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Lucifer's Semi Final Conclave .. Part 16

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:51:57

Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave, Part 16

Soon after Prince Doubt had conferred with Lucifer within Lucifer’s dome of Destiny, Lucifer immediately reconvened the conclave and summoned all the previous attendees. General Lust was the last to enter, as usual, He had been detained by several nude human-like entities, both male and female, who were entertaining him in a separate room beside the gathering hall.

Lucifer, sitting on his throne, glared at Lust as he took his place. Lucifer began…
Today, we have an important announcement to be followed by the resumption of Doubt’s presentation. I am happy to inform you that by the end of this confab, you will be more than satisfied with our current progress.

First, the announcement -- The newest attendee seated by Doubt some will recognize as Anu.. others may have seen him long ago, but have forgotten him. I wish to introduce him formally now, to you all. Anu has just been appointed by me to head the Room Of Deception. Which room you know has been in disarray since the Imposter began sprinkling His Elect more liberally onto the earth, centuries ago. He looked at Doubt and Anu as he concluded, saying… Anu recently has succeeded where others have failed since the beginning . He has deceived one who not to this day, has been previously deceived. Lucifer motioned to Prince Doubt to proceed:

The rest of the attendees looked quizzically at each other, as Doubt walked confidently to the chalkboard…

At Home…

Danielle was awakened as the first faint rays of the morning sun played off of the still dark sky outside her window. She sat up, and as she rubbed her eyes with back her fists, she gave out a silent sleepy yawn, She immediately missed her Phil. As she glanced around, she spotted him. He was seated at the small makeup dresser, her black wig placed over the small lamp so as not to wake her with it’s light. He had dug out his worn Bible from his travel bag, and was deeply engrossed. Four years ago, she would have jumped noisily up and left the nerdy Christian to his thing. But, no more. She was wholly back with her mate, now. Phil, totally engrossed, did not hear as she crept silently up behind him and playfully nibbled on his left ear lobe, whispering ‘mornin’. .

Phil, momentarily startled, turned to her smiling face and their lips met briefly, but with meaning. As Phil reached to embrace her,,. she stood upright and said to him.. Later, baby.. But, don’t make it too much later… right now we have things to do. She headed into the bathroom. As she returned, Phil was finished for now with his Study. Just then they both heard the faint, and muted sounds of things rattling in the kitchen, and then Phil exclaimed .. Is that coffee I smell? They each donned their new robes and headed out the bed room door.

At the conclaave..

Prince Doubt quickly began. I was telling you last time of my plan to gather the Imposter’s accursed remnant who are scattered like poisonous weeds throughout the entire earth. As I mentioned also at that time, since many are waiting patiently for their ’jeezis’ to return .. We are going to give them their jeezis. Once we find them all, and gather them all into one place it becomes much easier to deceive them. .. All… And remember, we only need to deceive ONE. Just one. Well, I wish to tell you proudly that Anu has perfected such a plan. It’s really very workable. Anu? You are up..

Back Home…

Buffy said ‘morning yall‘.. and as Phil and Bree settled on stools at the serving bar… she pointed at the mug tree as she placed a steaming carafe of coffee on the bar. A grinning Phil sipped gratefully as Bree said to Buffy… so tell me about Yough, as Phil slid a mug of coffee in front of her. Buffy turned her stove burner off, setting the pan aside, opened the oven to inspect, then adjusted, and came around the bar with her mug to join them on the open seat between Phil and Bree.

Ok, as she sipped… Ken was out by the pumps, adjusting a Kenworth, when the Animal control officer pulled up to swap howdies. They were old high school buddies, same football team, and stuff. While they were chatting, the cage on the back of his truck was slightly moving and the water can was rattling, because it was empty. Ken followed Rapper to the back of the truck as he went to get the pail and refill the can. Man, that guy is dry he stated. It was full when he put himself in there not 10 minutes ago. Ken took a look. Where did you pick him up? Bet someone is looking for him… he’s pretty…

Doubt it, said Rapper I’ve seen him in the desert on 95 there off and on for four weeks. His size has nearly doubled since I first spotted him. I at first took him for a coyote. He was always too far out to get him though. He didn’t run, just wandered off. Well, this morning, I spotted him only a hundred yards out. So I stopped. He did not run, just looked at me. Dunno why, but a raised my hand, motioned to him and yelled… YO..
Dog just came at a trot. Sniffed my hand and jumped right in the open cage, and attacked the water bucket. And there he is. He looks to be in great shape, other than all the sticks and stuff matted in his hair.. Probably been busy feeding on the jackrabbits. Appears to be about half grown. HALF? exclaimed Ken.. he is huge already. Rapper laughed. He is a European Wolf Hound, a sheep guardian, said Rapper… they can top 200, easy when full grown. Extremely smart, very devoted, but can be mean as hell if provoked or something endangers their charges. Ken looked at his old buddy … can I have him? WHAT?… that thing will eat you out of house and home, Phil. They got some appetite. Don’t matter, said Ken I like him, as YO played with Phils fingers with his wet muzzle dripping water.

