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Posted By: GeorgeEaton
Date: Monday, 21-Nov-2022 01:59:36

Letís be perfectly clear about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine: Putin didn't make a land grab, he rescued Russians that were under constant military attack by the globalist regime in power in Kiev.
They killed 14,000 of those Russians, and this rescue operation was 8 years overdue.
This will lead to exactly what the globalists want, which is a nuclear war that will depopulate millions. Each day we draw closer to that hour. Unless the globalists and Biden are removed from power, the nuclear war is a foregone conclusion - and I see no evidence of any movement on the surface or underground to remove Biden from power. This means that everyone in the country accepts this outcome and are also responsible for the outcome of millions, and possibly billions being killed. The lack of complaint serves as their approval.

We have several other disastrous problems we face at this time, like a faltering economy, regardless of the war situation. But I have a feeling that the globalists will push for a wider war sooner rather than later. If they wait too long the masses will be too hungry and cold, and will overthrow their existing governments.

It is true, peace could easily be accomplished in this conflict, easier than some can imagine. There is no logical reason for the west to push for a war in this situation. But an elite few are pushing for war deliberately - this is not an accidently event or a random thing happening. Why? Because the wealthy elite globalists have motives for what they have been planning for many years. I won't take the time to list all the motives, many which may not be known to us. But the ones I do know reveal that the globalists want to take the territory and natural resources of Russia.

The globalists also have a motive to get rid of the European race on both sides, and replace them with minorities. And, they also studied how they could depopulate the earth with diseases, famine and war. This means war is one of the policy options on their list. It is also known through studies of the wealthy elite, that they will show no mercy towards the masses when they want to acquire wealth, resources and land areas.

As I see it, the war schedule seems to be going along at a steady pace. However, with the reduction of gas and oil flowing to Europe, the people in those countries will start to suffer from the cold, lack of power and no jobs. This could cause the public to protest and overthrow the current governments. At this time that is a great concern for the globalists. Up until now they have had the western nations brainwashed to support this war. But if their puppet governments are replaced, this throws a monkey wrench into the globalist's plans. For this reason, I believe that the globalists have a strong motivation to push for a wider, more dangerous phase of the war against Russia, before Winter sets in too long. Otherwise, it could set back their plans for many years.

The destruction of the gas pipeline removed the option from European nations to seek peace with Russia and enjoy the gas flow again. This was done to force the Europeans to support the globalist war against Russia. This means the conspirators are going for broke, they are committed to this war regardless of winter or political upheavals.

In addition to that, it would seem on the surface that the leaders that are pushing for war with Russia would understand the danger of it reaching a nuclear exchange. But this particular push by the globalists seems to completely disregard the possibility of a nuclear war. But it isn't because they don't see that possibility, on the contrary, they clearly see that possibility - but they don't care.

They have already decided that they want that outcome anyway - to fulfil the depopulation agenda. This means that they are pushing Putin harder and harder, until the Russians start launching missiles to defend their homeland. This is the outcome the globalists wanted in the first place, and they havenít deviated from that course.

Once the war starts at the nuclear level, the world will be told that they had no choice, that the Russians were an out-of-control rogue nation and had to be stopped before they invaded other nations.
The globalist leaders that are pulling the strings, don't care what Americans or the Europeans feel about war. It will be forced upon them regardless of their opinions or wishes. The control of the puppet leaders and the press allows the globalists to achieve full control leading to war. It is all too easy.

What we face now, even though we see peace as the best option, is a war between the west and Russia. It will escalate one stage to another until it comes to the use of nukes. We have already seen two actions taken in that direction - which is the attack on the Crimea bridge and then the revenge attack by Russia. The next action, the third action, will come from Ukraine or Nato. It is difficult to predict when that action will take place or what that action will be. But it will be more powerful than the attack on the bridge.
It could be the use of a nuke on Russian targets, and possibly a Russian city. It is quite possible that nuclear bombs have already been preplaced in Crimea, Donbas and inside the Russian homeland.

Whatever the action will be, it has to be powerful enough to make Putin and the Russians so furious that they will react with unbridled hatred and revenge. It is also very possible Putin would still prefer the conflict to remain in Europe. And when he does hit back, it would be contained inside the European theater.

The best-case scenario is to see this war remain confined inside Ukraine, Donbas and Crimea. And at some point, peace talks are scheduled that would end the war. That may be wishful thinking on my part, especially since I see no evidence of that happening.

The brainwashed masses in the West are up in arms to nuke Russia right now. And it wonít be long until they get their wish. The US Congress, Biden, and the US military are all working together to start a war with Russia. And this recent military activity only reinforced their agenda. We appear to be powerless to stop them from escalating this to a higher stage.
They could easily stop and talk things over. But that was the case weeks ago, and 2 months ago, but Zelensky the globalist puppet, refused to talk, and so has the US and Nato. They want to take this war into Russia and call for the arrest of Russian officials and the military in trials in the Hague. And also, to get reparations from Russia for the war.
To meet for a peace treaty, which is the rational thing to do, is not even on the Westís radar. This war is being fed like a fire being drenched with more gasoline to burn even hotter. They will only accept an unconditional surrender of Russia. Period. That makes all deals, talks and treaties impossible.

The ball is now in Nato's court. If they use this action to drum up more war and then hit back harder than the bridge attack, that will be the third action. We have just witnessed the first and the second action and they were measured. But the globalists are criminal thugs, and they will call for a stronger response, IMO, which is exactly what we don't need to see.

It is highly possible that nukes have been pre-placed in some Russian locations, and that kind of response would not be frowned on by the west after this Russian attack on Ukraine. A Russian city hit with a nuke will absolutely get the bigger response the globalists are waiting for from Putin. Then its game on...

