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Lucifer's Semi-Final Conclave, Part 6

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:52:19

Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave….Part 6

Part 1 is here:
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Bethesda, Md.

Phillip Warren set on the floor with his stocking feet stretched under his makeshift desk, which was in its earlier existence, a coffee table.
Phil, as he preferred being called, was engrossed as usual in the worn bible he had inherited, along with everything in his immediate surroundings, from his mother. She had passed away in 2001. He had lost his dad in an automobile accident while still a junior in high school, and soon after Theresa his mom died, he had married his dream girl, he had since kind of adopted Danielle’s mom as a surrogate. They had actually grown closer after Danielle had decided to split in 2016. It still hurt deeply, but on occasion he allowed himself to reminisce. He sighed and laid back on the couch cushion that served as his backrest.

He and Danielle had met on the very first day of enrollment at UM in the spring of 2002. They had taken entrance exams and along with one Paul Werner were the only three of 31 Psychology applicants that were invited to interview for three available USG scholarships.

Danielle was the perkiest little thing. Her quick wit and double-dimpled smile was the freshest bit of life he had seen. Like ever. And those electric-blue eyes….In less than a year they were married. Actually, it was Danielle who turned to him at Mcdonald's one evening, and casually, Phil, isn't it time to make us legal? She was living at the time in her mom’s apartment, and Phil had inherited a neat but small 2 bedroom house all to himself. Bingo, a match made in heaven. And, for almost 10 years it truly was. For both of them. They thoroughly enjoyed each other, body and soul and mind. Four years ago, and for no apparent reason, it became hell. Then the 2 years of separation until the final divorce decree just about killed what little remained of Phillip Warren‘s soul.

Neither of them actually knew why. In fact, they had both searched it out several times among themselves. It was not sex. DEFINITELY not sex. Neither ever voiced the slightest complaint about that. In fact, every simple and crazy whim of either was instantly fulfilled by the other. It was not about ’office friends’. They rode to and from work each day, and often enjoyed lunch together. There was seldom any disagreement about anything, and even if there were the inevitable difficulties about opinions, five minutes later found both laughing and talking. Each had high 5 figure incomes, and they had minimal expenses, since their home was fully mortgage free. It was just a mystery to poor Phil, and for Danielle’s mom Jennifer, as well.

And, to be sure…for Danielle as well….

Phil forced himself to sit back up and continue reading. As for Danielle, she is just about to experience the reason, but she will, unfortunately, have quite a journey before she fully understands it.

Namely, that Phillip Warren --- as he had told her 4 years ago when she instantaneously ‘changed’ will indeed always Love her… Unconditionally…ALWAYS.

32 miles east of Pahrump, NV

As Danielle exited the necessary room, both George and Bill were waiting. Bill’s eyes lit up with pride as his bride became the sole focus of several orderlies and guards as she strolled across the lobby.. And this was actually SOP. She was indeed quite attractive. Even at age 36, she virtually always “carded” when requesting alcohol… she could easily pass for a perky college cheerleader in her very early twenties. People definitely noticed her presence. Heterosexual males mostly, but also, natch, the women accompanying said males…

Her face beamed her trademark double-dimpled smile as she realized that her Cammies could not conceal the hidden curves of her body, and most assuredly not the allure of her freshly made up face… Truth be known, she had carefully ‘tucked’ her cammies to accentuate certain aspects.

But, she ruminated as Bill carefully planted a kiss on her lips, there is SOMETHING curious here. Bill has changed…

True, Danielle had known Bill less than a year in total, but Danielle had long ago learned to be careful and to pay attention to small things… and, …Bill or something had definitely altered his aura since the last time they had been together, only, what was it now, 2 days ago?

Strangely, her thoughts instantly snapped back to Phil Warren and that still strange to her moment 4 years ago when she experienced a virtually identical sensation as she had kissed her husband of 9+ years for the final time….. George’s voice instantly quelled her thoughts as he grasped her arm, and said…shall we? Bill and I have quite an intriguing agenda planned…

As they proceeded through a labyrinth of locked checkpoints, Danielle noticed that as they continued, the transponder on the necklace around George’s neck blinked as each locked door beeped a somewhat familiar tone. The tones were somewhat familiar to her, as she was required to wear a similar necklace for her job back east. Yet the tones were slightly ...err…?different?….

