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Lucifer's Semi-Final Conclave, Part 8

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:52:19

Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave….Part 8

McCarran Int'l Airport, Las Vegas, NV

Phillip Warren carried a beaming Danielle Meacham back into the concession he had just exited, and spotted an empty booth toward the rear. They only needed one bench seat anyway because Danielle pressed firmly against his body, her electric-blue eyes sparkling in a manner he only vaguely recalled from 6 ears ago.

She was tired of coffee, so he went to the counter to order a large coffee for himself, and a large orange juice for Danielle. She had also requested a ham and egg sandwich with cheese, which he requested from the clerk. That will be $26.00 even… Name? the clerk queried as he produced the juice and coffee…it will be a few minutes for the sandwich…I will call you…Phil…., he answered, as he handed the clerk $30 and turned to carry the juice and coffee back to their table.

Just as he was sliding into the booth, and Danielle tried to crawl into his hip pocket with that double-dimpled smile, the concourse loudspeaker proclaimed….


The smile faded from Danielle’s face, and she slid her self forward to hide her head behind the seat back. She was at for once glad she was only 5 feet tall. She looked into Phils eyes with a strange contortion as she said slowly….NO ---my name is Danielle WARREN….Phil, and it will always be from now on.

Phil stammered … Honey…It’s OK… You go on for now…I will follow you on the next flight, and …. before he could continue his sentence Danielle’s lips met his with a passionate kiss. When she released him… Phil continued… and.. we do have the rest of forever. Remember your job… Danielle exclaimed “SCREW THEM … I freaking QUIT.“ Phil, There are things here in NV that I need to finish, and I desperately need your help, baby… Phil countered…but… Honey…one does not just disappear from the agency without a formal debriefing… That’s the unforgivable sin, you know…

The loudspeaker spoke again…


She pulled Phil down to her once more, and glancing again into the mirrored back wall, she saw George enter the concession. She tightened her squeeze on Phil and held him there… She glanced once more at the mirror…No George… Just then a finger tapped Phil’s shoulder, and looking up, they saw the clerk with a plate in his hand. As he slipped it onto the table he said.. Friend, you were MUCH to busy to hear me anyway….Enjoy..

Danielle looked at Phil and as the clerk walked away, she checked the mirror again….George was across the way, walking past the Gift shop….
She said … baby, that clerk will never understand the tip I am going to give him….

Five minutes later, with a smidgeon of egg on her lips…much sunk in completely to Danielle, as her memory banks were updating at light speed. As she had devoured the sandwich, she had been talking a mile a minute. Strange statements that Phil could not comprehend, and certainly did not recognize. When she finally paused momentarily for a swig of juice, Phil said matter-of-factly…can I see the medallion?

She reached into her bosom, withdrew it, and placed it in Phil’s palm. Phil’s eyes opened wide, pupils dilating… Phils memory banks had also just sprung a leak... He looked into her eyes, and softly murmured ….Brighid….

She smiled….Yes, Love… your long, long, lost ….Brighid…. In the flesh, this time, as they became momentarily lost together in their embrace and the gentle meeting of their lips.

Danielle whispered… OK baby, lets go to the baggage claim and get your stuff and a rental car, No need honey.. I have a Hertz pre pass .. hmm … he glanced at the itinerary…space 71, -- and only have a carry on bag, uhh if it is still out front. He glanced at the doorway and saw his green bag waiting patiently.

Well, then, lets scoot… as she teasingly pushed him out of the booth… As she rose, she withdrew a hundred dollar bill from her shoulder bag and handed it to a shocked clerk as she passed… They paused at the doorway to retrieve Phil’s bag, and wonder of wonders, Danielle’s zipper bag was cuddling behind it… where she had dropped it in mid leap…
Meanwhile, at AA gate B-63, a red faced and obviously exasperated George Healy slammed his Badge and ID on the counter and loudly demanded … HOLD THIS DAMNED FLIGHT! The agent looked at his credentials and answered --Yes sir…I must call TSA however…she pressed a red button behind her counter three times.

George exclaimed --- Call those damned misfits and make DAMNED sure they send their top man. We need to exchange words… like now.
Danielle and Phillip (again the Warrens, at least in intent) had just found space 71 in the Hertz Lot, and opened the door, when the terminal doors locked and the security alarm at “B” concourse sounded its three squeals in the distance. Danielle was already in the drivers seat. Phil quickly entered the passenger seat, tossing the bags in the back seat. They hurried, but it was not really necessary, because the Hertz lot served several concourses.

She circled the terminal and used the more distant north Paradise route instead of the more convenient south Paradise road. She carefully watched her speed, as they proceeded. At the UNLV campus, she turned west on E Harmon, and finally north again on Las Vegas Blvd, aka ‘the strip‘.

