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Lucifer's Semi-Final Conclave...Part 5

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:52:19

Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave….Part 5

Part 1 is here:
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After exchanging initial pleasantries, Danielle did not feel like conversation at all as George navigated 380 east. She was, in a word, pissed at both Bill and George. Both mentally and soon to be physically if their destination does not appear, like NOW. I am going to have to speed up the training cycle on Bill, she murmured to herself….right after I launch his behind into next September. Ladies DO NOT like to be hustled out so hurriedly that they forget the most important prerequisite to a road trip. Hoo, she muttered, as the now empty magnum of wine rolled about her feet and she firmly clinched her hips together.

She had just retrieved a tissue from her small shoulder bag and was at the point of asking (ask, hell---demanding) George to pull over and cut the lights, he slowed and turned into a graveled area marked with a large sign… USG PROPERTY-NO ADMITTANCE -- WARNING--TURN AROUND NOW-- DO NOT EXIT YOUR VEHICLE---

On the far side of the area was a narrow paved road blocked with a pair of steel gates spaced about 25 feet apart. The first gate opened as the Toyota approached.
As George continued forward, the first gate closed and the area between the gates was suddenly illuminated with brilliant light. A small sign on the second gate warned…PARKING LIGHTS ONLY… George extinguished the Headlights on the Toyota. After 15 seconds or so, during which Danielle winced and squirmed with extreme need of relief, the second gate opened. Once past the two gates, the narrow paved road continued into the blackness, marked with dim red edge lights and fenced on either side with razor wire. It continued into another well lit paved area with several signs on both sides of the road which read:


Less than 100 feet further up the drive, and past a pair of glass guardhouses each with two armed men dressed in khakis, their destination building finally became visible, camouflaged in a recess of a sandstone butte. The building was so positioned as to be not visible from the guard houses. George drove the truck to the small entrance door and cut the engine, whereupon the Toyota was instantly surrounded by six heavily armed men, two on each side, and one each in front and back. George held the transponder on his necklace firmly against his closed window.

The one in back jumped into the bed of the truck, and after shining a light in all areas of the bed, nodded to the others. The one in front extended a long pole with a sensor box underneath the truck. 10 seconds later Danielle was blinded by the light shining through her window into her face. She almost lost it then, but kept her hips tightly clinched. The ones on Georges side identified him quickly and opening the door, sharply saluted. Virtually simultaneously, Danielle’s door swung open. One guard politely claimed her bags while the second assisted her in stepping down. George joined the group as they walked the few steps to the entrance. There was a very small brass plaque on the door which read: Welcome To Rocksense West.

While one guard placed her bags on the security inspection belt, they passed through the inspection arch. As the guard, whose name tag read "1312" was rifling her bags, Danielle, in her special voice, said, Sir, could you please clear the small maroon pouch in the bottom of the zipper bag FIRST? It’s kind of a female semi-emergency…

Smiling, he opened her makeup pouch, glanced awkwardly but briefly inside and handed it to her.

Danielle had, immediately upon entering, spotted the necessary room, and glancing at George, who nodded, she disappeared inside. After what seemed like a pleasant eternity to her, she exited the stall and walked to the sink, smiling contentedly all the way…that is until she inevitably looked into the mirror. That universal curse of females. ….CRAP…It’s OBSCENE for a woman my age to have such lines under their eyes… and just look at that shiny nose….it’s too damned BIG, she silently mused. And that beauty mark on her right cheek…was it growing larger?

So she began--- she rooted through the bag and dug out her hairbrush, one of her two last sample packs of Tatcha, her vial of Maybelline Fit Me Matte+, her eyeliner, which so perfectly complemented her electric- blue eyes, and her mini-bottle of blush lip gloss…damn, where is my charcoal cleansing bar? ---- answering aloud she said…it’s in the freaking shower at the Hotel, you dipshit, where you left it.…she glared at the bag in disgust… looking around the room she spotted the old standard hand soap dispenser adjacent to the sink… the one she had just used upon exiting the stall….CRAP… no choice….

