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Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave….Part 7

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:52:19

Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave….Part 7

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-------------------------------------------her amulet

Brighid (modern Gaelic Rendition)----- The Amulet Obverse

======A Brief History of Brighid---------

The Goddess Brigid is one of the deities of Pagan Ireland. These deities were not seen as creators but much like ancestors. Cormac's Glossary describes her as, "A poetess, daughter of the Dagda. This is Brigit the female sage, or woman of wisdom, i.e. Brigit the goddess whom poets adored, because very great and very famous was her protecting care. It is therefore they call her goddess of poets by this name. Whose sisters were Brigit the female physician (woman of leechcraft,) Brigit the female smith (woman of smithwork); from whom whose names with all Irishmen a goddess was called Brigit."3 It is not clear whether one goddess is described here or three, all bearing the same name but with individual spheres of influence. It was certainly common for one goddess to be represented as three.

Brigid is thus a Celtic triple goddess ruling healing, poetry, and smithcraft. She is one of the great mothers of the Celts. (The Celts had many mother goddesses, including Danu and Morrigan.) Variant forms of her name include Brid, Bride, Brighid, Brigit, pronounced either as "breed" or with a softened "g" sound. She is also known as Brigantia, Briginda, and Brigdu. Her Welsh name in Ffraid. Her modern name is Brigit or Bridget as derived from her Christianization into St. Bridget. Her name, Brighid, thought to be derived from Bhrati in Sanskrit, is originally an epithet meaning "exalted one". The Romans equated Brighid with Minerva and she can be similarly equated with the Greek Athena.

Brighid is best known for her associations with healing, poetry, and smithcraft. As a healing goddess, she governs childbirth and the birthing time. Brighid was highly regarded as a healing goddess as can be seen from the numerous healing wells dedicated to her all over Ireland. As a goddess of poetry, she governs not only the inspiration and writing of poetry, but also divination and prophecy. As a goddess of smithcraft, she governs the forge's fire. It is for these reasons that she is considered the "Bright Goddess" and is associated with the element of fire. In all her forms, she brings to one inspiration (a fire quality) and provides the spark for motivation.

Her fire associations are so strong that a perpetual fire was set at Kildare in her honour. The fire still burns there today. She also became the goddess of the hearth-fire, the fire of the home, since she contains the mother and fire aspects. As a goddess of the hearth, she is equated to Greco-Roman Hestia-Vesta.

Lucifer, craved this beautiful daughter of the Great Dagda with the greatest possible and intense effort. Dagda continually rejected him as son in law, and had just decided to give her to one of Lucifer’s competitors. Lucifer had flew into a rage, slipped into Brighid’s bed chambers with a special gift. A medallion representing eternity It was at this very instance that the Great one ordered the division of the Spirits, and Lucifer was cast out.

If you have not figured it all out yet, this series is a vain attempt to help you.

Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave, Part 7

McCarran Int’l Airport, Las Vegas Nevada---

Phil Warren was one beat puppy. His home for the past 7 hours or so had been AA’s redeye special. At the stopover in Charlotte, NC he was still awake enough to venture into the terminal, where he had his last ’meal’, a breakfast surrogate of sorts, sans coffee, as he was contemplating the next 4 hours of shuteye on the trip to Vegas. He had managed a sort of rest, yet he found that the thoughts of this trip kept him fidgeting so much that any real rest was sparse, being interrupted with visions of Danielle in various kinds of trouble. He entered on of the many concessions and ordered a huge 3 egg western omelet and coffee…lots of coffee. He glanced at his cell… It had updated the time…9:21 PST. Crap..he mused…No wonder I‘m so beat…. 20 hours without sleep does that every time
Rocksense West 4:11 am PST

As they approached George’s office, Danielle experienced more and more thoughts, which seemed to flash pictures of weird, but strangely familiar scenes. She was curious and puzzled, and was deep in thought when they abruptly ceased. George Healy was taken aback when the his office door had responded with it’s customary ‘beep’ but just would not open to admit him and his entourage. Wha… he muttered, as simultaneously, the lighting in the passageways went from their normal white to a flashing blue. George knew that this meant a complete facility lockdown. ….Bill and Danielle were just wide-eyed with questions.

