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ANOTHER "AZTEC" DOOMSDAY? "Judgement will descend like a whirlwind" on 9 Jaguar...March 23, 2018

Posted By: FrancisDrake
Date: Friday, 22-Nov-2019 20:10:16

I changed the headline of this post, it used to read:
"JUDGEMENT DAY? Analyzing a huge li'l quake in New York night before last; today is same as Bolshevik Coup and 'Final Solution' in Maya Calendar"


Historic earthquake near Massena and Cornwall, New York, 11:59:13 p.m. CDT March 20, 2018:




It was the same epicenter as the historic quake of 11:39 p.m. CDT September 4, 1944, two days after future U.S. President George H.W. Bush's plane was shot down in the Pacific, and he narrowly avoided being killed and EATEN by Japanese officers, it recently emerged:

The implications of the timing and location of yesterday's newsworthy earthquake in upstate New York are "huge" I mean, and I did predict it in my post 23 hours before it happened:

Here, I will excerpt the whole section which ends up suggesting an earthquake might shake Vermont/New England at around 1:00 a.m. local time March 21, 2018 (The Maine quake shook Vermont at 1:04 a.m. EST March 21, 1904 and the New York quake shook Vermont at 12:59 a.m. EDT March 21, 2018)--

{start excerpt}

: Exactly one hundred years ago tonight at 9:35 p.m. CDT
: Wednesday March 20-21, 1918, the largest concerted
: artillery barrage in history began "Operation
: Michael" and the "Battle of St. Quentin",
: some 3,500,000 shells were fired.

: Exactly ten thousand days later, at 6:15 p.m. CDT Sunday
: August 5, 1945 the U.S. Navy dropped the Atomic Bomb over
: Hiroshima Japan.

: Fourteen years earlier (twice 7), Maine's largest earthquake
: shook New England at 1:04 a.m. EST March 21, 1904.

: Twice seven years plus seventy years (84 years) before that
: was Monday March 20, 1820.

: The 260-day count re-aligns with the 365.25-day year every 42
: or 84 years.

: Twice seventy years later a megaquake offshore Japan at 12:08
: p.m. Sunday March 20, 1960...that was 42 years after
: Operation Michael began.

: A major earthquake in Aachen, Germany--where Charlemagne
: reigned--5720 days ago, that is twice 11 times 260 days, it
: happened at 12:45 a.m. CDT Monday July 22, 2002.

: Seven times seven times seven times seven days ago, the
: biggest earthquake in more than a century struck Colorado
: at 12:46 a.m. CDT Tuesday August 23, 2011:

: At 12:51 p.m. that day, the largest Eastern U.S. earthquake in
: 67 years shook Washington D.C:

: The next day a major earthquake in Peru at 12:46 p.m. CDT.

: Sure enough a little earthquake north of Anchorage Alaska at
: 12:46 a.m. CDT just now (13 minutes ago).

{end excerpt}


Here is more information on the largest earthquake in Maine's history 1:04 a.m. EST Monday March 21, 1904, it shook Vermont and New York 84 years (118 times 260 days) after Joseph Smith of Vermont and New York claimed God and angels appeared to him in a "pillar of light" in the forest.

34,000 days after that Maine Quake, which was 22 times 7 times 420 days after the alleged "First Vision" of March 20, 1820, I had that dream experience of about 4:00 a.m. CDT Monday April 21, 1997 where it felt like Founding Fathers (and Mothers) were in the room, and a voice said "If the Lord God wishes to make someone President at four twenty then so be it!"

Three hours later, in real life, a megaquake in the Solomon Islands where future U.S. President John F. Kennedy was gravely injured by a Japanese warship colliding with his PT Boat August 2, 1943, the 7.7 earthquake happened at 7:02 a.m. CDT Monday April 21, 1997:

Specifically, that earthquake happened in the Santa Cruz Islands east of the Solomon Islands, a powerful quake also occurred tgere 1790 days earlier at 12:14 a.m. CDT May 27, 1992 (and I had a dream which revealed that 179 is a prophetic number, like 260 or the biblical 1260 and a third of 1260, 420).