She first began brushing and teasing her dark auburn hair into a rough approximation of the attractive pixie cut she had, just today--or ? was it two days ago? -- adopted with the recommendation of the hotel stylist. Then, using carefully folded damp paper towels she gently scrubbed her face with the greatly diluted hand soap, and thoroughly rinsed with warm water, blotted carefully away. Then, finishing the preliminaries by turning the nozzle of the bathroom’s electric hand dryer upward toward her face. Improvising had always been Danielle’s best friend.

She as of yet had no idea how soon and how important her ability to improvise would become of much greater benefit.

She critically examined her reflection in the mirror, and was almost perfectly pleased with what she saw. She had done a not-too-bad job (considering) with the rest of her war paint. True, the cammies she was dressed in did absolutely nothing to complement her appearance, but..she mused…it is what it is. That black dress, she thought, and those black pumps, on the other hand….

A few final, well placed touches of the hairbrush and a brief spray of her Euphoria, had Danielle in a considerably improved disposition….

BUT, she mentally renewed her vow that she was STILL going to kick Bills’ rear end…with all the vigor her 5 foot stature could muster. Definitely. Bank on it.

She replaced her possessions in the pouch, and included a folded length of TP wrapped carefully in two paper towels. She was as ready as she could be, she thought as she headed to the door. OK, Bill,,,prepare yourself….Here I come…
Prince Doubt gazed about the room.... The visage of all of the Generals actually betrayed their accustomed demeanor by seemingly exhibiting the characteristics of the sole General who had been excluded from their group since Lord Lucifer had assumed his rightful role of Master. General Fear.

He recalled within himself that Lord Lucifer had banished General Fear from their midst, for obviously Fear has no place among we who are masters of all.. and in addition, though it was not known for certain, rumor had it that General Fear had sided with the Imposter’s third, and now dwelt there as a leader, essentially leading the remnant which Lucifer had just mentioned. He had supposedly changed somewhat in character, from Fear to Righteous Indignation, and had his name changed by the Imposter to Michael.

It was, however fully known that it was, indeed, A Michael who banished Lucifer and our third from our previous home.

If that be the case, he mused, the Spirits to incarnate in these humans, could cause great Fear indeed in the near future as Lord Lucifer’s plan evolves.

Prince Doubt was rudely jarred out of his mental gymnastics, as Lord Lucifer boomed… DOUBT! Continue as requested…WHAT is your plan to deal with that accursed remnant? … Speak now…

It was at this point that Doubt NEARLY disappeared in a flame, for he had nearly said "a thousand pardons, Lord Lucifer…" And Doubt knew, as all of them do, that Lord Lucifer NEVER pardons ANYONE --for ANYTHING. Pardon is in fact a severe character weakness and abomination worthy only of demise.

Since the beginning, that has been a cardinal rule, and it was for that, as well as compassion and a great many such acts by the Imposter that Lucifer had Him painfully crucified, years ago. Thankfully, for Doubt’s sake he barely caught his mental mistake. Even though Lucifer depended strongly on Doubt and his servants for many if not most of his deception of humans, there was a great number of our crew which could easily fill in admirably upon the demise of Prince Doubt.

Prince Doubt began…Certainly Lord Lucifer, I do however request your continued protection, for facts need be discussed.… Continue, said Lucifer…

Doubt began….First a bit of review is necessary such that we can see the sure success in the plan. Please bear with me.

Anu, my most dependable servant, as you know has been elevated for centuries as our expert in Deception of humans. He has of course, again, over the centuries been greatly aided by all seven of you illustrious Generals, and surely we could not have advanced to this point without your timely assistance.

For example, after we created the many humans in our likeness to serve us, the Imposter personally formed a human of his own, and favored him above all our creations with particular gifts and his own portion of earth, which was well defended by His Spirits against invasion by other humans who were obligated solely to us.

