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Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave --- Part 38

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:52:26

Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave --- Part 38

At home:
What the hell was THAT!? Phil exclaimed to himself. He and Danielle had slept in their new hussy home, having given their bedroom room inside the house to Christy and Jennifer. Phil had been contentedly snuggled with A sleeping, warm Danielle, and was doing just fine until he was rudely awakened by a sort of rustling sound close by outside. Danielle must have subconsciously heard it also, for she had sleepily squeezed herself closer to him and threw her right leg across him. He concentrated, listening closely, almost fully awake now. He started thinking about how to free himself from her arms without awakening her.

Success, he thought, as he managed to get his bare feet on the floor. He looked out the small kitchen window. The sky was barely brightening the scrub land outside. Slightly out of the yard, he saw a large black lump of something that occasionally moved.
He finally realized that the lump was Yough. WTH, he mused. Quickly donning his jeans and boots, he eased the door open, and as he stepped down, he saw that the lump was still there, but appeared much smaller. As he went to investigate, Yough placed himself between the smaller lump and himself. Yough was facing him, sitting, and looking alternately between him and the lump. The sky was brightening more now. And Yough was leading him toward the lump, which now appeared to be a young child. WTH, he said to himself. As he got to within 15 feet, Yough was now blocking his approach, and both whining and softly growling, Phil soon realized that Yough’s whines occurred only when Yough was looking at him.

He growled when looking at the object.
Suddenly, Yough whirled, and ran quickly into the desert. Just then, perhaps a 100 yards out, he gazed, open mouth as a blue light ascended, hovered for a brief moment, and headed northwest at a high rate of speed. As the light ascended higher, the first rays of the early morning sun caused the blue light to morph into a metallic object.

Finally composing himself, he then proceeded slowly to what he had concluded was the body of a child. He quickly realized though… it was definitely not a normal human child… As he stood in wonder, Yough reappeared, whining and glancing at the house. Yough lay down, still whining and glancing alternately between the house and hussy.
5 minutes later, the whole crew, in various states of dress, stood in silence, looking alternately, and with obvious confusion, between Phil, Yough, and ….?,,,

Silver Springs, Md
Henry Grant owned a nice estate on the northern outskirts. Six acres with a three story home of some 6600 square feet. There were also two separate cottages, one a two bedroom, the other a single bedroom. There was also a 7 car garage.. He and His family occupied the main house. They the lower floors, while his bedroom was on the third floor, along with a library, his trophy room, and a large bath with separate Jacuzzi which was placed such that it was halfway onto the veranda, the whole of which was enclosed in triple pane glass. The two bedroom cottage was for his live in servants.

Like most people, even those who live much more modestly, he had fallen into the trap, of owning more “stuff” than they can take care of by their selves.
At 9 AM on Sunday morning, he answered a highly unusual weekend call from the president of the Rocksense board of directors. He was also a very senior USG treasury official as well on the board of 4 other major High Tech Aerospace corporations. Henry, he started, what’s going on with Rocksense?

Same old same old, as far as I know --- what have you heard that makes you ask? Henry replied. Well, this morning, our read of Monday’s futures market shows Rocksense stock opening down over 25% , and just quivering to go lower… That is highly unusual and singular in the Aerospace sector, as our others show no signs of such impending doom. Our FED board buddy alerted me at 6 am.

Well, yes, of course Henry knew, for as soon as Anu had left his office yesterday, he had alerted his brokers, and had sold most of his considerable Rocksense stock options short.
And as usual, the occurrence of sudden large trades was quickly diagnosed by Wall Streets’ Great Whites… The word travels rapidly in the realm of lucre -- but, he was of course not willing to share that just yet. Their tech advantage was leaving, he knew for a fact. And soon enough all would figure it out.. “Wow, said Henry.. That’s a shock… Give ne a while to get back to you… I’ll sure find out”
Homer’s Place
Homer had waken early today also. He had been restless all night. His mind had been occupied with analyzing why most ‘doers’ concentrated on accumulating greater knowledge at all costs, while barely considering the wisdom to use any knowledge they in fact already had. True, that is for a fact, he mused. A tough psychological spider web indeed. He himself had also been caught in the web, and unable to look outside. Now, he peered outside when ever he could. Speaking of outside, he took his steaming cup of morning fix to the Gazebo, and sat.

