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MegaAnon on 4chan - Last three days

Posted By: MrFusion
Date: Friday, 22-Nov-2019 20:10:09

Please use >> links to find context.

ID:LWnjFcRI No.155943267
They go to bed every single night knowing we got Assange before they did. They have no where to run. No money. No friends.

No hard feelings, y'all. You were protecting the board. I get it. But we are approaching game time and it's one for the books, if I do say so myself... oh, that's right! I have said so... since May 2016.
ID:LWnjFcRI No.155943631
OutB4 the thread gets raided or pruned... which has been my luck lately.




ID:FCgUhtBm No.156055263
It was Clinton Foundation and this was what they were going to throw Frank under the bus for via Uranium. The story broke and thought if the rest came out they'd have to sacrifice a big fish and it would've been Frank.

But because tgey thought Hillary would win, they held back on addressing it publicly, hoping they could ignore through the elections. He's a huge CF and campaign donor too so didn't want to expend him if they didn't have to cause they needed him.

I know it's the ny post y'all, and this one is actually two days late because first reports of this actually started coming out 11/3/16, but does factually include what's important so I'm too lazy to dig. You can find more though.

Frank's even making news now with uranium, which is why Nunes is looking at it now. ;o)
ID:FCgUhtBm No.156056108
Because Frank was directly implicated in the shady missing millions in CF tranactions directly related to what we now now as the Russia uranium desks. They weren't going to throw Hillary or Bill right?! Frank was only other one with the direct ties and access to that money and those uranium transactions they could blame it on if story picked up traction just before election. They'd have just blamed the deal on frank l, claim they didn't know what he was doing and cut his ties, like it was the ethical thing to do. Hence, they'd throw him under the bus.
ID:FCgUhtBm No.156056917
They'd have thrown him under the bus to the forthcoming CF article they knew was coming out ahead of time.

I think you're thinking too much about the "Makes me feel WAY less bad about throwing him under the bus TO the forthcoming CF article". If that's the case, I can explain better...

Strzok knewctge articke was coming so they made the decision to tie frank to uranium via a leak Strzok made. Remember I told y'all he was a spook and he's a docs and memos guy?! He was "S" in palpatine's Revenge Gliph [pic related] chats who'd leak memos on turkey to msm - Waco and limey (Louise mensch) to create narratives in news they knew were coming.

They knew a few articles in late October had started coming out typing the Clinton foundation to uranium transactions with Russia. They waited it out to see how much traction and attention it would get, hoping not much. If it did get more, which it did over the next two weeks (hence 11/5-11/15 dares you're citing) they were going to, then eventually did, draft more fake news memos they'd leak, to drive the attention and discussion to Frank, who they threw under the bus, after trying not to.
ID:FCgUhtBm No.156057692
They were never in a relationship. She was his point person. Their comms cover was a relationship so if ever exposed, could be blamed and positioned legally as negligent with classified/sensitive info, but not reckless.

Happens all the time with contracted spooks. You all keep missing what I've said since the beginning. Strzok is NOT FBI. He is only being positioned as FBI because he was employed by the FBI UNDER CONTRACT. He is a literal, physical example of an actual spook, or shadow l, deep state operative, whatever you choose call it.

I don't know who his actual employer at the time the FBI contracted him. He could've been independent, or ran 1099's from FBI through CrowdStrike, MI6, etc. but this is why you can't find anything on him and this is why they need you to believe he's FBI and not to dig deeper. If you did, you could probably tie him to Steele and CrowdStrike direct. Strzok helped create the dossier for CrowdStrike. He helped create and assemble half the docs that filled the fake "guccifer 2.0" files "hacked", Awan helped aggregate the rest with him. Strzok and Awan are the fake guccifer 2.0. Trust me.
ID:FCgUhtBm No.156058068
Well they technically threw them under the bus, too because they created the fake press releases they leaked and fed to the reporters they used but in reality, those leaks threw Frank under the bus, as related to this context directly.
They leaked bullshit to msm reporters in their pockets all they time. Technically they threw them all under the bus, every day. That's not what this is referring to.
ID:FCgUhtBm No.156058225
To be clear. They were discrediting the connection to Hillary and the CF with uranium being reported, by throwing Frank under the bus via the leaks they planted which implicated him, instead of Hillary. Frank became a patsy. Make sense?!
ID:FCgUhtBm No.156058385
Haha, was literally just going to reply Adam was Strzok's fave. Limey too. That bitch would've posted anything and she did.