Danielle’s mind had increased its clock speed to a seeming Gigahertz rate. She was making plans for plans in intimate detail. Phil was mystified, as she uttered words which not only made no sense to him, but strangely sounded like answers to the last words…

She momentarily glanced at him… Phil, baby, how much cash do you have on you? Phil quipped, maybe 4 grand, or so. Danielle said.., I have maybe a little over 2, but that wont be nearly enough…

George was talking to he concourse Duty TSA chief, a petite but rotund yet pleasant black lady named Betty. After George stated the problem, Betty inquired…could she have been abducted? Highly unlikely, said George, Danielle has had extensive agency E&E training. Look, we are in B concourse lockdown now. Your inspection personnel are thus idled, and if you could supply the man.. er.. person power, we could do a full sweep in possibly 15 minutes. Betty nodded, and in less than 2 minutes, 27 TSA personnel were assembled. George briefed them in utter detail describing Danielle’s appearance and dress, raising quite a few eyebrows with his choice of vernacular.

George concluded with ‘it really should not be too difficult --- She is quite an eyefull.’

9 minutes later, a severely distraught and intimidated 27 year old concession clerk named Ray flanked by 2 burly TSA guards stood in front of George. So you remember her? George inquired… The clerk stammered - yyess sir. Details…demanded George… The clerk replied, well, sir, No red blooded man of my age could forget her easily, even without the $100 tip she gave for nothing…

Explain…?? The clerk continued…She was crawling all over the guy she was with. The guy had been in earlier, possibly he was waiting for her. Sure is a lucky dude…he ventured. All I did was deliver her egg sandwich, and when they left…Bingo, a hundred dollar tip. Where is your concession? George produced the concourse map. Ray pointed to a location directly across from the gift shop, which was right beside the locked door of the stairway leading to the Roof Heliport. George cursed… Danielle had said, I’ll loiter here, while you collect the tickets… and he NOW distinctly remembered the concession as well, and the long-nose clerk inside, who was now facing him. He also remembers the faint scent of Danielle’s perfume…Euphoria? Is it?… little things … George ..little things… He was mentally occupied at the time… George cursed again.

OK, said George… I want a FULL description of this ‘guy’ she was with, and a written and signed statement of everything you just said to me… EVERYTHING… and signed and Notarized by you, together with your photo and copies of your ID… OK?

Ssuure. managed Ray… George turned to Betty: Can you handle the details? Of, course, said Betty… George then demanded… Where is your red closet? --- follow me, said Betty…. Betty finagled with the code box, opened the door, and just before George entered, he said to Betty… wait another 10 minutes, and if nothing else shows, you can release the damn sheep… She nodded.

Oh yeah… one other thing - I need a full copy of all surveillance video for the past hour in concourse B. Also the audio from sensors in all waiting rooms, ticket counters, gates and concessions. ALL… Betty nodded….

George entered the mini SCIF.

The term ‘red box’ is one name of a mini SCIF, other names and variations of which are also used. The facilities are in most places where USG employees are wont to be. It provides a secure link to most agencies, using the users encoded transponder data. There is a standard phone without dial pad, and a headset. George donned the headset and held his transponder to the small sensor beside the phone.

In 30 seconds or so, a voice stated… #2 is here….

2, #13... BIG Problem at LAS…Danielle has disappeared. further, I fear she may be a runner, and even further I do believe she is with Phillip Warren… We have a witness, who is downloading at this moment. I have ordered a Concourse lockdown and a copy of all audio and video for the past hour. Comments?

George… we will work on it, but meantime, before you unlock, spend whatever time needed to wait for the copies, and then board the flight. I want you here soon. #2 out.

A visibly distraught and red faced George exited the box, beads of perspiration forming on his fore head as he looked for Betty, who he eventually found was busy doing nothing…

Betty, he said solemnly…You cannot unlock the concourse until I have surveillance copies in hand… Betty quipped -- I’ll get right on it…

Danielle slowed and turned into Bally’s Casino. Phil stated…we’re gonna gamble?

Yes, baby… but not with cash… we have been gambling our whole life, and just an hour ago it became high stakes for real… she negotiated the turns in the lot to the rental car return area, shut the engine, and said… Wait one… she adjusted the seat fully to the rear, retrieved her zipper bag from the rear seat. Winking at Phil, she wiggled out of her black dress and kicked off her pumps as a surprised Phil watched, showing immense attention. She then slipped into her cammies, tied her hikers… she then placed her pumps in the bag followed by the carefully folded dress, retrieved her wallet from her shoulder bag and placed it in the oversized pocket of her cammies.

She then flashed a million watt smile at Phil and said….. come on baby.. as she exited the car leaving her bags on the seat. She locked the car with the key fob, as they strolled, hand in hand, to the rear entrance of the casino. She casually asked Phil … how much cash advance do you have on your Visa? Phil replied, I don’t know, never used it…. Well I haven’t either she stated, but we are just about to find out.