It's only a matter of time. The west will keep pushing against Putin until he hits back. Then they will holler bloody murder and hit him back within a few days. Then Putin will seemingly go mentally insane and hit them back even harder. It's all part of the plan to make Putin appear to make rash moves, which will justify and validate the Westís major hit against Russia.

It is also possible that the west is considering a preemptive attack at some point against the Russian homeland, to prevent them from hitting the west with a massive attack. The West may conclude this may be their only way to avoid a massive nuclear attack from Russia and the use of the dead hand system against the West.

The West may also be trying to force the Russian people and/or the politicians or officers to overthrow Putin, and then asking for peace with the West. Of course, peace would mean the breakup of Russia into several states, but the people and the officials would remain alive.

Putin will try to keep the conflict in Europe at all times, and won't use any tsunami bombs or nukes on US soil, if and until the very end game when it no longer matters.

Putin wants to teach the west a lesson and allow them a way out to de-escalate the conflict. So, he would hit many targets in Ukraine at first, then ask for talks. And if that doesn't work, he would then hit a few Nato bases in Europe, hoping they will see reason. And if that doesn't work, after Nato hits back even harder, including targets inside Russia - then Putin will feel obligated to do a preemptive attack on the US and the rest of Europe all at once. But this is not what he wants. He is looking for a way out for both sides. But the globalists will not accept a way out or a de-escalation at any time - unless they are dead and are no longer calling the shots. Then the puppet politicians below them could then accept talks and call an end to hostilities.
This is only after many nukes, even strategic ones, have been thrown in Ukraine and in Europe, and IF the globalist, wealthy elite are neutralized and no longer pulling the strings. What are the chances of that happening? Slim to none, and Slim has gone back to Texas.

The most logical thing to happen is for the West to push hard against Putin causing him to use tactical nukes in the war possibly against Nato targets. Then they will cry like babies and hit back with a massive conventional attack all across the war theater.
Putin assessed the situation and felt like he had no choice but to hit several Ukraine targets harder, hoping this next stage of attacks will cause the West to call for a cessation of hostilities.
Keep in mind he has not attacked any other US/Nato targets in Europe up to this point. He is still hoping to keep the war confined to Europe and also confined to minor nuke weapons, if any.

The West has recently announced if Putin uses nukes in Ukraine that they would not respond with nukes, but with a strong conventional counter attack. This is to entice him to not worry about a nuclear attack against him. They are always setting him up. However Putin and the Russians have stated they will not use nukes IN Ukraine. But they made no such assurances not to use nukes outside Ukraine.

Puin still doesn't understand that the globalists don't care how many are killed on the West side. That means nothing to them.
Whatever he does or doesn't do will be used against him. They will gather enough justification to do whatever they want against Russia militarily, including a nuclear attack. And when that happens, the world masses will simply shrug their shoulders and say: "Nato didn't have a choice, Putin the dictator was out of control and had to be stopped like Hitler."

If nukes fly, by that time hundreds of thousands if not millions have already been killed in the war in Europe. There will be no movement to stop what Nato intends to do.

I told a friend recently: "There will be a nuclear war, so just plan on it, it's going to happen. We simply don't know when or how severe it will be, but there is nothing going to stop that outcome."

I feel that very strongly, and until I see another possibility - that is the only one that makes sense after looking at all the facts.

Putin is being played. Putin won't back down.
As things stand now in Russia, they will not surrender the nation to a break up and Balkanization.
They have nukes and other special weapons, and they feel the possession of those hi-tech weapons will prevent them from being destroyed.
They are being led to the slaughter like dumb cattle. And when the conflict begins from the globalists against Russia - any collateral damage with millions of the masses being killed is irrelevant to the power-hungry wealthy elite.

Americans need to brace themselves for an onslaught of terrorist attacks in the US from now on. It is highly possible that sleeper cells will get the word to carry on attacks on the US infrastructure which would include electric plants, substation terminals, water supplies, bridges, rail lines and high-rise buildings to name a few. Already several oil refineries and food processing plants have been targeted suspiciously and went up in flames. The US will eventually go up in flames, regardless what happens to the economy or a possible nuclear war.
What is disgusting is congress approving $billions for Ukraine. This is criminal. But they get away with it every day. This entire situation is wrong minded and opposite of the US Constitution.

Unless the Biden regime is replaced, a nuclear war is the only outcome possible. It's only a matter of time.
I have followed the globalist playbook for years, and I know what they want. They feel the earth is ripe for the breakout of a nuclear war. This is a game to them. They feel that the other options arenít sufficient enough to accomplish their goals. And they feel that the public can be manipulated with a nuclear war in today's age. The common man has no choice in the matter.

After the pandemic this is the next stage of warfare to be tested. There is no one, no group and no nation that is able to stop them.
A huge number of politicians, both repubs and dems, have investments in Ukraine, have relatives working there with big companies, and have stocks in the military industrial complex. So, there is a great incentive for the status quo politicians to favor war between Ukraine and Russia. And when you add the fact that the globalists/wealthy elite have plans for Russian lands and natural resources - it is easy to see why they all favor war against Russia. This is a crooked deal that is being done against Russia. And the politicians that are taking part in this diabolical scheme are criminals of the highest order.

As far as the global economy issue is concerned, the US is the last bastion of a strong economy. Europe and Asia will go down first. As long as we are winning the war against Russia, we can keep the economy afloat. But it could all end in one day once the Russians decide to push the button. Then we are truly on our own. We will be in worst shape chaos wise than Australia, New Zealand and South America. All nations will suffer, but the ones that get bombed the most, will suffer the most. George Eaton

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