Well.. Said Rapper, he has no collar, and it will be a miracle if someone adopts him due to his size… he reached inside the cage, removed one of the rope loops they use for makeshift leashes. He slipped it around yo’s neck and handed the free end to Ken. Yo jumped down, and stood up placing both front feet on Ken’s chest and licked him in the face. Then just sat. Rapper just grinned, and said get a second job, buddy.. That thing can EAT.

Well, it was near enough to lunchtime, so Ken loaded yo in the little work car he drives and headed for the local vet. The Vet who just happened to be standing in his lobby, loved yo.. Have not seen but one of that breed in all my twelve years here. European Wolf hound, stated Ken? Well said the vet, he’s more precisely a Caucasian Shepherd… the longer haired mountain type. Now looks to be half grown. They originated in the Ukraine centuries ago… Now Russia. They make fantastic and extremely loyal guardians… eager to please… Of course they eat a lot… Ken smiled… so if I leave him till say 5, can you get him examined, and shots and have your crew clean him up? Sure he said. Stop by the desk there and give her the details. Oh, what’s his name? Yo, said Ken… the vet smiled, better pronounce that Yough, he said…he’s Russian.
Ken registered and as he was leaving she said… we close at 5:30... Ken nodded and went back to work.
Buffy looked at Bree… you know the rest… As she rose to check her biscuits, Bree was smiling from ear to ear.
At the conclave:

Anu began: Here’s the plan. I have appointed some of my first and third division personnel to a separate new unit, yet unnamed… perhaps we will term it “The Rapturers” he smirked. I know that the remnant will not be deceived, but it will surely gather the vast majority of “church going Christians”. They are so easy…Lets save the remnant group for discussion a bit later, we have a good one for them too.

Basically, my rapturers are now tasked with constructing a laser show, and many huge vehicles, bright bronze in color and shooting fire from all around them. One will have a huge throne in it’s center a with a long bearded effigy seated. It will appear duplicated via optics so as to appear directly overhead at all points on earth. Simultaneously, another light show with a group of winged angels with trumpets will appear again to be simultaneously every where on earth, while a voice in every human glossa will announce the rapture, as the many large ships descend…
Again, this will not deceive the remnant at all, nor even all of the churchies. But, as millions enter the ships, leaving their clothes behind, it will get them thinking hard as the ships vanish.
The second phase will again not fool the remnant, but will surely get the rest of the churchies though. That operation is ….
Back Home:

Danielle had followed Buffy around the bar, and as she did, Ken took her empty seat, and poured the last of the coffee into a mug. He had been listening… yep, he said, Alex tells it well… Buffy, looked at him and said… just for you, Ken, you can call me Buffy again… we are close enough to being friends again, I guess, as she retrieved the carafe, filled it with hot water and set it aside and put on a fresh pot of coffee. As Phil and Ken started a conversation, Bree said, Buffy dearest, no way are you going to serve us alone.. What do you have going that I can help with?

Well Bree, let me think… you know what they say about 2 women in the same kitchen, right? --- Oh… right beside the back door, in the utility room is a large plastic trash can. It’s Youghs food, and it’s his breakfast time, too. Bree smiled, and as she whirled around to go, she said wait up… Just open the door and say “hungry“? He will bring you his small dishpan.. Put in 3 full scoops, and he will love you forever… Ken said, looks like that began last night when they first met. Bree grinned again and headed to the back door..
A couple minutes later, she returned, Bree looked at Buffy,,, He is soo precious,..

Bacon and eggs? Buffy asked… Sounds great, all agreed… How do you like your eggs as she looked at Phil and Bree… They looked at each other and almost simultaneously said… ‘Just present’ will be fine…. A snickering Buffy said… OK, remember you asked for it….

She shortly sat a serving plate full of crisp bacon on the bar, followed by a dozen hot biscuits in a toweled basket. Bree retrieved a gallon jug of orange juice from the fridge followed by 4 glasses and 10 minutes later Buffy presented a heaping Plate of scrambled eggs with cheese and chopped bell peppers mixed in… Bree was dealing paper plates all around.