Lord Lucifer, in his wisdom, succeeded in the initial deception. He gained the trust over this first pair and introduced them both to our specialty, that is, carnal knowledge.

As a natural result, paternal twins were born to the woman. The first was, Kayin, Lord Lucifer’s son, and shortly came forth the second, as you know as Adam’s son, Hebel.

Gloriously, human death was begun. This continued for 10 human generations, until finally, our goal was within a few humans of completion.

This tenth descendant from Adam, Noach, Was informed by the Imposter to seek refuge in a floating shelter with his family nnd a flesh pair of all creation, which by order and definition, included Kayin’s offspring. Once prepared, the Imposter, as you know, destroyed our planet of observation, leaving only a string of barren and lifeless rocks orbiting in it’s stead. Many of the rocks struck this earth, and punctured and disfigured it’s surface, unleashing oceans of water beneath the surface, which deluged and pressed all human breath from our servants. We were nearly there, but not quite. Admirably, Anu succeeded in deceiving our surviving humans accompanying Noach by being a very god to them, using the wiles of you Generals. His accomplishments were a most illustrious performance indeed, as even to this very day is recorded and lauded in human annals.

Anu did such an admirable job, that his duties were expanded to include the chief room of human deception. His human followers, after another 10 generations had covered the land with multitudes. and were once again in position for total control.

Yet, once again The Imposter selected one Abram, a son of the human Terah, one of Anu’s major human servants, to send one of those accursed remnant Spirits to trouble us yet again. This time, however, the Imposter closed the womb of Abram’s wife, to preclude any chance of inadvertent dilution of Abram’s sons by our servants. I, Doubt, was forced into action, because the Spirit within Abram totally rejected all forms of human deceit with regards to human gods. Alas, he spoke directly to the Spirit of the Imposter. In time, I succeeded in manifesting Doubt in Abram’s wife, Sarah, by continually reminding her of the obvious falsity of the Imposter’s words to Abram. Facts were…She was barren and cursed so by Abram’s ‘god’, who had promised him sons by Sarah. Sarah finally relented to my continual suggestion, that only by her providing a surrogate mother, could the vow be achieved. Sarah finally convinced Abram to bed her maid. The maid bore Abraham’s a son, Ishmael, who we so nurtured he became the father of fully a fourth of all of earth’s peoples, those who have Anu’s earthly offspring, Mohammed, as their god to this very day.

Our biggest problem manifested about 2 centuries after Sarah’s deception by myself. The Imposter opened the womb of Sarah in her latter years, and indeed Abram had a Son of his own loins according to the Imposter’s promise. The Imposter spoke to the Spirit of Abram‘s grandson, Jacob in such manner to convey ALL of the promises given to Abram to this heel grabber, Jacob. Although Jacob was the twin brother of Edom, The Imposter withheld many blessings from Esau and gave the greater portion of all to Jacob. Years later, although I tried mightily, and had considerable aid from you all, The Imposter changed Jacob’s name to Israel, which as you all know, means "A human that has strived with God, and yet has prevailed".

This, in retrospect was only the beginning of our misfortunes. For Israel had twelve sons. We are indeed fortunate the the vast majority of them were won over as our servants. Jacob’s favorite son, Joseph, was sold into slavery by the others due to the perseverance of General Envy. (Doubt gave him a nod)…
Anu, in his office as Deception, used his connections among his Egyptian priests to have Joseph cast into prison. We thought that would be the end of the matter, but the Spirit within Joseph so persevered with Israel’s words, that not only was he released from prison, he had 2 sons of his own, and was so great in his work, that he became chief of all Egypt, honored by Anu’s own Pharaoh, as well as being greatly loved by most Egyptians. Thus in time, Israel passed ALL the Spiritual promises he had inherited from his grandfather Abraham to his grandsons, ie Joseph’s two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim. Even specifically saying "Let my name be named on them". Since he had passed his name on, and was no longer Israel, Jacob blessed his other 11 sons with great physical blessings under the condition that they only maintained them so long as the ’dwelt’ in Israel, who were now solely Joseph’s sons, Manasseh and Ephraim.

