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Bad-ass Maya Day-sign "13 Tooth" today precedes the even badder-ass "1 Reed" tomorrow

Posted By: FrancisDrake
Date: Friday, 22-Nov-2019 20:10:06

The Mayan day-sign "Eb" is a combination between the Hebrew letters "O" ("ayin") which depicts an eyeball, and the letter "P" which depicts a jawbone. And so what do the Maya portray for this day? An eyeball, a jawbone, and a rainbow-like ray of light piercing into the back of the head and alighting on the Wisdom Tooth!

This a depiction of "revelation" or "insight" or "inspiration" taking place:

Jewish mysticism states that the 32 teeth of a human represent 32 paths of wisdom, 32 types of perception and insight. Persons born on the day "Tooth" include four great revelators of the latter days, each of these claimed to receive direct revelation from God and angels, and Archie Inger was told that the key to having an ideal society is that its leadership is guided by revelation and insight from God and his angels:

Jakob Lorber b. "2 Tooth" Tuesday July 22, 1800
79,480 days ago
Joseph Smith b. "6 Tooth" Monday December 23, 1805
77,500 days ago

Archie Johnson Inger b. "5 Tooth" Sunday June 17, 1883
49200 days ago
Maurice Glendenning b. "10 Tooth" Sunday February 15, 1891
46400 days ago

Musicians and songwriters are examples of persons who regularly receive from God an angels, I once had a dream which showed the studio Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" was recorded in, and a voice said "the Holy Spirit was there..." Handel claimed he wrote "the Messiah" from music he heard in the heavenlies while fasting, and in a trance. Mozart claimed he wrote what he heard in his ear "from heaven".

Check this out:

Yesterday the Dow closed down 380.83 (38 forwards and backwards) to 25029.20, that has 2920 in it which is 8 times 365.

29200 days ago, on Monday March 21, 1938 Maurice Glendenning traveled to a hillside in eastern Nevada and received a revelation and while seated on a rock, felt unseen hands on his head providing a priestly benediction, then he noticed oil had been poured "from the other side" onto his head. Then a female friend who later visited the site said she saw in her camera lens two angels in flowing white robes with their hands extended over Glendenning's head, and throngs of angels all over the are pages from a biography of Glendenning at;view=1up;seq=1;skin=mobile

(You can swipe your fingers outward over the pages to enlarge them)

Again, Glendenning's experience with the angels laying hands on his head was 29200 days ago (80 times 365 days ago) and Glendenning died--"sealed his testimony"--on October 5, 1969 which was day "One Reed" or 17680 days (68 times 260) before tomorrow "One Reed" Friday March 2, 2018.

Tomorrow is also 500 times 364 days (700 times 260) since a year "One Reed" began on day "One Reed" Friday November 14, 1519 (occurs every 52×365 days)...and sure enough, Cortes arrived in Tenochtitlan four days later...from notes in an unpublished post:

There was an unusual earthquake, in Sonora Mexico, it shook Tuscon Arizona at 1:54 a.m. EST Tuesday February 27, 2018 and is the largest quake thereabouts in more than 18 years.

