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REPOST [9-Jun-2014]: David P Crayford Responds To Articles By Mr. Tom Kramer re: Global Collateral Accounts

Posted By: MrFusion
Date: Sunday, 28-Sep-2014 10:09:28

In Response To: Audio: David Sale of OITC interviewed by Rayelan in 2011 [reposts of recent David Crayford messages to follow] (MrFusion)

REPOST from 9-Jun-2014:
David P Crayford Responds To Articles By Mr. Tom Kramer re: Global Collateral Accounts and Banking Industry

Posted By: Lymerick
Date: Monday, 9-Jun-2014 02:14:13

David P. Crayford supplies important and very educational information in response to several informational articles by Mr. Tom Kramer, referenced in following post-Background Material. This information is about the Global Collateral Accounts as well as the functioning of the "Banksters" and the Banking Industry. We have not been told the truth, of course; and now this truth is much stranger than fiction! We are very fortunate to have such a valuable resource, as Mr. David P. Crayford, who can educate Us about these matters. All the ins-and-outs of such a broad and convoluted topic can not be contained within a short summary. I suggest that you grab a glass of your favorite beverage, and relax while you read enough for your first "installment". Then, return for more "installments" until you feel that you have gotten this valuable lesson that will help you to navigate the changing financial times that are ahead for all of Us. With GREAT thanks to Mr. Crayford for taking valuable time out of his very busy schedule, in order to educate Us, to shine the light of truth in many dark corners, and to assist READER I's research in these controversial financial arenas. Lymerick ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Dear Lymerick,

Apologies for the delay in responding to the Tom Kramer Articles, caused by the enormous amount of work going on beneath the scenes, which does carry an "Important and Priority" factor over other not so important matters.

You may post this response of mine if you so desire, but I advise it is rather lengthy in content and may not be suitable for posting. I will allow you to decide on this matter. I believe I have now covered all relevant issues as stated by the writer of the articles, but if there are any questions on anything, please advise.

Having thought about how is the best way to respond to the numerous comments made by Tom Kramer, I decided to undertake this in my usual way, whereby my response, which is based upon the actual point in question and not elaborated upon because this would entail writing a book, which is in blue type below. I have also attached hereto a copy of my response, if it makes it easier for you.

My response is rather long unfortunately, but if specific statements are not corrected, people will believe what they read because there is no alternative for them to read and believe:-

1. Most people do not understand the foundation of the Global Financial System and have the mistaken idea that MONEY is created "out of thin air" by Banksters.

This is correct. In fact approximately 95% of the people of the world do not understand and do not really want to understand. All they are interested in is having money, whether it is in a bank or under the mattress, to be able to survive or have a reasonable standard of living. The workings of the Banking and Financial systems do not concern them, even though they should be very concerned and educated in such matters.

The "Money out of thin Air, by Bankers" comment is rather naive by the writer as it is common knowledge how money is created and it certainly isn't supported or collateralised by the assets of the Collateral Accounts as claimed by the writer.

2. In actual fact, Central, and major commercial, banks require "collateral" backing in order to make loans or "create" money (currency). This is just like you requiring some collateral assets or guarantees when applying for a loan anywhere.

This is correct. However, such "Collateral" required by the Banks are usually in the form of a Legal Charge upon the property you own, or, a Floating Charge against other assets owned by you. Sometimes if you are a regular and long term client of any Bank, holding a reputable banking record, you may be fortunate is securing a "Non-secured" loan from your bank, or, be able to issue a Corporate Bond which the Bank will take as security against any loan.

It is this security that is used by the bank. Plus the deposits you and every other depositor makes that is used to create the money they loan you, x10, in accordance with The International Financial System regulations which are administered by the individual Central Banks around the World.

3. By mutual agreement by global sovereigns, central bankers and those with real wealth in real assets (or their Trustees), it was mutually decided to bring this wealth together into a common pool (a Rothschilds suggestion) where banks and governments could maintain their asset accounts on deposit and then when necessary, borrow from this common pool to finance their development requirements. This central pool is called the Bank of International Settlements (BIS).

This is not entirely correct. This "Common Pool", otherwise known as the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility was never designed or assented to as being a "Common Pool" for the Governments, Banks, whether Central or Commercial. It was designed as an "Independent" facility which was to be administered "Independently" away from National, Political of Commercial Interests of any description. Banks, Governments, or similar were allowed to borrow from the Collateral accounts, under specific circumstances, against the issuance of Bank Debentures and / or Government Bonds.

