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Readers Reply: Support Proactive Opposition to Geoengineering Agenda!

Posted By: Lion
Date: Friday, 22-Nov-2019 20:10:09

In Response To: About the Geo-Eengineering Pyramid of Power... (Lion)


Thanks to all who replied.

We must stand together, step out of the mind control matrix slumber, think for ourselves, and move from a defensive position to an offensive front that will not be denied.


From reader V:

Re: About the Geo-Eengineering Pyramid of Power...

Great Posting Lion:

I always look forward to your clear and succinct message to Humanity.

Humanity must Realize Solutions Victory Plan that develops an AMERICAN TRIBUNAL MEDIA/ATM in the court of public opinion by the alternative media.

The Perpetraitors to Humanity will be held accountable,arrested and I suggest kept on Komodo Island with their kin with no chance of escape.

Their minions in finance, politics,media and military likewise arrested and charged.

The False Flag Murderers of 9/11,child sacrifice, Las Vegas and so many others of their Satanic New World Order deserve a Fate in hell with their master the devil.

Humanity is Awakening that we are all One.

The Earth needs our Stewardship and those that are Poisoning will be held accountable as we spread the meme of the War on Humanity and the Perps behind it.

Our Ancestors would place a Bounty on Monsters.

We must do likewise through the American Tribunals from the Plague to America and the world.

Sincere Thanks,



Reader E contributes:

Re: About the Geo-Eengineering Pyramid of Power...

Re: “We are coming for you.”

Greetings Lion;

Your post is right on!!!

Prime Source, the creator of all in the universe, knows exactly who all of these criminals are.

But, since we live in a free-will universe, Source must first receive humanity’s plea to rid planet earth of these totally evil, satanic and psychopathic creatures.

Let’s git-er-done!!!

Most people are clueless about what chem-trails are, much less that they actually exist.

That’s because most current-day humans aren’t very good at observing everything that’s around, under and above them.

When I mention chem-trails to people I know, it’s like Huh!!!

Are you nuts???

Even when I point out the long stringy, criss-crossing “clouds” in the sky (that is an almost daily occurrence over central PA and elsewhere around the world) and explain that this IS NOT NORMAL, most just consider it useless information coming from a “conspiracy theorist.”

It just seems beyond their comprehension that they are literally being poisoned from above.

If you or I were to scatter poison over our neighbors property we would be arrested and put in jail in a heartbeat. But, there is a different set of rules for the criminals in power.

Following are just a few (out of countless different) ways in which humanity has been dumbed-down and enslaved for eons.


How does organized religion fit into the picture?

After all, organized religion is a crucial component in the “elite” controllers agenda to keep the masses dumbed-down.

I’ve enclosed a copy of

“The Pyramid Of The Capitalist Structure”

which is a good pictorial representation of how everything is structured to enslave the global population.

One major criticism I have with this old 1911 depiction is that the “Capitalism” money bag at the very top doesn’t show who the “elite” puppet masters really are and this is crucial information to fully understand who exactly is behind our enslavement.

Some of the family names that sit at the very top of the control pyramid were provided by you Lion at

The Return Of Zeus.

Of course there are dozens and dozens of other insanely wealthy criminal families scattered throughout the world that don’t have direct ties to organized religion.

Some are well known while others prefer to maintain a low-profile in order to minimize public scrutiny.

We’ve all heard of the Rockefeller empire of banking and oil fame, the Mellons, the Scaifs, the Carnegies all in banking, the DeBeers of diamond fame, the Rothchilds of Central Banking, etc.

By far, the hardest people to enlighten are staunch religious believers because most have been systematically indoctrinated and brainwashed from early childhood on.

I have repeatedly tried to open the eyes of ALL (in my immediate and extended family along with some of my former work-place peers along with a few of my former military and corporate bosses) to the truth of their enslavement, to no avail.

After many years of trying, I finally gave up – it’s been a total waste of time. 95% of the global “human” population have been irretrievably programmed for failure, and it’s not likely that more than a few can be rehabilitated during their current incarnation.