Thus Abraham’s offspring grew into a multitude as promised, ironically nurtured by Anu’s own followers. A great number of the Imposter’s chosen Spirits incarnated at that time, but not nearly as many who followed them for the next 7 centuries. The Imposter sent a plethora of Spirits to guide them. Finally Anu and many of his servants were able to organize his chief contacts in Assyria, and later, Babylon to send great numbers of soldiers to carry them away from their posterity.

We of course again have to recognize General Envy’s work in influencing israels’ human kings with Anu’s captains, primarily Baal, Moloch and Diana…

Again, we believed our travail was near a victorious end, but The Imposter sent one of his powerful Spirits to Persia, who overcame both Assyria and Babylon. Cyrus ordered the release and return of the (now named Jews) to their homeland. This would have been quite acceptable to us, as Anu had easily deceived and infiltrated their ’religion’ with many priests and prophets. However, the vast majority of Joseph’s sons were not tempted by Cyrus offer and millions of them fled north across the Caucas mountains, and were so scattered that no amount of organizing any "religion’ was possible for us. We did send Generals Greed, Envy, Wrath and Lust in hot pursuit after them, but they had little organized success.

However, as of late, those four Generals, have been joined by Generals Sloth and Gluttony, and with considerable help from General Pride, they have both located, and settled in with them, being welcomed with open arms with their many gifts. That is the singular bright ray of hope for our plan.

More on that momentarily.

Continuing, after the return of the Jews from Babylon, things were going much better for some 5 centuries. The majority of the Imposter’s Prophet Spirits had died out. Oh, there were some, but they were essentially ineffective in opposing us. We had sent multitudes of their own brothers against them as the Greeks and Romans. These dupes had been so thoroughly deceived by Anu, that they had no idea that they were, in fact Israelites themselves who had left many, many years before the Assyrians first invaded.

About 20 centuries before today, the Imposter in person elected to incarnate in human flesh, leaving behind all traces of his knowledge and memory to be retrieved in his flesh via faith in his own Word. I believe that was the moment that General Fear betrayed betrayed Lord Lucifer, for when we realized what had occurred, most of us were indeed fearful. Further, those who elected to follow the teaching of the Imposter, grew to experience no fear at all, even while staring death in the face.

Lucifer cleared his throat, as though to speak, but just glared at prince Doubt and remained silent..

Sensing this, Doubt toned it down. He continued… Of course it did not work, since Lord Lucifer punished him severely, crucifying him and in fact chased the Imposter back to the Spirit world.

But, there were scribes at the time, which were not as we think of scribes. They were of no earthly esteem, and were vastly uneducated. These rough fellows somehow composed a vast collection of records, which remain to this day, and although the vast majority of people ignore them as fantasy at our urging, there are, nevertheless an increasing number of the Spirits of the remnant being incarnated which perpetrate this fantasy daily.

Now, friends we know for a fact, that there are a sum total of 12 billion Spirits in total to incarnate, measured from the beginning. As of this present time, we are returning huge numbers to the Spirit world through our actions, most as unborn through abortions, but also fairly large numbers through wars and murders with the help of you Generals. By this we know that time is expiring.

Still, we are faced with the number of the last incarnation of the final remnant, which is specifically listed as 144,000 of the tribes of Israel. These are their total Spiritual warriors, and are but a mere thimbleful of our numbers.

Therefore, here is the elements of our certain plan for victory….

To be continued…


RMN is an RA production.

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Lucifer's Semi-Final Conclave...Part 5
Watchman -- Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:52:19
Reader: 'I am wondering if “Watchman” wrote this series or where it is coming from…'
hobie -- Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:52:19

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