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Knock Knock…The Sandman…21st Century Oberon…

Posted By: Valiant
Date: Friday, 22-Nov-2019 20:10:16

The Quiet retreat into dreams
In the night should be an unspoken
Bliss…A collapse of the day’s struggles
To wash meaning and stress away.
Escape to a surreal mystery…
To mean nothing? A Forgiving recovery
To Forget…So that the Dawn of
The Next Day can be new…

But Night and its Dreams are
Mysterious…Full of blatant and

Riddlesome meanings…The body renews,
But the mind never sleeps and
Compels thinking…Dream Traveler…
Sandman…Tell me, give me a dream
That inspires, and shows me what
I need to know…
And I will think about it later,
Of course…constantly.
And in the dark, and in the haze
Trying to fall asleep into an ether…
Sometimes…This invasive voice and
Commanding presence comes…
There are no ear plugs in a dream!

Somewhere unknown and hidden,
A light shines…and a box opens.
Then the voice…He is strong, powerful,
His voice is like Thunder, undeniable…
You can’t help but to listen.

“Ah, Again…Here I am.” He says, this
Ghost-like Statue of a perfect man
As he sits in the light of a mysterious
Place. “Make no mistake, this is
Not an open door, nor invitation…it is
Only a window…And so, an opportunity.
Take it simply as that…
“Guiding Words…They must be riddlesome,
Incomplete…a mystery to think on. It
Has to be this way. Indirect, so as
Not to be too obvious…

Dream it…For a Mind to Explore…
It means nothing but the words on a
Page…but can impose so much,
Save everything. It is exactly as it is.”

“Says he,” She says, his beautiful
Companion with the golden hair in her
Red dress as she sits beside him smiling.
“Ah, the…21st Century Oberon…That
Is the correct name of this time, isn’t

He nods. “If measure matters now,
And it does.” He answers her. “Then
It is…Timing means everything
You know…” A smirk on his face.
But then how can I, who am I to
Say…this…Such Analytical Supernatural
Creatures all sit upon a vessel in
Some aspect outside and above.”

She rolls her eyes at him, then
Smiles amused. “He is preoccupied
With that consideration…so much
For his higher post…the Watcher
With an adolescent’s bruise…So sad,
Poor Oberon…Perhaps write him
A poem about something sweet…Or
Deliver a conundrum of criticism.
I preferred the name Idiot better.”
A pause. That was comical. He turns to
Her forcing a grin. “May I continue now,
Or should I save the meaning here
For your taunts on me?”

“That would be too easy. She waved her
Hand at him still smiling. “Just continue
On…I’m just an observer this moment.
I want to see what fascination you
Intend to impart.” She leaned forward.
“If this is brief, it will be an entirely
Pleasant surprise.”

His grin was sincere, there was respect
Between them; silent of course. He leaned
Forward to seem more imposing with his
Chiseled features and eyes that seemed
To glow like silver moons in the light.
“Take this message I offer you
Now…see it as you wish, but believe
In its sincere intentions…

We have watched and observed…
Our duty…but with hope…
If words can offer magic then
Seize these…
Remember wishes and Dreams,
Remember History…with all its
Tragic truths and forgotten aspirations…
Dreams never die, even those that
Held them once in a life long ago that
Never saw them breathe or manifest.
Dreams have power…
A mystery enchanted by sleep…
Or toyed with secretly when the
Eyes are awake to a world that
Seems unforgiving…

Believe…Believe despite shortcomings,
Believe…Despite the walls and obstacles
Of Reality…Believe…
Chances have been given, better offered
Now than before, though the Blind
Refuse to see them…

There is power…In the Universe there
Is a power sincere and true of Light…
And it does call to those that listen…
Believe…For those that hold bravely
To it…will find what they are looking

But know this…Upon you is a
Dark Hour…And it has not been
Thrust upon you by your Leaders,
It is a turmoil brought on by time…
Planetary changes…A course of
Nature that ALL worlds must abide.
It isn’t easy, it is awful and
Tragic even in the best places
In Space…All worlds have their
Struggles, and cope with them.

But to condemn Leaders…a handful,
Amid millions…There is no individual
To Point to in Dark Hours…
Dark Forces…Yes…
But the Greatest Power lay within
The masses…And those rare few
Who inspire, despite the odds…

Only a world of idiots would cry ignorance
When a Dark Hour descends…
Blame the Anarchist that wears the
False Mask of Peace…
And Treasure those that give reason
To live…To go on…and chase a
Dream…Even when the odds are
Grim…for with them is the Favor
Of the Future…

The Dark Hour is Cruel, so often
Unkind…but the Relentless and
Brave and True of Heart keep going…
The Best are made in such times,
Their struggles they turn to hope
And build…The Best are not held
Back by senseless limits, they always
Find a way…
Were Civilizations built by laws?
No, they were built by struggles
And strength in vision, by Dreams
That persist.
Laws came later, when confusion
And opposition resisted sense…

The Masses begged for guidance
And inspiration from the strongest…
Then resented them when they
Did not receive what they wanted…
They always wanted one to blame,
To spare the conscience of those
Who could not have their own way…

The corruption was always in the
Masses, and blindness to their
Own shortcomings forged the chaos
That kept growing…

If there is but one Truth to Pursue
In the Darkest Hours, it is not to
Blame those that they compelled to
Lead them, but in those who refused
To get along on their own…
So, find a way…
IF there are conveniences, embrace
Them…Make the Magic happen
They waited for to Inspire Survival,
To inspire Unity and Understanding…

Make them Believe in Magic…
By those that waited and have been
Devoted…They have always been
The strongest…in their enchanting
Arts and relentless passions…
For Passion finds a way to make
Miracles…And Dreams find hope there.

Because I will tell you this,
In these hours, that are your Days,
Months, Years…More struggles
Will come…The Earth will beckon
Change…Furies will bring more
Chaos…The Stars will bring more
Things…whether you are ready,
The Future will hold Fewer numbers
On the Planet…but the manner
In which they live…can still be

The Darkness that has toyed with
This world knows this…And is bored
With its ways…And it is eager to
Play with something New…
Find Strength and Hope in Dreams…
Chance them…challenge the present
By pursuing your Best always…
Don’t condemn mistakes, but build a
Bridge upon them higher…For the Road
Ahead and those that will travel it…
Those that inspire…have always
Attracted the Greatest Admiration.
Believe…” He nodded once with a
Serious but kind expression, finishing
His speech.

“Well Perhaps Miracles will Exist.” She
Said with a smile. “For that was for
Him, the briefest message I have heard.”


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