Let’s be perfectly clear about one thing: ALL ministers, ALL preachers, ALL priests, rabbis, clerics, you name it, are criminals whether they realize it or not. Shocking statement? Absolutely!

But why, one would instinctively query?

The reason why is simple. Anyone, regardless of position, credentials or title attached to their name, who purposefully and relentlessly engage in the intellectual enslavement and the stripping away of another’s free will choice is a criminal!!!

It’s against Universal Law,

which takes precedence over any man-made rules or laws!!!

But this has been suppressed knowledge for many centuries!!!

A related question one might ask is “why are there so many different religions? (hundreds actually all over the globe).


This is a strategy that’s been employed for eons on planet earth. If you instill any form of divisiveness in a population, the net effect is to create disharmony, hatefulness, fear and warmongering. This, in turn, creates countless money-making opportunities for the perp-e-traitors.

Surprise, surprise? NOT.

Humanity is faced with a huge challenge, especially considering that easily 95% of the population has been so dumbed-down by the criminal government-controlled mis-education / religious system that they don’t have a clue about how everything is stacked against them.

Financially speaking, we should be getting back to the old system of bartering and sharing.

Humanity doesn’t need fiat money or digital or crypto currencies which really is the root of all evil.

We all, together, should be working toward eliminating those criminal elements who insist on controlling every minute aspect of our lives.

It would take a sizable minority of well-informed, tenacious activists to have any chance at all of reversing the long-standing downhill trend and we are a long, long way from this.

The only other hope for humanity is “outside” intervention from our benevolent, STO (Service-To-Other) extraterrestrial brothers and sisters.

Fortunately, this intervention is starting to happen since enough of us have “made the call.” See the enclosed plea from a STO human.

Here’s another of your posts Lion; this one from February 11, 2013

Rope-a-Dope and the Pope


ALL CORPORATIONS are criminal entities simply by virtue of the fact that the primary and overwhelming reasons for their existence is TO MAKE MONEY and to grow the company so that even more money can be made.

Even though the founders may start out with a few altruistic motives, all of this, sooner or later, falls by the wayside when insatiable greed takes over.

M-O-N-E-Y IS AN ENSLAVEMENT TOOL of the criminal, self-appointed “elite” controllers, as are the concepts of debt, scarcity (there is NO SCARCITY!!!) and built-in obsolescence of manufactured products.

If you need more proof that corporations are inherently criminal enterprises, you need look no further than the likes of Monsanto Corporation – aka Mon-Satan.

ALL of their products are toxic poisons and chemicals of the worst kind.

Their top seller around the globe is Roundup whose main ingredient is glyphosate.

Following is a brief summary of glyphosate contamination of just a few, out of countless numbers, of processed food poisoning.


Yet many processed foods contain several hundred PPB with some well over one thousand PPB glyphosate!!!

You can be assured that the top executives that run Monsanto are well aware of the fact that this chemical is highly toxic because they spend tens-of-millions of funny money to bribe so-called scientists and other “professionals” to publish deceptive “studies” which falsely “prove” that Round-Up and glyphosate “are safe” and “pose no threat to human or animal health.”

The bottom line is that Mon-Satan executives will lie through their teeth to present a false narrative to paid-off government officials and the public as well.

There are literally thousands more examples of this kind of corporate deception and corruption going on all over the world (the military industrial complex, Big Pharma, the mainstream sick-care industry, organized religion are just a few of the biggies).

The fact that Roundup is Monsanto’s top seller tells you one thing.

Millions of users around the globe have been duped into buying this product simply because they are brainwashed, incompetent decision-makers. Of course, again, the primary reason this is true is due to the fact that the government-controlled mis-education establishment has programmed nearly everyone function like complete idiots.

Anyone who buys and / or uses these kinds of products are themselves criminal accomplices by default because they are facilitating the destruction of our planet and all of its creatures.