Soon they were all laughing and gorging… Buffy looked at Phil…So did Bree key you in on the help she needs? Bree stopped chewing… and glanced up.. Not yet.. He quipped. We have not had time to discuss it….
Danielles face grew a look of worry and confused concern. Ken and Buffy noticed immediately.. They stopped munching, talking and laughing and said not a word, but glanced alternately between Phil and Bree… in silence.

First thing though, I know she needs to talk to her Mom…

Phil truly did not know exactly what other ’things’ she needed help with in NV. He did know that it had everything to do with what had happened to them 6 years ago, and in the few days before they were reunited at LAS…merely… A day ago or so?, Something --- Something .. had restored their love… for both of them in a few moments at LAS. Bridgid finally knew exactly who she was and had always been. Phil also recognized who she truly was - within a second of examining the Amulet. He felt a ’tie‘, envelop them both with an eternal binding. … Phil mused.. He still did not know who he “was”. …. but there was no doubt within him that he and Bridgid had a common link back to…. whenever…

He placed his arm around Danielle … and as their eyes met, he placed a kiss on her cheek and drew her head down to his shoulder.

The four sat in total, and for the close friends they had become, unaccustomed silence for a moment. Finally, Bree raised her head, and smiled at Phil. Phil spoke up… and with newfound confidence he looked at Buffy….
Whatever the ‘things’ are that Danielle must do, she needs total concentration to properly express the meaning and import of them to us. But… he glanced at Danielle… Right now she is in anguish and worry about ‘our’ mom. --- She cant concentrate. The ’things’ are secondary for now… Danielle looked at him. Her expression morphed to one of love and calmness.. At his clear understanding… She squeezed his hand..

So, Phil continued… I will be right back… don’t go anywhere…

He returned with the still stapled bag of burner phones he had bought… along with his cell and the battery he had removed from it… With a look of horror Danielle exclaimed… PHIL.. Have you flipped out? You fire your cell up and they will ping it instantly whether you make a call or not … they will arrive in less than an hour!!! With choppers and bad guys….

Buffy under stood immediately what Bree had just said… Ken not so much as of yet because he had not been completely brought up to speed … but he surely will soon be fully up to speed… and within the two hours to follow….
Phil raised his hand…slow down guys, here’s the plan…
32 miles east of Pahrump NV…

#13 arrived back at his office in RockSense West. He fully expected Anu to be waiting.
Not patiently, but definitely waiting. #2 had told him that Anu had been very relieved to learn that they had found the fragment, yet very upset and dismayed that it was 2000 miles away.. He demanded the leather fragment’s return, NOW.

George held up the baggie, containing the fragment as well as the folded yellow sticky note inside, sealed with its self contained adhesive. It had been purposely written on it’s reverse, so as to conceal what was written when it was folded.

George’s curiosity got the best of him. He unzipped the baggie, withdrew and opened the note. It was just a few words, signed by #2 They read “Anu, Is #13 still useful to us?”

George’s face flushed red, then blanched to white.. He sat staring at nothing particular for a moment… He sealed the baggie with the fragment inside, and slipped the refolded note into his shirt pocket. He motioned to an orderly and asked for some water, an Excedrin and a carafe of coffee.

At Home:

Phil started: Honey, do you remember Christy Bales? Yes, she mused.. isn’t she the clerk on on the forth floor at work back in MD? The one that joined your Study group 3 years ago. Yep -said Phil. To bring you a little more up to date, Hon, Jennifer and Christy have become real besties in the past couple of years. Occasionally, after our meetings She, mom and I would spend a while thinking and talking about you..
Christy and your mom would share a lot with each other.. have lunch and shopping fun.. Girl stuff .. y’know .. he winked at Danielle, who was suddenly all ears.
Christy called me the exact day I got your .. Uhh… ‘help’ mental plea. She expressed her concern about how distraught Jennifer was during the strange and bizarre behavior she perceived during her last call to you. She sounded equally as concerned as Jennifer was when we talked later that day. She said in closing how she wished she could help someway…

Danielle closed her eyes and looked down in obvious remorse. Buffy patted Bree’s shoulder, giving it a squeeze.

Phil Continued… Yes, Christy works for the “firm”. She is obviously just as monitored as we all are, and now even Jennifer as well, for sure.. They are both aware of that.. So, even though Christy would do anything to help… . We can’t call her cell either to deliver a message..… However… He continued, Christy “moonlights” on Saturdays at a rescue mission, serving and preparing meals.. YES.. Danielle exclaimed… Mom did mention that several times… Today’s Saturday.. Oh if now we only had the number of the mission.. She looked at Phil, who was pointing to his Cell.. All laughed out loud.

