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While we wait for new Q posts: Reader sends long commentary on Q-anon

Posted By: MrFusion
Date: Friday, 22-Nov-2019 20:10:16

Sent by a reader:
Does Everyone understand what Q is doing for us?

Q is systematically deprogramming brainwashed Americans.

Anyone question that lame stream media is just lies, falsehoods, cover-ups of the truth, just plain pure propaganda?

Anyone question that lame stream media AND schools keep repeating the same lies and falsehoods and omitting key facts in order to BRAINWASH EVERYONE?

Brainwashing is the opposite of "critical thinking".

Q understands how deeply we have been deceived and brainwashed.
Q is helping us to deprogram from the brainwashing and helping us to learn to think critically again. A forbidden subject in Common Core education programs.

The criminal elite want dumbed down brainwashed robot slaves, not people capable of thinking critically and questioning everything they are "told".

As we get deprogrammed, we help others to get deprogrammed too.
Some have been deprogrammed in some areas, but not in others. Q says where we go one, we go all. We all need to have the gaps in our understanding of the TRUTH and REALITY filled in, so we are all on the same playing field.

Deprogramming is a delicate process, IT TAKES TIME and everyone follows a slightly different path to their "re-awakened self", I think we should nurture this process.

So Q takes some time off between posts I think for 2 reasons: 1) no doubt Q is super busy, and 2) Q realizing he/she is deprogramming millions of Millennials, there are deliberate pauses between posts to allow these newbies to process (digest)the latest UGLY Truth.

The last BOMB SHELL Ugly Truth from Q was that Angela Merkel was Nazi Hitler's Daughter (or niece). I've known about this for years. But this is BIG NEWS for newbies, just starting down the ReAwakening Trail. And I recall that Q mentioned a concern that they went too deep too fast. I didnít think so, but Iím not a Millennial newbie hearing all this stuff for the first time.

I believe Q sent us in this (Nazi) direction for research and community discussion to enlighten everyone further about our "elected" leaders. How the people "think" they have elected leaders, when in fact they have leaders appointed for them.

Merkel being a Nazi leads directly to the Bushes being Nazis.
So We The People ELECTED two NAZI's to be President of the United States. And We The People thought WE won 2nd World War.

This is how much we have been deceived.

These are important points.

We need to question everything we once assumed as fact.

We are being UNbrainwashed.

I recall when I first read the Wikileaks Podesta Emails regarding spirit cooking and child trafficking/slavery. I wanted to vomit! It was too horrible take in. Too unbelievable. I had to take time off for a while to digest that one. But a year and a half later I'm ok, not happy, but no longer wandering around in shock. I knew our leaders were EVIL, I just didn't realize HOW EVIL.

I remember being in SHOCK for MONTHS after realizing the TRUTH about the Federal Reserve/Fiat Currency/Resulting in Criminal TAXES to rob us! I don't know if I could have taken any more UGLY TRUTHS right after that.

Now put yourself in the shoes of the very young dumbed down in schools Millennials. Yep, they are going to need a breather after each horrible revelation, to allow time for things to sink in, and for them to do their own research.

Lastly, according one source that gets posted on RumorMillNews regularly, RV Intelligence Reports, Trump Team have been super busy! 6,000 arrests have been made since Saturday March 10, 2018:

IF these reports are true, Trump Team are pretty busy.
Personally, I would rather they get at it, and drain the swamp, get rid of the Federal Reserve, rather than drop Q hints of stuff I already know. But I am not a newbie Truther.

All of this kind of reminds me of the old film "The Time Machine", where the main character goes way into the future and finds super dumbed down "serfs". He goes back to his own time, to tell his friends who marvel at what he has discovered. But he is determined to go back and ENLIGHTEN these dumbed down people, to help change their worlds for the better.

Oh, I was just watching the following trailer and I remembered something about this film, the the dumbed down serfs are FOOD for their MASTERS! Anyone see a recurring theme here??? (spirit cooking?)

HOW TO UNBRAINWASH SOMEONE (the steps involved):



OK, first of all these guys WERE ARRESTED. That is why they wear GPS monitors, and every move they make is carefully monitored, and they probably have to get permission to fly here and there before they go because their Visas are FLAGGED. But if they don't, they are still monitored. Hellary's body guards which were once there to protect her, are now her jailers.

Second of all, we did not SEE them being taken to prison yet, because doing so invariably will cause civil unrest or at least disturbances. Trump Team are trying to avoid unnecessary bloodshed. Remember this is a coordinated take-down the GLOBAL Elite, the USA being just one part of the evil spiderweb.

Thirdly, you need to appreciate that the EVIL runs so deep, that to extract all the evil doers all at once, might cause a collapse in our government, and our economy. Who wants that?

The 18,500 sealed indictments are our EVIDENCE that the work is going on. The two Executive Orders, one on Dec 21 and the other on March 1, are EVIDENCE that the work is going on, the preparations are being made to bring these criminals to justice.

Q indicated that the criminal elite are now running around the world to access all the stolen funds they hid in various countries. Q also said they know everything, and are tracking their every movement. So my personal hunch is that these criminals are being left on a leash to go and sniff out and locate all of their hidden treasures they STOLE from We The People, so Trump Team can then swoop in and confiscate those too. By the time they get finished with this exercise, who knows, perhaps our National Deficit will be wiped out!

We need to remember that the White Hats in the military and Intelligence agencies began working on this plan, over 10 years ago, probably right after 911 false flag attack killing innocent Americans. They have had YEARS to craft the best plan, and to hone it, to orchestrate a bloodless revolution to get our Republic back again.

Suffice to say, to do all this without starting a global war, or civil unrest, or crashing the economy requires A LOT of DUCKS to be in a row at the same time.
~~~~~ end of reader comments ~~~~~

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