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Interesting 4chan thread, quite possibly a "LARP", about our benevolent(?) alien overlords

Posted By: MrFusion
Date: Friday, 22-Nov-2019 20:10:06

Just for fun, as this has a high likelihood of being a "LARP" (i.e., made up fan fiction). One poster suggested this might be Chinese scifi novelist Liu Cixin trying out a new plotline.

The thread is currently ongoing, so I won't copy it here yet.

Visit this link, and click on "vpJWl8Hu" cartouche in the first post to highlight all the source's posts:

That will work for a few days, but later you will have to see it here:

Here is some of the stuff in the thread. You'll have to go to the first link above to see the rest of it. The posts in italics are questions/comments by other anons to the original poster:


Our future is decided for us already. None of this matters. Sit back, and enjoy the memes.

We are currently living in protected status, one of the primitive one-planet civilizations in our sector of the galaxy. One of their listening probes heard our radio broadcasts in the early 50s, and they began to observe us shortly after.
There are a few dozen "minor" civilizations in our galaxy, and they have been tasked with managing and overseeing their sector of space, looking for new civilizations and dangerous forms of life that may arise between the stars. We were contacted by one of thse, and they in turn, answer to a galactic major civilization, one that controls the entire galaxy. All of these civilizations are allowed to "live" and "manage" their populations and primitive civilizations within their space under the watch of an inter-galactic entity that we have not yet encountered. This entity existed long before the others and much like the minor civilization is doing now, limited, purged, and guided primitive civilizations, shaping them into the minors that they are today, and those minors in turn shape their own primitives.
We haven't been told explicitly what the major wants, but they seem to want to limit "aggressive" civilizations and completely deny any form of artificial ones, or AI. Supposedly, civilizations which didn't take heed of this warning were wiped out.
Our united earth government (mostly USA, China,Russia, and Europe) have been guaranteed safety and certain technology in exhange for limiting our expansion to the solar system. The Minor in turn, prevents other civilizations from interfering/abducting us and has put up some kind of barrier around Sol, which prevents alien signals passing through and gives the appearance that we are alone in the universe.
Enjoy what you can. Live your life however you want, because there is no true independant future for Humanity, we have been given a playpen and we aren't allowed outside.
There are plans to reveal it within a few years. I'm a low-priority part of a think tank involved in trying to come up with a way to expand without the Minor realizing, and how best to distribute information to the population.
One mothod we discussed was to gently plant "seeds" of information among the population to coincide with the reveal within a few years. I'm licensed to give away this information (or I'd be signing my death warrant) but I am not permitted to give away any key information about the arrangement we have with the Minors.

Ask me any questions you like. I'll be happy to answer.
>>162518533 (OP)
More importantly, what tech can possibly shield the entire sky from our telescopes?
We are trying to work that out. It's not my area of expertise, but since we can't see any form of structure, we think it's a field of sensors embedded in the oort cloud.
That's a guess and rumour, since our division isn't assigned to that research.

They demonstrated their ability to turn this on and off though, since several times they've "shown" us glimpses outside our solar system.
>>162518533 (OP)
false masonry.

aliens are all cgi abominations among mans astral projections of consciousness that fills the collective wellspring of imagination for the dreamers of tomorrow and visionaries of the past caught up in the present moment and ruling over humans by measuring the worth of a life sacrificed from birth to live enslaved to a world of lies knowing full well the truth and abusing the general populace by pleading ignorance and worshipping greed. The future is ours. Your majestys satanic crown and pedo ring will fall like the fal$e lostprophets and this coldplay con spira C. Domo Arigato and Anno Domini. Ashes to Ashes. Dust to Dust. Prepare for your annihilation not reincarnation or assimilation. Face the Finale and Revelation. Viva la Revoluzion
As much as I laugh at religion, the Minors believe in some sort of "god" which is the one that dictates this peaceful approach to new civilizations. They don't talk about the Major much, but they said their belief came from them, and they've demonstrated that it holds weight. They didn't show us anything though.
I'll humour you, give me details on these extraterrestrials. Are they humanoid?
>>162518533 (OP)
Q predict this .
Kinda, but they always wear suits, so we don't actually know what they look like. They have two legs but they have four arms. They have two "small" arms which hilariously they used more when interacting with us since we are smaller, but they used their "large" arms to operate their machinery. They are very tall (like 12 feet).
Everything I've seen has been video. I haven't actually seen them personally, but I've worked with their equipment and it's fucking huge.
how does intergalactic diplomacy work when our galaxy is 100,000 light years apart?

