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Lucifer's Semi-Final Conclave -- Part 21

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:51:57

Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave -- Part 21

Lucifer’s Dome of Destiny

Lucifer sat on his throne, alone within his Dome of Destiny, admiring the beauty of the scene before his eyes, and reminiscing about all the successes he had enjoyed throughout the eons since the beginning. He especially considered his many triumphs -- his deeds since the Elohim had fashioned the flesh humans on the earth. But when the Imposter decreed that all Spirits incarnate within the flesh without memory or recall of their true nature --- to find for themselves their eternal destiny … That was a very bad move on the Imposter‘s part, he mused with a grin. That decree had obviously caused the division of the Elohim, by severely handicapping the two thirds of Spirits who chose to incarnate. The third who refused that dumb choice of self punishment, and had chosen him for master, were obviously correct, he mused. Humans we had fashioned ourselves were obviously our own toys, he mused, not the Imposter‘s .

He smiled as he remembered the final words the Imposter had spoken to him. “We each shall have 7 times 70 earth revolutions to physically visit the earth in our true form..”… “But any or all of our chosen representatives shall not be so handicapped, for their numbers shall not be limited in their incarnation” another dumb move, he thought… as he gazed up at the spiral trail of residue which clearly marked the path of the earth since the decree…

He reluctantly looked up at the only ugly feature in his magnificent Dome. I hate that mar, he thought. Directly over his beautiful throne there was a crude ‘X’ gouged with the Imposter’s own forefinger into the dome’s otherwise smooth and beautiful surface.

I still have 44 earth revolutions left to physically appear before humans in my full beauty, he thought to himself, but the Imposter has foolishly used all of his allotment… the last 434 of them all at once, he tried to look at the exceedingly bright pinpoint in the residue trail above, but could not suffer it’s light. He still recalled those 434 days vividly, though... That was the contiguous time from when one of the Imposter’s chosen representatives washed him in water to the moment he had him murdered on a Roman wooden cross… not altogether unlike that X in the marred ceiling above. It was also during that 434 days that the Imposter so ill treated my representatives, that they ran from him in fear.

On the other hand, he grinned as he recalled the most memorable of his own physical incarnations. His favorite of all of them was his first. After the Imposter had formed his own pair and separated them from the rest of the humans… he had appeared to them in his complete majesty… as a most perfect human in his physically irresistible form.
He had worked diligently on the first male the imposter had formed, without success for a while, he mused, but after the Imposter had formed a mate for his selected human…. He smiled with memories of ecstasy… Now, that female mate was really a treat… I can fully comprehend the human urge to experience such physical pleasure. Within moments her mate, whom I had had no previous success with, was persuaded by both I and his greatly pleased mate to share that most enjoyable experience. That moment has disrupted the Imposter’s plan, greatly.

For unto the woman was born twins. A human son of my own, and a son of the human. At first, I was greatly dismayed, but soon afterward, I instructed my son in all knowledge, and fully restored his blinded memories. And after I had vowed to him and to his future posterity My eternal protection from all vengeance, along with great earthly wealth, he murdered his human twin brother… Lucifer cracked a rare smile.

Lucifer was suddenly interrupted in his musings by a strange sound… He looked up at the slowly rotating earth, focusing on the recent ’discontinuity’. The otherwise smooth spiral path of the earth’s journey was altered when foolish Anu had disobeyed him by removing the leather necklace from it’s place beside his throne, in his zeal to seduce Bridget in her human incarnation form, one Danielle .. Uhh.. Meacham. NO.. he suddenly realized… her present husband, Bill Meacham was NOT the incarnation of that !! Accursed.. II … Her past husband and present mate, … The accursed enemy Phillip Warren.. WAS.. At this point, he fully realized also that their successful attacks 4 years ago on Danielle’s mind to estrange her from Phillip Warren was not only a great mistake… It had resulted in Bridget reclaiming the bauble, and her beginning to realize who she actually was. Fortunately, though, there may yet be time to recover…He glanced again at the recent discontinuity.. And observed that its recently altered path looked different from its previous journey of eons… unlike the rest of its gray vapor trail, which had only widely dispersed pinpoints of light. The short new path that was forming after the recent discontinuity was much brighter, the result of many, many recently formed but very small pinpoints of light… They were not nearly as bright as some of the previous ones, further back in the trail. But, what if they brightened more, he wondered.. Their collective numbers in that small area would produce a light as bright as the brightest…