He went mentally to the Source of all Wisdom, and asked. He reviewed the written thoughts of Solomon, the second wisest spirit that had ever incarnated. Solomon had devoted his entire life in an attempt to understand the wide chasm between knowledge and wisdom. Solomon started with:
Eccl 7:25 I applied mine heart to know, and to search, and to seek out wisdom, and the reason of things, and to know the wickedness of folly, even of foolishness and madness.
The majority of men considers the two to be equal and complementary by their nature. But, as Solomon learned, they were vastly different… Solomon had finally discovered that they were indeed mostly antipodal, and thus separate. Knowledge, Solomon had eventually concluded, often turns out to be vastly dangerous to both the flesh and spirit, while wisdom just watches and tries mostly unsuccessfully to warn of the sure pitfalls knowledge offers it’s seekers.

In a word, knowledge without wisdom leads surely to the silence of death. Both of the flesh and more importantly, one’s spirit. He focused finally on Solomon’s summarizing short gist of it all… The answer he sought was obvious, not secret at all:

Eccl 12:11 The words of the wise are as goads, and as nails fastened by the masters of assemblies, which are given from one shepherd.
Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: fear God and keep His commandments, for this is man's all.
Homer smiled, and went inside to get his second cup…. Excessive Knowledge is scary, he concluded.. Much more dangerous to wield than a sharp and unsheathed two edged razor…
At Home:
Buffy, Ken and Jennifer were in semi shock. Christy, Phil and Danielle were much more cool and objective, leaning down, picking up it’s hands, and examining its strange clothes. There was a curious object in a holder of sorts on a harness about it’s waist. The hands had only four phalanges, there was no thumb. The thin material that covered it’s torso and it’s legs was like silk in texture, yet had a strange metallic feel. It’s head was nearly twice the size one would expect from a similar sized human. It’s face was strangely not at all threatening in appearance, thin lips, and large lidless eyes with large pupils. Phil stood.

Folks, this is one of the chindi Hatalii spoke of. It is quite encouraging to me, that they can be dispatched by Yough, and seemingly without a great deal of effort. Yough’s tooth marks were evident on areas not covered by the silk material. Sliding the material aside, he showed that the area protected bu the thin material showed no punctures, yet was clearly in the path of Yough’s bite. Outside the protection of the cloth, deep wounds were evident. There was no blood, nor liquid
observable. It’s skin texture reminded him of a frog, slimy feeling and slick.

After having more than quite enough for this early in the day, Buffy headed for coffee, which she of course had not yet started. Danielle escorted Jennifer to join her inside. Phil and Christy had persuaded Ken to cop a feel of the it… Yough lay protectively beside his kill, sniffing it occasionally and looking at his humans for orders. Stay, Ken said, and headed for coffee with the rest.

Phil had retrieved his cell from hussy, and was talking to Clive. Ken and Christy shortly went in side the house to hurry up the coffee… Christy was in a hurry especially.. Clive’s on the way, and she, like all, still looked too much like morning.. Somehow, she decided she needed to fix that problem… a little at least, as she looked inside herself and saw that one large stake had evidently been broken completely free by yesterday’s gusting winds from one side of her NO MEN ALLOWED sign. The wind was evidently still blowing, as the sign was waving at her like a flag, in warning. nnahh, she answered to herself.. I am just a normal female, you know…. Her conscience acquiesced, as had become usual… Tiz indeed hard to win an argument with a female… and it well knew that from experience.. It shrugged and was silent. For now, at least.
32 miles east of Pahrump, NV
Weep was concerned, as he related to Anu that one of his flight crew had been sent to the pit by a very large dog. They were on the search for the woman who had witnessed the results of Amok’s slice and dice party, and had, according to news broadcasts recognized him. We understand now from our contacts that authorities has ID’ed him as Bill Meacham. Geep was my flight engineer and had with him our remote device. They were unable to retrieve the device as the large animal was fending them off, and had very dense hair, thus they were unable to effect him long enough with the weapons they carried for defense, because the animal did not remain motionless, but moved swiftly and often, and carried Geep in his mouth to a remote home.

Humans gathered and were examining Geep. They were left with no option, he stated, as the dog was holding them off, while the humans examined Gee. They now have the device, as well.

Anu replied, that is unfortunate about the remote device. A similar device loss upset Master very much 70 years ago. It required much compromise with humans to cover, which Master has always regretted the necessity of. Humans are slaves and toys, not allies, you know. The current devices are much more advanced than those of 80 years ago. They contain many things that are indeed critical to our essence, and certainly not to be exposed to slaves. Master will be quite angry, because effort must be diverted from his plans to effect its rapid recovery. He is decidedly tired of bargaining with slaves.