100% of California wines recently tested were contaminated with Monsanto’s Roundup pesticide which has glyphosate as the main toxic ingredient.

Actually, in truth, Roundup is such a commonly used pesticide globally that JUST ABOUT ALL STORE-BOUGHT FOODS, including many organic products (along with most honey!!!), are contaminated with this gawd-awful poison.

Here’s a link that you should check out if you haven’t already;

that proves the extent to which everyone is being poisoned. For anyone who is serious about trying to eat as healthy as possible in today’s thoroughly polluted and poisoned environment, ALL PROCESSED FOODS MUST BE AVOIDED.

The simple fact is that it’s almost impossible to totally escape glyphosate poisoning – about the best we can do is to minimize the PPB (parts per billion) concentration.

But, even at just .001 PPB, glyphosate is toxic!!! Some of the concentrations in processed “foods” range in excess of 200, 300, 400 and even over 1,100 PPB!!!!!!!!!

The above link provides just a few examples of recently tested (by an independent lab) concentrations.

How else is humanity being dumbed-down and enslaved?


EVERYONE should become firmly aware that ALL government entities are criminal enterprises because they exist solely at the behest of the self-appointed “elite” scoundrels whose agenda is total control and enslavement of humanity.

Never forget that revolving door between the major corporations and government, through which corporate executives pass on a regular and frequent basis.

Normal humans (and I mean only those who have awakened to the truth of the criminal social, religious, corporate and political structure) don’t need any form of governing.

We are perfectly capable, when properly trained by intellectually competent parents, to responsibly govern ourselves.

It ain’t that hard to do considering that normal kids are inherently geniuses who love acquiring legitimate knowledge.

Normal kids are all fully capable of teaching themselves better than any government-controlled school system ever could.

They just need legitimately competent parents and / or mentors to guide them along from time to time.

On the topic of STO vs STS; here is a brief description of what these two categories represent.

By the way, there is a third category known as “undecided souls” which represents those who have not matured enough to know that all souls, at some point during their current incarnation, MUST CHOOSE ONE OR THE OTHER – STO or STS.

STO, or Service-To-Other, means that one fits in this category if they are thinking about or helping others at least 50% of their awakened hours.

It’s important to note that “others” includes not only other humans on earth but other life forms as well such as wild animals, birds, sea-life, insect creatures and earth’s fauna as well as our total earthly environment.

“Others” can also include other off-world life forms as well. Another important distinction I like to make is that “others” refers to LEGITIMATELY STO ENTITIES.

STO souls are under NO OBLIGATION to help Service-To-Self entities or those who refuse to help themselves, unless, they are working toward assisting individual STS souls make the switch to becoming firmly STO.

In other words, STO souls are essentially loving, compassionate, benevolent and helpful beings at their core.

On the other hand, STS souls are greedy, self-serving types who couldn’t care less about the well-being of others.

They very often are criminals at heart and are therefore not entitled to receive help from STOs.

STS souls often display many of the same characteristics of a psychopath* although much of this is a direct result of improper training from clueless and brainwashed parents, in addition to the flawed and contrived educational (read dumbing-down) system. Eventually, these STS souls will either be transported to prison planets elsewhere in the universe, to be with their own kind or, if they are indeed firmly committed to a STS existence with zero chance of changing over, they will be shipped off to the central sun to have their souls recycled.

Such an easy choice for normal people, wouldn’t you say?

But, 95% of the global human population ARE NOT NORMAL, in the sense that they have been improperly trained or educated.

* These are the traits of a psychopath:

glib and superficial charm
grandiose (exaggeratedly high) estimation of self
need for stimulation
pathological lying
cunning and manipulativeness
lack of remorse or guilt
shallow affect (superficial emotional responsiveness)
callousness and lack of empathy
parasitic lifestyle
poor behavioral controls
sexual promiscuity
early behavior problems
lack of realistic long-term goals
failure to accept responsibility for their own actions
many short-term marital relationships
juvenile delinquency
revocation of conditional release
criminal versatility

I’m with you 100% Lion – let’s expose the criminal bastards who think they are in control.

