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INTEL - ALLIANCE INSIDER: “Coup in Stage 4 of Stage 5”

Posted By: Mr.Ed
Date: Friday, 22-Nov-2019 20:10:21

INTEL - ALLIANCE INSIDER: “Coup in Stage 4 of Stage 5”

by Adam Riva

December 6, 2017

The following was leaked to us by a source wishing
to remain anonymous.

This individual claims to have been appointed to
“run his home state” when the proverbial shit hits
the fan. This individual is a former body guard of
President Donald Trump and is working closely

with the white hat “Alliance” we have spoken
about at length on this website. For more
information on the Alliance, please see our article
or video entitled Calm Before the Storm: the
Alliance Versus the Deep State.

Dauntless Dialogue does not necessary vouch for
every, but we are sharing it in its entirety for public

ALLIANCE INSIDER: “Coup in Stage 4 of Stage 5”

“The FBI, the CIA, and the NSA are all
compromised. Muller is compromised. Muller
is part of the Iranian Deal so it doesn’t matter
what he does. Muller is coming after Trump
wanting the information from Deutsche Bank…

It’s over. The coup is in Stage 4 of Stage 5.

They’re coming after Trump. The politicians are
coming after Trump, the Illuminati are coming after

There’s going to be a “New World” currency put
in by Russia, China, and the United States and that
is going to strip the Illuminati. It’s going to strip the
Bilderbergs. It’s going to strip the World Bank. It’s
going to strip the Federal Reserve. It’s going to
strip the IRS.

It doesn’t matter how many trillions and trillions
and trillions of dollars you have if you can’t
convert it.”

Do you think Muller was compromised late in the

“Robert Muller was a scumbag from the day he
was born. James Comey was a Satanic bastard
from the day he was born.”

“Don’t Listen to Q-Anon”

“Don’t even listen to this “Q-anon.” Just Google
the 60 Generals. Google the coups, the takeover
by the military. Google the Marine Corp. taking
over the CIA. This thing is well on.

You’re going to see the sanctuary cities explode.
You’re going to see martial law in all of them.
You’re going to see riots. You’re going to see
people shot. This shit is going to end, because
if Trump doesn’t straighten out the liberal bullshit,
the Illuminati, and the democrats, the rednecks
are going to.”

Just a few hours ago, the Intercept ran an article
with the headline Trump White House Weighing
Plans for Private Spies to Counter “Deep State”
Enemies. What are your thoughts on this?

“Stage 4. Done.”

So then what is Stage 5? Completion?

“Popping the zit.”

The mass arrests stemming from the indictments?

“Look, [Governor of California] Jerry Brown will
probably wind up in prison. You’re going to see a
world of shit in Illinois, California, New Jersey, and
New York because they can’t deduct their income
taxes. They are their sanctuary cities, so you’ll
probably see DeBlasio and Brown and all of them
in prison.

If the riots get going to bad and they still declare
their dang sanctuary cities, they might wind up
with a dot on their head.

This is going to be taken care of.”

CIA Complicit in the Las Vegas Massacre

Fast and Furious guns were used in the Las Vegas
shooting. That was Obama and Hillary trying to get
gun control and bring Trump down. It backfired
because there were so many Special Forces people
out there that said there were 3 to 5 shooters and
they were coming from here and here and here.

They found a cold body in that room. Where are the
3 shooters that were in that room during the

There were people on the ground that said there
were shooters on the ground. Eleven people are
dead that testified against the official report.”

A lot of the survivors of the shooting have
subsequently died in car crashes, suicides, or
suddenly falling ill.

33,000 Holistic Doctors Assassinated to Maintain

“There are 33,000 doctors that are dead because
the pharmaceutical companies want to remain in

That’s a story I’ve been following for many years.
Naturopaths and holistic doctors have been dying
in droves under mysterious circumstances.

“Look, Rerum is available from –
in New Zealand. $558 a bottle and they’ll ship it
overnight. It can be oral, a suppository, misted
like cocaine, it can be put in a nebulizer, but
Rerum is something that is made by your bone
marrow in your liver and you can drink a gallon
of it. It’s the stuff that rips the cover off viruses
and bacteria. It turbo charges your immune
system and let’s your immune system just eat

Glysophate and the shit that they are putting in
the [chemtrail] jet streams and all of the vaccines
are full of shit that make Nagalase [which spurs
tumor growth by suppressing GcMAF production
in the body].”

Trump has Imminent Plans to Dismantle the
Federal Reserve

President Trump’s nomination of Jerome Powell
as the new Federal Reserve chairman is against
auditing the Fed. What’s the deal with that?

“The Federal Reserve is extinct. It’s gone. It’s

You mean, Stage 5?

[Long silence] “That’s not wise for me to say.”

Trump Working with the Alliance

Where is the majority of Trump’s internal support
coming from? Clearly it’s not coming from the CIA,
but surely there are mavericks within various
intelligence agencies, like the FBI, working with the

“68% of the voters in the United States are going to
follow Trump. All Trump needs is what he’s got.
He’s got the state police, the sheriffs, city police,
border patrol…”

He’s got the military.

