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Lucifer's Semi - Final Conclave, -- Part 22

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:51:57

Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave --- Part 22
Homer’s Place:

As Homer and the two exited his trailer, they were engulfed by the smell of fresh coffee.
Ken and Buffy had fired up the large coffee urn they had brought, and they and Marcy were enjoying the first serving, while conversing as they sat in the gazebo. They held up their Styrofoam cups in mock salute to them as they exited. A tube of cups were raised by Ken in invitation.

Just after they had filled their own cups, and had begun to join the conversation, Clive drove up on his Honda four runner. They rose to welcome him as he retrieved a large box from it’s short bed. Blinky just took them out, he exclaimed as he raised the lid of the box of pastries and donuts. They are still warm, he smiled. And, yes, they have been thoroughly inspected as I drove from Searchlight. Buffy shook a finger at him in jest as he placed the box on the table and produced a large wad of napkins from the pocket of his cutoffs and placed them beside thee box. He served himself a cup of coffee, and took a seat at the table, as the others chose a pastry from the box.
Blinky owned and operated Dot’s Dot in Searchlight. Dot’s Dot was a small bakery, not located in the main district, but it’s location on Blinky’s spread was well known to the older residents. He produced only sourdough products of many types, woodfire baked daily. Dot’s Dot often closed by 10 AM, since he was sold out for the day.. Blinky himself had relocated from CA, years ago. For 40 years, he had been one of the regions few dedicated ore prospectors still hoping. ’A sure way to become broke slowly’ he often quipped. Cooking is something I can do well, he said. His two large ovens were mesquite and sagebrush fired, painstakingly built from rocks, clay and adobe, by the same methods used dating back well past the early Babylonians. They were under a large open shed, which protected them from the rare, but occasional rains. Since Blinky had become severely arthritic, the large quantity of wood stuffs required for their use had become too difficult for him to gather easily, and too expensive with hired help. Thus 5 years ago he had begun using large propane heaters to return their large masses to near baking temperature, when he then used solely wood stuffs for the final hour, before wetmopping, door sealing and baking. About 4 am each morning, as the wood fire odor wafted over Searchlight, knowing residents were reminded to hustle over to Dot’s Dot at daylight, or miss their daily bread. In the past couple of years, he had also produced sourdough donuts, reluctantly of course. They were prepared in his kitchen, with a modern propane deep fryer… which he had ordered from Louisiana.. It was a restaurant sized 50 gallon Cajun turkey fryer. BTW, Dots Dot was named after Blinky’s favorite and longtime friend, Dot, a burro who was now 26 and retired.. She had free run of his spread, and often, he said, left her dots anywhere. Dot had recently grown especially fond of enjoying a daily donut.
Now…Back to them…

The Wilks arrived as the others were jawing and enjoying. After their welcome, they all had scarcely continued jawing and enjoying when they were interrupted again by a loud series of clacking and an occasional cough, accompanied by odorous puffs of black smoke. Ken immediately recognized the siren call of his second true love… a diesel engine in difficulty. He alone was elated as a large, lumbering F-250 4WD truck with cab-over camper arrived, and shut down with a final belch of black smoke and several loud taps of sticky valves from it’s ill engine. Ken was instantly in love. Homer walked up to help his good friend, Jean, disembark from the large truck. Jean, you may recall, was Homer’s best bud of near 15 years, a Blackjack dealer from Searchlight. You may also recall that Jean was missing her left leg from the knee down, thus she sometimes wore a prosthetic metal lower leg. She was holding her nose, and coughing occasionally.

HOMER, she exclaimed, that thing ….STINKS … WORSE than I remember… Ken, though, was grinning from ear to ear, and as Homer and Jean went to the gazebo for formals with Phil and Bree, Ken reached into the cab and popped the hood of the truck. He was crawling all over its engine, touching and looking and grinning, exclaiming occasionally…
OWW.. that’s hot.. he shook his hand and rubbed his burned digits on his jeans. Clive just shook his head.

Buffy smiled at Bree… Well, I’ve lost him once again to that Hussy… He can’t resist her calls… but, he will eventually come home again when he gets hungry,… HOPEFULLY. All present laughed loudly.

I’m Jeanette Winslow, she said to Bree and Phil as they hugged in greeting.. Homer and I have endured each other for a long time… she looked at Homer as she slid the signed title to the truck in front of him, and smiled… I am so glad to get that eyesore OUT of my yard… for 12 years it has destroyed an otherwise decent view of the mountains out of my windows…

All chuckled with their having previous knowledge, except Phil Bree and Buffy.. Buffy was not up on it.. yet. Neither was Danielle and Phil, of course.