Little do they seem to understand that (unless they give up their corrupt, STS, money-centered ways and commit to a STO orientation) their final destination is the Central Sun to have their souls recycled by Prime Source, the creator of all in the universe.


More From Reader E:

This Pyramid of the Capitalist System is a provocative illustration of the hierarchical system of capitalist rule in America

(My note Lion: Not much different from what's found globally).

In this beautifully colored portrait, the artist depicts the multiple tiers of working class oppression.

At the top of the pyramid sits the state, which serves the interests of the ruling class and functions under capitalism as the protector of private wealth and property.

[(My Note Again: What the artist wasn't aware of (or perhaps he/she was forbidden to show who was/is at the tippy-top of the pyramid where “Capitalism” is)

is that the money bags above the state represents the wealthy family dynasties.

These are the self-appointed “elite” families – 320 or so globally – who control most of the financial wealth and natural resources on planet earth . . . somewhere in the range of 80%!!!

THEY are the puppet masters. THEY direct their puppets in organized religion, the top executives of multi national corporations, the top level politicians in all government agencies, the top “leaders” in the public “education” system, top level bank executives, etc., etc., etc.)]

Below the state stand the religious leaders, clergymen, and preachers of false consciousness who encourage obedience to and acceptance of the status quo, entreating the working masses to accept their “ordained fate” and seek their just rewards not on earth but in that glorious hereafter.

If obedience cannot be encouraged it will surely be enforced by the members of the next tier.

As events in Homestead and Pullman clearly testified, the police and militia had as their objective not the protection of “the people,” but rather the protection of capital from “the people.”

Beneath the military sit the parasite class, the bourgeoisie, who exploit the toilers of the world and profit by their labor power.

Beneath it all, bearing the weight of the entire system, are the workers who produce all things fundamental to the perpetuation of life and the continuation of this system.

Thus, in addition to illustrating the multi-layered oppression and exploitation of workers, this image also begs the question,

“what would happen to capitalism if the workers simply withdrew their support?”


Reader E addresses STO (Sevice To Others souls):

Re: About the Geo-Eengineering Pyramid of Power...

Urgent Message To All STO Beings On, In And Around Planet Earth

(from a self-proclaimed STO earth human)

As you all are fully aware, planet earth is needlessly in full crisis mode as a direct result of control by a relatively few self-appointed, totally evil and greedy “elite” slave-masters at the top of the “food-chain.”

Planet Earth desperately needs your help, which is no doubt why so many of you are here now.

As you know, the overwhelming majority of earth’s people have been so brainwashed and dumbed-down that they are beyond salvaging in the short time that’s left before a melt-down occurs.

I know that all you loving, caring, benevolent “off-world” beings are severely restricted by the free-will clause from source.

This is where I come in; I hereby proclaim, and cast my vote, to PERMANENTLY RID PLANET EARTH OF ALL EVIL, SERVICE-TO-SELF (STS) TYRANTS (both of human as well as off-world ancestry).

Furthermore, due to the fact that most of planet earth’s human population are clueless about how bad everything really is (solely because of corrupt mind programming/brainwashing by the controlling “elite”), clueless about how and why
they have been unlawfully enslaved, helpless and unaware that they have the power to free themselves AND WOULD IN A HEARTBEAT IF THEY KNEW THE TRUTH -


Conservatively, this number would be at least 6 billion out of the planet’s 7 billion or so current population.

So, this effectively means that 6,000,000,001 votes are hereby cast to PERMANENTLY RID PLANET EARTH OF ALL EVIL, STS TYRANTS, both of human as well as off-world ancestry.

Hopefully, this will satisfy the free-will clause from source.

The sooner we can bring this about, the better!!!

Please let me know how I can be of further assistance.


: The criminal elements providing the services to the
: Geo-engineering attack on Humanity must be taken out -
: period.

: (6) Humanity has a right to self - defense.


RMN is an RA production.

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