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Lucifers Semi-Final Conclave, Part 4

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:51:59

Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave….Part 4

Part 1 is here:
Part 2 is here:
Part 3 is here:
Danielle sat gazing east out the window of their suite, sipping a glass of rather good white zinfandel from the half empty bottle (a Magnum, actually) that she had ordered up a few hours ago. She was still in her robe, and had not bothered to dress. Why should I? She asked herself…The flashing lights from below danced on the curtains and window frame and appeared to both frame and energize the black extent of the vast desert in the distance.

Where in the hell is he? She thought….

Her thoughts were suddenly jarred as her cell phone lit up. She immediately grabbed it, and out of habit, glanced at the display before answering,

It plainly read….MOM… Mom? …MOM? ….BUMMER … Not NOW, mom..…

Danielle dearly loved her mom, but she has too often shared with Danielle her real problems in enduring the loss of her NERD son in law, aka Danielle’s ex. That NERD of nerds, Phillip Warren. That DAMNED self claimed to be Christian, YES…The one who had spent endless hours of the final 4 years of their married life with his nose stuck in the Bible. And, he actually dropped his pursuit of a completely Agency paid-for PHD in psychology. THAT one….

Originally, Danielle had been completely hooked on Phil… like REALLY hooked…She thoroughly enjoyed every minute of their time together. Every where, and in every way, for the better part of 10 freaking years. But… That had abruptly changed… she mused as her fingers hovered over the reject button which would bring up her voicemail, But…hell, she was lonely.

She answered on the third ring after summoning up her ‘cheery’ voice tone over the warmth of the wine.

Mom…she exclaimed… what’s up? Is all OK?
Yes dear, just great… How are you and Phil?
uhhh… Mom, you know I have returned Phil to his maker for corrections. You were at my wedding to Bill two weeks ago tomorrow. Phil is no longer my concern.
Oh, sorry, sweetie, of course… can you please forgive me…
Danielle with voice under scant control, said… We are in Nevada, Mom, look, I am waiting for Bill to call at any moment…with reservation instructions … can we talk later?
Of course, honey… Be Blessed,,,, we can talk later..
Bye Mom, I love you ..she managed as her finger clicked to disconnect.

Danielle was steaming. Blessed? Where the hell did she get that, but from PHIL… Mom had been attending Phil’s Bible Study Meetings for the entire 2 year divorce proceedings…. shit…Just Shit… DOUBLE DAMNED ….SHIT.

Just as she raised her arm, intending to vigorously slam down her cell on the arm of her chair, it lit up again. She immediately glared in contempt at the phone… this time the screen read …Bill…
her face flushed, and not just from the warmth of the mouthful of wine she had just sipped in an attempt to drown her frustrations. She quickly swallowed, and in her sexiest tone, Danielle whispered --Hi Baby…

George Healys voice replied… well, I haven’t been greeted like THAT in quite a while....

And in truth he indeed had not. At least from a human female. George had not been physically intimate with any human either before or since his pubescent experiments with his best friends Claude and Charlie. He had not needed to, because Anu had filled any physical void with experiences far more enjoyable.

With beet-red face, Danielle managed to stammer…?George?…Has something happened to Bill?

In a good way, Danielle…yes it has. I introduced Bill to… uhhh…some archives… and he is totally absorbed at the moment. Mere minutes ago, he handed me his cell and asked me to please phone you to come immediately, as there is no possible way he could explain the significance, nor answer any of the many queries he knew you would insist upon. He says he needs you NOW. He needs you to see it for yourself. He did say, though, that on the way here, you should consider the possibility that all 7 years of your PHD in Psychology was total bullshit.

Wha…. Danielle managed to eke out before George continued… I am sending the Toyota for you… what time do you have now? Danielle glanced at her phone…12:11, she stammered… George replied.. Ok…at precisely 12:32 your ride will be at the front entrance. Bill said to tell you to pack a quick bag with your black cocktail dress, bring your black pumps and his desert boots. For the trip here, wear your camo pants/shirt and your hikers.
Got all that?? Yes, George, but…. Suddenly the phone went dark indicating connection lost.

CRAP….Danielle screamed at the phone…I’m half drunk. Still in my nightgown, NO freaking shower, makeup, nor hair time …, much less …. CRAP, she yelled audibly as she knocked over her wine glass while stripping her robe on the way to the bathroom…

She wrapped a towel around her hair as she managed the shower controls. In a possible female world record she exited the shower in 2 minutes after being reasonably soaped and rinsed, wet and dripping onto a cold as the devil tile floor. She ripped the towel from her head and stood on it as she retrieved a second towel, wrapped it about herself and looked into the large mirror. Oh….My….God… She managed…Look at those eyes…look at that face…. She buried her face in the fresh towel as she recalled Bill’s instructions as relayed by George… makeup pouch…no,… black cocktail dress, Bills’ boots, my hikers,..No… WEAR my cammys and hikers… Well, tough, guys, MY damned makeup pouch AND hairbrush were going in the bag FIRST, or no freaking deal.