Homer walked into his trailer… While Jean and Clive caught Buffy, Phil and Bree up on the truck’s history, since it was brand new… 12 years ago -- in 2006. Marcy and her daughters were not aware, either, so they listened, attentively. In the 15 minutes or so it took to relate, Homer was working in his trailer. He then walked up, handing Phil and Bree their new licenses. THAT story everyone understood.

Homer sat and slid the truck title across to them. Phil and Bree looked stunned…
Homer said, dear ones, you need appropriate wheels for your task. It is dangerous for you to go just go buy wheels -- for you are well aware of the paperwork the dealer is required to submit to the crooked system --- especially the results in the history of your credit background checks reported by the three stooges, ie credit agencies, and paying cash is a tremendous red flag to big brother. Therefore, this truck is yours, for as long as you need it.
Homer continued… It was given to me as a gift. You cannot sell gifts, you know. But you certainly are free to use them as you please. It will however, not be free for you to gainfully use, not at all. Though it has less than 5000 miles since it rolled off the showroom floor, it has suffered tremendously from extreme total neglect the last 12 years, sitting outside in this heat and sun. Every piece of rubber, every belt and filter is ruined. The fuel system including the tank is severely gummed with spoiled diesel fuel. The paint is severely faded, cracked and decorated with bird droppings and dirt dobber nests. The tires are dry-rotted, including the spare. The A/C system has leaked all it‘s refrigerant. The camper is full of spider webs and bird nests. The camper however, will be of great comfort in the Wheeler mountains, though, for it will serve admirably as your comfortable refuge when the sun disappears and there are no hotels for many miles. But, it is not free… In addition to it’s enormous obvious mechanical problems ===

You will also be required by big brother to have it duly registered, the required liability insurance purchased, buy new license plates, and pay the sales tax on this transaction, To that end, there is also a notarized bill of sale in this envelope, which states that you paid $12,000 for it yesterday… He nodded to Jean. So, dear ones, this truck is far from free… including the cost of repairs it is more like a gift of hungry vultures for you to feed…

He continued… I am certain that Ken can be of great assistance with advice and the labor involved with the mechanical problems. It will, though, be a few days task… He winked at Buffy… Buffy will surely share her mate with his new found mistress, forgiving him for the time he spends away from her. Buffy had a frowny grimace as she looked at Homer, slowly nodding affirmatively.

Homer clapped his hands once, and said…. We are done with business for now. Shall we start? Homer went to his trailer as all the rest brought out their notepads and Bibles. Phil retrieved his worn one from the SUV, and returned to sit by Danielle, who alone did not have one.. Ken noticed Homer retrieving his Bible and notes, and reluctantly left the truck, glancing back to it occasionally as he wiped his hands on a rag. He was grinning broadly…
Collectively, they were a motley bunch… 3 female Indians, a two time loser, a man with one arm, a lady with one leg, a couple in their eighties, a couple on the run from big brother, and their new friends… a couple who shared a big heart and had opened their home and arms to strangers … The single thing they had going for them, that thing that conquers all, was their shared Love for God, along with their mutual love for each other.

Lucifer and his representatives will surely meet their match… Although his pride will only allow him to occasionally consider such an event as the remotest possibility now, he will know for certain in due time, as he struggles to read the fine print on the document that provided him his deed to planet Earth..
32 miles east of Pahrump, NV

George Henly had just returned from Pahrump, and the meeting with the case AIC and his suits.. As he beeped into his office at RockSence West, he did a double take… Sitting in his chair with his feet up on Georges desk, Was #2. Seated on the couch was another surprise, Anu. Sitting with Anu was Weep, the leader of Anu.s first division troops. The sight was shocking to George for he had rarely, if ever seen Anu sit. As for Weep, he had only met him briefly, twice. He hadn’t ever actually cared for the little ones particularly. Their appearance with large eyes and rounded heads and bowed legs reminded him of a strangely afflicted dwarf.