“He’s got the military.”

But what about within the intelligence agencies

“He doesn’t give a shit. The CIA is a pimple. The
FBI is an abscess pimple.”

And the IRS, and most of the alphabet soup
agencies. The swamp.

“He doesn’t care. They’re dead, they’re useless,
they’re gone. They’re extinct.”

But surely he has allies.

“He’s got great allies. He’s got the Marines, the
Coast Guard, the Army, and the Navy. He’s got
Russia and China.”

So Q-Anon is bullshit?

“Gotta read between the lines. Gotta read between
the lines.”

A lot of people are spending a lot of time
deconstructing the riddles.

“Let me make it real simple for everybody. If Trump
isn’t successful doing it from the top, the rednecks
will be successful doing it from the bottom. What’s
publicly palatable is not what’s factually real.”

New Monetary System Backed by Gold

In your opinion, what is the next step to roll out the
new economic system, and what would that look
like? What kind of timeframe are we looking at?

“Can’t comment.”

Is it going to be a crypto-currency or just one that
isn’t fiat, like one that is gold-backed?

“This is a tapped line. Hello NSA, CIA, and FBI.
How are you boys doing tonight?”

They’re listening to all of us.

“They’re toast.”

I have a feeling that a gold-backed currency would
at least be the first step.

“It’s already done.”

Does that gold belong to the United States or does
another country own it?

“Look, you’ve done enough homework on your
own. Put the bigger picture together. Don’t look
for verification of what’s right before your nose.

Intelligence is not a finite science. There’s no
security blanket, there’s no binky, and there’s
no guarantees. It’s liquid. Probably a lot of things
have changed just in the time that we’ve been
talking. It’s liquid. It’s fluid.

You react, you adapt, you move, you survive, or
you rot.”

“When Things Go Awry”

What kind of stress are you under?

“I’m supposed to run my home state when things
go awry, okay? I’m supposed to RUN it through
organizations and groups, so I have a shit load
of stuff going on.

You’re very capable and competent on doing your
homework and figuring this out.

What is obvious, what is written, and what is in
front of your face is not a fact. When you’re putting
a puzzle together, look at the back of the puzzle
because the face is for everybody.

If you want to be a 99 percenter, you look at the
face of the puzzle and say ‘Oh, look at what I see
here.’ If you want to be a 1 percenter and an
intelligence operative you see what’s behind the
puzzle, see what’s not obvious.

Look where people are distracting you. See what
they are trying to draw you away from.”

I think the infiltration and co-opting of the
conspiracy and alternative movements, which
goes way back, they’ve really left no stone
unturned. You have to be able to read between
the lines and connect the dots.

“I don’t believe anything of what I hear, half of
what I see, and nothing that is written. And if you’re
watching TV, there’s no news on TV. None. Zero.
It’s how you keep 90% of the world’s people
entertained, okay?

One percent of the world makes it happen. Another
two percent support the one percent making it
happen. Seven percent of the people say, “I want
to help.” And ninety percent of the people say,
“Did you see the news last night?”

The Alliance Working with the Anshar and

How closely is the Alliance working with the Anshar
of inner-Earth and benevolent extraterrestrials?

“Stay out of the weeds. Stay out of the weeds.
There are much more productive things in your
life to focus on. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, I’m
not saying I haven’t seen it. But I will say it this
way, most of [the extraterrestrials] don’t give much
of a shit one way or the other about this planet.
It’s a test tube.”

I agree with you on that. There are 22 genetic
experiments going on and most of them look at us
as a Petri dish. But I definitely think there are
exceptions to the rule, both benevolent and

“I don’t focus on anything but the Spirit. Energy
can neither be created nor destroyed.”

What do you think about Hillary Clinton’s and
John McCain’s boots that seem to switch from one
foot to the other? Are they wearing trackers?
Because I think they can just as easily insert a chip
under the skin if that’s the goal.

“I find a lot of this mundane and boring, and you
know enough about me to know why.

This isn’t my first rodeo. You’ve got an idea of
where I’ve been, what I’ve seen, what I’ve done,
and who I’ve worked with.

The only thing you need to worry about is your
Spirit. The rest of it is handled way above your
pay grade. You can drive yourself nuts if you
want to. Focus on the Spirit.

What’s going on right now is a war between Satan
and God. Whether you like it or not, you can call it
two forces in the universe, one alien force against
another alien force, genetic experiments, but it
comes down to good versus evil.

Why are 40-60 people going in everyday to pray
in the White House? Why was there an exorcism
done in the White House to get the fucking stench
out of it?

Just prepare for what is coming. Do what you can
do. I wouldn’t leave your savings in the bank. If
you’ve got anything, convert it to silver. Get your
food set up so for 3 to 6 months you can take
care of yourself.

People who live in major cities may have a problem.

We are in the “end time.” You know what I’m talking

I’m sure there is a continuity plan in place, correct?

“Way above your and my pay grade!” [laughs]

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ALLIANCE INSIDER: “Coup in Stage 4 of Stage 5” | Dauntless Dialogue

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