And a megaquake in the Santa Cruz Islands at 2:42 p.m. CDT Thursday July 17, 1980 the day George H.W. Bush was announced as Ronald Reagan's Vice-Presidential choice (just after midnight Thursday July 17).

Naturally I was curious what would happen at 4:20 p.m. later in the day of April 21, 1997, and a swarm of little earthquakes began at "Pinnacles [National Park], California" at 3:51 p.m. with the largest at 4:20 p.m. CDT.

Twice 420 days after the dream, Vladimir Putin was suddenly elevated to the pinnacles of power in Russia, he was appointed Prime Minister on Monday August 9, 1999 which was July 27, 1999 in the Old Style Julian Calendar observed in Nostradamus' lifetime.

Nostradamus 10:72 says:

L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois;
Du ciel viendra vn grand Roy d'effrayeur;
Resusciter le grand Roy d'Angolmois;
Auant apres Mars regner par bon heur.

"Year 1999, seventh month;
There will come from the sky a great king of terror;
to resuscitate the great King of the Angolmois (anagram for "Mongolians")
Before and after, Mars will reign happily"

That Monday August 9, 1999 was twice 420 days after the "420 dream" of April 21, 1997...6300 days later (fifteen times 420) was Monday November 7, 2016 and Donald Trump was elected U.S. President the next day, which is 500 days ago today.

Today, Trump keeps a campaign promise to take on China, he is scheduled to sign a memorandum imposing punishing tariffs on China at 11:30 a.m. CDT today March 22, 2018:


Incidentally, the deadliest mid-air collision in history--over India--happened on today in the Mayan Calendar 260-day count, today is the 73rd day of the 260 cycle "Eight Reed" and so was Tuesday November 12, 1996, which is thirty times 260 days ago:
The collision happened at 8:10 a.m. CDT/EST, and at sixteen seconds before 12:00 p.m. noon CDT/EST that day, a major earthquake struck Nazca Peru where some theorize ancient "alien airports" are located:

Half 260 days ago was half 42 years after November 12, 1996 and a powerful earthquake on the Iran-Iraq border shook as far away as Israel at 1:18 p.m. CDT November 12, 2017 and another major earthquake in Costa Rica at 9:29 p.m. CDT that night, then Pinnacles California was shaken the next day at 2:31 p.m. CDT:

It was the biggest quake to shake Pinnacles California in more than six years, a swarm of quakes there in late August 2011 produced a magnitude 4.6 at 2:18 a.m. CDT August 27, 2011, which is 2400 days before tonight March 22-23, 2018.

One cycle of 260 days ago tonight, a strong earthquake in Western Montana shook several Western States, it happened at 1:30 a.m. CDT Thursday July 6, 2017 and was predicted in comments I texted to a relative the previous day. I pointed out that July 6, 2017 was the same in the 260-count as "the first two Kansas earthquakes listed" at a website about historic Kansas earthquakes, skip past the mention of the New Madrid Missouri earthquakes of 1811-1812 and there you have 'em, Kansas earthquakes (which also shook Missouri) on April 24, 1867 and November 8, 1875:
Both those quakes happened same as July 6, 2017 and tomorrow March 23, 2018 in the 260-count: Day 74 of the 260-day round, "Nine Jaguar".

For those who don't mind going deep way deep, the biblical Moses was born on "Nine Jaguar" Saturday January 23, 1535 B.C. he is 1,297,400 days old tomorrow Friday March 23, 2018, that is 4990260 days. Thrice 4990 days ago today at 2:07 p.m. EDT, the deadliest aviation accident in history, at Tenerife, Canary Islands Sunday March 27, 1983...forty years minus forty days after the Hindenburg disaster May 6, 1837 at 7:25 p.m. EST:

I had a dream in the first week of August 1989 which stated that the outbreak of war is symbolically similar to a plane crash and World War III comparable to"the world's worst plane crash"...

