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Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave, Part 9

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:52:19

Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave, Part 9

At 28000 feet above New Mexico, George Healy had reclined in his seat, and drawn his window shade, intending to grab some much needed sleep. His age was getting to him, he mused. I will have to soon have another tryst with Anu. A rare grin appeared on his face. He was contemplating the 2 USB sticks in his shirt pocket, and wondered just what the boys would find in them…. Suddenly the Satellite phone in his inside breast pocket vibrated…

George instantly made his way to the first onboard lav, and locked the door. He removed his Satellite phone, and slid back it’s cover. Placing his necklace transponder against it. When the one light on the phone went from yellow to green he placed the phone to his best ear, as the sounds of the engines and the air flow was not insignificant in this lav…

He heard well enough, though when #2’s voice said, quizzically, are you there, #13?
Yes… 13 here…continue… George replied. George, our people had at first located, but then lost them at Bally’s on the strip, when their cells went dark, apparently only a few minutes before our first men arrived. We then did a history search, which confirmed that the last known location triangulated to Bally’s It has since been confirmed by video surveillance that it is definitely Danielle Meacham and Phil Warren. They have maxed out their personal cards for cash. We then pinged for their chipped agency cards which we located in a flower vase at the rear entrance. Forensics found only a bit of ancient, and I DO mean really ancient leather fragment in their vehicle, which we confirmed was a Hertz vehicle rented in Phillip Warren’s name via a travel agency in MD. It was returned at Bally‘s, just a few minutes before we arrived. Does ancient leather compute?

No, replied George.

Well, the video has produced well defined photos of them both. She is in a ridiculous camouflage outfit and he in his typical nerdy dress pants and plain white shirt. We have alerted Vegas video surveillance and they have programmed our special recognition features in to them, city wide. We are making the rounds of the cabbies as we speak. Apparently they are hoofing it. There is no way they can exit Vegas without showing ID. They cant rent another car, nor scoot via Trailways, or even taxis or tourist trips which leave the city. We have also issued emergency BOLO’s to all known car dealers, used and new. We have them.. It’s just a matter of time. I’ll have an update with more details when you arrive…in 5 hours… Questions?
No, chief… well then, #2 clear… George returned to his seat, his mind searching….

Just past noon, Las Vegas Blvd…

As they walked, Danielle spotted a Denny’s. Babe, she said, that sandwich at the airport has nevaporated… Sounds good, says Phil… me too. She glanced at Phil, who she thought was really becoming more than increasingly aware of needed security, particularly as he reminded her to ditch their agency travel cards, and had became so careful to avoid all obvious cameras whenever possible. Each of them picked up one of the ever present free ads from a wire rack and were holding them high, in an attempt to obscure their faces as they seemingly looked for sales in them, they entered, and waited for the hostess. As they waited, She and Phil covertly surveyed the walls and ceiling of the restaurant to ID the ever present cameras. By the time the hostess arrived, they had decided on an empty high topped booth in the rear, next to both the emergency exit and the restrooms, with which request the hostess said.. Sure thing, follow me.

They perused their menus… and Danielle, as she fiddled with her silverware said… as she covertly slipped the steak knife into her Bally’s bag,,,, Baby… be right back… would you please order me the #1 lunch? … Medium.. Stuffed baked potato and Caesar salad… Oh, and sweet tea… ??

Of course, honey, as he glanced at the menu… OMG… #1 was a 16 ounce T bone with 2 house veggies du jour and a side salad of choice. …. AND, she had said,, a stuffed potato? My Danielle sure has not lost her appetite in all these years… How that peanut can absorb all those calories and still be so petite will forever it seems, be a mystery to me…

Danielle dragging her large mysterious shopping bag across her bench seat, smiled and winked as she slid out of her seat, and walked the few paces to the ladies room. There was only one stall, a large, handicapped one. Before entering the stall, she took two of the disposable diaper bags from the baby changing station.

Inside the stall, she placed her bag on the floor, and removed a stunning, jet black, and very well coiffure- ed shoulder length, curly wig mounted on the usual Styrofoam faux head. She carefully removed it from the shrink wrap she had requested in lieu of the large round box. She recalled in silent humor, as the stunned sales man, who was obviously gay, said REALLY? Yes, and I want the Styrofoam stand as well…

She temporarily donned the wig and withdrew the steak knife from her bag. She began a careful carving operation on the Styrofoam mount, placing each rejected piece into one of the diaper bags. Shortly, she had produced a reasonably good approximation of a baby bump. She slipped off her maternity top to remove the cammy shirt. She then carefully positioned the bump between the dual layers of her veil ‘girdle’, adjusting the safety pins to position it just so.

