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To: The racketeering template. Your “Driver's License”...for example!

Posted By: sonofthewind
Date: Friday, 1-Jul-2016 20:01:34

This is a well established racketeering scam of the status quo justice system and everybody should know about it but most importantly COMPLAIN, that the emperor has no clothing!

Here is a practical example of status quo racketeering scam and it is all over and everywhere, using the same template!

“Driving a motor vehicle” without any permission used to be lawful and legal. Actually...still is. Nobody cared, nobody bothered anybody if you were “driving a motor vehicle”. Nobody “moved” against anybody who was “driving a motor vehicle”. Everybody minded his/her own business, everybody lived happily...until!

Now, the scam.
First, let us (we, the creators and maintainers of the status quo justice system) make “driving a motor vehicle without a license” illegal. We don't ask anybody's opinion or views about it, we just do it. We pull it out of the air, just like we did with “money”. Hey, we are magicians! We practice witchcraft!
Well done, comrades!

Yesterday, “driving a motor vehicle without a license” was lawful and legal (because it didn't even exist), but today, it is illegal and a crime, simply because we say so.
What do we do next?
Now, we issue “Driver licenses” to them idiots who took our bait but make the process so convoluted, complicated, hard and most importantly; “official” that they won't get suspicious. Of course, we make them pay for them “Driver's licenses” too.

Then we make up myriads of rules and regulations about “driving a motor vehicle” so somebody will always violate our rules and of course we make them pay for violating them. Those are OUR rules, acts, regulations! We made them up to benefit ourselves. Its our “golden calf”. Moses is away, he fd off, so we do whatever we want to do!

Now, keep this hush! On the surface, we make them look like we created them rules, acts and regulations “for their protection” and “it is good for them”. We can use these two slogans in everyone of our racketeering scams. They lick them up like pigs the molasses. They LOVE them or they wouldn't do them! Just look at them, how they revel and celebrate when they get our “Driver licenses”! We got it made boys! The dumb jackasses called “public” have no clue about this racketeering scam of ours. They come to us, begging to get those “Driver's licenses”.

Anyone care for another fine French cognac (take your pick gents, we got them all) or a cigar?
Those dummies paid for them too!
Lets drink to our cleverness!
Let's not forget gentlemen! THANK YOU MA FIA! We kicked you out of the driver's seat but we kept your “tools” of the trade. WE are driving now!

In case you reader didn't notice, the legal system creates crimes that are not crimes at all! When you are told you “broke the law” (driving a motor vehicle without a “Driver license” for example), you didn't break the law of “driving a motor vehicle” at all! You broke only the law that prevented you to break the law! Tell this to the judge, next time you are hauled into their corporate status quo courts!

They never tell you, you were fined because you were “driving a motor vehicle”. “Driving a motor vehicle” is not a crime. It is a crime only BECAUSE of the “Driver license”. Having a “Driver license” made “driving a motor vehicle” a crime. Again, “Driving a motor vehicle” is not a crime. You will never be charged for “driving a motor vehicle”, which is the actual act. They charge you for not having their “Driver license”, not for driving itself. Sort of like, if you are a gang member and go into another gang's territory without their permission.

When you take “Driver license” out of the equation, “driving a motor vehicle” is natural. You don't break ANY law when you are “driving a motor vehicle”.

GETTING a “Driver license” (or any other license) is a self imposed debt, YOU took upon yourself and of course punishment will follow.

You are dealing with devious crooked, perverted, twisted minds but they are not shy to lie to you either with a straight face.

There are thousands of people who are in jails right now and thousands upon thousands who were fined for not breaking any law....except one but that is too hard to digest for most!!! They ALL broke the law that PREVENTED them to break the law, which is punishment WITHOUT the crime!!!
Do you cal this “justice” or do you call it “abuse” your honor???!!
What do you say you SOB, black robed corporate status quo bastards who lavish and crave to be called “honorable”???!!
You are nothing more than servants but you ride in chariots, while the kings are walking! Get the hell off of the chariots you lying pretenders. The chariots belong to the kings not to you servants!! You walk alongside in bare foot.

In case you don't know reader, the “Driver's license” is a permission to make “driving a motor vehicle” lawful and legal AGAIN. When you apply to get ANY license, it is YOUR self admission, you want to do something that is unlawful and illegal! You want to break the law and want permission to do it. This is how the perverts of the corporate status quo justice system look at it. This is their way of thinking to siphon money (energy) out of you and get you into their traps and you are in them right now.