185 times 364 days ago tonight (259 times 260 days), against a midnight CST deadline Thursday night November 7-8, 1833 the so-called "Mormons" were forced out of Jackson County Missouri at gunpoint, since January 1831 they had been streaming into the county from New England because Joseph Smith said God told him the area was to be a "New Jerusalem" in the "last days":,_Missouri#Latter_Day_Saints

Today, an exodus "at gunpoint"? from Eastern Ghouta, Damascus, Syria:

180 times 364 days ago yesterday, on October 31, 1838 Joseph Smith surrendered to a 300-strong Missouri Militia and the militia leader Samuel Lucas ordered Smith shot by firing squad at dawn November 2, but a commanding officer Alexander Doniphan refused, saying, "It is cold-blooded murder; I will not obey..."

I successfully predicted a major earthquake last April 24, 2017 by going over these and related facts, pay attention if you want to see me maybe do it again:
THE POST AT 1:19 A.M. CDT APRIL 24, 2017
(suggested an earthquake around 4:20 p.m.)
(Click on that link and find yourself stared at, lol)

Incidentally a huge quake occurred north of Honduras and south of the Cayman Islands 260 days after that Valparaiso, Chile earthquake of April 24, 2017, it happened at 9:51 p.m. CDT Tuesday January 9, 2018:

That's the same time as occurred major earthquakes off the coast of Northern California at 9:50 p.m. CDT July 12, 1991 and 9:51 p.m. CDT June 14, 2005, and the time that I awakened from a tsunami dream at 9:50 p.m. CDT March 2, 2017, half 770 days ago tonight.

Anyway, upon Joseph Smith's assassination June 27, 1844, his following splintered somewhat, with most believers following Brigham Young to Utah. A group of Mormons in Indiana remained there and eventually claimed to be the "true" representation of the "Church of Christ" established by Joseph Smith April 6, 1830. On Saturday July 18, 1863, a farmer named Granville Hedrick was named President and "Revelator" of the group, and on April 24, 1864 he produced a revelation which "commanded" the group to return to Jackson County Missouri in 1867, they did so, crossing the Missouri river which borders Jackson County and its county seat of Independence, Missouri on the north, on Wednesday February 27, 1867...this was the first group of "Mormons" to enter Jackson County since November 7-8, 1833.

On Wednesday April 24, 1867 at about 3:30 p.m. CDT the largest earthquake in Kansas history, 2842 years (58 times 7 times 7) after ground was broken for Solomon's Temple Sunday April 24, 976 B.C.--,_Kansas_earthquake

"1867, April 24--The epicenter was located near Manhattan, Kansas. It was felt over an area of 300,000 square miles in Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and possibly Ohio. Several persons were injured, though not seriously. People rushed into the streets; buildings swayed; clocks stopped; animals were alarmed in the fields; a heavy wave about 2 feet high was observed in Kansas River at Manhattan; stones from buildings were loosened; the walls of many buildings cracked; windows and glassware were shaken; objects were thrown from shelves; a train stopped and the engineer and fireman got out, thinking the boiler was going to blow up. A low rumbling sound accompanied the vibrations. At different places there seemed to be either one or two ground waves. The shock, which occurred at about 2:45 P.M., lasted 10 to 30 seconds. Topeka, Manhattan, Lawrence, Junction City, Atchison, and Solomon, in Kansas; Omaha, Nebraska; St. Louis, Missouri, reported effects of the earthquake; and it may have been felt in Carthage, Ohio."

That earthquake in Kansas which shook Jackson County Missouri on the Kansas-Missouri border was 47 cycles (of 260 days each) after November 8, 1833; was 40 cycles after Joseph Smith was scheduled to be executed by firing squad November 2, 1838; was 212 cycles before tomorrow; and was 211 cycles before July 6, 2017 when the big earthquake in Western Montana shook northern Utah...
(That report is erroneous...the 2017 quake was the largest thereabouts in 41 years, not 20 years)
Full coverage:
Hm, this report says it was the most powerful earthquake west of the Continental Divide in Montana's history!