From somewhere above the ceiling tiles, a loudspeaker announced… ’13’ .. Respond and proceed immediately to SCIF… George squeezed his necklace and immediately the passageway lights reset. Georges office door swung open, as he announced to Bill and Danielle. You two wait in my office for a few… He motioned to an orderly to care for them while he was attending to business.

Bill, Danielle and the orderly entered his office, the door closed behind them, and George hurried down the hallway.

Merely minutes before, Anu had been joyously probing around in Danielle’s mind… reading, modifying and refreshing her memory banks as she approached his carefully planned lair. Anu knew the danger, yet he couldn’t help himself. The last memory bank he had entered, had no label. He opened it, began to explore, and immediately withdrew in alarm, as he closed the bank. To his horror he noticed a small crack yet where his hands had created a dent in the seal in his zeal to open it. . Anu called to Lucifer. He locked the door solenoids as immediately the office décor returned to normal, as Anu fled toward the plexiglass wall in a flash of blue light.. But, he had not yet retrieved his leather necklace from the couch where he had placed it carefully next to where he had planned to seduce Danielle. He remembered at the last moment, as the office door was opening. Grabbing for it, on the way through the wall, the leather parted and the amulet fell to the floor. Too late…. Yes, I’m afraid it is VERY late now. LUCIFER, … he mentally screamed… as Danielle, Bill and an orderly entered George’s office.

At the conclave…

The Generals were stunned as Lucifer suddenly glowed with his trademark blue aura. He rose and shouted …WAIT…ALL Of YOU… and vanished inside his aura. Prince Doubt immediately ceased talking and sat, motionless, as did the rest.

The SCIF, Rocksense West
‘13’ aka George Healy entered the SCIF, switched on the battery operated led lights, and donned the headset. There were no others in attendance. A voice began over his headset, which was a simple sound powered, hard wired type from years ago with no connectors at all, which essentially makes it impervious to eavesdropping, especially within the solid copper-lined walls of the SCIF.
3....2.…1... Welcome 13, this is 2. George knew 2 intimately... It was his immediate boss back in Silver Springs, MD…. We have a huge problem George. Are you still in contact with Danielle and Bill Meacham?

Yes, of course. They are sitting back in my office as we speak, being entertained by Anu.

Well, George, that ‘entertained by Anu part’ is the purpose of my call.
My stupid #4, the …err… Personal Director in charge of recruiting has made his only and now final mistake.

Whaa.. George murmured..

Are you familiar with one of our third floor shrinks named Phillip Warren?

Well yes, that’s Danielle’s ex. The one we ‘took care’ of per the ops order…I was proud of the way Anu’s ’people’ worked on her mind, alienating her from him.

Exactly…and THAT is the result of the problem.

Do I get an explanation, 2?

Just for you, George. But, I want you and Danielle back here ASAP. Catch the next flight….
Meanwhile, here is some advance info for you to cogitate... It happens that back in 2012, 4’s crew did not post an urgent action notice from our …uhh…field ops, that they had finally identified Danielle and her husband, and they were verified by Anu as indeed the humans associated with those special incarnation Spirits that #1 was seeking.

But, #2, I did receive the posting, and signed it for action.

True, George, you did. But the notice was not cleared for action by #4 until this very year, 2018.

George,,,And? These things take time, you know…

13, who was Danielle’s husband in 2012? Who is the ’husband’ NOW? ….For that slight oversight we have already lain plans for #4’s retirement.

George’s jaw dropped…. We will be right there, #2...

Great. And George, a bit of fresh intel. Phillip Warren’s recent phone records reveal that he may indeed, at this moment in Nevada. Do You know a Jennifer O'Danaan?

No, said George.

We did a search in personnel. O'Danaan is Danielle’s Maiden name. Interesting?

Indeed. We will be right there, chief.

Great….and George, one other thing…Leave Bill Meacham in your office when you and Danielle come. It’s a special request from Anu.

George removed the headset and headed for his office, retrieving Danielle’s zipper bag on the way.

Danielle watched as Bill kept rummaging through some papers he said he had been given to him by someone he called Anu, The same ‘Anu’ he so desired her to meet. They had been enjoying some hot coffee from the carafe the orderly had brought.

