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Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave….Part 3

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:52:00

Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave….Part 3 dec 23,2018

Part 1 is here:
Part 2 is here:

Meanwhile, back at the conclave:

Lucifer’s scribe, prince Doubt, sheepishly scurried to the chalkboard as muted voices became total silence. Six Generals gave full attention. But as usual, the visage of the seventh, General Pride, hinted of utter disdain for prince Doubt. Primarily because of the ’sheepish’ part of prince Doubt’s demeanor, but also because his personal pride had received a jolt since he had not even been consulted prior to the unprecedented and sudden order of Lucifer.

It was noticed. … General Sloth, who typically just doesn’t give a damn about anything, glanced briefly at General Pride. General Pride met his glance quickly, and with reproach, which further caused General Wrath to notice anger leaving him without his permission.

Lucifer quickly quelled the thoughts with a simple gaze at the three offenders.

As prince Doubt prepared to speak, General Pride shifted in his seat, and crossed his lower extremities. A mere glance from Lucifer caused General Pride to abruptly straighten up in his chair and look directly at the chalkboard. Nevertheless, General Pride was severely hurt. Even prince Doubt noticed and visibly became much less intimidated, relishing in the attention he was receiving, while General Pride became more stone-faced and sullen.

Prince Doubt began….

I would first like to preface my spiel by announcing that our Master, Lord Lucifer, has granted me leave to speak plainly of facts and utter words that have previously resulted in the instant demise of others, and to do so without fear of punishment. .. Within limits, of course, he added.

General Prides’ eyes flashed briefly.

I must caution you all, however, that any casual mention of certain words and phrases which are to be used today behind these doors will result in your instant and final demise, as has always been true.

That stated…I will begin.

As you all know, I have, from the beginning, been granted authority over quite a legion of servants. Some humans term them demons. Some firmly believe they are aliens “from outer space”, if you can stifle a laugh. Since the time of the Imposter, and because my special group became subject to being cast about by His instructions, I have given a select group of them physical characteristics, some of whom were even given ’bodies’ which mimic humans. Most of you are aware that our possession of all physical knowledge was for a good while, key to the to establishing ’human like’ representatives who were simply, very gods to humans. All humans within their vicinity were totally subservient to them, offering their substance and even their very children as free will offerings in sacrifice.

Again, this worked quite well for a while, even surpassing quota for all of you illustrious Generals.

General Pride winced again.

Now, continued prince Doubt, the flaw in that plan becomes obvious. Viz, the necessity for our troops to enter in, and feed upon the mental energy and thoughts of the humans in perpetual quest for our own orgasm equivalent, has necessarily resulted in the exchange of some of our supreme knowledge to humans. Rape, particularly mental rape, is our prime motivator. The mental sperm, if you will term it that, has initiated an unforeseen problem. It is becoming quite apparent at this time, especially. That sperm is resulting in great increases in human knowledge which was at first ours alone, but has now eroded our necessity among humans. I don’t have to remind you of the consequences.

Toward that end, some eighty earth-years ago, I decided to unmask a special group of of our servants, which could at intermittent times purposely expose themselves physically to humans. Their cover story, which has, praise Lucifer, been extolled and even worshipped as ’star gods’ by many if not most humans. They have been carefully prompted in their missions. To their credit, they have tapped into the very thing that not only services their extreme desire for greater mental orgasms, but takes extreme advantage of the human’desire for more knowledge. Essentially another win-win.

As a result, there are now a great and growing number of humans who fancy themselves as not just a, but THE singular expert on the future, the worship of gods, the world economy, and of course, all human society in general, planet wide. They publish their screeds liberally on our internet as well as in actual religious pulpits. That phase is going well.

With our guidance, these human servants portray themselves as the sole enlightened source of their self imagined excellence among all other humans. Hence, they eagerly swallow, absorb and perpetuate our ’knowledge sperm’ in orgasmic glee. Some even claim (sometimes realistically, I may add), to talk to our kin in other dimensions.
We don’t exactly encourage this practice, for although we are in most other dimensions we all know the danger in some of those other dimensions, in particular one singular Spirit dimension… Prince Doubt then glanced at Lucifer, whose eyes were strangely glowing. He reconsidered his last words and… quickly glanced a recognition toward General Pride, who actually cracked a rare smile.

Prince Doubt then continued his presentation:

Briefly now, as time is fleeing, I will review our progress to date. He glanced up and enquired… Lord Lucifer, will you continue to indulge?