DOUBT and Anu ..he screamed. COME… NOW

Homer’s place…

They had just arrived. Only Marcy and her daughters were there this early. Homer and Marcy were talking, while her daughters were reading, seated on benches in the gazebo.
They exited the SUV as Homer and Marcy walked up to welcome them. Homer hugged them each and stepped back a few paces as Marcy hugged Buffy and Ken and advanced to Phil and Bree.. Her dark eyes were smiling as Buffy did the formals… There were no handshakes, for as Buffy announced their names, Phil and Bree hugged Marcy, each with a slightly lingering squeeze. Soon all five were chatting and laughing. As they looked around to Homer, he was standing in the open door of his trailer, beckoning to Bree and Phil. As they turned to head to the trailer, Marcy grasped their arms, and said… Please… lets spend some time together later.. OK? … We Can hardly wait, Phil replied with a broad smile..
Holiday Inn Express, Pahrump NV

George Henly stood up to depart the conference room, and after the AIC had directed his suits to pack up… George motioned to the AIC and pointed outside. They left the hotel and took seats in the Suburban. George glanced back to the hotel, and then turned to the AIC… A few words in confidence… he began -- The gravity of the situation here is even more serious than I could allude to in there, he pointed to the hotel --- I will of course inform you as things develop. The main thing I could not completely divulge in the meeting is the great fear I observed in #2’s voice and his demeanor back east. I have never seen him in such disarray. .. Not even close.. He looked at the AIC… #2 in person will be here at RockSense west shortly.. He will remain in the area for a while. I’ll keep you informed… George opened the door just as two suits were bringing the first re packed cases to load into their Suburban. He walked to the tan Toyota…

Homer’s Place….

Danielle and Phil were seated on a couch in Homers small trailer. Homer had retrieved their MD licenses and was seated at his kitchen table entering their physical data via the keyboard. Three of the laptop’s 4 USB ports were distributed to three other small devices. The laptop’s PCMIA slot accessed directly the laptops motherboard via the internal buss. It’s broad flat cable arrived finally at an external hard drive, This was the brains of Homers entire setup, containing his programs.

There was very little RAM within the hard drive case. The hard drive instead, used as RAM a USB stick plugged into the laptops remaining USB port. Overall, the program’s access time to and from RAM was more than tripled with this system design, but forensic security was increased beyond measure, at least as long as the hard drive and RAM stick was secured. Homer kept those pieces in vacuum sealed bags with desiccant in metal ammo boxes, buried in his ’vegetable’ garden.. …

He turned to them and queried… I see no restrictions listed on the MD backs, he said… but are your current listed physical descriptions and DOB’s OK? They nodded. He said, then-- come here a moment: He drug up a metal chair.. Phil have a seat and smile. Look into the lens on this box, he pointed… Phils picture appeared instantly on the laptop screen… This OK? Danielle said it’s good… Phil concurred. Homer approved it on his laptop. Wait Phil, you are not done… See those recesses on the top of that box?… place your four right fingertips in the longer recess, and your thumb in the smaller one and hold still a moment. Phil’s fingerprints appeared on the laptop screen. Homer outlined a box around a portion of the larger image, and clicked… He repeated the operation with the thumb print.. Ok Danielle, your turn…
When Danielle had completed the same tasks, he said… Ok, guys, back to the couch…
Homer entered instructions on his laptop keyboard, then brought up the images of the front and rear of each new license and examined them closely, approving each in turn when he was satisfied…

He then turned, examined his laptop display carefully, and after he inspected each of the two 3D printers for their ’pixie dust’ supply and checked their temperature readouts .. He positioned the mouse, and with a grin, clicked it‘s right button… TA DA, he uttered and turning slightly, he picked up a tray and rolled his desk chair over to them… There were 10 ID cards in the tray. He gathered them and handed Phil and Danielle five each.

Yanno, he began -- most people have more than one type of ID card. Many have at least two separate picture ID’s… Toward that end you will find the following five for each of you… A Nevada Concealed Carry permit, with it’s picture, two public library cards, one each for Henderson and Searchlight -- and a voter registration card… unfortunately Democrat is your registration… he frowned Your precinct is Searchlight #2... The volunteer fire station… And, finally, your new Social Security Cards.

Please check them carefully for their details… and memorize the new you’s…It will take another few moments yet for your DL’s to complete, though. After which I will verify the operation and accuracy of their internal chip transponders, as well as their bar and OC codes, and finally transferring and verifying the OC data to the magnetic strip.

He returned to them their MD licenses.. Then said …
Your new Driver licenses are not just the run of the mill. These are the “Real ID” version as verified by their cutout gold stars in the upper right corner. Thus these serve also as Passports to any and all transportation---airplane, train, buss, auto rental, etc in CONUS. Additionally, many other countries will accept them in lieu of an official Passport for temporary airport terminal access during stopovers… some even allow more liberal visiting privileges… say, if you “lost” your passport… Homer winked. All US Embassies will accept them to issue you a temporary US passport.

Phil and Danielle’s mouths were open wide, their eyes gleaming in gratitude.