Reaching yet again into the shopping bag, she retrieved the fashionable matching slacks to her maternity smock….and removing her cammy bottoms, she retrieved the cash packets, which when forced, fit snuggly into the hollow of the bump, even enlarging its protrusion while offering some insulation from it’s roughness against her belly. She donned her pumps, retrieved a tube of hideous flame red lipstick and a small vial of dark black mascara from her mysterious shopping bag, and headed to the mirror for inspection, Not bad, she murmured as she slightly rearranged her new hair, insuring that no auburn was showing. She applied the lipstick a bit heavily, blotted with TP, then proceeded to carefully tint her auburn brows with the black mascara. She turned left, then right, admiring the strange new her. After two final safety pin adjustments, she was ready. She wondered though, will Phil like the new me?

After carefully retrieving and repacking her things. She dropped the baby changing station table. She then proceeded to root out the gifts that she had purchased for Phil, stuffing them into two of the opaque diaper bags, and placed them as the top layer in her shopping bag. After dropping the ‘evidence’ in the trash can, she made one final trip into the stall for her assurance that all remnants were collected. She found one of those stupid adhesive backed bar code tags that had fallen off of something. As she picked it up she diligently continued her scan. All clear, she said as she crumpled the paper and watched as it disappeared in a quick flush. One more flush she stated as she hit the button again. And, then, once more for good measure… she flushed again.

As she exited the stall, there stood an elderly lady, who immediately exclaimed … OH, you poor dear…is all ok? Yes, managed Danielle, it is just that… The lady interrupted… Oh no need to explain to me… it’s not fun all…she eyed Danielle’s baby bump and queried… 6, maybe 7 Months? .. Before Danielle could speak, the lady patted her shoulder and exclaimed…be Blessed… it wont be too much longer. Thank you. She said as she picked up her bag and headed to the door… I sure need blessing. The lady just stood silently and watched as Danielle exited.

The waitress had just delivered the food and was walking away as Danielle walked up
to the table.

There is no possible way to find words to describe the expression on Phil Warrens’ face.

He was transfixed on this new woman… Yet Danielle gave it all away as she slid, carefully now, left hand on bump into her seat, She revealed it all by that double dimpled smile and a wink from her electric-blue eyes….

Well.. The now grinning Phil exclaimed as he leaned back… I see you have been VERY busy since we last met… Danielle smiled again as she slid two stuffed diaper bags across the table…. Your turn baby… as she picked up her fork… I’m famished.

One look at the bags, then to Danielle attacking her salad, and Phil obediently headed to the men’s rest room…

He locked the stall, had a seat, and placed one bag on the floor. He peered into the other bag, and withdrew a blonde wig, with hideously long hair especially in the back… He slipped it on his head with a grimace. At the bottom of the bag was a gaudy faux gold necklace with a pendant consisting of a crab holding a snake in his claws. He smiled as he recognized the astro signs of His and Danielle’s birth months. The second bag contained an equally disgusting Las Vegas redneck tourist outfit. A pair of knee length silk shorts with matching silk shirt, both resplendent with colorful flowers, fish, birds and whatever else…

GROSS with a capital G he thought… He reluctantly removed his trousers and shirt, and dutifully donned his new duds. He placed the necklace on the outside of his buttoned shirt, removed the contents of his trousers and then discovered his shorts had only one small pocket.. Barely sufficient for a flip phone. Wait, was there something else in the last bag? Yes there was, indeed. A piece of cloth, rolled up and wrapped with a slender string, which when unrolled, turned into a cloth shoulder bag, both string and bag equally gaudy in red, white and blue… Oh crap… He did manage to stuff his wallet and penknife, his car fob and house key and the few coins inside, and actually zip it. He shook the two diaper bags upside down, while fervently praying that there was nothing else inside them.

Finally, he managed to fit his rolled up trousers, belt and dress shirt into the two now empty diaper bags. Well here goes, he exclaimed as he exited and walked to the table.

Danielle glanced up and with a mouthful of steak managed “ My mom always told me that my dream man would appear if I just kept hoping… she was right, as always.”

Phil felt one of those ’inevitable’ disagreeing moments coming on. He momentarily glared at her, but instantly broke into a rare but sincere belly laugh.

