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While we're waiting to hear from MegaAnon, if ever, here is something from a link on the thread at Reddit

Posted By: MrFusion
Date: Friday, 22-Nov-2019 20:10:09

In Response To: Redditor ToddWhiskey, who has been indexing MegaAnon's posts, wonders if the recent ones about Q and Assange are genuine (MrFusion)

The following is a text file from pastebin, which someone posted on Reddit. I am presenting it unedited. I wouldn't even know how to edit it. The odd punctuation may be formatting marks for some web forum I am unaware of.


Presented for your consideration, as Rod Serling would say:


==+++ Real [SNOW(den) WHITE] Found via Phase Conjugate Memery +++==

Oliver __[STONE's]__ film ‘’Snowden’’ contains ‘’’THE EXACT SAME’’’ phrases used by ‘’’Q’’’ __at very significant timestamps!__ Snowden’s NSA[KEY] nickname IS ‘’’Snow White‘’’, given to him by the self avowed __Council of Data Wizards and Zero Day Warlocks__ aka ‘’’Q group‘’’... it’s ALL in the movie.
>No coincidences

What does that mean?
The ‘’’film’’’ and the entirety of the ‘’’Snowden Affair,’’’ including the role of the Bad and Good actors within the NSA[KEY] in both __covering for, and ‘’’uncovering’’’__ the The-One-PedoRing-To-Rule-Them-All needs to be brought to light. This is an attempt to do so.

The Octopus will go down.
Amazing what a scrying stone of power can do, provided it’s held in the right hands. ;)
>No coincidences

==What if ‘’’[Snow(den) White]‘’’ was never ‘’REALLY’’ a “traitor” to his country?==

What if Snowden was only a traitor to (((them)) and NOT to the USA?
The oath is to protect the country from threats foreign and DOMESTIC.
>they never expected her to lose

What if he has been on the undercover mission to trump all undercover missions this entire time?
>Is disinformation real?
>Is it necessary?

What if the Snowden affair tricked the self styled “elite" into revealing to the public the very system that would eventually bring about their demise?
If one reads the bloodline and y, alleged Rothschild AMA, or if one is familiar with the occult in general, (((they))) are bound to rules of some strange kind, involving “karma”, and the requirement to tell people of their agenda and plans prior to the event itself.
Like how a magician announces the trick beforehand, the trick isn’t the what, it’s the how. (Think Georgia Guidestones)
Giving them the rope to hang themselves would therefore be fitting. Regardless of whether we are bound to such rules or not.
>they never expected her to lose

Name one person who could go on American TV and who could quell the screeching and hopefully trusted by the leftists.
[Snow(den) White]

Have you guys noticed the pattern yet, POTUS prefers to let people hang themselves, often times after giving them a second chance.
People deserve a chance to repent, but true sociopaths and psychopaths are not human. They will lie to your face and stab you in the back while they do so, all the while feeling nothing at all, or worse still, pleasure.
Alex Jones said recently, Trump told the baby eating satan worshipping globalists to knock it off a year ago, he just wanted to MAGA. He had no desire to traumatize the public like they soon will be when this all comes to light. BUT imo it’s necessary to shock people out of their zombie like trance, in spite of the negative fallout.
This evil must be purged in entirety and transparency is necessary or else mind controlled leftists will take to the streets.
Force the Commie/Nazis to look at what their “exalted priest class” is really up to.

Unfortunately exposure will not be easy, it’s just one storm on the horizon, but it’s one we must all weather by coming together as human beings. We all bleed red blood, and these sick f**ks want to drink it. Maybe we should work together to get rid of them?
The fallout is a result of something called Revelation of the Method, an in built component to finding out about the occult is, itself, an initiation of sorts.
It’s like a dead man’s trigger. The shock of revelation being too much to handle for us plebs. But handle it we shall.
’’That is why __GOD__ and __Prayer__ is so important in the coming months’’’

We ARE strong and so far we have overcome incredible odds. People have no idea what has been going on behind the scenes, but I can infer from what I do know. (Think about those loud booms heard all across the planet, now think underground bases)
It’s like the scene at the end of Pirates of the Caribbean 2,
the mighty ‘’’Octopus’’’ (and all that term entails, just duckduck it) __is being slain after 30 YEARS of strangling our country with it’s massive Lovecraftian tentacles. Danny Casolaro is avenged.__

Did (((they))) not realize ‘’’EVERYONE's‘’’ data was being harvested, including their own?
How could anyone get away with their disgusting activities with such a system in place?
Did everyone sell their soul or were there hidden filters/backdoors built into the system?

Ultimately, I believe there was a select group of people, across multiple agencies, that watched 9/11 occur and realized, all was not right. These brave men and women banded together, in secret at first, but each group got larger, as the secret spread. Like a silent Paul Revere’s ride, they whispered amongst themselves, “Q is coming, Q is coming, be prepared for when the time comes to make our move, we’ll only have one shot at this.”
>they never expected her to lose
And then the unprecedented python approach was conducted.