ID:D3sF4X+Z No.156060140
[MrF adds: I fixed a bunch of typos in this post]
The committee knows. They're peppering the msm because these texts prove strzok did more than change language and wording on a few docs. He drafted the fisa's with rice and forged power as the requestor, too. He and rice drafted the fisa's with the fake dossier Strzok made based on the requirements Rice confirmed and ensure the dossier would include, to get the fisa's approved.

Then because Rice couldn't actually draft AND approve the requests they'd submit, they forged them under Power and she testified to this. She testified she did not draft or submit those requests with her name on it. Rice and Strzok did, then she approved, signed off on them herself and submitted to fisa courts for ruling.

And all of this, is a big part of Flynn's story they wouldn't accept his voluntary testimony on and blocked his requests for, so instead, he "lied" to the fucking FBI, knowing they'd have to indict him and when they did, it would FORCE HIS TESTIMONY, ON THE RECORD so he pled guilty and walked, just like I promised y'all he (and Manafort) would, months ago... because Flynn is a bad ass fucking Patriot.

You'll realize THIS will be what got Rice indicted, when she's unsealed. Then?! They blast her on Benghazi. End of story.
ID:D3sF4X+Z No.156060355
Adam is a waPo reporter and limey is Louise mensch.
ID:D3sF4X+Z No.156061327
Think I'm wrong?! Refer back to this pic. "Let's put Flynn back in the news with Turkey and Erdogan". Note the date of these... May 17th.

Then reference >>156058523 where they mention Adam Entous from WaPo - "AEWP".

Now see here, read the article, look who wrote it and check the dates.

And just for shits and giggles, kinda makes this, EXTRA fucked up now, right, y'all?!
ID:D3sF4X+Z No.156061473
No. They contracted a deep state memos and documents guy to draft, create and forge anything they needed, whenever they wanted it.
ID:D3sF4X+Z No.156061973
Haha, nah. If this is true, then I only hope David Brock's staff of $13.25/hr tweens, flag and tag this so he can see me, telling him, that he can go fuck himself. He's irrelevant to everyone everywhere and all the people who've kept his chop shop afloat financially, are out of both money and time. So is he.
ID:D3sF4X+Z No.156062263
They make it look like they're screwing so they have plausible deniability. They make it look like they're in a relationship, speaking candidly, making unintentional mistakes. Not having reckless, malicious conversations. They were not fucking. This isn't like some new thing, BTW. This is an old strategy. This is why you even see intel agents/contractors fake married in real life. Did you not see Mr. and Mrs. Smith?!
ID:D3sF4X+Z No.156062426
Rice and strzok forged her name then rice approved them herself, hence Power didn't draft/sign them.
ID:D3sF4X+Z No.156063409
I agree and I'm just as excited as you are.

But you nice leafs up there who comment on my posts, need to get to your own swamp. You have a golden opportunity with Benji and Iran protests and attention right now, to expose Trudeau and honestly, I'm not exactly sure why you're not posting a MCGA general thread every single day until it's done. I told y'all about the pizza ties months ago, which are starting to come out now related to his dad. On top of, with Iran/Israel, there's no better time as he's neck deep with them. Trudeau has sold y'all down the river, just like the publicly sobbing, groomed political plant he was unironically destined to be. So, while I'd never tell you what you should do, I will only suggest what I would do, and I'd start that discussion, like yesterday.

ID:D3sF4X+Z No.156063639
Like not for nothing but I post this, then go back to catalog, scroll once, see this right now at the top of the board. Is this fucking real life?!

Pic sadly related...
ID:D3sF4X+Z No.156069842
No because if I could or did, then my big pond of anonymity amongst many potential fish, would feel a whole lot like a PetSmart-sized glass bowl.

But let's get real... what do you think?! Not that it would even matter though. The names and faces with these people are fleeting and short-lived. You'd never know if it was his name or not abd if you found another name, there wouldn't be much background, if anything, on that either. That's just how this works, which is why it's not important to focus it dig too hard for too long on details that never existed in the first place.




ID:GaeuYdjh No.156064447
No. Left leg for Huma, brah. Trust me. Even circled it for y'all.

And she's had it since late-October. She was one of the first.

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MegaAnon on 4chan - Last three days
MrFusion -- Friday, 22-Nov-2019 20:10:09
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MrFusion -- Friday, 22-Nov-2019 20:10:09

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