As he took his seat, then a bite from his cheeseburger. After swallowing a chunk of steak, and washing it down with a sip of tea, Danielle continued…there’s just one thing missing… she reached for her final treasure and slid it across to Phil… It was a red, white and blue faux straw fedora. Bill barely managed to hang onto his bite of cheeseburger…

After their meal was completed, Danielle requested a go bag. Looking at a grinning Phil who with wide eyes was watching her as she explored her plate for the last goodies , .. She looked up and said .. ? !What! ? … I’m eating for two now -- and you never know… Phil just shrugged… They paid the check with cash, being sure to neither over nor under tip.

Phil dutifully carried the bags except for Danielle’s go bag which she protected like it contained the last sustenance on earth as they exited Denny’s and turned to walk back toward Ballys…

As they entered the casino grounds, an empty cab turned in to the drive. They flagged him down, and as he dutifully stopped, Phil, holding up a C note stated…My wife is tired of walking, could you take us uptown?… The cabbie glanced at Danielle, then scanned around the area for his clicker… Seeing his chance to make some off the books bucks, he said, sure, hop in…

In Las Vegas, as in many other places, Taxi cabs are required to ‘check in’ after each fare. At airports and hotels especially they are restricted to a home location, where they pick up new fares. His was Bally’s On their return to their station, they must wait in a line of taxis, for their new fares. There is a monitor --’a clicker’ who enforces this rule to insure all trips are duly recorded.

This is a one way drive way, you know, so we will have a detour… He said as he returned his lighted roof sign to ’occupied’. He did not flip his meter flag on, however. He thought to himself, ‘hey, I’ve still got 25 minutes left on my noon break…’

Danielle and Phil noticed, and as their eyes met each others, they knew they were sort of…home free for now. Sort of.

He followed the same direction signs as Danielle had earlier used, leading to the casino rear lot.

As he proceeded, they saw the classic black SUV parked directly beside their former ride, which now had both doors open. At the open rear hatch of the SUV were 4 ‘suits’ talking to a fifth guy dressed in a white jumpsuit who was holding up what looked to be a baggie with something inside. One of the suits was holding a cell phone to his ear… They immediately spotted a white forensics van a few spaces away. As they proceeded to the rear exit, Phil and Danielle looked at each other with a silent smile. What’s with them, Phil purposely goaded the cabbie… They are FED’s …what they are up to, I don’t really know, said the cabbie. All I heard was that a couple hours ago they apparently chased some bad guys in here, but lost them in the casino. Been tight around here ever since, he said. I just got back from lunch with my sister whose husband works Bally’s security inside, and she said they are all over the camera data.

Danielle coughed, using one hand to stifle a laugh, as Phil calmly stated…well, glad they’re on the job. Danielle coughed again, even louder this time….

Where to folks, the cabbie said… as he cleared the rear lot and turned toward the strip. Phil quipped, well we are from Oklahoma, and this is our first trip here, But…we have heard about the Freemont hotel though, even back there….

Yes, the cabbie replied, the Fremont is an original here…. dates back to the early days. The old town center ..Lots of good places all crammed together to explore… Lots of action…Freemont it is, folks in just a few… relax and enjoy the sights..

Danielle withdrew two tissues from her shoulder bag. She offered one to Phil as she pointed at her door handle with her finger. Phil, whose mind was really coming up to speed, took the offered tissue with a silent nod.


Lucifer fiercely bellowed .. How in the HELL could she have it? Sheepishly, a severely frightened Anu related his plan to seduce Danielle, thereby destroying both her and her consort, denying her the offspring, and thus scattering the accursed remnant. As he was relating the full story including the broken leather strap… Lucifer’s face contorted…. You Idiot… You were given charge of the amulet, and told to never remove it from it’s case, right? Yes highness, he said with great fear.. Do you at least have the strap? Anu cheered slightly.. Yes he said, without realizing that truly, the strap was missing a small piece. Lucifer bellowed again… The length of that strap is the length of our existence, he said…

Moments ago, I felt a timeline change. I interrupted our meeting because of it. Anu, he stated ,,, you DO NOT have the full length… go find it. ALL of it. Meanwhile, recover that amulet, for if it remains in her hands she will soon realize that she has much more power over us than one can imagine. Do you understand? And for sure keep the hands of her consort off of it at all costs. He is a great enemy. Even back then he defected to the Imposter, humbling at his feet and listening patiently to His Words. Do you still have him?