They walked to the customer service desk just beside the cashier’s cage. When the attendant approached, she began excitedly talking to her and stated… We perceive that we are on a hot streak, as she grasped a stack of hundred dollar bills, which looked thicker in her small hand.. She produced her Visa, and asked… Can you tell how much cash advance we are good for? Of course, the agent stated… She offered Phil’s card, and said … this one also, please … in a minute or so, she returned… She stated matter-of factly, … Meacham is good for !0,410.70, and Warren hit the big time… 12, 030.12 … How much do you want?

Danielle turned to Phil, excitedly hugged him, gave an excited little wiggle, and said, baby, what do you think of say, 22,000? .. Phil stated…well honey since you have the hunch, yeah, lets go for it…. She turned and pushing the cards individually toward toward the agent…. Said.. 10 from this one and 12 from this one… The agent said…chips or cash? Cash please…. In a bag? Of course, the agent stated. This may take a moment… step around here, please…
Dutifully they entered the locked room with her, and she disappeared behind the cashiers cage. A while later, she re-appeared, beckoned to them to produce photo ID’s and have their pictures taken. Once they complied, she produced a stack of banded hundred dollar bills. She slid a receipt to Danielle, along with the copy to sign, and counted out ten banded stacks, which she unbundled just long enough to count them. She re banded each stack, flipped both palms up, retrieved the signed receipt, compared it to his ID, and slid the cash, his receipt copy and ID and Card to a beaming Danielle… The process was repeated for Phil, but with the greater amount of cash…

The agent then produced two small plastic ‘Ballys’ bags and simply said…. Good Luck…

Danielle divided the now single pile of cash equally into the bags, stuffing each in to her two large cammie pockets, smiled at Phil and said… well baby, we are up…ready?

Phil grasped her hand as they slowly walked to the rear entrance, pausing occasionally to gaze around like genuine tourists…

As they exited, Danielle pulled him the opposite way from where their car was waiting… Phil…she exclaimed, please wait here a bit…

She had spotted it from the car on their way in… The sign read Bally’s Boutique..

CRAP…exclaimed Phil.. a woman with 22 k cash roaming around in a boutique? His comment caused her to glance back over her shoulder with another million watt smile, this time complete with her trademark double dimples, as she simply said… Be right back…

True to her word, in less than five minutes she returned swinging a rather large and bulging cloth ’Bally’s Boutique’ shopping Bag… Phil looked at her, and audibly said .. what’s in it? She playfully held it behind her, and just said…car time..

As good as Danielle always has been at the art of ’improvising’ … Brighid will prove to be much superior at it in their future days.

They sat in the car, and she pulled her cell from her shoulder bag…. As she removed the battery, she said, well… they have officially lost the trail…. That is, after you remove the battery from yours… Phil instantly complied, and she handed her cell and battery to him, which he stuffed in his bag, as she pulled her cammy top over her head.

She reached into the mysterious hoard of goodies in the shopping bag, stuffing her cammy top inside while withdrawing a dark green maternity top and a cellophane package containing a white net veil--- the sort some brides used to bind their hair and cover their face at their nuptials. Phil quizzically watched in awe, as Danielle carefully removed the tags from the top, and stuffed them into the cellophane envelope in which the veil had been packaged, placing the trash in the shopping bag….which, incidentally, still had a bulging appearance.

Phil continued to stare, mentally asking himself,,, WHO really is this woman?

She stretched the veil in her outstretched arms, mentally measuring it. Perfect, she murmured.
She then proceeded to wrap the veil twice around her tiny waist, and reaching into her shoulder bag, retrieved the pair of clipped together safety pins which was one of her, “just in case” things.

Somehow, Phil mused, men inherently know… the contents of a woman’s purse, no matter the size, is quite mysterious… Always taboo for their inspection, and even occasionally fore boding.

She pinned her makeshift veal girdle firmly in place. She then pulled the maternity top over her head, and tucked the bottom of the maternity top inside her improvised girdle. Then, reaching into the bag once more, she withdrew the cammy top, which she drew over her head, but did not tuck this time…

She smiled at Phil and asked for the Hertz papers. A dazzled Phil obediently handed them to her as she momentarily switched on the engine, and copied the odometer reading to the paper…

OK…lets go.. Look around and grab everything that is ours… and please police up any trash remnants you can see…. they are already on the way, no use to help them… except for this tiny bit… From her mysterious purse contents, she withdrew the small piece of leather she had removed from the amulet when she had installed the Aztec silver chain..

She placed it prominently on the passenger side floor. While Phil was policing, she walked to the return box, purposely looking directly into the security camera, smiling broadly. She grabbed an envelope, stuffed the paperwork and key fob inside, and dropped it in to the Hertz slot…


To be continued: The previous Part 7 is here:

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