Phil rose, inserting the battery in his cell as he walked to Buffy’s microwave oven.
He opened the door, booted the phone and placed it inside, leaving the microwave door slightly ajar. He waited a full minute, and the phone clearly read “NO SERVICE”. He opened the door long enough to reach in and pull up his phone book. Then closed it snugly against his arm, hand still inside. Peering through the crack, he explored until he found “Christy Bales” There were four numbers he had recorded… work, home, cell, and ‘moonlight’ .. He chuckled…got a pencil? Buffy touched his shoulder. She was standing with a paper napkin and her kitchen sharpie, smiling at him.
He read off the number, twice. Buffy said ’Got it’ and returned to her barstool. Phil powered down his phone, and on the way to his stool, he removed it’s battery.

He opened the stapled bag and removed one of the burner phones he had purchased, and booted it. In twenty seconds it displayed “SPRINT” along with 4 bars.. He punched in the number, and pressed ‘send’. The mission, Christy had mentioned to him was actually really penurious… They did not have cells nor conventional land lines.. They couldn’t really afford them.. Instead, they used ‘magic jack’ a cheap VOIP internet service.
After a moment, a voice said ‘the mission’ ? Hi. Phil started… I need to get an urgent message to Christy.. Is she available… Wait one.. The voice said… Phil pressed the speakerphone button and placed the phone on the counter… All ears were open.

Soon, a voice said… this is Christy.. Phil said, ‘Hi Cutie’… A moment of silence, then PH-- er .. Oh MY GOODNESS.. Hold on a sec…

Christy was a cutie, Phil mused… a trim 5’8, Blonde, green eyes, sweet smiling face, about Danielles’ age, and divorced for the past 7 years. Guys around her tried often… She was NOT in the least interested….They all, reluctantly, had eventually learned it. Some of them the hard way.

After she had managed to secure herself in the store room in back of the kitchen, she said,
Phil..O Phil.. We have been just SICK with concern about you and Danielle. Jennifer has been really down, I‘m worried.… Are you ok? Fine, said Phil… Tell me, please, she pleaded…. I surely will, Christy, but first allow me to talk about the current situation, OK? …. Uhh OK..
Christy, our .. Uh .. Employer .. is evil, as you well know, you having been working there for years, much of the time with me on the 4th floor.. And our discussions in Study… Uh huh.. She managed…Well, short story.. For some as yet not fully understood reason, THEY with some yet unknown help, apparently infiltrated Danielle’s mind and totally poisoned her against me.., and God. .. Over 4 years ago. And in the space of 24 hours Danielle suddenly hated to be around me. She did not know why either… we were both baffled.. There were no reasons we could determine.. And we both tried very hard to find out why. Christy, that spell has been totally reversed in the past 48 hours.. Danielle and I are one again… But this time, we sorta know why…

You and DANIELLE ? Exclaimed Christy.. Ohh.. I am SO happy. Jennifer will be bouncing off the walls… I cant WAIT to talk to Jennifer …TELL ME…

Slow down, Christy… There is only one way this can be done.. They are watching Jennifer like a four eyed hawk. Her phone is monitored, Her car is bugged -- she probably has cameras and mics in her house wall to wall. And, since you are so close with mom and me.. You too. …

Yep Tell me about it.. I have surely noticed said Christy, for a couple of years actually, but particularly lately.. Strange vans outside on occasion, a few Morman missionary book ‘salesmen’ a bit too curious at times… And .. Well You know…

I know you have a million questions yet Christy and we will answer them all…, But for now… listen carefully… you and Jennifer visit often, right? Every single day.. She replied.. Great, said Phil… It’s close to lunch there, right? Yes.. She said.. Well, go down to somewhere and buy a burner phone… and program this number in it…
Make a lunch date with her, and go to a deserted park bench in some park with a bagged lunch… Jennifer is no dummy you know. Tell her that you have some new information about us. Place the phone on the bench between you two. Have her to slip it in her purse, and go into the restroom and call. OK?

Phil, dearest…Jennifer is right outside, dishing food, even as we speak… I’m WAY ahead of you for once… Gimme fifteen minutes to run over next door to Staples, Your phone should be ringing in … Oh …20 minutes… Oh --and no park trip will be needed I will just bring her back in here… hand her the phone, and say “Danielle“..,… Bye.

The burner phone in Nevada went silent .. So did all those present except Danielle. She was bouncing up and down, like a rubber ball. pausing occasionally to kiss her Phil…

Phil reached into the box the burner was packaged in and plugged up the charger to the phone… I gotta hunch we are going to need this,,, he smiled….

To be continued:

The previous part 15 is here:

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