Initially the structure was designed to protect the assets of the Beneficiaries from theft through Wars, Revolutions, theft by Governments, etc. The real question here is "Who were the beneficiaries?

To answer that question one has to go back thousands of years. One Beneficiary was King Carpio who amassed enormous volumes of wealth gained through the trading of silks and spices in the East. This wealth was bequeathed to the world under specific conditions whereby King Carpio appointed a Master Holder to ensure that the said wealth was utilised correctly for the benefit of the world. Jumping a few Thousand Years to more recent times, Ferdinand Marcos, a descendant of the Chinese Royal Families was appointed as the descendent Master Holder, and under the present financial system used the Code M1.

Other beneficiaries of the, what is now referred to as the Collateral Accounts or Global Debt Facility, were the many Royal Families of the World who had accumulated their wealth through wars over centuries, whereby even as early as the 14th and 15th centuries, such wealth was transferred to various Trusts and Foundations, which still exist today.

Other beneficiaries were the wealthy families of the World of which the most commonly known family was that of the Count of St Germain, who had amassed a fortune from what is referred to today as "Trading", a system whose existence is still denied by the Federal Reserve today.

It should be remembered here that the Count of St Germain was a financial adviser to many of the world's Royal and Wealthy Families based upon his scientific, mathematical specialty, and enormous intellect. It was the Count of St Germain that advised the Royal Families of the World along with the Wealthy Families of the World to centralise their Trusts and Foundations and allow usage of same for the benefit of the World and its People without dissipating the Capital Base (assets) of such Trusts and Foundations.

It wasn't until the mid 1800's that the Royal Families and Wealthy Families of the World decided to implement the suggestions of the Count of St Germain, centralising all Trusts and Foundations under one "Umbrella" Foundation. This was later changed to two "Umbrella" operations consisting of one Foundation (Foundation Divine) and one Trust (Heritage International Trust)..

The structures utilised within the "Combining" of this wealth were very sophisticated and were based upon a design by Emperor Hirohito of Japan which was submitted to the Committee of Royal and Wealthy Families in 1920 for approval. This design ensured that assets held in one country under Custodianship of a Royal Family were moved to another country for safety and to ensure that the specific Royal Family never reneged upon the Private Treaty executed by them. The documents of said assets, were moved to a second country, usually hundreds, or thousand of miles apart from the actual assets.

At the same time a minimum of 6 individuals were chosen (3 for the actual assets and 3 for the documents), none of whom ever new each other. Additionally, none of them held any power or legal right of decision. They were Signatories, Holders, Custodians in name only whereby the power resided in the appointed Master Holder. That condition still applies today and is written in the International Treaty Agreements right up until the International Treaties executed by the Nations / Royal Families of the World, dated 1995 and 2012. Such International Treaties executed by the Nations / Royal Families of the World, dated 1995 and 2012 included a proviso enabling the Master Holder to appoint, if need be or if required, a person or party to act as Sole Trustee and Administrator over all assets of the Combined Collateral Accounts.

4. By agreement, Member Depositors can then 'borrow' from the BIS against their collateral up to 10 times the value AT LOW INTEREST RATES and then use the BIS loan as a DEPOSIT in their institutions as a 'collateral account'.

This is not correct. There is no known agreement allowing the BIS to lend money to any Central Bank, Commercial Bank, or Government.

The BIS was established mainly to handle the War Reparations following World War II, which was actually completed in 1997, and additionally to handle the settlements (as the name suggests) between Nations reference to the International Trade conducted between Nations at the time.

It was only in later years that the BIS was officially involved with the Collateral Accounts whereby said Collateral Accounts were recorded within the BIS. Under the 1968 Hague Treaty, the BIS were granted several exemptions over such accounts to ensure that said accounts were never treated by any Government as National Accounts, or Accounts held Nationally and were subject to Taxation, Sequestration, Confiscation, or similar by any Government anywhere in the world.

Under the TTTGC, Banks and Governments were allowed to borrow from the Collateral Accounts, subject to the approval, signature and seal of the Master Holder, which was never sought and always ignored by the TTTGC. Any borrowings from the Collateral Accounts by a Bank had to be secured by a Bank Debenture, and any borrowings from a Government had to be secured by a Government Bond covering subordinated debt. The above was never official policy of the Beneficiaries at any time. It was a policy of the TTTGC only which gave the TTTGC an enormous amount of power through favourism and biased policies. Such policy / ies ceased to exist in 1995 when the TTTGC were removed from their position and the appointment of a Legal Heir to Decadency, Owner, Sole Arbiter, and Controller was implemented and made on January 20th 1995.