She glanced at the phone….12:21. Crap. She was still nude and damp as she located the dress, both sets of hikers and two pairs of wool socks. She placed her makeup and hairbrush in the bag first, thinking---if the rest of the stuff don’t fit, tough. She placed a clean bra and two sets of undies in the bag and topped them with her carefully folded black cocktail dress. That was it…the zipper would barely close.

Looking about, she spied a plastic bag full of the tourist trinkets they had bought the day before---or was it 2 days before? She unceremoniously dumped them on the un made bed, placing one of the pair of socks and Bill’s boots inside, and knotted the hand loops into a handle. She dropped the sack beside the bag while struggling to dress her damp body. Finally managing to finish, she longed to court the mirror for a look, but knew better. 12:31... One freakin’ minute… She picked up the bags and headed for the door, absent mindedly grabbing the half filled magnum of wine on the way past the table…

I kook like hell, so I may as well have a demeanor to match….when my 5 foot frame kicks Bill’s behind….

Right on time, the Toyota pulled into the registration lane. The door swung open and as she entered, and closed the door, she recognized George Healy behind the wheel.

In the desert. 32 miles east of Pahrump NV:

As Anu kind of…uhh …‘materialized’ through George’s plexiglass office wall, an observer would be hard put indeed to determine whether the front of Bill’s trousers were wet from the recently spilled coffee or Bill’s loss of bladder control at the appearance of Anu. George laughed heartily but Anu just gazed into the face of a completely deflated Bill Meacham, via his trademark yellow-green eyes with the vertical pupils.

The room was silent after George completed his chuckle, as Bill staggered backward,
with his right hand searching for the arm of his chair, and the slight refuge it offered.

Bill heard Anu’s calm voice apparently delivered directly to his inner ear, for there was no movement of Anu’s mouth. Distinctly Bill heard “I am Anu…I am pleased to finally meet you, Bill Meacham. George has spoken so highly of you, and you will find that you and I also, will have many mutually pleasing mental exchanges. Please sit and be comfortable. George will tell you that I myself very seldom assume a sitting position.”

Bill sat, but was obviously not comfortable due to his wet trousers. George motioned to one of the orderlies, whispering the problem, and the Orderly and Bill made a temporary exit, returning in a scant five minutes with Bill now in crisp trousers and the orderly carrying a fresh cup of coffee, which he handed to Bill, and promptly left.

Anu “spoke”…“George has told me that you have just completed all required matriculation for your chosen field of Micro Biology. That is admirable. Tell me, he continued, have you any questions regarding a Thesis and Dissertation? I would be pleased to advise you on that, and even recommend a previously poorly defined subject. complete with not only provable approaches, but clearly defined answers.”

Bill looked stunned…. “Yes…I have decided to focus on the history of of the original hypothesis of microorganisms and its supposed roots in the religion of Janism and the hypothesis of Avicenna that was extended by Mahavira’s teachings. I have become convinced of the probability of a definite “wrong turn” made in assumptions about biological reproduction in the early approaches.”

Anu ‘spoke’… and, Bill Meacham, your hunch is correct. I myself allowed Mahavira to actually see many types of microorganisms -- many many of your centuries ago. He was so taken by the visions that he neglected to carefully heed the words of explanation that were given. Would you care to listen to the words of explanation which accompanied the vision?”

“Certainly … More than you can imagine” replied Bill.

“ No offense, Bill Meacham, but I assure you that you have no thoughts that I cannot imagine” … Now, continued Anu, just relax, focus solely on my eyes, mentally open your intellect.”

Bill had never experienced the warm rush that overcame him. He was totally engrossed in the visions that danced in his head and the pleasing voice that toyed with his mind. He suddenly acquired knowledge about many aspects of the history of “germs” that he had never seen even discussed in the myriad of texts he had studied so diligently.

Bill had just been thoroughly mentally raped by Anu. The experience was so mentally stimulating and far greater than any chemical stimulants Bill had ever experimented with. Somehow Bill knew, that the next time would be even more intense. As he looked at Anu, he sensed that the enjoyment was mutual. Should Anu be smiling? Am I nuts? The whole episode seemed to last mere seconds. But it was obviously much longer, for when Bill looked around, George was not in the room.

When George entered, Bill was in disarray. How long? Asked Bill. George replied...Perhaps a couple of hours. That’s not unusual for the first time. It gets better and shorter with each time.

What time is it? Can I call Danielle to come try this? Well, actually Bill, while you were busy, I took the liberty to borrow your cell phone and invite her to join us. She will be along shortly.

Oh, and I will need to meet her at the front entrance…I thought it best to not bring her in through the rock. That is, you will admit, a bit much for the fist time, and especially at midnight .

Enjoy your coffee and continue your visit with Anu while I go up to escort her past security. I will Be back shortly….

To be continued:...

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