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The CIA Killed President Kennedy 54 Years Ago, But They Were At Least Smart Enough Not To Advertise The Fact

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Thursday, 16-Nov-2017 23:23:31

In Response To: SORCHA: "President Trump Given Final “Deep State” Warning: “We Are Going To Kill This Guy”" (MrFusion)

Back then, the deep state was not as vocal. Things have changed.

Nowadays, along with all the other messes going on the peanut brained a-holes don't have the smarts to realize the awful price they will pay because of their bragadocio.

Those few of the deep state which recognise this are probably wincing in horror about what was said.

They know, as well as most- that should, God forbid, something untoward happens to president Trump, their blood will be required whether or not the CIA actually did it.

The people who are capable of exacting revenge on the deep state will never believe the CIA is clean because there have just been too many proven CIA false flags exposed recently.

There are just way too many ex-military with their scoped long guns who are, only now, barely able to hold back at the deep state bullshit America is being forced to endure.

For too long they have festered within themselves at the gutless politicians, the lying bureaucrats and the myriad of perverts of all stripes being released with a wrist slap at the whim of a deep state judge. Not to mention the pedophiles roaming free.

If they kill (or attempt to kill) another duly elected President, and especially one who is on the side of right, they will not live long enough to regret it. They will find that it is not safe walking down the street.

We shall see.

: Source, with links and images:


: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
: August 12, 2017
: President Trump Given Final “Deep State” Warning: “We Are
: Going To Kill This Guy”
: By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

: A shocking new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report
: circulating in the Kremlin today is warning that the “Deep
: State” forces aligned against President Donald Trump have
: just issued a “final threat” warning against him by their
: publically stating on a CNN newscast: “We are going to kill
: this guy”. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in
: quotes in this report are English language approximations
: of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

: According to this report, barely a fortnight after Rush
: Limbaugh (the most listened to radio broadcaster in all the
: US) warned that his sources were telling him that the “Deep
: State” was recruiting retired US military generals to lead
: a coup against President Trump, a “Deep State” operative
: named Philip Mudd, just yesterday, loudly proclaimed on the
: CNN news programme The Lead With Jack Tapper that his
: forces were preparing to kill America’s new leader.

: Philip Mudd, this report details, is an ex-deputy director of
: the CIA's Counterterrorist Center who, in 2005, was
: appointed by then FBI Director Robert Mueller to serve as
: the first-ever deputy director of that intelligence
: agencies newly established National Security Branch—with
: Robert Mueller, also, being the Special Prosecutor
: appointed to lead the “Deep States” Russia hysteria “witch
: hunt” against President Trump.

: With Philip Mudd as an intelligence expert most certainly
: knowing the truth that Russia’s supposed hacking of
: Democratic Party emails during the 2016 US presidential
: campaign has already been exposed as a lie as these emails
: had been downloaded directly from their own servers by an
: “inside source”, and his, likewise, knowing that America’s
: top Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist,
: Seymour Hersh, has further proved that “Deep State” spy
: chiefs under the Obama regime invented the entire “Russia
: hysteria” lie to discredit President Trump, this report
: continues, this persons threat that his forces are
: preparing to kill America’s new leader must be taken with
: the utmost seriousness.

: So “crashed into shambles”, in fact, is the Robert Mueller led
: “Deep State” “Russia hysteria” probe, this report says,
: Russian lawyer Natalya Veselnitskaya (who is the only
: private Russian citizen to have met with Trump campaign
: officials) is now reporting that no one in the US even
: wants to interview her, and her stating: “They don’t need
: me there. At this exact moment, right now, they don’t need
: the truth. What they need is an enemy.”

: As to why the American “Deep State” needs an enemy, this
: report explains, is due to their being taken completely by
: surprise by President Trump’s stunning victory—and that
: CNN, one of the “Deep States” preferred propaganda outlets,
: recently analyzed in a special broadcast titled “Why Trump
: Won” wherein the only conclusion they could come with was
: it being due to nearly all of the US being racist—with CNN
: describing the tens-of-millions of Trump’s supporters as
: “bigoted sexists and homophobes”.

