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RED ALERT March 11? I agree, it is a spectacular day in the various time cycles...

Posted By: FrancisDrake
Date: Friday, 22-Nov-2019 20:10:16

Thanks in part to this posting by Hobie here at RMN, the rumor is circulating that "Red Alert! The Game is on, March 11", specifically a rumor that some very high-level arrests are to be made beginning Sunday March 11, 2018:

Well now I don't claim to know that's indeed what will happen tomorrow but I do claim to know tomorrow is a "red-letter day" in that an extraordinary number of prophetic time cycles "highlight" it, and...I had a dream four days ago which mentioned this "upcoming March 11" is a sort of "payday" for "watchmen" (or women) or rather, a day on which "our ship comes in."

It is 16.5 years (half 33) since 9/11/2001, and I had a dream at about 10:30 a.m. EST September 10, 2001 in which a voice said "all current arrangements are about to be changed completely". Maybe that prophecy somehow applies to March 11, 2018, as it did September 11, 2001.

33 years ago, Mikhail Gorbachev was elevated to supreme power in the Soviet Union:

"Andropov died in 1984, and indicated that he wanted Gorbachev to succeed him as general secretary. Instead, the aged Konstantin Chernenko took power, even though he himself was terminally ill. After Chernenko's death the following year, it became clear to the party hierarchy that younger leadership was needed. Gorbachev was elected general secretary by the Politburo on 11 March 1985, only three hours after Chernenko's death. Upon his accession at age 54, he was the youngest member of the Politburo. He was also the first person to be elected party leader after having initially failed in a previous bid for the post."

Here's some relevant breaking news:

Notice the recurrence of the time 12:46 EST for several of these earthquakes:

The most powerful earthquake ever recorded took place 58 times 364 days before Sunday March 11, 2018, at 2:11 p.m. EST Sunday May 22, 1960.

148 times 364 days before Sunday March 11, 2018, Italian troops loyal to the King of Italy began an invasion of the Papal States on Sunday September 11, 1870, capturing Rome from the Pope's control on September 20, 1870.

17 times 364 days ago tonight (41364 after Sunday May 22, 1960, a Chinese Air Force jet intercepted and collided with a U.S. Navy Spy plane Sunday April 1, 2001.

Four times 4680 days (413360=418260) after the magnitude 9.6 Chile quake of May 1960, the most powerful Eastern U.S. earthquake in 67 years shook Washington D.C. and caused $34 million in damage to the Washington Monument, 1:51 p.m. EDT Tuesday August 23, 2011.

The night before (2392 days ago tonight, or a prophetic 23104 days) the largest Colorado earthquake in more than a century struck near Trinidad, at 12:46 a.m. EST August 23, 2011:

A day later, a powerful temblor in Peru, at 12:46 p.m. EST Wednesday August 24, 2011:

That Peru quake was seventy times 360 days plus 48 hours after a more powerful magnitude 8.1 earthquake struck Peru at 5:51 p.m. EST Monday August 24, 1942 which was 260 days after Sunday December 7, 1941.

And at 6:22 p.m. EST Sunday August 24, 2014, yet another major earthquake in Peru:

The fourth most powerful earthquake ever recorded struck offshore Japan at 12:46 a.m. EST Friday March 11, 2011...SEVEN YEARS before Sunday March 11, 2018 (tonight).ōhoku_earthquake_and_tsunami

SEVEN YEARS before that, the Madrid Spain terror bombings Thursday March 11, 2004:
Oddly, that was the same day in the 260-day count as when the USS Maine mysteriously exploded in Havana Harbor February 15, 1898, 149 cycles separate the two dates and both dates are the 149th day of the 260-day count, "Six Water".

SEVEN YEARS before that, I had a dream Sunday March 9, 1997 which showed a newspaper headline at the top of a front page, it said: NOT ONE BUT TWO EARTHQUAKES STRIKE SAN FRANCISCO.

Two days later it was widely reported that two earthquakes jolted San Francisco, "setting off car alarms and rattling windows" at 1:30 a.m. and 1:34 a.m. EST Tuesday March 11, 1997. Four-and-half years later two earthquakes were caused by the fall of the WTC Twin Towers at 8:59 a.m. and 9:29 a.m. EST Tuesday September 11, 2001.