Hmm, maybe that explains the insanity of geopolitics? Snowden ran away with the forbidden fruit, then Trump came along and kicked the whole damn apple cart off a cliff.
All last year there was a war being waged behind the scenes, it was secret societies vs hidden deep state factions vs central bankers vs aerospace contractors vs overt state entities, and alliance must have been shifting and changing all the while.

__The righthand path is fighting the evil lefthand path, and the lefthand path has been fighting everyone for all of history.__

__This is an all pervasive evil, it ‘’’was’’’ national, and remains ’’’transnational,’’’ it exists in governments, universities, churches, militaries, towns and cities, “across all powers and principalities” just as the Illuminati was designed to function by Adam Weishaupt.__

‘’’Yet, the actions of one man, whether deliberate or on accident may have kicked into gear a plan that has taken years to come together.‘’’

Hey didn’t Q say to check timestamps? How about geopolitical events since the period in question?
Were the actions of a group of say, 4300 individuals since that very day motivated by the knowledge that potentially years worth of dirty laundry could see the light of day?
Is that why they panicked and Homeland Security tried to steal the election, got caught in real time, and STILL she lost. (Who set up Homeland and WHY?)

IF Snowden ran because he stumbled upon their luciferian and satanist activities, and tripped sensors in doing so, where could he run to?

[fyi: there is a difference between the two Illuminati “religions,” the former believe lulu is the real god with a big G and think they are doing good, while latter know they are just plain evil, in complete opposition to God, and determined to bring Dante’s Inferno here onto earth.]

If I was him, I’d pick a ‘’’Christian Nation’’’ with a leader that is known to be strong in his faith. I would pick a country to shelter me that could stand up to the USA and not be manhandled, one with a nuclear deterrent, and would look for __a leader that is strong in his faith in ‘’’God.’’’
Someone that wouldn’t compromise their ideals, morality, or faith and sell me out, to the literal shapeshifters that used to be in complete control of our country.
Funny how he ended up in ‘’’Orthodox Christian Russia.’’’ With —supreme evil dictator— ’’’Vladimir Putin.’’’
Isn’t it funny how Russia became our enemy around that same time period?
>no coincidences
I wonder what’s in the rest of those outstanding files? Where did they all go? How deep does the rabbit hole go?

Be forewarned, this is NOT a CNN approved or Snopes fact checked statement.

This scenario sure would make sense out of numerous things that have occurred since the [Snow(den) White] affair, including but not limited to, a few missing planes, a handful of invaded countries, and Clown sponsored coups in a number of other sovereign nations.
It rationalizes the massive amount of domestic AND foreign propaganda broadcast to all NATO controlled countries, a demonization of Russia that would make Goebbels proud, and Brexit seemingly coming out of nowhere, but __only after it was clear Trump was going to win,__
It somewhat justifies the motivation of ’’’missing trillions of $$$’’’ from both the private and public sectors,’’’ at least 100 suicided bankers, close to 100 suicided “alternative medicine” doctors, the 4-fold increase in opiate related overdoses, and therefore an increased supply of heroin to meet that demand.
And then there is the staggering number of children (800,000) that go missing EVERY YEAR and are never found, and a simply unquantifiable amount of human suffering over the last 5 years, whether it be in in the Middle East or here at home. Oh and who can forget, the sides of beef?

What if losing the election meant being exposed as a baby eating satanist?
Is it a coincidence that she was beefed after a speech filled with hate and lies of upon the occult alter of the 9/11 memorial?
>no coincidences
(((She))), (((they))), (((the powers that were))), none of them were a match for those allied with The Holy Trinity. With God the Father, with Jesus Christ, the son who died on the cross to give us the gift of eternal life, and with the Holy Spirit to inspire lead and the way. No, (((their))) plans were never going to come to fruition, provided man was willing to step up to them, not with Truth, Light, and the Good on our side.

Did that grab your attention?
Good, because I’m ‘’not’’ one that is known for brevity.
‘’’The proper set and context is necessary to understand the true nature of all things.’’’
So strap in fellow pedes and anons. A self taught, well read, long winded and uncorrupt by higher academia, hedge wizard has arrived to offer The Council ofWizards and Warlocks some support.

IF you’re an impatient person and don’t want to read this (very important imho) giant border wall of text, well your shortcut to the juiciest scene in the film is right below.

But first everyone should know it’s currently available for free to Showtime subscribers On Demand. Same goes for Oliver Stone’s other recent work of vital import, the documentary series, ‘’The Putin Diaries.’’

Shortcut = **fast forward to the around the 29 min mark in the movie and watch from there, up to and thru his first field op** then come back or **just scroll down to the red scene analysis header.**

IF you’re a patient person, bear with me, read on and ‘’then’’ watch the movie and report back.

At the very minimum the film is a ‘’’[KEY] / Q map puzzle piece’’’, if not ‘’’THE [KEY].’’’
All we have to do is find the right door...
Maybe we’ll find the door if we

The NSA spying apparatus was set up in response to the grand occult ritual of 9/11 (See ‘’The Most Dangerous Book in the World’’).

What if the real perpetrators of 9/11 (we all know it was an inside job) set up the system in such a way that their own occult activities (arms, drugs, human trafficking, ritual child abuse and baby eating) would remain cloaked? How? By using certain keywords their messages could bypass or be filtered and hidden from the analyst.