George, sit there on the couch for a minute, said #2... Anu will scoot over. George took the vacated space between Weep and Anu. George, he stated, we have been considering various approaches toward increased security in this area, now that the runners will be on their way, perhaps as soon as Wednesday or Thursday. I have recently heard from Anu about his latest attempts to infiltrate Brigid’s mind remotely for intel. He has had very little success since she has reclaimed the sign. When Danielle lived in MD it was very easy as you know, since we succeeded very well in alienating him from Phillip Warren 4 years ago, and uniting her to Bill Meacham. That whole effort was a collective mistake on our part, we all now realize. Actually mine alone I suppose, as I was recently advised by my superior. Although we correctly identified our targets, ie. Danielle and her mate, the plot was foiled due to the ineptness of our now late, #4. Her ‘mate’ of 4 years ago was indeed our correct target. But the ineptness of #4, who failed to post the ops order back then, and then his hurried CYA posting three years ago, switched Anu’s helpers efforts to Bill Meacham, who by then had become her mental ’mate’.

Thus, we all screwed up. Anu, not just because he failed to check often enough on his helpers, but he also failed to confirm the targets identity, by re-verifying it in the records.
George, because he failed to follow up on the ops order he signed to ascertain that it truly was being implemented.
The late #4 because he had his mind so focused on the rear ends of the boys who worked for him that he shelved the ops order. He has paid for that by being ‘retired’.

Me, because I trusted all of you to be diligent. He lowered his eyebrows and looked directly at George… Then he glanced up to the ceiling..

At Danielles only close encounter with Anu during her only trip here, he was very successful as usual in exploring her mind. Much too successful. He looked at Anu… Anu, your uncontrolled lust to explore her physical attributes as well resulted in waking her Spirit. Brigid’s Spirit is very dangerous to us, as you know. Once you peeked into the wrong door in her mind, you realized the problem, but too late. Your hasty retreat not only resulted in her reclaiming the bauble, that sealed container of her true Spirit, but also your haste in so doing severed the leather thong. I am sure Lucifer has mentioned to you the ramifications of that… Yes, said Anu.

What has happened, has happened, Stated #2. Weep, these facts were mostly unknown to you… You are starting with a clean slate in this affair. The rest of us here have egg on our face, so to speak. Thus you must beware of making similar mistakes.

Weep, your job is surveillance. Use your ships with great attention to unusual human traffic in the mountain. How she will arrive, I have not a clue, but I do know she will confer with Anu’s ancient enemies.

They are supremely reverent to the Great Spirit . Their Shamen for eons have passed down many secrets to their sons on how to foil all of Anu‘s attempts to invade their number. It has succeeded until the past 100 years. Since that time, Anu has enlisted the help of Lucifers Generals, to attack the Navajo young. Lust, Pride, Envy, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, and Wrath has done in a mere 100 years, what Anu could not do in millennia.

Many of their young have forsaken the old way, and now pursue eagerly the way of the modern civilization, with it‘s many criminal and chemical intoxicants. There are yet some true Shamen extant, but as they die off, so will the people, who have alwys been our enemies.

Danielle, being Bridget, will be naturally attracted to the people, her Spirit being from the beginning being one loving fire, poetry, healing and servant and protector of all of nature. She will instantly recognize the Shaman Spirit, and their Spirit will recognize hers.

Anu and Weep… I am also certain you are aware of the lodgings of two Shamen a mere 5 miles or so south of here.? Yes they said. They are father and son. The father is over 100. Also, Weep have you surveilled them? Weep mentally replied === only from a distance, and only at night. During daylight, Vultures, Eagles and Crows congregate and attack our ships. Somehow they can see right through our invisibility cloaks Eagles are as large as our smaller ones, and they arrange themselves to block most visual surveillance. We stay a few miles away, mostly. Twice we tried Near Infrared at night … Both times were a failure, once because of a surprise rain storm, the second because of extreme ground fog that descended from Wheeler peak..

Anu said… my troops are not too eager there either… because the Shamen understand our skin-walker tactics well... Too well.

Well, troops, surveillance is the game for the next few days… then Anu, release a few of Amok’s troops… BUT

MAKE DAMN SURE you tell them not to physically harm them… After we are through, Anu --. You can have Danielle, and Amok can have Phillip…

They are to be taken ALIVE and remain unharmed until we can properly debrief them… We have to know who else they have discussed this with… we have even picked up some audio from some office chatter back east in MD,, which may allude to this subject… one of them is a clerk that worked at RockSense with Warren. A lady named Christine Bales.. They are still working on that for now…

DON’T KILL THEM…IS That CLEAR ? And Understood?

The three concurred -- Yes, #2...