The aforesaid policy of the TTTGC allowed for highly suspicious activities by the parties of the TTTGC which in turn allowed for biased decisions, favouritism, and corrupt practices, allowing only allies, friends, or similar to benefit from such a policy.

5. An example of this was the USD 15 Trillion that Lord Blackheath discovered and thought to be a fraud. Well, it was a 'real' fully-approved 'collateral' transfer' at the top level of international banking.

This is not totally correct. The $15 trillion USD credited to the Collateral Accounts, held under Custodianship rules by RBS passed through HSBC from J.P.Morgan in America.

This was payment against maturing Freddie Macs and Fannie Maes issued by the named organisations against money borrowed from the Collateral Accounts under the Federal Reserve System that supports the US Housing Market. The actual Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae securities were held by J.P.Morgan under the US Laws whereby only the computer slip (Tear Slip) of actual ownership was held within the Collateral Accounts. There are actually trillions of USD worth of Freddie Macs and Fannie Maes held by the Collateral Accounts which mature each and every year.

Some of these Freddie Macs and Fannie Maes, besides being issued normally through the Federal Reserve System; were issued as a payment of debt created by fraudulent activities which was discovered in the 90's when Bill Clinton was President. Other Freddy Macs and Fannie Maes are held by the Collateral Accounts (in fact 98% of all US Housing Securities issued are held by the Collateral Accounts) as collateral against Housing Loans under the Federal Reserve System.

Neither Bill Clinton or the previous President George Bush wanted to see this debt created by fraud entered into the Government Accounts as these were examined publicly, so it was agreed by them that Freddie Macs and Fannie Maes be issued to cover this debt created by fraud, thus it was shown on the accounts of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae but never on the Government Accounts. Many became due in 2010, others mature in succeeding years. That is where the $15 trillion comes in. It was a normal transfer relating to maturing securities in favour of the Collateral Accounts.

6. Another example is the deposits in the FED that have 52 zeroes in them! And the quadrillions in interest accrued each year on those accounts! The same applies to all other major banks but with less zeroes as confirmed in annual audits approved by the UN/World Bank and the Committee of 300 Chairman (Queen Elizabeth) and/or M1 or the Trustees of the major Trusts or Sovereign Trusts in which the original "Collateral" exists to form the asset-backing of the BIS and to which the interest on these loans accrues.

Again, this is not totally correct. Every Central Bank around the World is a Sub-Custodian of Collateral Account Assets, whereby it is the specific Central Banks who appoint large Commercial Banks within their country to be Sub-sub-Custodians. With this in mind, there are over 1000 Commercial Banks around the World that hold assets and Bank Accounts of the Collateral Accounts. All these Accounts are held "Off Balance Sheet" based upon the terms of the 1968 Hague Treaty.

Yes, each of these accounts wherever they are situated earn annual interest against the capital value of the account, and yes, most of the accounts have numerous zeros behind a number.

As for the annual audits. This was originally undertaken by Independent parties appointed by the then Ferdinand Marcos as Master Holder. However, upon the demise of Ferdinand Marcos and the eventual death of same, the TTTGC appointed the United Nations and World Bank, along with the Committee of 300 to undertake the audits which has continued until this day even though on January 20th 1995 such appointments were rescinded under the terms of the January1995 Treaty Agreements. Such rescindment of their former authorities was totally ignored by the United Nations and World Bank whereby they still undertake this work without holding any authority to do so. Such Authority lies solely with the International Treasury Controller only, who, like the rescinding of the aforesaid authorities, is totally ignored by the aforesaid organisations which also allows the aforesaid organisations to steal and abuse said accounts.

In respect of Queen Elizabeth II and her position as ex-officio member and Chairman of the Committee of 300, this position has nothing to do with the Collateral Accounts in any shape or form, contrary to what people are led to believe.

The Queen's position in respect of the Collateral Accounts is that of Chairman of the Committee of Royal and Wealthy Family members whose job it is to ensure that the Collateral Accounts are utilised as per the directives issued by them based upon the original directives issued by their forefathers. This Committee holds the Power and Authority to appoint, as undertaken in January 1995, the International Treasury Controller who holds the Power and Authority as Legal Heir to Decadency, Owner, Sole Arbiter, and Controller.