Or simply put why do they hate Wikileaks so much

Before y’all jump down my throat, yes, I am fully aware Q has said that the [KEY] was the NSA. I am also fully aware that ‘’’Snow White’’’ and the ‘’’Seven Dwarves’’’ were CIA mainframe (possibly AI) computers. BUT literally ‘’everything’’ Q says is __multi dimensional.__ So let’s dig deeper into two of the first “tasks” Q threw our way

It’s therefore imperative y’all take a minute to hear me out AND watch the film before judging the veracity of my wild, though, rationally argued speculations.

‘’’Phase Conjugate Memery (PCM)’’’ = my term for
>Future proves Past
>Past proves futures
phase conjugated = physics term for a time reversed waveform. So we have a meme that is time gated, often deliberately implanted within the structure of the aether/reality. The meme requires unlocking by a future action or event, whereby a cohered greater understanding of information is reached. A man made form of synchronicity, a move from disorder into order, in my opinion diametrically opposed to the Mandela Effect (results in disorder)
Previous examples of PCM
>No coincidences

1. The Simpsons / Trump sign dropping video

2. The Back 2 The Future 9/11 prediction (significant because this involved William Gordon Levitt, actor who plays Snowden)

For whatever reason I have a gut feeling these ‘’’phase conjugated memes’’’ are going to start popping up all over the place in the coming weeks and months.
The more of this we find, the more blanks we should be able to fill in the [Q Map].
__Oh what do you know I found another. Joe Rogan podcast with Alex Jones, listen to the intro.__ Lmfao wow.

==Back to the [Snow(den) White]==

Upon watching the film, it will become __abundantly clear__ that this seemingly “anti NSA” movie is actually ‘’anything but’’ a critique of government run amok.
No, this film is much much more, because it contains numerous “time locked” ‘’’bread crumbs’’’, deliberately and carefully strewn throughout the entire movie.

How do we do that exactly?

Taken literally = follow both handles on Twitter
But that is not 4 dimensional thinking.
We must think metaphorically if we’re going to get anywhere of import.
Like it or not, we’re all playing 4D chess now. Each and every one of us.

So how does one make sure the public is never again turned into sheeple?
You teach them how to play 4D chess.
You teach them how to play the Game of Thrones.

One purpose, among many, of this whole Q thing is to provide a crash course in analytical thinking to any whom have chosen to follow this quasi Socratic, query laced dialogue.
In so doing we have all become participants in the herculean effort to purify our country of great evil.
By staying informed and sharing what we have learned with our fellow man we ‘’are’’ fulfilling a sacred duty to our nation.

‘’’That sacred duty was the media’s, but they have become nothing but Clown In America Mockingbirds.’’’

‘’’We the people’’’ must take back and rekindle that torch
‘’’We the people’’’ must do the hard work of finding the truth
And after the truth has been found
‘’’We the people’’’ must remain vigilant to ensure the sick and twisted luciferians and satanists ‘’’NEVER’’’ come to power ever again.

We ‘’are’’ the calm within the storm, and it is ‘’our’’ duty to project that sense of calm to others.
We must also aid the man ‘’’WE’’’ chose to become president.
These sick bastards will not fade away silently into the night
4286 may have been caught, but God knows some have escaped
‘’’We the people’’ must make sure the people Trump is surrounded by are NOT “Bad actors.”
‘’’We the people’’ must make sure our President is not led astray

So again ‘’’What do we do?’’’

‘’’We the people’’ must go down the rabbit hole and pray that we all make it out the other side.

The movie serves as a basic timeline, but ‘’’[Following Snow(den) White]’’’ means dissecting the entire Snowden Affair.
I’m talking picking everything apart and examining the crumbs with an electron microscope
‘’’We the people’’ must FOIA the shit out of everything, and request the documents from the actual agencies that we know are on Trumps side.

Oh did literally everyone neglect to mention that Obama did one good thing immediately prior to leaving the White House (likely bought him some time with his Michael)... ‘’’he drafted an executive order forcing FOIA to go digital.’’’
In case anyone missed that gem.
BTW all records pertaining to 2017 must be up by Feb 2nd 2018. Tick Tock.

Because the stakes truly are Win or Die. Freedom or Slavery? It’s up to us. Which do you choose?

==Things to keep in mind when viewing/thinking about the film==

All the talk about ‘’’[KEYS], [STONES], and [KEYSTONES].

Think about ‘’JFK’’ the movie.
Who attempted to show America the truth after the specially appointed, and cooked goose, Warren Commission gave us the lone nut gunmen / magic bullet bs
‘’Who’’ made the definitive, Oscar winning, JFK film, based on the, at the time, virtually unknown findings of the Jim Garrison investigation and the late Jim Marrs' book, ‘’Crossfire.’’
Answer = ‘’’Oliver [STONE]’’’

Last go around there was quite a gap of time between the assassination of our last great president, and the only feature film to expose the truth about what transpired on that terrible day.
Is there a possibility Oliver Stone is attempting to stop the possible assassination of another great President?
Is it a coincidence Trump is at war with the very same factions that JFK attempted to take on. (the big difference this time around is that Trump has the military backing him, JFK did not, because the top brass were crooked)
>Who was the last president to surround themselves with family?