...and the April 24, 1867 Kansas quake was 3120 days, or twelve cycles of 260 days each, before this earthquake which also shook western Missouri, this earthquake occurred 52,000 days ago tonight, or 200 cycles before 4:45 a.m. CST March 23, 2018:

"1875, November 8--The epicenter was near Valley Falls, Kansas, and the earthquake was felt over an area of about 8,000 square miles. Dishes rattled; windows shook; people were awakened; some buildings rocked or quivered; the shock was felt in the Capitol at Topeka. Two shocks, which lasted about one minute each, were felt in Lawrence, Kansas, between 4:30 and 5:00 a.m. The earthquake was also felt in Leavenworth, Manhattan, and Burlingame, Kansas, and in western Missouri."

Again, the "Mayan Calendar" 260-day count re-aligns with the 365.25-day year every 42 years, that Kansas-Missouri earthquake happened 42 years after Mormons were expelled from Jackson County Missouri where they were attempting "Christian Communalism"...and 42 years before the Bolshevik Coup/Revolution of November 7-8, 1917.

Today is the same in the 260-day count as November 7, 1917 when the Bolshevik Coup began in St. Petersburg, it was 141 cycles ago, or 347260 days ago.

--And SEVEN YEARS after that Kansas earthquake of early November 8, 1875, occurred the largest earthquake in Colorado's history, magnitude 6.6 north of Denver late November 7, 1882, it was felt in Utah and Kansas:

The largest earthquake in Kansas' instrumentally-recorded history was a magnitude 4.9 at 4:40 p.m. CDT Wednesday November 12, 2014, south of Wichita near the Oklahoma border.

As if to underscore the significance of that day, another Kansas earthquake struck on the border of Missouri that night at 10:34 p.m. CDT:
That is an extremely unusual location for an earthquake, the Kansas-Missouri border, one happened 15.5 years earlier on May 13, 1999:

Meanwhile, historic earthquakes in Montana at 5:33 p.m. CDT Tuesday November 11, 2014 and at 11:59:48 p.m. MST (local time) Friday November 14, 2014:

22 years before the Mormon experiment in Utopianism in Jackson County was crushed, the U.S. government crushed a Native American experiment in "Pan-Indian Communalism" in western Indiana, burning to the ground on November 7, 1811 "Prophetstown" which had been established by Tecumseh and his brother "The Prophet" Tenskwatawa just three years earlier.

Ironically Tenskwatawa eventually moved to Kansas City Kansas, less than a mile from Jackson County Missouri, and his grave is there today.

I saw at the library many years ago a book which said the Great New Madrid Earthquake happened as the result of a "curse" Tenskwatawa placed on the U.S. goverment and on the U.S. Presidency as a consequence of the annihilation of Prophetstown. The New Madrid Missouri megaquake did happen an even 40 days after November 6, 1811, see the Wikipedia articles for what happened on that eve of Prophetstown's destruction.

The "curse" allegedly is why starting with Prophetstown's destroyer William Henry Harrison's Presidency cut short with him dying in office just a month after inauguration in 1840, every president elected on a 20-year cycle since then, has died in office...until Reagan, who was elected in 1980, apparently "broke" the curse but not before being shot March 30, 1981.

And what's that about the 'Final Solution' in the Title of this post? Well, 107 cycles of 260 days each ago was Tuesday January 20, 1942 and on that day 15 high-ranking Nazi Germans met and reportedly decided to incarcerate and enslave and kill Jews as a 'final solution' to the so-called "Jewish Question".
"The SS envisioned that some 11 million Jews, some of them not living on German-controlled territory, would be eradicated as part of the Nazi program."

Tuesday January 20, 1942 was 105 times 260 or 75 times 364 days after Tuesday November 1, 1838 when a Missouri militia leader announced a "final solution" for the "Mormon Question" which was to have its leader shot, but another militia leader refused the order. The previous Saturday October 27, 1838 the Governor of Missouri signed off on an order calling for all Mormons to be expelled from the state or exterminated, an order that was only formally rescinded 137 years later:

The Great New Madrid earthquake of December 16, 1811 happened at 2:15 a.m. local time (CST) or 3:15 a.m. CDT/EST.