SEVEN YEARS earlier, in the evening of Sunday March 11, 1990, the Soviet Union began to break up with the secession of Lithuania.

SEVEN YEARS earlier a strong earthquake in the Banda Sea at 8:37 p.m. EST Friday March 11, 1983.
No big deal really but what happened three times 260 days before then was a big deal: Reagan was inaugurated President of the U.S. and the 52 American hostages in Iran were released Tuesday January 20, 1981...and 3640 DAYS (14260) after Friday March 11, 1983 is none other than Friday February 26, 1993, when the first terrorist bombing of the World Trade Center occurred!
And had the attack occurred one day earlier....February 25, 1993 is twelve times 260 days before September 11, 2001.

This is evocative of the fact that the Federal raid on the Branch Davidian church in Waco, Texas February 28, 1993 was the same "Seven Lord" in the 260-day cycle as April 19, 1995 (three cycles later) when the Federal Building in Oklahoma City was blown up in retaliation for the raid and siege of and deadly destruction of the Branch Davidian headquarters building.

Anyway, SEVEN YEARS before March 11, 1983 occurred the largest Rhode Island earthquake in history, at 3:29 a.m. Thursday March 11, 1976. That was day 62/260 "Ten Wind", same as March 12, 1934 in the 260-count, when the largest Utah quake in history occurred.
"The largest historical earthquake in Rhode Island. Plaster cracked at Rogers, Connecticut; a lamp fell from a table at Newport, Rhode Island; amd snow was knocked off a roof at Westport, Massachusetts. Felt from Oakland, Rhode Island, south to Newport and from Somerset, Massachusetts, south to New Bedford and Westport."

Which website "Today in Earthquake History" reminds me of the catastrophic Los Angeles-region quake of 8:54 p.m. EST Friday March 10, 1933 (1:54 a.m. GMT March 11).
"This earthquake caused serious damage to weak masonry structures on land fill from Los Angeles south to Laguna Beach. Property damage was estimated at $40 million, and 115 people were killed."


Tomorrow March 11, 2018 is "Ten Wind" or "Ten Spirit" in the ancient "Maya" Calendar 260-day count, it is the 62nd of those 260 days, just as "March 11, 2018" is the 70th day of the 365.25-day year.

Watchmen are both commissioned and commended in a prophecy Ezekiel recorded on Monday March 11, 585 B.C. (Ezekiel 32:17 thru 33:20) First he sees that the demonic prince known affectionately as "Pharaoh" takes comfort in the fact that hordes of souls are reaped by him, all are "uncircumcised" which spiritually means they are insensensitive or "deaf" to God and and his ways. Then the message begins about how if a watchman sees "a sword" is coming upon the land, he is supposed to warn the whole nation, otherwise the blood of the slain be on his head. If he warns the nation and is ignored or ridiculed, the blood be upon THEIR head. Then God repeats over and over again that if the "wicked" turn from their ways and pursue righteousness, they are forgiven, whereas if the righteous turn from their ways and pursue wickedness, they are not forgiven.

Interestingly, Jesus was crucified Wednesday March 26, 31 A.D., 48 times 4680 days (=13360 = 18260) after Sunday March 10, 585 B.C. and "visited hell" as a conquering purchaser of souls on Thursday March 27, 31 A.D. which is 48 times 4680 days after March 11, 585 B.C.

2595 times 364 days (3633260) after Jerusalem fell to besieging Chaldeans Tuesday July 11, 586 B.C. was Tuesday September 11, 2001 A.D. when the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were destroyed. Both the ancient and modern date were day "Four Earthquake" the "doomsday" portrayed at the center of the Aztec Calendar stone. And is that the image of two towers "caving in"?

Anyway, 2595 times 364 days after Monday March 11, 585 B.C. is Monday May 13, 2002 and at the stroke of midnight CDT ending that day, an historic earthquake in the San Francisco Bay Area shook Watsonville and Gilroy and nearby San Juan Bautista, California.

That was 61 times 260 days after Krishna Venta was killed December 10, 1958 and the John Birch Society was organized December 9, 1958 and a magnitude 4.7 earthquake shook the San Francisco Area at 1:52 a.m. PST December 11, 1958.