Another part of the Committee's authority is the appointment of, or approval of appointment of, new Trustees or Foundation Managers upon the death, retirement, or replacement of existing Trustees or Foundation Managers. The Collateral Accounts are not the "Collateral" existing to form the asset-backing of the BIS, as stated. This a completely false assumption. The BIS is a Corporate Entity with a small degree of involvement with the Collateral Accounts but it holds no authority or power over same or what happens, or how the accounts are utilised as those decisions rests solely with the International Treasury Controller.

7. Some of these Trusts are HUGE and may be used in the proposed Prosperity Programs.

Yes they are huge, but considering the length of time these Trusts and Foundations have been in existence and the interest earned on the accounts, the hugeness is completely understandable.

These accounts can not be used in the Proposed Prosperity Programs, as stated. The Prosperity Programs were illicit Trading Programs operated by the Federal Reserve and unlawfully using assets of the Collateral Accounts. As such what Prosperity Programs were allowed to run ended up with the money generated being credited to the Collateral Accounts as Owner of the original Collateral utilised. Only the International Treasury Controller can decide and authorise what assets are utilised for what purpose, and then authorise such utilisation.

I can categorically state that no authority was ever given by the International Treasury Controller at the time, for assets of the Collateral Accounts to be utilised for these Prosperity Programs, which were unlawfully operated, and Collateral Accounts Assets unlawfully utilised by the Federal Reserve through usually CIA appointed specialist personnel within the financial world

Ben Fulford's comment that the Japanese are willing to use their BIS deposits to fund USD 80 Trillion (or USD 100,000 for every man, women and child on the planet) is pittance when compared to some of these major Trusts.

I believe the actual comments at the time, made by Benjamin Fulford was, quote "The White Dragon Society have been in touch with the Chinese and Japanese families, as Holders of Collateral Account Assets, who are prepared to use the Assets under their control (the word "Control" was the incorrect word as it should have read "Custodianship") to fund $80 trillion USD to reduce poverty and allow High Technology (Technology that had been shelved and hidden for decades) inventions to be manufactured for the benefit of the people of the world".

What is suggested above in TK comments is not policy of the Collateral Accounts and never will be policy, because to give people money is completely the wrong way to utilise the assets of the Collateral Accounts. To give people money would see it abused by many of the very people who were given such money, whereby it would not be long before they attempted to come back for more. The policy of the Collateral Accounts is to utilise the assets in a proper professional manner to create employment for people, maintain the health and educational services systems, as well as funding inventions and innovations that bring benefit to the people of the world. People need to learn respect for money, in addition to respecting the efforts they actually put in to earn such money. Easy money, as gifts, or similar, only cause severe problems in the future.

9. There is much financial maneuvering by the Elite to try to control these 'collateral accounts' and abuse them in as many ways as they can. A good example is the Bush/Romney raid of the Falcone Trust in which they siphoned off billions illegally from one of the Falcone accounts.

Yes, there is an awful lot of manoeuvring by the Western Elite in an attempt to gain control of the "Collateral Accounts". This generally stems from the former TTTGC and their equally devious and crooked associates such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, BIS, Federal Reserve, and the United Nations.

The TTTGC (United States, France, United Kingdom) have never accepted the loss of their position in 1995 from managing and controlling these Collateral Accounts, and have continued ever since as if the International Treaty Agreements of January 20th 1995 never existed, even though all 3 Nations executed these Treaty Agreements of 1995. In addition, it is equally possible that they have never informed their equally devious and crooked associates as referred to above, that the January 1995 International Treaty Agreements exist and that powers and / or authorities granted to the likes of the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, BIS, Federal Reserve, and the United Nations, prior to 1995 have been rescinded by the said 1995 treaty agreements.

In other ways to gain control, organisations such as the World Bank and United Nations have unlawfully installed impostors in various parts of the world to coincide with Treaty Agreements dated 1976, 1980, 1988, making it appear that what Ferdinand Marcos had designed and operated was still a viable and active operation, failing to inform the committee of Royal Families and Nations of the World that they were actually controlling these imposters and thus unlawfully controlling large parts of the Collateral Accounts.

Other ways consist of unlawfully accessing the Collateral Accounts via the (Blue, Grey and Black) Screens of the Federal Reserve. This is where the Federal Reserve, and the top 1000 World Banks are complicit in Fraud, or complicit in Fraudulent activities involving other persons or parties. Server to Server transactions, issuance of Fraudulent Banking Instruments against the Collateral Accounts held under their Custodianship, Ghost Accounts (As seen in Libya and other countries), Mirrored Accounts, plus many more methods, all designed by the infamous present Banking System to steal money from the Collateral Accounts.