Stone has always been somewhat of an outsider in Hollywood, maybe that’s because he is aware of their sick and heinous activities?
Maybe he refused to take part?
Maybe he wants to put a stop to it?

==Sidenote on Jim Marrs==

The author of ‘’Crossfire’’, the book the JFK film was made using, Jim Marrs, recently passed. It was likely from natural causes, he was getting up there after all, but who knows these days? It could of easily been an Arkancide considering the __astonishing__ quality of his latest book.
Rest in Peace Jim, your last one is simply an amazing culmination of your life’s work as a TRUE journalist. Your Texas drawl will be missed by many. This in part goes out to you.
Everyone should read the book that either got him killed, or the book that God kept him on Earth long enough to finish.
If you want to better understand what we are truly up against and ‘’’why’’’ this book is imperative.
==The Illuminati: The Secret Society That Hijacked The World.==
Again I will state, that book is a necessity to understand the scope of what our nation is up against. The year ahead isn’t going to be all jonquils and daises. Just buy it ASAP

==Back to the [Snow(den) White]==

‘’’Could there then be unforeseen connections between the film, the entire Snowden affair, the occult activities involving people in Hollywood, politicians, corporate executives, intelligence officials, and the secret societies they are members of, the 4286 sealed indictments, and the UFO phenomenon, including the bs “disclosure” of Tom DeLonge and Pedodesta?’’’

Jim Marrs would say ‘’’yes’’’.
And so would you if you read his book.

It is also necessary to know that the film was actually __made from the point of view of Edward ‘’’[Snow White]‘’’ Snowden, himself.__ This movie truly is ‘’his’’ side of story, and yes, [Snow White] was ‘’his’’ nickname. Not only was he a former ‘’’NSA/[KEY]‘’’ employee , but it just so happens that he was a member of the ultra secret section named ‘’’T.A.O.’’’ better known today by the name, ==Q group==.

All of this is stated plainly in the movie, even the use of the term ‘’’[The Council of Wizards and Warlocks]‘’’ as their own internal nickname. It was during ‘’’[Snow White’s]’’’ tenure with ‘’’Q group’’’, __ the activities of which, take note, were subcontracted out to ‘’’Booze Allen Hamilton’’’__, when he made his decision to go rogue. The alleged straw that broke the camels back, was his discovery that __a software package he had initially written a number of years prior had been modified for malicious purposes.__

So he decided to split and the rest is history.
Or is it?

The bombs dropped in this film... be prepared for jaws to hit the floor and explode from the sheer kinetic force... I’m still picking up the pieces of my shattered mandibles weeks later.
Yes, I said weeks later.
Why didn’t I share this information weeks ago?
Quite simply put, it was ‘’not’’ the proper time to do so.

According to the Q posts there were operations still in motion, operations that I did ‘’’not’’’ want to jeopardize the outcomes of.
But we’ve had 7 days of silence now, and today is the start of a new year, but more importantly, something occurred that only served to further strengthen my interpretation.

I noticed the crucial detail just the other day,
One day last week a phrase was added at the bottom of the daily CBTS threads here on 8chan, the ‘’’__SAME EXACT__’’’ phrase used at a very significantly time stamped point in the ‘’Snowden’’ film itself.

__The phrase In CBTS :__
>America’s Military + Navy Intellooigence, the NSA, the Q group and more have ‘’’conducted an unprecedented ==python approach==’’’ of The-One-PedoRing-To-Rule-Them-All with over 4,289 sealed indictments fueled by the massive NSA information powerhouse [KEY] turned good under Admiral Rogers.

The emboldened and red texted phrase above made clear to me that the time to share is now. The specific reason why shall be revealed below. Phase conjugated memery at work yet again.

>No coincidences
>Follow Snow White?
>Follow The White Rabbit?
>Through the Looking Glass and down the rabbit hole, right?
>Future proves past?
>Past proves future?

__Watch ‘’Snowden’’ through the lens of all that has been revealed by Q.__
Pay very close attention to the thematic elements, the ‘’’symbols‘’’ that are strewn throughout, the feelings espoused by the actors and ‘’’the timing‘’’ within the film itself and ‘’’the wider context of world events‘’’, the subtle metaphors in their conversations and actions, both as characters and actors/actresses. Pay attention to the ‘’’the TIMESTAMPS‘’’ like Q has said umpteen times.

==The Most Revealing Parts of the Film==

Snowden first agrees to show the journalists xKEYscore claiming it was introduced to him __while under the auspices of the CIA in 2007,__ during his first deployment in __Geneva, Switzerland.__
He was officially there to perform UN duties, which provided diplomatic cover, but his real mandate was to __maintain the computer security network of the CIA in a neutral/allied country.__
Where he "spent two years around CIA field officers."
[What might CIA field officers have been doing in Switzerland from 2007 -09? What are Swiss banks infamous for?]