The last time a magnitude 4+ earthquake shook that region was 12:15 p.m. EST Saturday October 16, 1999 and earlier that day, a powerful earthquake in Southern California:
Sonora, Mexico 10/16/1999:
Joshua Tree, California 10/16/1999:
Specifically,today's quake was 24 miles from Moctezuma, Sonora, Mexico...,_Sonora
...which reminds me, this Friday March 2 is day "One Reed" and is 500 years of 364 days each (700 times 260 days) since Friday November 14, 1519 A.D. when day "One Reed" came to pass just before Cortes and his army arrived in Tenochtitlan November 18, 1519...
... just as ancient legend had implied:
"Quetzalcoatl was driven into exile, in one legend. According to legend he left the Atlantic coast of Mexico on a raft made of serpents and vowed one day to return on a day of his own energy.
Quetzalcoatl has yet to return either from Venus or the East. A “ce ácatl” or 1-reed year, is a potential time for their god Quetzalcoatl to return."
"Cortés learned that he was suspected of being Quetzalcoatl or an emissary of Quetzalcoatl, a legendary man-god who was predicted to one day return to reclaim his city in a One-Reed year on the cyclical calendar. (One-Reed was, in this particular 52-year "century", 1519, adding to the extraordinary luck of this conquistador.) Aided by the advice of his native translator, La Malinche, he took full advantage of the Quetzalcoatl myth, inflicting Moctezuma with what writer Octavio Paz described as "sacred vertigo""
"When the Spaniards saw the island city of Tenochtitlán for the first time, from the ring of volcanoes around the Valley of Mexico, they asked each other if they were dreaming. Surely it was the most magnificent city in the world. How could God allow heathens such splendor? The expedition arrived in the Mexica-Aztec capital on November 18, 1519. (November 8, Julian Calendar) Moctezuma welcomed Cortés to Tenochtitlán on the Great Causeway into the "Venice of the West", probably the largest city on earth, and many people mark this moment – when two high civilizations met after 40,000 years of isolation – as the true discovery of the New World. The two halves of the planet had found one another...."

I'm just now realizing that the big earthquake in Hawaii October 15, 2006 was 177,840 days (38 times 4680, and 4680 = 13×360 and 18×260) after Cortes entered Tenochtitlan Tuesday November 18, 1519.

I had that dream about a tsunami which suddenly appeared from the north, at 9:50 p.m. EST March 2, 2017 and 364 days later is tonight at 9:50 p.m. EST.

10660 days ago (41×260) on December 23, 1988 that dream about tragedies accompanying the establishment of heaven on earth and five times 10660 days ago, that huge "Lone Pine" California quake of 5:30 a.m. EST Tuesday March 26, 1872.

December 23, 1988 at sundown was 715,000 days (2750 times 260) since the day of the First Christian Pentecost began at sunset Saturday May 17, 31 A.D.

The Japanese surprise attack of the Russian Fleet at Port Arthur Korea at midnight February 8-9, 1904 was 684,000 days (1900 times 360) after May 17-18, 31 A.D.

13520 days after March 21, 1938 (52×260), which was 15680 days ago (32 times 7×70) a major 6.3 magnitude earthquake on the Utah-Idaho border at 9:31 p.m. EST March 27, 1975, likewise one there 180 days ago at 6:57 p.m. EST September 2, 2017...

"largest U.S. quake in 4 years"--

"A heavy earthquake rattled a four-state area Thursday night, but the only extensive damage was in Malad City, Idaho, about 40 miles from the epicenter.

"In Malad, just north of the Utah border, almost every home and building bore some evidence of the temblor, from shattered brick walls to littered grocery stores and smashed bottles of liquor in the state liquor store.

"The earth tremors radiated outward for 200 miles or more in every direction from the source believed to be a system of faults along the Promontory Range in western Box Elder County, near where the Golden Spike was driven to complete the transcontinental railroad in 1869..."


Battle Mountain Nevada 11:55 p.m. CST 9/1/2017

Guam 6:00:01 p.m. EST 9/2/2017

Idaho 6:57 p.m. EST 9/2/2017

North Korea (Hydrogen Bomb) 10:30:01 p.m. EST 9/2/2017
An earthquake off Guam just now, at 7:38 a.m. EST 3/1/2018--

1430 days ago (5.5 times 260) a megaquake and Tsunami off Chile 6:47 p.m. EST Tuesday April 1, 2014, that day was 100 times 364 days (140 times 260) since World War I got fully underway Tuesday August 4, 1914.

Again, I'm curious whether that Tsunami dream of Thursday March 2, 2017 at 9:50 p.m. EST presaged something 364 days later (tonight) or something 365 days later (tomorrow night).


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