I have frequently pointed out that a major quake shook Jerusalem at 3:15 a.m. EST Wednesday February 11,2004 which is 70,000 days and six months after 3:15 a.m. Monday December 16, 1811...

..but I have forgotten to mention the extremely unusual little earthquake which struck near Atchison Kansas right across the border with northwest Missouri at 3:15 a.m. EST Friday March 23, 2007...eleven years ago tonight.
"March 23, 2007: A 3.1 magnitude earthquake struck 15 miles west southwest of Atchison. It was felt at Atchison and Norton."
That earthquake occurred 71,320 days to the minute after 3:15 a.m. December 16, 1811.

Exactly sixty thousand days (60,000) after the Great New Madrid Earthquake, two historic quakes struck the New Madrid fault in northeast Arkansas on March 24, 1976 at 7:41 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. CDT.
"A Magnitude 5.0 earthquake occurred in Poinsett County, Arkansas, at the southern end of the New Madrid Seismic Zone, on March 24, 1976. It was felt over 174,000 square miles and caused power outages, downed telephone lines, broken windows, and roof damage."

48 hours from tonight will be 42 years since those quakes and sure enough Saturday March 24, 2018 is the same in the 260-day count as Thursday March 24, 1976.

Speaking of 48 hours, the September 25, 1989 dream alerted me to a 48-hour period sometimes between an "omen" and that which is presaged. For example the New York earthquake at one minute before midnight CDT March 20, 2018 may presage a development tonight at 11:59 p.m. CDT, or at least a "deadline" known in the spirit world comes and goes then.

I forgot until just now, yesterday morning was 28 years (47) since the "blood-red arrow at midnight" dream, in the...well here is a partial description from a post last November:

"And three-and-a-half years before the Klamath Oregon earthquakes of September 20-21, 1993 I had a dream on Wednesday 21 March 1990 that I was in Oregon and saw a map of North America and a blood-red arrow sliding stealthily from the far northwest to the Great Lakes region and illuminating a clock which showed the time 11:55. Seven years later, two earthquakes in Oregon at 11:55 p.m. CST and 12:05 a.m. CST:
And "

(And also seven years after the dream, Chinese warships docked in San Diego for an unprecedented 'good-will visit' and Reuters reports the sailors disembarked starting at '9:55 a.m.' (11:55 a.m. CST) Friday March 21, 1997.)

Three weeks after that dream on the morning of Wednesday March 21, 1990 a brief power outage in the center of the large Midwestern city I lived in at the time caused clocks to stop at the time 11:55 p.m. (Wednesday April 11, 1990), what a trip!

And last but not least, Sunday March 23, 31 A.D. is ancient Equinoctal New Year's Day, when Jesus stormed the Temple, overturned the moneychangers' tables and quoted Isaiah 56:7 and Jeremiah 7:11 "My House is meant to be a house of prayer [communication with the other side] for all nations and you have made it a den of robbers!"
That night the thirty pieces of silver reward was issued and 48 hours later Jesus was arrested, tried, sentenced and executed.

1812.5 times 364 days (2537.5 times 260) after Sunday March 23, 31 A.D. is Sunday July 23, 1837, and Jesus allegedly told Joseph Smith in a revelation that day:

"Verily, verily, I say unto you, darkness covereth the earth, and gross darkness the minds of the people, and all flesh has become corrupt before my face.

"Behold, vengeance cometh speedily upon the inhabitants of the earth, a day of wrath, a day of burning, a day of desolation, of weeping, of mourning, and of lamentation; and as a whirlwind it shall come upon all the face of the earth, saith the Lord.

"And upon my house shall it begin, and from my house shall it go forth, saith the Lord;

"First among those among you, saith the Lord, who have professed to know my name and have not known me, and have blasphemed against me in the midst of my house, saith the Lord.

"Therefore, see to it that ye trouble not yourselves concerning the affairs of my church in this place, saith the Lord.

"But purify your hearts before me; and then go ye into all the world, and preach my gospel unto every creature who has not received it..."

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