After a short grimace, Lucifer reluctantly uttered…you may proceed. Prince Doubt. I implore you, however, use proper discretion.

Prince Doubt continued…. We all recall, that when the Creator first begat both us and the universe from nothing, we were all, to an entity, elated. Lord Lucifer, as he is this day, was the singular brightest star of all. Humans were not even anticipated. It was all ours. Lucifer was exclusively granted the task of being the physical resentative of the unseen Creator.

Master? Doubt queried, as he gazed at Lucifer. Continue, said Lucifer.

In time, Lord Lucifer fashioned General Pride and gave him statue and praise above many others of similar statue … General Pride went from smiling in agreement to a distinct scowl….at that comment about ’similar’ statue… You know these things, so I will abbreviate somewhat. You other six Generals were fashioned in your turn, as the need arose. The first was Pride, then through him came you others, namely envy, gluttony, greed, lust, sloth, and finally, wrath. Ahh, wrath. Yes Pride was first, but Wrath was the final limit breaker.

But.. You others, don’t be so smug. Pride was first, and Wrath may have been the limit, but you all had prime roles. The Creator destroyed that earth’s features using your own creation of wrath, which had been foreign to His thoughts. But, that planet all we Spirits inhabited was treated worse. It was demolished completely. You know how we use to orbit fifth from the Sun, in Glory and Peace while observing this planet earth as plans were laid and accomplished. Now, that place of our beginnings is but a string of rocks orbiting in silent testimony. We did not need excessive sunlight as the earth does, because we had the Light living with us.

Together, you seven managed to disrupt all creation. The Spirits them selves were divided into three parts, with but a small remainder. A third clung to the Creator. A Third followed our Lord Lucifer, and the final third really just did not give a damn, either way. Sloth had directed this final third to just wait until there was a clear victor, then join in.

The Creator then refashioned the earth from the devastation. Eventually, He decreed that ALL Spirits must physically manifest on His new earth. In the newly fashioned human form. Without previous memory, and totally innocent to all that had gone on before their incarnation. Born totally dependent on someone else, and during their brief lives decide and prove their own will.

Yet, even this decree was not necessarily mandatory. There was an individual choice. Each Spirit could manifest in human birth and make his own decisions without prior knowledge or was promised to be completely eliminated after all Spirits had had their free will choice.

As you know, we chose to follow our Lord Lucifer only. We declined to be captive in a mere flesh body. Now, time is running out, and our only action must be to completely eliminate all those who chose to follow the Creator. We already have a big head start, as we are fully a third. And we are fully aware of the Creator’s plans, and have the memory to know them in detail. That second third are easily enticed and captured by our seven illustrious Generals. The final third are at a distinct disadvantage, in that not only are they subject to the seven Generals, they have no memory at all of the deal they made.

In addition, this final third are quite obedient to what they perceive as an ‘ordained’ leader, especially when it comes to religion. Our servants are quite proficient at grooming ordained leaders. We have not only done it successfully for virtually all of earth’s history, we have now devised a plan sure of success for the present.

Pay close attention. Since the Imposter showed up two thousand earth years ago, this third, particularly, look for His imminent return. Pride has helped with this immensely by convincing many that they have no worries at all, as they are such perfect examples of virtue they will be suddenly snatched away at any moment.

Naturally some others don’t swallow that line. So for them we have devised a special plan. We will give them a physical…. Uhh? Master?…Continue, said Lucifer, but make it quick…DAMNED quick.

Doubt continued …We will give them their physical….Jesus. Together with such miracles that they cannot but believe.

Toward this end, we have lately groomed my servant Anu. You surely remember Anu. He has had a long service indeed. He was, and still is celebrated still in some circles as the father of Inlil, the ’creator’. Such an inspiration he was among humans that many civilizations throughout human history has used his story to manufacture numerous other gods of his derivative name.

Now, Anu is, even as I speak, putting the finishing touches on his long possessed human servant, George Henly, and as icing on the cake, so to say, Mr Henly has recruited two more humans, A recently married couple human named as Danielle ad Bill Meacham.
You will all be pleasantly surprised when the Spiritual names of these three humans are revealed.

Lucifer interjected….That’s quite enough for now, Doubt…. I do wish to soon talk further on your so-called plan for those few Spirits who are incarnating now…

That ‘small remainder’ you previously noted at the division of the Spirits. Those who forced us to depart our rightful place …. Why, one of them personally and even physically threw me, LUCIFER, out of the presence of all the Spirits. I have a Special treat waiting for that group….

to be continued….

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