Homers Place… The 12 were seated in the gazebo… Homer says…

The Study will be abbreviated today, first, because you all should individually think and Pray on today’s material for a week. Then we will discuss it -- After we all do our homework.
And secondly, Phillip and Danielle will have, by next meeting, departed on their mission, and they and Marcy need to talk for a while today. It’s a several hour trip home for Marcy and her girls, and it is not a comfortable ride in an old truck. That said,

We have often looked into the book of the revealing… For example we realize that its chapters are not recorded chronologically, and they are thus separated for a reason. That is easily determined by the central chapter, 11. The events of the end of the age is described there with the murder of the last Christians on earth by the ‘Beast‘, their resurrection, and the dismay of the flesh at the events of their final acts of this flesh age…
And the retun of Our Lord.. In other words…finis, the end. Thus, the chapters from 12 through 19 ’fill in the blanks’ about myriad questions, so to speak. And the final 3 chapters, 20 -22 speak of the millennium and the eternity.
As for proof of the ’blank filling’ hypothesis… the ’beast’ who kills all flesh Christians is not even introduced until chapter 13. We have previously identified the 2 beasts.
The first was “the League of Nations” formed after WW1. It received its deadly head wound by the sword of WW2, when Hitler invaded Poland. The ’league of nations’ was ineffective in purpose, and officially died in 1946, when the ’United Nations’ was established, incidentally by those identical head rulers who established the ’league of nations’ Same song, same rulers, different verse. But--- the ’head wound’ of the NWO was indeed healed. This healed beast is well over 70 now. In those 70+ years it’s authority has not only been given control over nations, it has been given control over the individual peoples of the nations, which is enforced by laws and edicts which demanded it, and duly passed and by former sovereign governments… Some call it ’big brother’. I prefer ‘big sister’… have you met the spies named Siri and Alexa, yet? They have many siblings everywhere. Some have no names, they live within our appliances at home and just listen, observe and report to the cloud. Some ride with you in your cars and report every where you go and how long it took you to get there, possibly even who you went to see.. And their wi-fi takes over from there…Some are the cameras and microphones on our streets and in our stores.

The draconian edicts we the people are forced to endure increase daily. It’s “papers please” Everywhere…70 years ago, the implementers and enforcers of such crap would have been strung up post haste. But wait, the people exclaim… “We love Big Brother” … err.. Sister.

Friends by the evidence above, and the mysterious ’quickening’ of alarm and fright in the individual peoples of the world, we sense the change more with each day…

SOMETHING…Just Ain’t Right…and it’s getting less right daily. Your neighbors sense it…everybody who “sees” knows it… Christian or not.. All agree…This ain’t your grand pappy’s America, anymore…

Think and pray on these things this week… lets discuss it further then.
And remember, we were warned… Our Father said it would eventually be like this…

That’s it for today… They all sat in silence for a moment.

No one got up to leave, except the Wilks. They first made their good byes to all…then walked up to Danielle and Phil. Justin said to them.. Yanno, he began, I know you two haven’t enquired, and for us it normally takes severak weeks of investigation… But we have talked to Homer, and of course, Clive. And today we saw for ourselves. It was, I guess, love at first sight.

Phillip and Danielle Warren, whenever you two are ready, please come pick your spread. Your choice of location, any size you desire… the land is $4000 per acre. Welcome to Sandy Lane.

Clive, Ken and Buffy smiled. Danielle’s mouth opened, and her jaw dropped. Phil was surprised indeed. With tears forming in her eyes, she rose and hugged the old man, tiptoed and planted a kiss on his weathered cheek…then repeated it with a smiling Bertha Wilks.. Phil gave Bertha a hug, and shook Justin’s work hardened hand. Justin has a strong grip, Phil mused…

As the Wilks turned to leave for home, Danielle sat down, looked at Phil with tears plowing through the foundation layer of her makeup .. And cried like a baby.. Buffy scooted nearer, pulling Danielle’s head to her shoulder… after a few seconds, she rose, turned and faced toward the smiling group. Phil rose and stood by her side, placing his arm around her.. … In all my entire life, she began, I have never experienced such love as you all have shown to Phil and I, EVER… she began crying again… bringing one closed fist to her right eye, and dropping her head to meet it….

Homer and Jean walked up. Homer needs to give me a ride home, because I have to be at work in 45 minutes… But, I will surely see you soon.. They hugged, and Homer and Jean walked to his old car…

Clive and Buffy wanted to listen in as Bree and Phil conversed with Marcy… Ken went back to court his latest exciting hussy, the F250 Diesel He dropped to his knees, and began exploring underneath, this time..

To be continued:

The previous part 21 is here:

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