: To the “real/main” reason Trump won, though, is not because
: his supporters are racist, this report continues, but
: because the American people finally came to their senses
: and saw the truth that the Democratic Party never really
: wanted the votes of the poor, but, instead, only wanted the
: money of the rich—with the New York Observer, perhaps,
: stating this fact best by their recently writing that the:
: “Democratic Party’s brain has been eaten by the elites in
: Washington who have been sitting fat and happy for a lot of
: years while working Americans have lost their jobs and lost
: confidence in the future.”

: And as to how the “Deep State” aligned Democratic Party
: destroyed itself, this report explains, was, also, recently
: explained by the distinguished Colombia University American
: historian Mark Lilla—who in his Wall Street Journal article
: titled “The Liberal Crackup” stunningly documented how
: these leftist Democratic Party forces had destroyed
: themselves by their failing to educate their blind
: followers that they were united citizens of a great nation,
: and who wrote: “The big story is not that leftist
: professors successfully turn millions of young people into
: dangerous political radicals every year.

: It is that they have gotten students so obsessed with their
: personal identities that, by the time they graduate, they
: have much less interest in, and even less engagement with,
: the wider political world outside their heads.

: The supposedly bland, conventional universities of the 1950s
: and early ’60s incubated the most radical generation of
: American citizens perhaps since our founding.

: Young people were incensed by the denial of voting rights out
: there, the Vietnam War out there, nuclear proliferation out
: there, capitalism out there, colonialism out there.

: Yet once that generation took power in the universities, it
: proceeded to depoliticize the liberal elite, rendering its
: members unprepared to think about the common good and what
: must be done practically to secure it—especially the hard
: and unglamorous task of persuading people very different
: from themselves to join a common effort.”

: Unlike the “Deep State” aligned Democratic Party, however,
: this report details, President Trump’s Republican Party
: remained true to the original ideals of their nation
: forging their supporters into citizens—and that under eight
: years of the Obama regime, saw them winning over 1,000
: seats in local and State legislative bodies throughout
: America—and culminated with President Trump’s stunning
: victory and his, also, maintaining a Republican Party
: majority in the US Congress.

: Even worse for the “Deep State” aligned Democratic Party, this
: report continues, is its failing to learn any lessons from
: their staggering defeats—and who are now, while being
: supported by their leftist propaganda media outlets, going
: to even more outlandish and outrageous lengths to attack
: President Trump then ever before—such as their now
: proclaiming that all of the women on the Fox News Channel
: who have blond hair are now racist Nazis, all of Trump's
: female relatives are sexually submissive for wearing high
: heels—and most outrageous of all, top Democratic Party
: leader, and US Congressman, Keith Ellison proclaiming that
: the despotic leader of North Korea is now to be more
: revered than President Trump.

: Equally as outrageous as these new Democratic Party “fake
: news” assertions are, this report notes, they’ve been
: joined this past month by outlandish statements made by
: “Deep State” aligned top American university professors
: too—such as Harvard University professor Lawrence Tribe
: tweeting “DOJ is pursuing Dmitri Firtash, Russian mobster
: linked to.. wait for it: Manafort. But T named lawyer for
: Russian bank to head Crim Div!”, but with his failing to
: mention that Dmitri Firtash is a Ukrainian citizen and
: oligarch who made his fortune during the presidency of
: Viktor Yushchenko, a pro-Western Ukrainian president who
: came to power on the wave of the 2004 Orange
: Revolution—while at the same time his Harvard colleague,
: Yascha Mounk, tweeted out a picture of Russian journalists
: stating “Need a reminder of the human cost of dictatorship?
: All these are journalists who criticized Putin--and died
: under mysterious circumstances”—but with his, also, failing
: to mention that these portraits of famous Russian
: journalists were those who died in the early 1990’s when
: pro-Western President Boris Yeltsin was in power, not
: Putin.