Anu cheered again… He replied … Yes, your majesty, as we speak he is being entertained by my people…. Lucifer bellowed again…. Eliminate him, immediately.. Understand?
Yes, highness, immediately,,, I will deliver him personally to my ones who thirst and hunger for human blood and flesh… Anu,… Lucifer continued … Fail this and you go first to the pit… understand? Shortly Prince Doubt will have some specifics for you. I need to talk to him about your appointment to the room of Deception, anyway. You have obviously been a bit too conversant with General Pride… With that, Lucifer again vanished into his blue aura….


Freemont Hotel, old Las Vegas:

As they were arriving at the Fremont, the cabbie pulled to the curb, and exclaimed…
Have fun, folks,,, as they exited using the tissues in their palms as they operated the handles. The cabbie visibly beamed as Phil handed him not one, but two Benjamins. As he drove away he said to himself BINGO.. And I still have 8 minutes left on break.. So I’m a few minutes late.. It’s happened before…
Bally’s Casino

As he pulled into the rear of the Taxi duty line at Bally’s he noticed a pair of men accompanied by the duty clicker working each cab in line. Definite FED dick tracys, he thought… He was still 2 back from their inquisition.

When it was his turn, as the three men approached, he noticed that one had some papers, which turned out to be two full color 8x10 photos. The second carried a valise, and the third -- The clicker stuck his head in the window and said … Russell, these men would like to ask you a few questions…

The men handed the photos to Rusty which he individual studied in detail,, he looked up to a burly, and obvious agent, who said… Sometime within the last 3 hours, this pair left Bally’s… Do you recognize them.. Look again, carefully… Rusty looked again at the first full Photo. He had previously realized that both photos were obviously from the Cashier’s ID camera, as each photo included a Maryland driver’s license near the bottom, along with the requisite time stamp and the camera sequence number. After Rusty had again closely inspected the second photo, which happened to be of Danielle, he truthfully and somewhat relieved. said, no sir…
You Positive?… Yes sir… That redhead is a looker… most men could not forget her for a while… but, unfortunately for me, no sir.

What of the guy? Rusty replied… just a typical tourist, he said… nothing special.. But no sir. he quipped.
The second agent had opened a rear door, and proceeded with a flashlight to examine the rear seat area, scribbling notes on a clipboard. He then opened his valise and removed a medium sized manila envelope. Upon which he recorded the data on Rusty’s prominately displayed ID on the rear of his seatback.
He then removed two DNA swab kits from his valise, along with a small aerosol vial, with which he sprayed a mist on the left door handle, top and bottom. While mentally counting off 10 seconds, he opened the first kit, removing a baggie, and two small folds of plastic wrap which he slipped over his thumb and index finger. from the baggie, he carefully removed a q-tip with his covered fingers, by gripping it’s center. He then slowly swabbed the top of the door handle using a zig-zag pattern, slowly rotating the q-tip as he proceeded. He then used the second end of the q-tip to repeat the process on the bottom of the handle, then placed the q-tip back into it‘s baggie, sealed it, and placed the baggie in the manila envelope after writing a large letter L on the baggie with a black sharpie pen. As he proceeded to repeat the process with the right door handle, the other agent, still standing at Rusty’s open window, asked him..

What was your last fare? To LAS, he lied. Three loud guys talking about their ventures at the Bunny Ranch… The agent glanced at his clipboard, then his watch, and said… that was at 11:37. Its now nearly 2... Where have you been? … On my break, Rusty replied. The agent looked at the clicker, who nodded in agreement.

Finally, the second agent exited the rear of the cab, and closed the rear door, walking to the rear of the cab.

The burly guy said to Rusty… pop the trunk… After a brief look inside, the agent closed the trunk, and nodded…

OK… Rusty… you have a good day. The clicker stuck his head inside and said… Rus, you are 12 minutes late from break again… you owe me one. Now pull up in line.

Rusty glanced ahead at the five now empty spaces in front of him, and dutifully complied. He glanced in the rear view mirror as the clicker stood behind his cab beckoning the next cab who had been in line behind him. Through his open window he could hear the burly one’s voice beginning his spiel, and offering the photos.

Wow, he thought, those bad guys must be SOME desperados,,,

Freemont street, old Las Vegas..