They simply created an artificial, problem/solution a.k.a. Racketeering, “loop”, they can profit from immensely. It is like a bottomless “goldmine” for them and they use only small pieces of papers to do it! Imagine!! This is where humanity (for lack of a better word) sunk to.

Aren't these entities clever!!?
Controlling humanity with pieces of papers (made from trees).

This very same corporate status quo justice system racketeering template is pulled on you over and over and over and you are like dumb sheep obey, obey, obey, without any question.

The next racketeering scam will be about collecting rain water or grow organic food or living off-grid or carbon tax or the usage of alternative medicine or gun issues or ANYTHING they can make money from and make your life even more miserable than as it is now!

It is illegal to get married too....without a license. If you want to get married without their marriage license, it would be illegal.
Are you controlled or are you controlled??!!
Do you think you are not owned by them?
The Attorney General of Texas stated on public record to a complaining women; “Didn't anybody tell you that the State of Texas owns your children? Not only them but you too!”

These corporate status quo scums also made “travelling” impossible. You are forced to get their “PASSPORT” if you want to travel and or course, you pay for them too! They couldn't make travelling unlawful and illegal, like they did with “driving a motor vehicle”, because they can't. They just made it impossible!
Now, how clever is this stunt of theirs???!!
It is called “gauging”. They are not interested in; “live and let live”.

Mark my words! Their insanity have no limits and they have no shame or compassion or mercy! They don't give a rat's rectum about you! If they would care about you as they are tooting, your life would get better and better but exactly the opposite is happening. THEIR lives are getting better and better while yours....well, how much worst can it get?
MUCH worst!

Now, to balance the equation, because we (mankind) are not completely innocent in this racketeering scam. Remember....”you can't con an honest man” and we all complain that we were conned, so obviously, we are not exactly honest!!!
Aren't we?!

The fact is, we are puffed up, self exalted and made ourselves gods, then we turned around and started to worship that same god we created to our own images. Ourselves.
Do you recognize the same insane pattern, the same insane template as described above?
We dictate to our god how god should talk, look like and act.

When there is a conflict between your god and his god, a fight breaks out.
Whose god is better, whose god is stronger, whose god can beat up the other god?
Completely ignoring the fact that both gods are created by men, with a little “whisper” from those other, superior to us gods.
We are delusional.

Do you know what is the greatest threat to the “National Security” of ANY nation????
YOU find the answer on your own, but it is not ISIS or the Arabs or them “terrorists” or the Jews or anything else, as you are led to believe!

The countries we created are our idols and we will protect our idols with our lives. Think of the uproars of hardliner Catholics would have if somebody would tie a rubber statue of the virgin Mary to a car bumper and drag it down the street. Think of the uproars about the cartoons of Mohamed. Think of the uproars of urinating on a crucifix. These acts are ALL challenges.
“When an opponent is questioned or challenged, his investment, thus his intelligence is questioned or challenged. No-one can accept that!”

An idol is a representation of a god but we create the idols thereby we made gods out of ourselves. The anthems are our hymns to the various gods (countries, States, corporations, kings, queens, sport teams) we created....ultimately to ourselves because we made ourselves gods when we decided; “we are one”.
Don't you recognize “consensus”?
It is everywhere.
This “oneness” is the reason the tower of Babel was destroyed and now we are doing it again.

Don't you see the confusion around you???
Didn't you notice how you are herded and corralled into one “suit”?
Didn't you notice the “uniforms”, the “oneness” the trend for “one world” global commerce and one world religion?
Pretty soon, there will be “United State” not “United States”! “Read my lips.”

“Ode to joy” in Beethoven's 9th symphony tells you the whole story. Worshipping, deifying and uniting man into one. We made ourselves important and think we are clever and somebody....when we are nobody.
Are we “somebody” or are we “nobody”?
Do we accept the truth or do we accept the lie?
What will be the result of our arrogance?
Will it be victory or disaster?

Some bad news but good news if you take heed. There are other gods “out there” who are superior to mankind and they are whipping our asses right now, filling our minds with ALL kinds of nonsense, fairy tales and theories about our origins and they are all saying different stories! We need to come to ourselves and start doing what our Creator told us to do. However, as long as you are happy eating pig's slop and sleeping with the pigs, you'll never “come to yourself”.

“We live in an egocentric age, where many of us believe we are the sun in our universe. But what happens when these illusions collide with reality?”

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