As for the person who recognized Bill Meacham, it can only be Bridgid. George was a possibility but he is not a human female physically, only mentally, he smiled. They were the last two humans to see Bill before Amok took him over. It’s bad enough that she has the Amulet. The device is easily capable of exposing the Amulet’s true interpretation to her. Master will not only be upset and angry, he will be FURIOUS. Weep, watch that house closely. Danielle and her consort are definitely Remnant, though they are not fully aware of their status …yet. Some of the humans they associate with possibly are, as well… Use cloaks on your ships, and stay far away from the dog.. Dogs are closely related to us, except they easily serve humans. They use their evil streaks to preserve them, while we destroy them. Thus they have extraordinary senses.

I, unfortunately and very reluctantly, need to go break the news to Master. Perhaps I can talk to prince Doubt first, for advice, else you see me no more until you arrive in the pit.
At home:
Clive had arrived dressed similarly to the day before… Clean shirt and all. As Ken and Phil went out to meet him, Clive was already standing by ‘it‘ Yough was laying beside, on guard. Clive was leaning down, and exploring… He had withdrawn the device from it’s pouch, and was holding it between two fingers by it‘s edges, not gripping it with his hand.

Ya know, he said, the friendly muzzies in Afghanistan, especially in the mountains claimed to see such critters often… few believed them, though. They are highly superstitious anyway, so they were just laughed at, mostly. One of them later came and sat down beside me. I was eating a MRE. He told me that he had a cousin who had found a cell phone sized device on a body of one of them, and had sent a picture of it to him. Two days later, his cousin’s home was hit directly by a 500 pounder fired by one of our F-16‘s. I was just sitting there smiling as he conjectured that there was some way that “they” could sense these devices. I smiled my BULLSHIT grin, and damned if he didn’t pull out a folded paper. It was just a printer sheet, plain paper he had printed off. It was a picture of this identical device, complete with the series of small four hole indents.

They walked in the house, and Clive asked for a roll of foil from Buffy. He wrapped it in several layers, placed it in her microwave oven, closed the door, and unplugged the microwave from the wall. Just makes me feel better said Clive. The girls had captured the counter, Buffy had drug up her stool… Phil and Ken were on the porch with fresh coffee, and had placed a tarp over ‘it‘. Yough was still guarding. Danielle and Jennifer sat together on the two bar stools at the end of the counter. Christy came out, looking and smelling like a fresh spring flower. Buffy and Bree interpreted the obvious and smiled at each other.

Meanwhile Clive walked in with his near empty cup. ‘ morning Ladies, he said, as he walked to the counter. Christy moved to the end seat, Said ’mornin to Clive, and patted the now empty seat between her and Danielle. As Buffy turned to fill Clive’s cup .. Christy turned to him and asked… So…what do you think about that strange device? As she listened to the story he had told Ken and Phil, she was taking mental notes --- in two ways, actually, as she concentrated on what he was saying, but also on his deep blue eyes.

Christy and Clive got to visit, as Danielle, Buffy and Jennifer bumped into each other as they rustled up the morning Grub Ken and Phil were definitely watching, and they lit up as Buffy placed a batch of hot biscuits and a jar of Jam and some butter on the counter to hold them off until Bree and Jennifer had finished their bacon and egg tasks.

Clive and Christy didn’t seem in too much of a hurry to grab a paper plate and join itn the preliminaries, but they eventually did. Today is going to be very interesting at Homer’s place they all agreed. Phil mentioned that Marcy may have more news from Hatalii, but even if not, all would be excited enough with yesterday’s story. And of course their story of 'it'. Ken had taken several cell phone pics of ’it’ to show. Phil was careful to warn him, though, do not e-mail the pix through the cloud… for then they are then seen by the beast, and that sucker I fear more than the chindi. Print them off, and delete when you get time. We will probably have enough on our hands with the little ones snooping around. No need to attract Choppers with the real bad guys in it.

And, guess what? After breakfast and cleanup everyone hustled to shower and dress for Homers’s place except… you guessed it…Since Clive and Christy were already spiffed up, they had no reason to stop doing what they were previously doing… verbally exploring each other. They eventually went to sit on the porch, and as Clive was explaining the trace community in detail, naturally they had to walk around a bit..

To be continued:
The previous part 37 is here:


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