Skip some transition scenes and Snowden is getting reprimanded by his CIA superior for hacking the human resources department.
He claims he was doing his job, finding vulnerabilities so that they can be patched. (Snowden repeatedly goes above and beyond for the sake of efficiency.
But higher ups at The Clown Factory were displeased and his local superior doesn't like to receive phone calls from Langley.
(It seems like the Clowns were worried about hiding something.
Snowden leaves the boss's office and complains to an experienced CIA field officer, played by Timothy Olyphant, that "he can't get anything done here."
The spook responds with a wry smile, "Politics man. The culture of fear wins again." Snowden asks, "If he can get him a job doing field ops?"
His colleague replies that he's "working on it and waiting for a call back from their former friend at the Hill (a.k.a. The Farm in real life, training grounds for the CIA AND DIA, among others.)
The old friend referred to is Corbin, his former teacher and mentor at The Hill.
However, Corbin is definitely a “Bad Actor.” (in an interview it was said he was a composite of multiple men with a similar disposition)
A Company man through and through who had a keen interest in following Snowden's career throughout the film. [it seems that his aptitude not only made him a rising star, but a man to be watched as well.]
Snowden is visibly excited at the prospect.The field agent tells him to chill out,
"He has a cleric to meet with in Milan, but they'll talk when he gets back."
[What kind of cleric? What is Milan known for? Hint: not muslim clerics]

Time Stamp 32:30
It appears that Snowden has been relegated to grunt work for his transgressions, stuck manually rendering data CD's scratched beyond repair using some type of disc shaped sander in the basement. A young man walks up behind Snowden, but the noise made by the machine is such that he is unaware of this new person's presence until he knocks on the wall directly behind him. Visibly startled, Snowden turns to meet him. (Possibly a metaphor, Snowden at the time resembling the the average mid level
The young man - "Damn CIA does not like to leave a trace, huh?"
Snowden- "Can I help you?"
Man- "You ever get curious to check one out? *picks up a CD to examine* See what kind of crazy ass covert kill mission you might be erasing from history?"
Snowden - *snatches back the disc* "I'm sorry who are you with?"

Here comes the super critical part.

Time Stamp 33:00
Man- *holds up his ID* "NO SUCH AGENCY, I'm Gabriel Sol . I'm the 50 pound brain from THE COUNCIL OF WIZARDS AND WARLOCKS."
Snowden - "Excuse me?" (My thinking exactly, come again? ...Did he REALLY just say what I think he said in a movie released over a year ago at the exact 33 minute mark. It gets even better.)
Sol - "I'm giving you your intel for Bucharest, dude. Unless there's another Dave Churchyard?" (Keep in mind he has NOT introduced himself as Edward Snowden,
Snowden - "No, that's me, rights this way."
*Screen cuts to a 6 monitor display, each showing the NSA logo, an Eagle with a shield on it's chest and a KEY between the talons.*
Snowden - "I'll be right outside."
Gabriel - "You can stay if you want
Snowden - "Uh no, I - I *he stammers* don't have authorization to use NSA programs."
Gabriel- If you're the messenger to Bucharest you must have a PRIVAC clearance to see the finished intel, yes? So, what difference does it make if you see how it's put together?

Time stamp: 33:33
Sol - "It's up to you man." *As he looks over his shoulder at Snowden then proceeds to login into the NSA network.*

Behold xKEYscore (at 33:34, the keystone? Or is there more to it?)

Snowden - "You're giving me just names?" *stammers*
Sol - "A lot more than just names. What I will be providing you and the fine gentlemen of the Secret Service is a list of every threat made about the President since February 3rd and a profile of every threat maker."
Snowden - "And these are like existing targets?"
Sol - "99% are going to come from the bulk collection program so... UPSTREAM, MUSCULAR, TEMPORA, PRISM."
Snowden - "PRISM?"
Sol - *turns toward Snowden with a mischievous grin* "You've got a little SNOW WHITE in you? *pauses* Which makes me feel like the witch bringing you the poisoned apple.

+++!!! No Such Agency, The Council of Wizards and Warlocks, Snow White, xkeyscore all mentioned in ONE conversation between a member of the CIA and the NSA, in a movie made by someone named Stone, which might just hold the key to solving the the Q(uery) map. !!!+++

But wait, we haven't even finished the scene.

Sol- "Here, Exhibit A. Oakland resident Justin Pinsky posted on one message board. "Romania has a storied history of executing their leaders, couldn't they do us a solid and and take out Bush?" Oh now this looks juicy, this is from a G Chat.