Part of the problem lies in the fact that these Banks and other parties have become so used to performing these fraudulent activities over the decades since WW II that it is now common practice of banking around the world. A habit they can not break, and probably do not want to break because it is very lucrative for all involved.

10. Generally, the BIS and its major Trustees determine where money will go and for what purposes. If they oppose a borrowing by the Elite (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Shrubs, etc.) they are often disposed as was the case with Kennedy, Soekarno, Marcos and others. Last year, I recall a Swiss Banker coming forward and admitting that he handled "assassin accounts" for the Elite.

Again, this is not correct. As stated earlier in this response, the BIS have no lawful control over the accounts, neither does it have Trustees.

If the writer of these articles is referring to the Trustees of the thousands of Trusts and Foundations in which these assets (physical and monetary) are held under, then they also have no control or authority over what happens with the assets, or even when it happens. The Trustees never held power or authority at any time. They were just Trustees without authority. That is how these Trusts and Foundations were established hundreds of years ago. However, in the time of the TTTGC, many Trustees were removed (by highly suspicious activities) and replaced with personnel usually from the CIA or similar, who again, like the impostors who were put in place by the World Bank and United Nations, were controlled by their Masters and undertook whatever they were instructed to do, failure of which would result in those persons being removed in favour of more subservient or compliant persons.

I can actually give an example of the above.

The Account Signatory (Name only with no power or authority over the account) on one of the largest trusts that sits over the Federal Reserve System, was replaced some time ago with a person who is former CIA and NSA. That person does as he is told and does as he wants.

He passed the Codes of this account to Prince Bandar (Bandar Bush) who immediately used those Codes to access the account and steal tens of billions of Dollars from the account. That money has never yet been recovered. More to the point what happens is that the persons controlling the signatory then organise a recovery on the basis of a 50 / 50 split, 50% top the Controllers and 50% to Prince Bandar, but the recovered money does not go back into the Collateral Accounts but into an account of a Bank actually owned by the Masters which can then be used by the Masters at some future date for other operations and to give them a superior life style. The Masters are top American Military Generals.

I like the part, quote "I recall a Swiss Banker coming forward and admitting that he handled "assassin accounts" for the Elite". Yes, this is what happens and especially in Switzerland, and indeed other countries, where there is a degree of Banking Secrecy.

It is known that many of the top 100 World Banks have assassination Squads that work in conjunction with the Western Elite, and also house special accounts used for assassins, together with accounts for holding large volumes of cash (Hundreds of Billions and even Trillions) stolen from the Collateral Accounts.

On a slightly different issue but connected to the assassination squads factor, we are aware of one country sending two (2) top Presidential Diplomats to Switzerland, specifically to the UN to gain the verification and documents referring to the ITC and his appointment, both in 1995 and 2012. The purpose was because the UN failed to respond to normal Diplomatic requests. Those two (2) Diplomats never returned to their home country. The UN denies that the two (2) Diplomats ever arrived at the UN in Geneva.

It is a very large Monster that operates the system that unlawfully steals from and abuses the Collateral Accounts. A Monster whose tentacles spread right across the world and whose tentacles are deeply embedded.

It is also the same Monster that "The Economic Hitman" refers to. One that installs Governments in countries right across the world, for its own purpose, contrary to "Democracy" which the public are too naive to see it or understand it all.

11. In summary, Central, and commercial, banks require ?collateral deposits? in order to issue currencies or make loans. This collateral is or can be borrowed from the BIS (or M1/Trustees) and this goes into special ?collateral deposit accounts? at these financial institutions which are audited annually as official deposits plus interest earned. This collateral can be moved between manor banks using various documents or screen transfers using carefully-controlled codes. In most countries, the Central Bank will do the annual audit of locally registered financial institutions receiving such collateral deposits and this is reported to the UN and World Bank and the Committee of 300 (who are among the primary Trustees of the BIS asset accounts).

The first part of this is totally incorrect. Currencies are not backed by Collateral. They are Fiat Currencies only created by the Twist of a Hand and a Pen by the Bankers, when you apply for a Loan. At the same time when you deposit money at a Bank it registers that with the Central Bank and then under Banking regulations it is allowed to credit its books with 10x the amount of the initial deposit, retaining 10% of that total on its books as Capital Reserves. The other 9X amount is used to loan to other parties, and so it goes on and on. An ever increasing spiral of Debt against an initial deposit equal to just 10% of that entered within the Banks accounts.