meaning it takes 100,000 years for a radio signal to travel from one end or another, or 50,000 years for it to travel a likely distance between two civilizations
They built an array of sensors which are distributed every 100 lightyears or so. Seems like they rely on primitive civs to use radio first, which get picked up within about 100 years, and by then they are still within a manageable level of technology.
They themselves use FTL travel, two different versions. One is a "gate" system that's distanced out every few thousand lightyears, the other is ship-based warp. Their warp is around 120ly/day so it would take them around 3 years to travel across the entire galaxy, but it takes them days using their gates.
The Major has farm more advanced tech than them, and they havent distributed it to the Minors, just like the Minors refuse to give us FTL tech.
It seems to work kinda like feudalism.
Already mentioned I can't give out any details of the current arrangement with the Minors. I can however tell you that the "greys" that we like to think are the aliens were a real civilization quite close to us, and visited us for a few hundred years illegally. They were discovered by the Minors though and since they had been actively trying to undermine them, the Greys were exterminated.
Sometimes we joke about the "illegal aliens"
Their home system was about 20 lightyears away.
Humanity is waking up!
Humanity will know within a few years, but on our terms. Any desire to fight will be quelled as that would result in our civilization being completely wiped out.
Um excuse me but do aliens have Ayrton senna alive? I want to know this please.
Nice meme, but the aliens don't give a shit about us as long as we aren't causing problems. They greys abducted us, they haven't. Their only contact has been with governments. They flat out refuse to contact anyone non-governmental as they want to interfere as little as possible.
>>162518533 (OP)
Oh and for some context, incase anyone has any idea of suggesting to "fight them." They literally control thousands of star systems. On first contact, they parked their "small fleet" on the opposite side of the sun and revealed they had a stealthed "cleansing ship" parked in our orbit. They somehow disabled all our nukes and basically told us they could wipe us out whenever they wanted if we caused them trouble.
This was also when they told us about what they did to the greys. They took a group of diplomats and scientists to their old homeworld to demonstrate what they can do to a planet.
If they disabled all our nukes, how is NK able to test nukes?
How soon is this all gonna come out?
What about that sphere at the sun that flew away?
good. it's fucking spooky outside.

protected status is good. we don't have to worry about asteroids and supernukes and shit because the ayys will use their tech like in the Tom Delonge video to save us.

i for one praise our egg-shaped overlords
Please explain what the fuck you're talking about
>>162525439 (You)
They disabled them during that demonstration. They don't care if we have nukes or not. Just that we don't put them in space.

Like I said, current plans are for a few years.

Don't know what you're talking about. Their ships aren't spheres.

They already wiped out the greys who were actively fucking with us. There's a small scale war going on nearby too.

File: 1335663909494.jpg (23 KB, 500x353)
How convenient
They took some of our "representatives" and took them to the fleet, then transported them to the ship parked in orbit, showing us that they disabled our nukes.
just one more question. If they have all this great tech, then why haven't they conquered every country?
I think you mean starsystem?

Because the "Major" civilization existed way before them and has way better tech and numbers. They allowed the Minor (our protectorate) to expand as much as they wanted, without conflict. The few dozen other civilizations in the galaxy has a similar deal. Ones that tried to be aggressive were exterminated by the Major. The rest agreed to play nice.

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