumference of his dome, staff in hand. Doubt, he finally said, I was as usual, right about Anu. But, now I am having doubts about you, Doubt. Help me a moment. -- for a change...

I am not accustomed to losing ground in my goal for total control in my domain. Yet we are on the verge of losing another part. As you can clearly see, in the trail above us, the earth is nearing the end of it’s possible future positions. Soon will there be no space for it to continue it’s travail to the center. In the past, you have done well in minimizing, and in fact, reclaiming many parts to me. However, even some we have totally reclaimed are now starting to rebel yet again. For them to do so requires knowledge, which was totally given to me by the Imposter. Some how, the accursed remnant has managed to usurp knowledge, and that is the problem in a nutshell.

They are remembering events from the beginning and applying them most effectively against us in several locations on my planet, and the number of different locations are increasing. It’s similar to a plague that spreads from a small infection until it covers the whole body. The latest example of such a pimple is clearly demonstrated by the performance of YOUR entity Anu, that had built the entire area of Southern Nevada into a paradise garden for flesh desires. It’s fruits were readily sought for by all CINOs, and spreading well, until you persuaded me to place Anu in sole charge of the room of Deception. With the fall of their human servants, now our enemy has increased their knowledge too much. This is the latest example of those pimples. Some few of the accursed remnant are handing them wisdom. Wisdom to see things from the beginning which were denied to all flesh. How can this be?

Realistically, Doubt, he said, as he motioned toward him with his staff, such is only made possible by your lack of effectiveness in both doubt and deception. Do you concur?

Yes Master, but… BUT NOTHING, Lucifer screamed… have you a solution?

Only one, sir, Doubt replied. We have to kill those of the flesh that have obtained such wisdom, else it multiply exceedingly. We have no problem with CINO’s, for they reject wisdom, as do the rest of flesh, albeit for a much different reason… General Pride, for example, has well conditioned the CINOs, as they hate any ‘wisdom‘ which diverges from the wisdom their priests have taught them. They take it personally, Doubt grinned.

While our other 6 Generals have no problem with deceiving the flesh, General Pride is far and away our most effective tool with CINOs…. Hence they are already our servants. But, as for the remnant.. Kill them, and all Flesh will rejoice with us in your victory.
Rev 11:7-10
Now when they have finished their testimony, the beast that comes up from the Abyss will attack them, and overpower and kill them.
Their bodies will lie in the street of the great city, which is figuratively called Sodom and Egypt, where also their Lord was crucified.
For three and a half days men from every people, tribe, language and nation will gaze on their bodies and refuse them burial.
The inhabitants of the earth will gloat over them and will celebrate by sending each other gifts, because these two prophets had tormented those who live on the earth. (NIV)
Walter Reid Medical Center:
Colonel Bryson and two members of his tech shed had been sitting in the room adjacent to Teko’s IC cell, observing his comatose condition and wondering with the others. They were in a small cafeteria having lunch, and verbally comparing notes. There was really nothing more they knew, only speculation. Suddenly, a rush of people toward Teko’s cell, caused them to hurriedly follow. As they entered their previous observation room, they observed through the glass pane, several doctors conversing with each other. Behind them, sat an erect Teko, nude except for an adult diaper, with his legs hanging over the bedside. He had removed all 3 IV’s, his mask which had furnished him hydrated oxygen, as well as the labyrinth of wires attached to the adhesive skin patches which had monitored his cranial and other vital functions. His mouth was moving and he was apparently conversing with a nurse and two doctors.

Col Bryson knocked on the window, and the nurse unlocked the door. Teko smiled at him and spoke… but none of them could understand, because it was definitely not English he was speaking. Teko wanted food. He was hungry. The lack of obvious understanding on their part was obvious to him. He motioned for a pen and paper with the usual hand motions, and quickly handed back to them the paper. It was a sketch of a Cheeseburger. It was not merely a crude sketch, it was more like a charcoal rendering in great detail, which would typically require several minutes for anyone to produce. Underneath the drawing were two unfamiliar characters. Teko then motioned to his mouth and ears, and pointed outside. They sent for their team of glossa and language experts. Two doctors were going over him with stethoscopes. They had diagnosed some lung congestion, so he was given a vaccination. Within minutes, Teko was dead. The vaccination was the latest in Big Pharma’s collective bug fight… It’s chemistry was a new twist on an old staple, a ‘new’ Sulpha drug… Shortly after WW1, Med only had Silver for external bugs and the new miracle of Sulfa drugs for internal bugs. But soon after, both were poo-pooed and denigrated in favor of new drug cocktails after penicillin. Of course, no one made the sulfer connection to Teko. Few ever do much thinking on their own. It’s easier to let the learned do it for them.
At Home:
Christy and Jim arrived first, and were talking to Yough and just waiting when Clive and Phil arrived on the four runner. As Christy had just finished briefing them, the ladies drove up with several shopping bags full of treasures, all with big smiles… except Danielle. Oh, she was pleasant enough, but she and Brighid were discussing things in her mind. Both were agreed that she indeed would attempt to make a lunch date with George Henly, but were working on the details, particularly the potential dangers.
She said that old goat had asked her to try, and since it was old goat that had removed her and Phils BOLO/ID captivity to the beast, she had to try. All knew that the tech guy they had working on decoding the device secrets had somewhat succeeded but was now dead. Thus they were stuck.
George perhaps didn’t know either, but he was bound to have more info than they did, since he had managed to live more than 60 years after first playing with one. ..

None of them had any leverage to apply that could make George Henly help them, nor was there any clues. Old Goat had combed the records of his past with a fine toothed comb. None of the usual crap was evident. From sex to lucre to ‘abject friends’ he apparently did not have any friends. abject or otherwise, nor any family yet alive. His bank accounts were flush, and apparently all sourced from salary. He was an enigma. But, they needed to try. To that end, Old Goat passed George’s cell number that he had obtained from the USG lawyers to Christy.
The only possible leverage lay in the possible civil suit claims of Danielle against both George and Rocksense, and for Christy, against Rocksense.
Rocksense West:
George was down in the dumps, missing Anu like mad. They had not only taken Anu away, he thought but had also virtually destroyed Rocksense. The only thing that could possibly bring Anu back to him, he concluded, is if he could figure out how to persuade them to relent. There was only one thing that may work he decided. Offer them something in exchange foe Anu that they wanted. He could think of only one thing they really wanted… more than any thing... Danielle and her consort.... How could he possibly do that, he said to himself…

Just then, his cell lit up….

To be continued:
Part 43 is here:

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