Time stamp 34:34

*On the computer screen in xKEYscore:*
Query parameter's: 43 days Start 2008-02-03
|Attack| |Take out| |Bush| |Bucharest| |Romania|

(below that it says)
When I get to Bucharest I'm going to attack your bush with the biggest python you've ever seen.
Sol - "with the biggest python you've ever seen? Hmm"
Snowden - "How is this all possible?"
Sol -"Um, KEYword selectors." |See above *on screen*| "So think of it like a google search, except instead of searching only what people make public, we're also looking at everything they don't, so emails, chats, SMS, whatever."
Snowden - "Yeah but which people?"
Sol - *Looks back at Snowden* "The whole kingdom Snow White." *smiles*
ES - *Looks on in disbelief*

End Scene

(Remember Snowden did NOT introduce himself by his real name, but Sol is from the NSA, and the group within known as the council of Wizards and Warlocks. Might they have profiled Snowden's personality, attributes, skills, and moral compass prior to this encounter?
Did they know giving him a taste of the poisoned apple would compel him to later join. Were they looking for a specific someone that was not only a genius, but also someone with the fortitude, strength and drive to pull off specifically what Edward Snowden actually pulled off?
Does the nickname derive from his frequently referenced pale skin by his girlfriend, from his own last name, from the probability that having worked as a security engineer he know where all Seven Dwarves were located (the CIA's super computer network), or did the nickname imply he would be a sleeper agent, he would be branded as a "bad apple," and would have to go to sleep (hide out) for awhile.
Is this an either/or or a both/and type of situation?
The question remains, will/has Trump been his metaphorical Prince Charming?
Isn't there a frog (literal kek) involved in the "fairy tale turned real life”?

‘’’The opening scene is significant for one reason... an alligator’’’

‘’Opening scene’’
‘’’Glenn Greenwald‘’’: [sitting under a big green balloon ‘’’alligator’’’] So?
‘’’Laura Poitras‘’’: This is the only ‘’’alligator’’’.
‘’’GG‘’’: Four minutes past. We walk in one minute. He was clear on the
‘’’LP‘’’: He's coming.
‘’’GG‘’’: No, he is too young to have that kind of access.
‘’’GG‘’’: [to Snowden as he walks up] Uh, what time does the restaurant open?
‘’’Edward Snowden‘’’: Noon. But the food is a bit too spicy. This way...

The film is definitely spicy, but it opens with the two journalists sitting under a giant ‘’’alligator.’’’
Why might this be of any significance?
Well, the Ancient Egyptian Crocodile god = So’’’BEK’’’/Sobli’’’KEK’’’... am I stretching here?
No, I don’t think so.

I mean can anyone actually forget Pepe the Frog and the roll of memetic magic and warfare during the election?

There of course was ‘’’Kek/Kuk‘’’= the god of primordial darkness, called the “raiser up of light,” mighty smiter of sides of beef, ally to lès deplorablès, reportedly good friends with POTUS, and an alleged cartoon frog symbol of hate.

Naturally there is Kek’s female counterpart ‘’’Kekuit/Kauket‘’’ (occasionally spelled ‘’’HeRCuit‘’’) called the “raiser up of darkness” and ~~devourer of small children~~.

Both gods belonged to the oldest known group of Egypt’s primordial deities, “the eightfold” Ogdoad, said to have created the universe using the repeated combinations of numbers. (i.e. gets/dubs/trips etc)
The most Ancient myths attest that they arose out of the waters of Zep Tepi amongst the great mound.(The Great Pyramid, which happens to be the symbol of the Illuminati, Why? Maybe their “team” caused the Great flood? Maybe they just like to destroy? Maybe sociopaths aren’t human?)
Despite their prominence, the extreme antiquity of these deities was such that they were mostly forgotten by everyone, accept the religious scholars, as early as the Dynastic Old Kingdom era (27th to 22nd centuries B.C.)

Note: Many researchers believe Egypt to be a legacy civilization, a group of survivors, after the flood myth that permeates the world.

In the oldest representations the male gods were always depicted bearing the heads of serpents, while their female counterparts were depicted bearing the heads of frogs
‘’However’’ during the __Greco-Roman__ period the ‘’’symbols were flipped‘’’, suddenly KeK’s male form became a frog headed man, and the female form a serpent headed woman.

Call me crazy, but I think their might be some type of underlying physics and psychological/social engineering involved with the flipping of a cultures symbols.
After all, the key to waging memetic warfare is flipping the opponents symbols, actions, or words against them, think Shariablue.
The history of symbol flipping is key to tracing this Cosmic War back thru the ages.

That’s where Jim Marrs’ book comes in as well as Joseph P Farrell’s entitled, ‘’The Cosmic War.’’

In normal circumstances I would say tying all this together would be a mighty stretch then I saw the following...

Sobek is, above all else, an aggressive and animalistic deity who lives up to the vicious reputation of his patron animal, the large and violent. Some of his common epithets betray this nature succinctly, the most notable of which being: "he who loves robbery",

But remember we’re flipping the symbols. Robin Hood?
Don’t Tread On Me?

I will discuss 3 more scenes very briefly

The very next scene after his encounter with Gabriel Sol, is full of yet more relevant clues. The short of it, Snowden is tasked with his first field mission __by the CIA__ and it’s all about targeting bankers.
While at a fancy gala, he first meets World Trade Organization's "de La Hoya". Snowden is tasked by his CIA colleague, Olyphant, to cozy up to some bankers.
He specifically is pointed out bankers from Credit Suisse, JP Morgan, and DeutcheBank.
As his colleague remarks, "10,0000 bankers in this town and you only need to turn one, socialize, meet a few, preferably ones sitting on a pile of dirty Saudi money that's funding Bin Laden." (Like the banks specifically pointed out to Snowden? What about all the banker deaths the last few years?)