Monday night May 13-14, 2002 was 1262300 days (971 times 5 times 260) after Thursday night April 21-22, 1455 B.C. when the 'Destroying Angel' passed through Egypt and many a firstborn died. That was 1268080 days ago tonight, or 2882 times 440 days.

Yesterday the Dow closed up 440.53 points at 25,335.74, the numbers 25 and 74 are highlighted and Sunday evening March 11, 2018 happens to be 2574 times 360 days since the vision and prophecies of Zechariah Chapters 1-6 were received starting Saturday night February 19, 520 B.C.

2574 is 26 short of 2600, March 11, 2018 is the same in the 260 count AND the 360 count as February 19, 520 B.C. What this means is that something prophesied in the Book of Zechariah will probably happen tomorrow. The second half of the Book of Zechariah was received Saturday night November 11-12, 519 B.C. which was not coincidentally 630 days (half 1260) after Saturday night February 19-20, 520 B.C. and 2460 times 260 days after Nov. 11, 519 B.C was Saturday 6/30/1934 when the Nazi German "Night of the Long Knives" purge began. And a cruel purge is predicted:

Hm, that passage describes a flock being tended by two staffs in the hand of a shepherd, one called "Grace" and the other called "Binders" or "Union"...24,420 days before that prophecy was written, another cryptic mention of two "sticks" was provided Ezekiel on Tuesday January 2, 585 B.C.

858,000 days (3300 times 260) after Zechariah's first visions/prophecies were received late February 19, 520 B.C., a so-called "Church of Christ" was organized in upstate New York (near Rochester) on Tuesday April 6, 1830. Later, the "Mormons" as they soon came to be called because they believed the "Book of Mormon", changed the name of the church to "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints", headquartered today in Utah.

Two great "Aztec" cycles of 52365 days after April 6, 1830 is Monday March 12, 1934 and in that day happened the most powerful earthquake in Utah's history, it caused springs of fresh water to bubble up in desert-like wilderness, great symbolism!



"Reports from western parts of the county indicate that the earthquake was responsible for many curious things:
"A dry well at Cosmo, drilled fifteen years ago in a vain effort to reach water, became an active flowing well Monday.
"The flows of the springs at Locomotive were entirely shut off during the disturbance for about thirty minutes. "Coming back slowly, the waters were a brilliant red in color.
"In the vicinity of Cosmo and Monument, fissures and holes were made in the earth, water gushing from many of them. About forty new springs appeared."
[Box Elder Journal; March 13, 1934]

Trapper Is Thrown From Boxcar Cabin; Horse Knocked Down

LOGAN, March 15--The startling story of an eye witness told him of the earthquake at Hansel Valley Monday was the feature of an investigation by Prof. Reed Bailey, geologist of the Utah State Agricultural college, Tuesday, and retold by him in Logan, on Wednesday.
The story was told by Earl Croft, a trapper who has an old boxcar rigged up as a cabin in the center of the earthquake zone about half-way between Salt Wells and Kosmo.
"I was in my cabin when the first shock was felt at about 8 o'clock," he told Professor Bailey. I ran to the doorway, and was thrown out. From my knees, I watched my car--an old touring car--roll back and forth over the rough ground as the earth rocked. It was impossible to get to my feet."
Croft was caught between the two main fissures created by the most severe shock recorded at 11:20 a.m., and told this story:
"I was kneeling on the ground setting a trap, when suddenly I felt another shock. Again I tried to rise, but was thrown violently to the ground. On both sides of me, to the east and west, water spouted out of cracks in the ground. I thought my minutes were numbered; but then, just as suddenly as they started, the shocks ceased, and the water stopped except for bubbling springs which brought black sand to the surface, forming small craters or cones."
A sheepherder in the district told Professor Bailey that so violent were the shocks that they threw his horse to the ground.
According to Professor Bailey, three fissures are plainly visible. The three, about a half mile apart, run almost parallel over a plateau marking the southwestern tip of Hansel valley, then down onto the alkaline and salt beds and to the shore of the Great Salt Lake. They extend nearly four miles in length.
[Box Elder Journal; March 16, 1934]