Bethesda, MD

Phil snapped his attention instantly away from his Bible. He was suddenly and emotionally drawn to a mental, stifled plea from Danielle, Definitely Danielle, for he was very familiar with her voice inflections. In Phil’s mind It simply manifested as ‘help’….

32 miles east of Pahrump NV

Anu had been waiting for two particular Spirit entities to incarnate for thousands of earth-years. And, he was pleased that the wait was soon to be completed. As a matter of fact, the first of them had already been sampled, as it were, in his recent mental tryst with Bill Meacham.

As enjoyable as that was, he was in preparation for the any moment now reunion with the Spirit of Danielle Meacham, as she was just about to enter the room. He had prepared carefully for this moment, first by changing his ’clothes’, then by a very special selection of room ’décor’.
His new clothes were in fact, a human body, fully male, with easily the most pleasant and desired features any human could imagine. He wore over his body, a simple outfit of casual wear which amplified well his muscular biceps and legs. He had arranged his blond hair in an equally casual but ’mussed’ in attractive manner. He had equipped his muscular face with an attractive tanned skin which accentuated his deeply blue eyes, which seemed to sparkle within the depths of their dark pupils, and even more so when he smiled .

About his neck dangled a simple leather necklace with the strange metallic emblem he wore at their last meeting..centuries ago. He knew that the mere presence of the emblem accompanied by his selected ‘clothes’ would pierce completely the depths of Danielle’s clouded memory. Shortly, he mused, they would be reunited to enjoy each other the way he had intended when they were so rudely interrupted by the decree of the Imposter. If it need be in human form, so be it. They would be, finally and completely joined.

The door to George’s newly redecorated office beeped ….

At the conclave:

Prince Doubt suddenly stopped his talk in mid-sentence. With sparkling eyes, he said…

Friends, we have breaking news --- Anu has just informed me that a certain pair of those Spirits who defected from us to the Imposter’s third has been located incarnate. He is now proceeding to begin completion of the goal that he had been so rudely interrupted in the midst of, centuries past.

He did caution, however that for some strange and as yet unexplained reason he is being interfered with. He asks our indulgence in this, and explicitly he requested that we all inform our respective servants to immediately report any unusual interference in performing their assignments, no matter how trivial. I will pause my presentation a moment while you relay this new instruction to your charges…

Bethesda, MD

Phil had just completed a call to Danielle's mother, Jennifer. Immediately after his unusual mental epiphany that Danielle was in difficulty, He had then closed his eyes in silent meditation. As he set up again, he then experienced an intense need to talk to Jennifer.

He learned of Jennifer’s talk only hours ago with her daughter and Jennifer definitely had something on her mind. At some insistence, she related the brief, strange and unexpected response she had received from Danielle; Danielle and her mother were each other’s best friends, and Danielle’s Spirit on the phone had seemed to literally scream PROBLEM…. She of course relayed what news she had to Phil …ie, her and Bill were in Pahrump, Nevada on their honeymoon, and she was eagerly awaiting Bill’s call which was to relay instructions for her about something or other. She certainly sounded….uhh…differently, and …ahh…whats the word…distant? Bill and Jennifer concluded their conversation with the usual pleasantries.

Bill lay back momentarily on his backrest and closed his eyes. I….wonder….

He snapped upright, grabbed his cell, and called a casual acquaintance he had met at school, one who had dropped his courses in mid semester a few years ago to became a travel agent. He and Danielle had used Glenn’s services on several occasions…

Glenn, he began.. This is Phil Warren… When is the next flight to Las Vegas?…

Phil, hi... would this be in response to Danielle's Itinerary she requested last week? Don't you guys ever talk? Momentarily Taken aback. Phil realized that Glenn did not know the situation because they had decided to simply keep it close among everyone who knew them.

Well, sort of, actually... I was called back here on a work emergency yesterday and Danielle is still there waiting...

Well, lucky fellow, there is an American flight leaving Dulles in lets see...3 hours ..would that fit?

Perfect, said Phil... Oh, Glenn one other thing --I left in such a hurry, and forgot to take note of all the itinerary details. Could you please email me a copy of that along with the flight data for today?... I am planning a little surprise change for her.

No prob Phil...Same Card and Email?

yep, Same card but i'm at the office, Phil lied. So, Email will be Thanks a bunch, Glenn...

No prob's on the way...Give bright eyes my best, ok? catch you later.

Phillip Warren entered hurry up mode...


To be continued

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