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Bank Experience. Date When? Probable RV Sequence Timing. Look for Paris ACCORDS Agreement!

Posted By: mroxygen
Date: Friday, 22-Nov-2019 20:10:06

Hi RVers!

Wells Fargo desk person told me the new currency exchange supposed rates are on the screens, but no access yet. Manager at another branch of the same bank, "dunno."

Relationship Banker at Chase just said he got "the memo" informing him he would be asked a lot of RV questions, just tell them; "Politics, don't know when."

These are my recent first two personal REAL WORLD confirming experiences in the here and now of our real world. All the other bankers, even a manager level are; "Don't know a thing about it."


Now that every known cabal/reptillian/illuminatti underground base probably has been found and destroyed, see below, we expect the RV to safely show up following upon these all at once lightning round events.

Trump has always been the hired front-man spokesperson for freedom loving military White Hats/Alliance clean-up crews. Watch his inauguration. Notice all the military branches lining up behind him - without saying a word - while he tells us we will be set free! (Free from centuries of reptillian-induced Roman style debt slavery). He spoke for the brave soldiers!

None of this in the fake news. Yet.

1 Trump finally signs the new, now altered to his liking, Paris Accords.

(Secretly, the Accords are GESARA, and will probably be announced as that - once the USA FINALLY signs Paris "environmental" accords.)

2. Once Accords signed, he immediately signs Executive Orders instantly crashing the stock market. Get out, get out, wherever you are, sounds like a good idea. And he's removing all remaining cabal funds.

(This destroys old slavery debt financial systems - owned by the cabal in order to make THEM rich, not us - and making room for the new honest transparent & fair gold backed currency system.)

But how to get rid of inbred human greed, one may ask? See below.

3. Trump immediately releases the RV by EO.

(New gold backed currency replaces old fiat system and lets us exchange. I've been waiting since the 70's. When shutting down UMass we used to say; "The revolution won't be on TV." today, that equals saying "Fake news.")

4. By EO, he Nationalizes all the banks, & erases the Federal Reserve.

(The smart money, YOU, has been advised to right now get a STATE - NOT federal - chartered Credit Union account. State-chartered may escape nationalization? My local CU is $5 to join/open and no monthly fees! I qualified for membership with a library card.)

With my personal CU account opened, I can open a business account. Some CU's only have individual accounts. Each one is different. Contrast this with Wells Fargo demanding yesterday $5 million to open a commercial account, and exorbitant fees.

When you do get exchanged, not "cashed in" please help fix everything. The scum elite psychotic pedophile criminals expect you to act like "toothless crack-heads" or unlearned NFL superstars that will be broke within a year buying their worthless shiny ego-driven material trinkets.

Consider to invest wisely first, after paying immediate bills and needs, and fund everything off that. Help the others with THAT interest income BEFORE you spend any more of the principal.

Be advised to rely on the SPIRIT in your heart - your secret personal SOURCE door - instead of the voice in your head - to tell you what's next to do.

ASK IT OUT LOUD! Watch for the response. Ask for nothing from OUTSIDE OF YOU! That mentally going outside or above you is simply old religious, or new age, black magic mentalizing programming - from the old slavers and their dupes - that cords you to the darkness infections. I don't care who tells you different.

ALL teachers outside you are mixed, in some degree, with darkness energy, that's why we are all here in the ill-usional holographic bubble dimension expanse. Some have SPIRITS, some do not, some sold out. They may see something about you, and fascinate you with it, but they never KNOW you. Only YOUR SPIRIT does. You can learn to rely upon it. They only know what's true for THEM, really.

Your own Spirit will never hurt you or anyone else. One marker.
Your own Spirit will not violate your free will, or anyone else's ever. Second marker.

So, YOU must always ask IT for each help.

Only YOUR inner SPIRIT is the ultimate best individually oriented ultimate guru for you. Everybody else is just guessing ABOUT what is best for you! Yes, EVEN "XYZ."

But YOU must do the work to re-awaken your natural heart communication abilities. Pax Vobiscum - Mr. Oxygen (R)

News Alerts
RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - February 27, 2018 From Operation Disclosure

No further Cabal underground facilities detected at this time.

The trigger mechanism for the RV is a pre-emptively prepared EO for Trump to sign.

This EO will collapse the stock market and forcibly introduce the gold/asset standard worldwide.

Trump is currently waiting for a revised version of the Paris Agreement (GESARA in disguise) prior to signing the EO.

Other countries are also waiting for the revised Paris Agreement.

This is the very last step.

Once all have signed off on the revised Paris Agreement, Trump will officially sign the EO.

This EO also serves as the "final" blow to the Cabal by stripping them of their fiat finances, nationalizing banks, and abolishing central banks.

Thus the RV begins and brings in the new financial system.

Bonus Round:

The Sufis, of all sects and countries and religions, and the Sant Mat movement (meaning “Teachings of the Saints” in India,)
referred to the "Divine Name" as having saving power, and dismissed the religious rituals as having no value.
They presented the idea that true religion was a matter of surrendering to God "who dwells in the heart."
- Lipner, Julius J. Hindus: Their Religious Beliefs and Practices (1994).

“Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?” 1 Corinthians 3:16 King James Bible.

But ya gotta watch ‘em closely! Those using just their minds are throwing up blocks to your actually ever trying to enter into your own heart with your personal awareness by keeping you up in your mind, merrily and religiously - and perhaps ecstatically - devoutly looping away, and diverting you away from the real Self-Divinity realization process.

They use honeyed phrases like: “The heart in scripture “signifies” the seat of the affections, also of wisdom and understanding, & yadda, yadda, yadda.” Notice this is a psyop advocating mentalizing and use of emotions. Both products not of Spirit, but of mind.

An attempt by mind to get you to completely miss that actually "entering the heart" is not just a symbol, but IS actually the traveling directions how to seat yourself in Source's Indwelling Peace. The non-mental version of wisdom, and understanding, already installed, INSIDE YOU!

Using the shining Radiance,
you enter the Light,
where no harm can come to you. - Rumi

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