The following scene whence combined with the next is what sealed the deal for me. Snowden is finally hired by the NSA under contract for Booz Allen Hamilton. (Bad Actors if they are anything like their pals over at Dyncorp)
He has not yet told his girlfriend and plans to tell her over dinner that he has an offer from the NSA in Hawaii.
While he is cooking the girlfriend talks about her personal photography/art, but he is lost in thought.
When she confronts him, he begins to explain to her about the job and why he wants to take it, the importance of “battling Chinese Hackers.”
They sit down to talk, but it turns into an argument quickly.
Then the pot begins to boil over, he jumps up to turn it off and stares into the pot of pasta, there is a surreal moment where the camera gets all fuzzy, one lens of his glasses is fogged over, the other is not. (Illuminati symbolism, is Stone trying to tell us something?) the camera zooms in and out on the pasta, representative of Snowden's point of view; he then passes out and hits the floor. (Can you say pizzagate? Pasta with walnut sauce maybe?)
He is diagnosed with a epileptic seizure disorder and is told to take medication, however, not all seizures are epileptic, sometimes they can even be brought on by too much stress. (Say, from learning your government is run by a satanic evil cabal and you’ve just joined the group that is trying to stop them.)

The only other time in the film he has a seizure is when he's at a party in Hawaii. He's stressed from work and argues a bit with his immediate superior over the Nuremberg Laws.
Meanwhile an NSA colleague tells a story of how he watched a child get blown up by a drone strike in the Middle East.
The higher ups informed the analysts that boots on the ground confirmed it was a only a dog, the next day the funeral procession, obviously not for a dog, is blown sky high.
At that same moment a toy drone crashes into the table causing a big commotion. Snowden has another seizure.
This time he is clearly disgusted with the Obama/CIA drone war when he goes down. Can we safely assume that the pasta also disgusted him?
It is after this scene that he steals the files in the movie. I think we assume his motivation.
Note: CIA drone king and Muslim himself, Brennan can take the credit for the most civilian casualties. The real question, is Brennan Shite or Sunni? Might that have anything to do with Iran? What does a strict Muslim believe in? Jihad? World conquest or destruction? Why was the CIA fighting our wars anyway? Don’t we have a military?

There is so much hidden in this movie that I just want to get this out there to get more eyes on it.

Excerpts from a Hollywood Reporter Article interviewing Stone. [Commentary within [ ] is my own.]

==The real Edward Snowden consulted on the script and advised on the correct CIA and NSA lingo and procedures.==

www. hollywoodrep

Snowden is not a political film, said Oliver Stone in an onstage interview at Cannes Lions. The director called it an "intellectual thriller" that tells the journey of the former NSA officer over a decade from his military service through his decision to reveal the NSA's widespread surveillance programs in the press.

"The issues will hopefully emerge but they are not much discussed in the movie,” he said. (What issues will emerge? Is there a hidden truth behind the Snowden affair and is Stone's goal to expose it? Is that not what he did in the film, JFK? Is it a ntrenched within our government?)

“The [computer] screens were made realistically, his slides were incorporated as well as other slides from the NSA. (Hold up, hold up, settle down, OTHER SLIDES FROM THE NSA!?! Is he covertly implying that in addition to Snowden's own material the NSA itself, also provided slides?!? Would that not also imply that the events portrayed in the film are congruent from the point view of BOTH Snowden's AND at least some element from within the NSA?)

Obviously it is a drama and we have to simplify and condense to some degree, but we feel we are in the ballpark and it’s very realistic."

Snowden consulted on the script and advised on the correct CIA and NSA lingo and procedures. “He gave us very good advice and sometimes very specific advice,” said Stone. (Like possible code words and symbols to include, maybe even when, where and how to include them?) Snowden has given the final film his “thumbs up.”

He also says Snowden's girlfriend Lindsay Mills, who is portrayed by Shailene Woodley in the film, plays “a very significant role.” (Who plays a very significant role, the girlfriend or Woodley? Was her support for Hillary Clinton a continuation of her movie role as a liberal? There is a spot in the film where she says something akin to we must stick to our routine and pretend nothing is wrong so we don't alert them)

The director expressed his initial reticence to get involved in the project because of the subject matter, but jumped in when he received a call from Snowden’s lawyer. (Why would that have changed his mind? Possible he was made aware of Team Q's plans to bring down the corrupt satanic establishment? Something he definitely would have known existed in Hollywood, at the very least, given his stature.)

...The team had to get funding from Germany and France and shot the film in Germany as a German production. “We did not get financing from any of the US majors. They all turned it down on the basis of the subject,” he said. “Essentially we got it made by the skin of our teeth.” (Is the Satanic child abuse unique to Hollywood or did Hollywood suspect the NSA had the dirt on them)

...The outspoken filmmaker also expressed his own disappointment in Obama — “I don’t know that he’s a man of conviction." (Would a man of conviction send their firstborn daughter to intern with an OPENly SECRET sexual deviant? How could Stone not know about Harvey Weinstein's predilections? Obama is a sick man)

“In this election it’s not mentioned in the debates, no one is talking about it. Both [Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump] want more of it, it seems,” he said, calling the military and surveillance buildup Orwellian. He also said there is a clip of Trump where he calls for Snowden’s execution in the film." (4D Chess yet again?)