Two final things, said Homer… He held out 3 typewritten sheets, which were stapled together. Dear ones, he said.. This is the ‘biography’ of your deceased benefactors. It lists their 4 previous places of residence, the place they were wed in 1941, their DOB’s, religious affiliation, Where they banked, Their high schools, They have no children who survived past their teens, but they did have siblings, though only one survives now ..He is Phoebe’s brother, Paul Denard, and lives in Tucson. He is now 92, and in a nursing home, as well as some other trivia… You really should read it carefully, … because… “ya just never know”.

And the second… Should you lose these new licenses, you can walk right into any Nevada DMV and get a replacement, just like anyone else.. The date of issue I recorded in them as May 16, 2016. The sequence number printed on your license reflects this and its data will be folded into the State records in Carson City in it’s proper sequence to then. ..actually,.. thanks to Harry Reid. I once did a job for one of his Mafia Lawyers, who foolishly left his office long enough for me to email A few different Nevada state department login particulars to myself. He pointed to the CC Permit.. It’s amazing how insecure this snake pit is… I will transmit the data shortly to Carson City. It’s Sunday, and there will be no one there to notice the blinking lights on their mainframe. It is a good feeling to strike those snakes with their own tools … he commented with a grin…

Now, guys, I can sense what’s buzzing around in your grey matter. But, there is no lucre I will possibly accept for these tokens. As a matter of fact that is very Illegal, and even the mere mention of such hurts my feelings. The look of love and gratitude on your faces and the absence of worry is worth far more to me and that’s plenty enough… OK? …. There is only one thing that I ask…

They looked quizzically at him as he said… Go Get Them…Good..

Danielle grabbed a surprised Homer and planted a long kiss directly on his lips.

After the redness faded from Homers face, he said…

Now, guys, lets go outside and visit with the rest while my servant finishes up in here.

And that, dear reader, explains why Homer Atkins is remembered in Clark County as the best in the business, a true “eraser”..

Lucifer’s Dome..

Anu and prince Doubt stood silently in front of Lucifer, who was seated on His throne, with a scowl on his face, visually searching them from top to bottom. After a minute or so, he spoke. Not with his usual angry and demanding tone of command, but with a much subdued, uncharacteristic voice... Anu even considered for a while that he seemed uncertain, even, … fearful..

Lucifer pointed to the earth model. As they turned, he said.. Notice particularly the trail from the discontinuity. Do you perceive any difference in the brightness of the shorter trace and the lengthy spiral trace of the previous eons? It appears brighter, Doubt said, and with many more miniscule bright particles, although they are individually far from as bright as many of the others further back in time. .
Together, their collective glow is much brighter than the majority of the gray areas in earlier eons, however.

Very good, Doubt. You are quite correct.. Do you concur, Anu? Yes Highness. I concur.
Anu, perhaps you can enlighten us on the cause? No sir, he replied.

Well, then, allow me, you dunce. The discontinuity occurred precisely when the thong attached to the bauble separated from the bauble by breaking in two places in your haste to exit from your planned seduction of Bridged. That small portion you recovered cannot be reattached to restore the full length of the thong, ,,, correct? Not yet, Highness, but we are exploring every method, sir…

It cannot be done, Anu… make other plans. As if that was not enough, Anu, Bridgid is now in full possession of the bauble. Now, Doubt and Anu, you do remember that I explained to you that the total length of that thong represented the total time of our existence. The Imposter carefully measured it’s total length with royal cubits.
He pointed again at the model. You can easily see that there is but little room for more spiral turns, before the final short cycles fill all available space in this dome. The discontinuity caused by the missing fragment has shortened the time even faster, because it caused an abrupt repositioning inward in the path. Do you concur?
Both said yes, Master…
That is our dilemma, Anu. It is vastly compounded because you disobeyed me when you removed the necklace from its case… he pointed to the empty case beside his throne… The fact that Brighid now possesses the bauble, and has begun to realize the memories it holds for her alone …. IT IS NOT MAGIC..

Anu, but a container of memories of her being, much like a password protected portion of memory in a simple computer. It was sealed, as it is for all humans, but your foolish lust and pride has enabled her memories to become slowly unlocked. And even as we speak. she meditates on it. Further, she will soon talk to one who knows much more, a diviner of ancient ways. A descendant of the peoples that have warded you off for eons…they were the sworn enemies of your earlier human followers… They have fought and destroyed those human followers of yours for eons.. They are, and always have been devout followers of one whom they call the Great Spirit…

Anu, she and Phillip Warren !# that accursed!! will soon attack your lair. They will come. Your entire domain is in jeopardy. Secure greatly the mountains of Wheeler Pass. Use all your divisions. I warn you though … Attempts to instill fear into this pair will fail… Use GUILE… and hope that she does not find the full password to the baubles secrets before you recover it… Now… GO… Both of you… And THINK..
To be continued:

The previous part 20 is here:

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