As our favorite tourists strolled along, gazing, Phil pointed across the street to a shop whose sign proclaimed … Vegas Tour Buss Buffet … Danielle nodded at Phil as they proceeded and crossed at he next light. Before entering the shop they stopped at it’s “menu” board, which listed the particulars of the tours offered. Phil glanced at his watch… 2:12... He then scanned the posted tour times, arriving at the first future possibilities. The next available read Henderson/Boulder Dam… departs at 2:45, returns 8:30... He pointed at the choice, while Danielle excitedly proclaimed … YES -- I have always wanted to visit Boulder Dam… They went in, and approached one of the agents. Is the Dam tour available for two? She inquired… The agent punched her keyboard, and shortly replied … Lucky you.., there are still open seats… must hurry though… you want two? Danielle exclaimed… yes, please… Great, said the agent, … ID, please.

Danielle’s mind whirred as she opened her shoulder bag. After rooting around in it, she turned and to Phil, and loudly exclaimed, BABY, … do you have my wallet, perchance? Phil, taking in the non clue immediately, patted his one pocket, and opening his ..uhh.. shoulder pouch, and shook his head… OMG, she exclaimed, I left it at the Fremont cashier’s cage….

The agent calmly said to her… If it was left at the cashiers window, be assured that it is waiting for you… just ask at their info desk. lost wallets are not rare at all in this town…she smiled at Danielle …not even non violent personal ’indiscretions’ are noticed here. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… All of the legit businesses here are very careful to always look after our tourist guests and preserve our reputation, after all, it is our sole income source. And the Freemont, --- they are among the oldest here.

Thanks, said Danielle, as they hurriedly left…

Double CRAP said Phil as they strolled… you CANNOT leave the limits of this damned town without your “papers”, and all the surveillance cameras…everywhere. We are frigging captured, hon. Danielle’s mental processes were running wild, as she nodded silently in agreement. They paused long enough to buy a couple of bottles of water.

Near the end of the small center ‘old strip’ was a small park of sorts with several benches, next to one of the many small poker clubs and Keno parlors. They stopped to ’noodle’..
They had their choice, since all of the benches were deserted…

When Danielle goes deep into noodle mode, she gets hungry. She opened her Dennys bag, and began to attack the steak and potato leavings, alternating between sips of water.

Phil watched in silent wonder at the sight…. HOW can she eat again? I’m still stuffed.

Danielle looked up momentarily… ?WHAT? I told you, one never knows… Besides, I’m thinking… Phil just smiled and shrugged… Danielle returned to her thinking…

Their respite was interrupted with the sudden and loud, sobbing screams from a woman in the parking lot behind the adjacent Poker club.. NO, KEN, NO… the voice said … NO DAMNED WAY… as they turned, a very pregnant woman emerged from behind the building, dressed in a fashionable maternity shorts outfit, holding for dear life onto her purse strap, and was heading their way, dragging an obviously inebriated man who had a death grip on her purse. At this sight Phil and Danielle rose and immediately raced to her aid… Just then, the battle for her purse was lost, as the strap parted, and the drunk stumbled back toward the rear parking lot behind the building.

The woman looked up just as Danielle reached her side. The woman, red faced, with tears streaming down her cheeks, took one look at Danielle, and immediately threw her arms about her, sobbing loudly…

Phil, meanwhile, was intent on catching up to the guy, and was hurredly heading behind the building… The woman looked up, and called to Phil … wait, she said. Let his stupid ass go…He don’t have the damned keys anyway, they’re in my pocket. At this, Phil returned. and they then helped the woman to the closet bench, each supporting an arm .

The woman collapsed into Danielle’s shoulder; sobbing intensely. Before sitting, Phil retrieved their bags, carefully handling Danielle’s go box.

He returned to them, and sat silently next to Danielle. Danielle glanced at him, her eyes damp and watery. As the woman sobbed deeply, her face still deeply buried in Danielle’s neck…


32 miles east of Pahrump NV

Anu said to Bill… well whadaya think so far? A flabbergasted Bill stammered … Most amazing thing I have ever seen, as they watched tiny figure hustling about doing their thing with an array of tiny vehicles of various shapes and descriptions… and that library of ancient data is absolutely phenomenal, not to mention the knowledge room.

Well, Bill, there is yet more to see.. You have yet to meet our third type…Follow me, Anu uttered as he proceeded toward a gate of steel bars blocking the admission to yet another cavern…

Many of the small folks with their large eyes paused in their tasks and watched quizzically as they headed for the gate.

To be continued:

The previous part 8 is here:

RMN is an RA production.

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