: While these outlandish and outrageous “Deep State” and
: Democratic Party “fake news” stories against President
: Trump continue to be pumped out by the hour, this report
: continues, their agenda is clear to see and understand when
: veiwed in the light of new research released last week by
: the Washington-based Pew-Research Center showing that when
: people are asked what they are afraid of, they don't think
: about their real fears, but rather refer to key words that
: they have recently heard on TV or read in the newspaper—or
: more plainly stated, propaganda does work.

: Also important to note, this report says, is that while this
: “Deep State” and Democratic Party “fake news” propaganda
: onslaught against President Trump continues, the true
: crimes committed against the American people continue to be
: covered up—such as the Obama regime using US intelligence
: agencies to track critical stories about Hillary Clinton,
: new US government emails revealing that Obama’s Attorney
: General Loretta Lynch colluded with the FBI and US media to
: cover up her secret meeting with President Bill Clinton,
: and Attorney General Lynch, also, discovered to have been
: using her grandmother’s name as an alias on her emails in
: order to circumvent US laws.

: As to how close the “Deep State” is to carrying out its threat
: to kill President Trump, this report details, appears to be
: “closer than ever” as new Israeli intelligence documents
: show that his National Security Advisor, Herbert Raymond
: “H. R.” McMaster, has been briefing the globalist
: billionaire George Soros on a daily basis as to how Trump
: can be overthrown—and with McMaster, also, firing, this
: past week, top Trump national security analyst, and former
: US Army officer, Rich Higgins, for writing a May 2017 White
: House memo titled “POTUS & Political Warfare”.

: In Rich Higgins’ stunning White House memo, this report
: states, he warned that President Trump was being attacked
: because he was “an existential threat to cultural Marxist
: memes that dominate the prevailing cultural narrative” and
: that this attack was being led by “Deep State” actors,
: globalists, bankers, Islamists, and establishment
: Republicans”, with his further writing: “The Trump
: administration is suffering under withering information
: campaigns designed to first undermine, then delegitimize
: and ultimately remove the president.

: This is not politics as usual but rather political warfare at
: an unprecedented level that is openly engaged in the direct
: targeting of a seated president through manipulation of the
: news cycle.

: Adversaries utilize these interlocking narratives as a
: defensive political and information warfare screen that
: silences critics and smears supporters of President Trump.

: When people in the media question the behavior, actions and
: decisions of the Trump administration's opponents, they are
: immediately said to be ‘working for the Russians' or
: ‘supporting Russian propaganda’.

: Attacks on President Trump are not just about destroying him,
: but also about destroying the vision of America that led to
: his election.

: In the same way President Lincoln was surrounded by political
: opposition both inside and outside of his wire, in both
: overt and covert forms, so too is President Trump.

: Had Lincoln failed, so too would have the Republic.

: The administration has been maneuvered into a constant
: backpedal by relentless political warfare attacks
: structured to force him to assume a reactive posture that
: assures inadequate responses. The president can either
: drive or be driven by events; it's time for him to drive
: them.”

: As to if President Trump is able to “drive events”, instead of
: being “driven by them”, this report concludes, rests the
: fate of his very life—for if he does the former he’ll
: survive, but in doing the latter, most assuredly, he will
: find him in a grave next to the last two US presidents who
: took on the “Deep State” and lost—President John F. Kennedy
: and President Richard Nixon—the first ousted from office by
: a bullet to his head, the second by a political
: assassination.

: August 12, 2017 © EU and US all rights reserved.
: Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted
: under the condition it is linked back to its original
: source at WhatDoesItMean.Com.

: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

RMN is an RA production.

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MrFusion -- Thursday, 16-Nov-2017 23:23:31
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MrFusion -- Thursday, 16-Nov-2017 23:23:31
The CIA Killed President Kennedy 54 Years Ago, But They Were At Least Smart Enough Not To Advertise The Fact
Watchman -- Thursday, 16-Nov-2017 23:23:31

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