Schools Dismissed As Second Shock Follows

The City and County building was ordered evacuated of all persons this afternoon. Courts and all city and county offices were closed until further notice. The statue on top of the building was shaken nearly a foot out of line by this morning's temblors.
The severest earthquake in Utah's history jarred the northern half of the state starting today at 8:06:45 a.m. It continued severe until 8:08 but continuous rumblings were registered on Pacific coast seismographs for 33 minutes.
A second shock, almost as severe as the first, was felt at 11:21 a.m.
Following the second shock all city schools were ordered evacuated and closed until further notice. Most of the buildings were emptied quietly but at South high a semi-panic resulted. Several girls fainted and a number of students became ill from fright.
One death and one injury were directly attributed to the earthquakes.
According to Dr. Frederick J. Pack, head of the University of Utah department of geology, the quake was centered at Kelton, Utah, at the head of Great Salt Lake, 100 miles northwest of here. It was caused, Dr. Pack believes, by a shift in the Basin range fault. The shocks will continue throughout the day, he predicted.
The death attributed to the shock occurred at Ogden. Ida May Venable Atkinson, 21, wife of Grant Atkinson, was ill in bed when the first quake hit. She sat up and called to relatives:
"Why are you shaking my bed?"
Woman Falls Dead
Informed that it was an earthquake, Mrs. Atkinson fell back dead...
[Deseret News; March 12, 1934]


The Maya Calendar 260-count re-aligns with the 365.25-day year every 42 and 84 years, sometimes give or take a day. FOR EXAMPLE, Sunday March 11, 2018 is the same "Ten Wind" as Monday March 12, 1934, and therefore the same "Ten Wind" as April 6, 1830 and February 19, 520 B.C.

As mentioned, April 6, 1830 is 100 times 8580 days (33260) since February 19, 520 B.C. and March 11, 2018 is a further 8 times 8580 days after April 6, 1830.

And....late on "Ten Wind" 62/260 Friday August 31, 591 B.C., Ezekiel was taken to Jerusalem in an out-of-body experience to witness the devil-worship taking place in the Jewish Temple on a Sabbath eve, then he witnessed angels marking the foreheads of whomever mourned governmental, religious or socital corruption with the Mark of God" (Hebrew letter Tau, or Omega) and then "slew" those without the mark...then Ezekiel saw God's presence depart the Temple where it had rested since Solomon's dedicatory prayer on or about October 10, 969 B.C. God reportedly departed the Temple early on Saturday September 1, 591 B.C.

Exactly seventy years later, late on September 1, 521 B.C., God spoke to Haggai in Jerusalem and urged the Jews to build another Temple, which they did, dedicating it on Sunday March 15, 516 B.C. which happens to be 500,000 days after Wednesday April 1, 1885 B.C. when 70-year-old Abraham covenanted with God. Also, Jesus was born twice 260 times 360 days after the Second Temple was dedicated, meaning that Jesus and the Temple he taught in, were born on the same day in the 260-count. Twice 360 times 365 days after Jesus was born late Friday September 26, 4 B.C. the Holy Grail saga began with Jesus appearing to an anonymous monk early Good Friday April 6, 717 A.D. and presenting a small book he asked the monk to copy down.

Anyway, Zechariah's first visions late February 19, 520 B.C. took place 25,740 days (99260) after Ezekiel's vision of God departing the Temple. Gee whiz, there's that 25 and 74... again. To repeat: The main American Stock Market closed Friday March 9, 2018 at 25,335.74... Sunday March 11, 2018 is 36 times 25,740 days (=3602574 days) since February 19, 520 B.C. which itself was 25,740 days since August 31, 591 B.C.

940,940 days (2585364) after Ezekiel saw God depart the Temple, a powerful earthquake struck Taiwan at 4:20 p.m. EST Friday November 14, 1986:
That was 11440 days before Sunday March 18, 2018 (44260).

Another even stronger quake in China at 4:26 a.m. EST November 14, 2001, the strongest China earthquake in 50 years:

I wondered if an earthquake would happen at 4:20 p.m. CST today March 10, 2018 because it is 3760 days since a certain earthquake in Israel at 4:20 p.m. CST November 23, 2007, and a "felt" earthquake did happen southeast of San Diego and Tijuana at that time:

These two jolts in Pinnacles National Park in California are interesting...

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