The Collateral referred to by the writer can not, and never will be allowed to be disbursed by the BIS. It is however legally administered by M1, or as the situation is following the 1995 International Treaty Agreements, the International Treasury Controller appointed by M1, more precisely the Committee of Royal Familes and Nations of the World surrounding M1.

The Banks holding these "Off Balance Sheet" Fiduciary Accounts, organise the Audits of these Accounts, which is totally wrong because at this juncture it appears that the Banks undertake the audit through their own accounting department, which does, and will, lead to a situation which is regarded as "Self Auditing", an operation that is never acceptable whereby the World Bank simply "Rubber Stamp" what is received from the Banks.

The next point on this matter refers to the statement, quote "Committee of 300 (who are among the primary Trustees of the BIS asset accounts)".

This is not correct at all. The Committee of 300 are not evident amongst the Primary Trustees. The Trustees are completely independent from anything to do with the Committee of 300. Many of the Trustees are descendants of the original Trustees as establish way back in 1920, and some even earlier. Some are descendants of Royal Families, Some are Military Generals, some are those appointed by the Families who are the Beneficial Owners under Trust, of the wealth. When a Trustee retires or dies that Trustee can nominate a replacement Trustee (usually from his own family) which must then be approved by the Committee of Royal Families and Nations of the World. If not approved, then the Committee of Royal Families and Nations of the World will appoint a Trustee, whereby that appointment will be made under the same terms and conditions as all Trustees or Foundation Managers which means they have no power or authority over the assets under the Trust. They can however nominate or propose uses of the assets under their Trusteeship which then must be approved by the International Treasury Controller, and if approved, undertaken in compliance with the Terms and Conditions as defined by the International Treasury Controller.

In respect of the statement, quote "screen transfers using carefully-controlled codes". As established, it is only the crooks who have the Codes to undertake any transfers. The Codes, which are no longer valid, are still used by the crooks to steal funds from the Collateral Accounts, which is totally unlawful and contrary to the directives given to such bodies as the Federal Reserve within the most recent years.

12. For the most part the control of the assets and lending of collateral (that is, control of the Book of Records and CODES) has been usurped by the West and not spread equitably on a global basis like it was originally supposed to be. This has been a bone of contention particularly with the Chinese and Far Eastern countries (ie, Dragon Families) who have the bulk of the gold held under Depository Trusts and are now demanding more control over the handling of their assets.

Generally speaking, the first sentence of the above paragraph is correct, which is strictly down to the TTTGC and their blatant non-acceptance of International Treaty Agreements even though they executed same.

Yes, there is a "Bone of Contention" between the Royal Families of the World and the Western Elite / Crooks. There are a few Royal Families that enjoy the fruits of the Theft and Fraud conducted by the West by openly condoning and supporting what the west have done and are still doing. However, they are a minority.

The Dragon families, of which there are many different Dragon Clans, have very little say in the matter concerning the historic assets of said families are held under Trusts and Foundations which are controlled by Trustees and Foundation Managers under Terms and Conditions that were defined long ago. The actual Funds and Assets of the Dragon Family Clans are known as the Dragon Funds, not Dragon Family Funds as implied many times by those who just do not know what they are talking about.

13. This is what Neil Keenan is fighting to gain control of for the Chinese and Indonesian ancient ?dragon families?

Neil Keenan knows very little about the subject of the Collateral Accounts. What he does know is what he has gained from other persons or parties, who equally have little knowledge, or are acting in their own interests.

Keenan thought he had "cracked it" when he used his so-called friend Nelu who was handling documents and Financial Instruments of the Collateral Accounts and ended up in prison because of that.

Keenan neither has any authority nor the power to do anything because this is a highly controlled system which many in the past, like Keenan, and no doubt many in the future, will try to get their hands on.

Keenan thought he was right with Yamaguchi and Watanabe in Italy, even down to the documents that Yamaguchi executed in Keenan's favour. It's a pity that Keenan didn't realise that Yamaguchi was not who he claimed to be and held no power or authority to give POA or any other authority to anyone. Yamaguchi was a fraud and the prison sentence imposed upon him and Watanabe from the Italian authorities proves that. Keenan still insists he holds the power and authority, yet, unless he is officially appointed by those empowered to appoint, he is a nobody just trying his luck and getting other people into trouble resulting in prison terms.

14. Now there is all kinds of talk about ?fiat? monetary systems but in actual fact all those loans are supposedly backed by collateral deposits and the interest that has accrued to the Collateral Accounts. But the fact that the Collateral Accounts are virtually un-collectable and have accrued over the centuries to such humongous figures (1 x 10??60 x 100++) simply means that this ancient Trust wealth is in itself ?pie in the sky? Worthless.