The coffee caused her to retreat to the necessary room annex to the office.

Be right back, said Danielle, as she rose and walked the few paces to the room. Bill never so much as looked up as she rose, much less acknowledged her statement.

Danielle was deep in thought. Why the hell am I thinking about PHIL, she wondered? I can’t seem to put him out of my mind….. and what are those figures that keep fading in and out..???

As she was returning to the couch, something on the carpet caught her eye. Bending down, she picked up a strange medallion, about the size of a half dollar coin. The instant her hand touched it she felt a rush of visions which opened her obscured memory for a moment. Actually it was very brief, only a couple of seconds, but the main message she received was…welcome home. Even as she stood transfixed, Bill never once glanced at her. She was awakened from her vision by the beep of the office door. Danielle crammed the medallion into a pocket on her cammies, and collapsed on the couch as George entered and with a cheery voice said…Well have you two been enjoying?

Bill looked up at that, and said to George … we have been anticipating your return. Is all OK?

Just great, quipped George… I do need to borrow Danielle for a moment, though…We will be right back…. Anu has some words especially for Bill, OK?

Sure, replied Bill…Danielle has not really seemed too interested anyway in what little I told her. She exclaimed…That’s not true, Bill.. It’s just that Micro-Biology is not my bag.

Just as George and Danielle made their exit and the door locked behind them, Anu materialized through the plexiglass wall….

Partway up the passageway, George paused in front of a necessary room, and told Danielle to enter, find her bag on the sink, and change into her black dress and pumps. We have been instructed from back east to grab the next flight, and we only have an hour and a half. Don’t worry about Bill…He will not even know you have gone. Anu will entertain him well.

Danielle’s jaw dropped in surprise… Well, she thought, George is my bosses-bosses-boss, and I have been hit with many surprise trips on short notice before….

She disappeared inside, as George stood guard to bar intrusion from the hallway traffic.

Danielle stripped and changed her undies, and as she retrieved and prepared her clean bra, that plain Aztec silver necklace she had bought in Pahrump had somehow attached itself to the clasp…Hmmm..she mused--- probably when I dumped that bag of tourist stuff on the bed at the Hotel…. Well, hey… she stooped and retrieved her cammies from the floor, and found the medallion she had recovered from Georges office carpet… Do ya think? She slipped the chain easily through the silver loop where the leather strap had parted…

Neat…she exclaimed as she slipped the chain about her neck and gazed into the mirror…not to bad at all, she said…

She hurriedly finished dressing, and did the prerequisite makeup repair/inspection, whereupon she stood back for the final inspection in the mirror, front, both sides, and the back, looking over her shoulder. OK, she said, but I believe I will tuck the medallion inside…. That decision will turn out to be most fortunate for her…

She stuffed her cammies and used extra into the zipper bag, made a fast run by the stall…
NOT this time she murmured…. And exited the room.

She and George headed for the lobby, arm in arm. And every orderly, guard and person turned to admire her, as usual… and envy George.. She smiled inside as she felt every eye…

As they exited, a surprise… no Toyota this time…. In the lot was a small chopper with its engine idling.. 20 minutes later they landed at the heliport atop the terminal at McCarran. While George was retrieving the tickets, she strolled, as females are wont to do, into the closest gift shop.

She paused at one display case when she noticed a somewhat similar silver medallion to the one she had found. She immediately withdrew her medallion and as she plucked it from her bosom, she looked around for the clerk. Just through the shop doorway directly across the way in front of the coffee shop…stood Phillip Warren…staring incredulously at what was, at this time for him an unbelievable sight. In his mind he wondered if it was another vision... He blinked again to clear his head from the stupor caused by the lack of sleep.

She likewise froze for a moment in utter shock, holding the medallion. From her hand a warmth seemed to possess her entire body, and suddenly she screamed …PHIL… PHIL…

Anu's probing had indeed caused a slowly growing data leak from the wrong memory cell in Danielle's head.

Phil opened his eyes just in time to see people scattering out of the way as this crazy. screaming spitfire redhead ran to leap into Phillip Warren’s now open arms….

Rocksense West….

Bill, said Anu, would you like to visit my area past the wall? Only few have been invited there…. Of course I would, stated Bill…

To be continued….

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