The Oscar-winner said that Hollywood tends to criticize his films in advance. “Nixon was too sympathetic; I wasn’t hard enough on Bush.” (Do we know the real story behind Nixon? Was another Stone, named Roger, not Trump's campaign manager as well as Nixon's?)

“When I make a film I think about it scene by scene,” he said. “I’ve never thought about it as just a movie. I take responsibility.” (Did Oliver Stone take upon the great responsibility to aid in protecting his country from enemies, both foreign AND domestic? Has that not been the primary motivation that has driven his entire career?)

>follow Snow White
FOIA events and clues in the movie.

Spread this info far and wide, whether you agree with me or not. Watch the movie over again like I will be doing for the 4th time.
Everything has meaning
I found way too many commonalities in Snowden and Q's own info. There is absolutely no chance of this all being coincidence.

Our duty as the so called [STONES] is to remain the calm center inside the coming storm, and there is one coming.
Our duty is to explain what has been going on since the death JFK.
Most people will struggle with the notion of integrating the coming revelations into their worldview’s. Some people might get violent or angry and others will want to keep their heads buried in the sand. Most of us have likely had years to integrate some of these disgusting truths into our psyches.
The general populace will not have that privilege, and half are they are the ones to worry about.

Not only that, but films such as this shall aid us in fulfilling our duty as the calm within the storm [Stones].
This is the perfect example of the type of film we can watch with or refer to our friends and family, provided we give them the right [Looking Glass] to watch it through. We can help coach those we know through the rough road of the coming revelations, using the film as a guide.

==A Commentary on Stone's Simultaneous Project: The Putin Diaries==

Stone not only went to the alleged "enemy" country of Russia to interview Snowden face to face for the film, but he also went back, on multiple occasions, to sit down and have HONEST conversations with the "most ruthless, evil, communist dictator on the whole planet," Vladimir Putin.
If one were to watch the 4 part documentary series put out by Showtime and directed by Oliver Stone they could see how evil Putin really is. (He isn't)

Why did Putin magically become our enemy anyway? When was the literal Nazi takeover of the Ukraine?
*insert picture of McCain doing the Nazi salute on stage after the Soros funded Maidan*
Do we live in George Orwell land, where yesterday's ally is today's enemy?
Where literal Nazi salutes are made by our own Senators?
Does 2 + 2 = fish?

Wait a tick, didn't Trump say we should be friends with Russia and Putin?
Well, for those that aren't aware, Vladimir Putin is a highly devout Russian Orthodox Christian.
He is one leader on this planet who at least tries his best to live by the moral codes laid out in the Holy Bible.
Yes, he puts the Russian people first, but why shouldn't he?
He also stood up for the untold number of Syrian Orthodox Christians that were being slaughtered by the Clinton Foundation armed and supplied ISIS.
So Putin is our enemy for doing what again?
Does he eat babies in his spare time or sexually abuse children?
Does 2 + 2 = fish?
When did Snowden flee for Russia?
Tick tock? Did Q not say timing is important?
When did Russia go from friend to enemy, and why?

The only other world leader that attempts to live by the Holy Bible, albeit one slightly different from the Orthodox version, is POTUS Donald J. Trump.
He too has a sense of genuine morals, ethics, and does what he says.
That is what makes a man a man.
Not to mention he clearly has a loving family, you can't fake that kind of stuff.
That is what sealed the deal for me in voting for Trump. I said to anyone and everyone, now there is a man whom truly Loves and cares for his family.
There is a man who will strive for a better future for his family, and in so doing strive for the betterment of countless American families.
Exemplified further, on the day of the inauguration, when I watched his children and grandchildren as they surrounded him in the Oval while he signed those first executive orders. They were playing with the pens, and Trump takes one from his granddaughter, signs the bill, then goes to hand the pen to Chuckie Schumer, the guy literally recoiled in disgust.

When was the last time anyone remembers seeing Crooked Hillary with her grandchild? Chelsea isn’t a complete moron, she doesn’t want to see her child have a chunk bitten out of her face, Walking Dead zombie style. Okay, I’m like twenty percent kidding. (No I’m not)

‘’’Our country has been taken over by a bunch of spirit cooking, child abusing, baby eating, satanist Nazis.’’’

__So come to think of it, maybe 2 + 2 ‘’’DOES’’’= fish.__
Maybe the world's two super powers finally have two Good men at the helm?
Two fishes? Two Christians?
Maybe they should collude and rid the planet this evil that plagues us... unless that's exactly what Oliver Stone and Team Q are trying to tell us.

Putin is not my enemy, he's not your enemy, and the same goes for the Russian People. Putin is the enemy of this worldwide cabal of satanic, mind controlled possessed, baby eaters.

And to think this is the calm BEFORE the storm. The real storm is on the horizon... Winter ‘’is’’ coming...

RMN is an RA production.

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