Worthless .............. This guy doesn't know what he is talking about."All those Loans are supposedly backed by Collateral Deposits and the Interest that has accrued to the Collateral Accounts".

The Collateral Accounts are private accounts, most of which are in the name of Trusts or Foundations, and are supposed to be under the control and administration of the International Treasury Controller. Such accounts are backed by physical assets deposited or secreted away in virtually all the countries of the World. Unfortunately, and as stated above, the former TTTGC and their crooked cronies established a system in 1945 and have deliberately controlled that system ever since, contrary to International Treaty Agreements. They believe that what they designed and implemented is written in stone and can not ever be changed. How wrong they are because other than the Ten Commandments, nothing is written in stone, can be changed, will be changed, and is being changed.

The Collateral Accounts are PRIVATE ACCOUNTS to be used / utilised by the proper, legally appointed authority in a professional and proper manner for the benefit of all mankind. A definitive directive which was totally ignored by the TTTGC and their Western cronies, and that is why the power and authority was removed completely from the TTTGC and all their cronies (World Bank, IMF, BIS, Federal Reserve, and the United Nations) in 1995. Those millions of quinrillions of money is as real as you and I or anyone else, and will be used / utilised in the proper profession manner which makes them of worth and value, irrespective of the actual monetary value, to all the people of the world.

15. But the Trustees think that they can still get away with conning mankind by renewing the global financial system by redistributing some of this wealth back to every man, woman and child on the Earth, thus making everyone happy and wealthy for a while. Let?s look at this redistribution a bit closer though. There are 6 billion people living on Mother Earth right now (6 x 10**9) and there are various proposals to generously give everyone anywhere from a few million to say 10 million USD equivalent (10 x 10**6), which means that the payout would be somewhere around (60 x 10**15) or USD 60,000,000,000,000,000. Gosh, that is a lot of money! But looking a bit closer, the FED has Collateral Deposits of 1 x 10**60 and if you just chop off 1 x 10**15, they would still have 1 x 10**45 on deposit. Not much of a dent there. And if this is spread out further between all the major international banks and major central banks, the distribution could easily drop to 1 x 10**15 each and not hurt their bottom line in the least or their Collateral deposit balance. AND THE RICH WOULD STILL BE RICH AND BE READY TO BECOME RICHER!

The writer of these articles is certainly living in dreamland.

Giving people money is not the answer and never will be the answer. If this is undertaken, many people will waste the money on Beach side properties, luxury cars, yachts and the likes, and then expect to come back for more, and expect to get more. To even think of such a proposal is ludicrous and close to being short of any brain at all. If the Collateral Accounts are used / utilised correctly and professionally within any economy, the effects would be lasting for generations and would benefit all of mankind. Unfortunately, this has not been the case since 1945 and just look at the mess the whole world is in at this time. Disrespect for money and the belief that one, whether a country or individual can live off the backs of all others, is the most parasitic system that one could ever come into contact with.

Give everyone an equal chance, working from a level playing field and economies would boom. Change the parasitic Mortgage schemes that currently enslave people to a more sensible and balanced system would see house prices stabilise, whereby people with increasing equity in their homes brought about by uncontrolled inflation would be brought back to reality and our young generations could easily start on the housing ladder. Let's stop using Cheap Labour in third world and developing countries, as that does not help anyone except the Middle men and those manufacturers using said Cheap Labour to produce goods. Let's stop Human Trafficking and abuse of Human Rights, giving people jobs that they can be proud of. There are many other things as well, but let's all stop thinking of ourselves and the "I've got to have that" characteristic and work towards a far more balanced system that benefits all people and all countries. Give the people of the world their dignity and pride back.

16. What this all boils down to is that we have to re-think what type of financial system we really need. One based on REAL wealth and not a pile of empty zeros in a ledger account somewhere that belong to some old family that never got their hands dirty and usually stole this wealth from their own people (taxes) or neighbors (spoils of war) and still wish to continue conning mankind for generations to come believing that THEY deserve this old wealth of empty zeros. It is time to ZERO THEM OFF THE BOOKS. Their wealth needs to be valued at its real current value only.

At least there is one sensible statement from the writer of these articles. What type of Financial System we really want? One based upon Real Wealth which can only come from production and being productive.

