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You Do Know Who/What "Controls" Donald J Trump, Don't You? - Many, Predominantly His Enemies, Have Already Figured It Out..And They Howl...

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Friday, 22-Nov-2019 20:10:15

Yes, indeed. President Trump does have 'controls'. We will discuss these later, but for now, lets take a quick look at some relatively recent history, and apply our own personal knowledge about human nature and it's effect on us all.

Most of us have an inherent want for more of life's physical pleasures, and those unspoken and sometimes evil pleasures have now become rights for many. Too little is said about what happens when life has become too full of these pleasures. What then?

What happens when these evil pleasures become known? How about when someone begins to make evil, innermost thoughts widely known?

With all their 'knowledge' experience, constructs and ideas, folks have attempted to figure 'it' out - Some have even had their self centered "Aha" moments, offering reams of data, and their interpretation of events to support their conclusions. Their collective wisdom include politicians, longtime government policy experts, academicians, wise media prognosticators, and of course many individuals, including those with malice aforethought.

They will eventually find that they were, are, and will be mistaken, because history will record that Donald John Trump is the greatest President to ever inhabit the White House.

Just as their collective wisdom denigrated him when he stood with 16 challengers, campaigning to become the nominee.

Just as when he defied all their predictions and emerged as the Republican candidate.

Just as when he overcame all the fake news, polls and trash talk from the followers of Hillary (the modern caricature of Jezebel) when he stood victorious on Election night.

Just as when the unthinkable happened and he took the oath of office on Jan 20, 2017.

And of what has followed, we see:

Organized attempts by the children of hell to destroy him with riots, more trash talk, and even predictions of assassination.

He has even since been analyzed, inspected and reviewed to find a weakness which may lead to his legal demise via impeachment.

Donald Trump does not envy wealth, because he has all he needs and wants.

Exotic sex does not tempt him, because he has always been around beautiful women, and has a "hot" wife which is all one of his age cares to attempt to handle.

Homosexuality and pedophilia is the worst form of dirt to him, and he has always held it in utter contempt.

None of their honey traps work against him.

The result is that the present evil has now met it's most feared person, and they are in total dismay, because the people have chosen him.

As the result the wrath is now directed toward the people.

President Trump is far from ignoring this, as is evident by his continual campaigning and meeting people with rallies., and continually encouraging them. The people are responding very favorably, much to the dismay of the status quo. He is, and will continue to grow as the man of the common people.

If you doubt, just read the comments following any political essay either pro or con, whether in print or online. To the dismay of the corrupt ones, Trump continues to win hearts and minds even those who voted for the Jezebel system.

Now, I know I promised you to reveal Donald Trump's "Control"
I will proceed to do so, but if you want to comprehend what I am saying, you must temper agnostic and atheist thoughts for just a moment, and look seriously at history of Israel's kings as revealed in the First Testament books of first and second Samuel.

The parallels are amazing when examined in the light of current events, but to get the proper mileage, you must know the difference between Biblical Israel and the modern conception of them. Such a treatment is impossible in this essay, but there is much online for you to absorb.

Suffice it to say for now, is that Israel is not Israel.

Samuel reveals that Saul was the first king of Israel. Much political and spiritual division of the people occurred under him. They strayed greatly from righteousness, and turned to corruption and evil. Many think, albeit in error, that he was succeeded by David. But, he was actually followed by his son, Ishboshe, a name with the equivalent meaning of "man of shame" in the Hebrew language.

During the latter days of Saul and the short rule of Ishboshe, the corruption of the people got so bad that God Intervened and had David anointed king by His Prophet. However, the corruption was so great that the 'cabal' succeeded at first in annulling this, by DIVIDING the people to choose between good and evil by pleasures of life, essentially. Nothing has changed.

During this time, David was driven away, hunted and attacked continually in attempts to take his life.

David was a man of great faith, and God thwarted all attempts and in many instances caused their own snares to engulf and destroy the perpetrators. King David and his accomplishments against all enemies foreign and domestic makes him the single greatest leader of all Israel. Not even under Moses, who was not a king was Israel given such rest.

The rest is history. David became and endures as the greatest king of Israel to this day, and ruled over a united Israel. He was the last one to do so.

In the beginning God had promised that Israel (know who Israel is by knowing who Jacob was) would become a great company of nations, and would dwell in the most physically blessed land on earth, and that he would provide for them.

Can you name lands that is more physically blessed than the USA and the western nations? I don't think so.

Well, long story short, Donald Trump Is God's choice to fulfill the 'David' role in HIS story. How do I know? Did you notice that Trump was inaugurated with the most prayers ever used at an inauguration? Did you notice when his wife opened the last campaign rally in Florida with the Lord's Prayer?

Did you witness the face of evil wince at this acknowledgement of God?

Have you noticed the wrath and anguish of the cabal at their every chance to whine? Well, take heart...

Because whether you are rooting for evil or God, you have not seen anything yet. Ishboshe is still in charge for yet a little while now, but David is gathering his warriors.

For the doubters, just watch and be amazed, for God is regathering His scattered sheep, and the evil will fall again.

Not for ever, but the evil will wish it to be so. Nontheless, Soon, I pray that it will be so, forever


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