As for"Their wealth needs to be valued at its real current value only". Oh Dear, the writer unfortunately shows a complete lack of knowledge on this matter. The assets are still valued at their 1920 and 1945 values, whereby the interest earned, is earned against those values. If the real current value was applied over all the assets, one could add numerous more "0's" to the amounts already known about. All the writer is doing is applying the Inflation figures from 1920 and 1945 to the value of the assets to gain a real current value. How irresponsible and senseless. Perpetuate the problem if you wish by such suggestions. That is not resolving the problem, only creating further problems. Haven't we all got enough problems to contend with at this time?

17. Now this begs the question, ?Does mankind wish to continue living under such financial and economic slavery to such Trustees holding such ancient collateral which was stolen from mankind?..or do we wish to be really FREE?

Mankind is not "living under such financial and economic slavery to such Trustees holding such ancient collateral which was stolen from mankind". That is a myth. Mankind is living under financial and economic slavery that has purposely been designed and operated by the Bankers and Governments of the World, and it will never change unless mankind starts to think correctly and stops running with the shepherd (Bankers) who are leading all the sheep, because it is they (The Bankers) who know that these sheep can not think because they have never been educated to think.

If the subject of the Collateral Accounts was taught in our colleges and Universities around the world, people would understand more and reject this financial and economic slavery we all live in today.

The Collateral Accounts are to be used / utilised for the benefit of mankind, and will be used for same. The problem is all the propaganda applied by the Western Elite and their cronies which the general public believe, that purports and portrays the International Treasury Controller as a fraudulent operator, a conman, a fake, etc. There is only one chance for mankind and that is The International Treasury Controller. The ITC and the Collateral Accounts of which he is the Legal Heir, Owner, Sole Arbiter, is the ONLY source capable of changing the present system and introducing a far more balanced and stable system for the benefit of all mankind. There is no other person or party which such capabilities.

However, as stated in other sections above, until the Western Elite are brought under control and their past and present systems dismantled then mankind has little chance of escaping the financial and economic slavery the writer of the articles talks about.

18. We are at a point of financial and economic transition, thus we need to set the correct foundations and fundamental basis for forming this new world. It is honestly about zeroing off all the false wealth and liberating ourselves from the old families and their Trustees. It is about getting back to what is REAL WEALTH and then sharing that based on conditions of GIVING.

The first sentence of this paragraph is another statement made by the writer which is correct. Foundations and a Fundamental basis need to established first.

As for zeroing off all the false wealth, I completely disagree with the writer on this. This wealth must be used / utilised to assist the creation of the Foundations and Fundamental basis for any new system. Such a new system includes changing the political arena whose mentality is to build their own power bases. Governments should administer and manage the economy of any country and not become involved in any form of commercial activities. Such commercial activities can be, and would be, accommodated by the Collateral Accounts so that each and every country held the same opportunities. High Speed Trains. Major Road Transport Networks, Power Generating facilities and many more can be financed from the Collateral Accounts without creating debt for any country. Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, etc can all be financed from the Collateral Accounts, again without creating debt for any country.

Just think of all the advantages the Collateral Accounts can offer and would offer, thus saving the Taxpayers an enormous amount of Tax per year and at the same time, developing each and every country at the same rate which would place all countries on a level playing field.

There is no need for any country to borrow money from the Banks or from the Markets, thus creating Debt for the citizens of each country. It is there from the Collateral Accounts to use / utilise, and be used / utilisedl. First one has to control the Western Elite, The Governments, Politicians, and Banks by applying a full regulatory approach that is fair and not over-indulgent. Then, in conjunction with same a new fairer, stable, and balanced financial system can be introduced that will benefit all of mankind, not the few as we all see and experience today, with the present crony capitalistic systems.

Real Wealth is produced from Production, Productivity and being productive, but many do not realise that. Instead they are the parasites that live of the backs of others on a continuous basis, and so it continues until; we all start to realise the truth and stop being so selfish within ourselves. Everyone must understand the truth about this wealth whereby knowing that truth will start the evolution of change for the better.

The International Treasury Controller is completely neutral from Politics, Religion, Race, Colour, Nationality, or otherwise. He stands above and beyond all other "Sovereign Nations" as an independent "Sovereign Entity" who, theoretically speaking, should not be subjected to undue influence or duress from any other "Sovereign Entity". Practically, it is a few Western Elite Nations that are "Blocking" the full proper use of the Collateral Accounts, not only because they are unlawfully using and stealing the assets of the Collateral Accounts, but because they still fervently believe they still live in the old Colonial days and hold the right to control, and impose there ideologies upon other countries.

Oh, how they are hated around the world, but they are too blind to see it.


David P. Crayford.

RMN is an RA production.

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