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After the Russian Battleship was Sunk, Observers Come Up With a New Analysis of the War

Posted By: GeorgeEaton
Date: Thursday, 14-Apr-2022 02:29:28

If the Ukrainians just destroyed the Russian Black Sea fleet flagship...
Expect a severe response.

Yes there is a war going on, but while people like to speak of genocide and call Russia a big bad man, they have been very, very tactical and careful on their use of force.
That's about to end. If the Moskva is indeed lost, I wouldn't be surprised if Kiev is still standing by the end of the week.

The war is reaching a new level. Russia will have to use tactical (nukes) or admit imminent defeat ..
Ukraine is now forced to fight to the end, as both the West and the pro-Ukrainian population of Ukraine want.
Financial and fuel resource - allocated.
Part of the country has been evacuated, now they can hit hard in the east. And will start next week.
Today the British Harpoons started working - they hit the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet, the cruiser Moskva ..
The cruiser is on fire. Damaged. Possibly flooded or sunk. The damage is serious.

There are a lot of different things on board, broads are possible.
Until the end of the week, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will raise aircraft into the sky.
They will iron the Kherson group.
Odessa cannot be taken now - both the sky and the shore are closed there. Not only that - not even take Nikolaev. There is also a barrier there. British air defense systems and harpoons. Enhanced with Ukrainian Neptunes and Beeches.
NATO will supply Ukraine with everything, including heavy ones. There is a whole army - from javelins to planes and helicopters.
Moreover, a lot of equipment is already on the territory of Ukraine and is being transferred to the front line.
Already on the territory of Ukraine, howitzers, armored vehicles, machine guns and a huge number of mortars and ammo for them.
According to my updated calculations, in general they will supply up to 500 tanks, up to 1000 armored vehicles, up to a hundred guns, up to a hundred MLRS.
At the same time, NATO is training Ukrainian and hired fighters and officers, retraining them for equipment, tactics, teaching how to use drones and work with targeting data.
The Americans hastily buy up Soviet equipment, replacing it from partners with their own (they remove F15 and F16 from storage, etc. - about 300 vehicles in total) and send Soviet equipment to Ukraine, and their own to Eastern and Western Europe ..
And they are buying up even in Latin America. Especially combat kits.
Ukraine is preparing a strike on Kherson, then on Melitopol and then an exit to Mariupol, with cutting off the Tauride grouping of the RF Armed Forces. At the same time, shock fists are being prepared near the Dnieper and in Zaporozhye.
The West is fulfilling its dream - it is at war with Russia without spending its main resource.
Russia should have calculated this, but alas - personnel.
The dismantling of the Russian Federation begins.
Russia will soon have no other choice but to declare martial law, mobilize and bring the war to the level of a completely different war, but this is precisely the goal of the West.
The coalition is waiting for the use of chemical, biological or tactical by Russia. And then Russia will be completely cut off from the world, turning it into a reserve, where the people will first devour their elite, and then begin to tear themselves apart, as then, in 1917 ...
It is not too late to stop everything and even fix it a little, although it is already impossible to repair.
The damage is gigantic, there is no way to roll it back.
The worst thing is that the Kremlin is putting pressure on Belarus to take part in the war.
This will further heat the fire, turning everything into a real continental fire.
Serbia received air defense systems and equipment from China, and may also be planning a special operation.
Yes, and China may begin its actions.

It is NATO commandeering the action and strategy. Ukraine didn't pull this maneuver off on their own. This was help from above and it worked. But don't fool me into believing they didn't have NATO help and even comnand. We have been told countless times this is going on. Too many reporters reporting it.

Russias problem is not taking the situation more serious and threatening to their end goals. The more passive they are the more embolden NATO and even Ukraine become. Putin can act calm on camera and cool but this is happening and he better know it.

Their red line sure is big compared to past endeavors. They annihilated Georgia in 2008 in 5 days. Raped Crimea in 1 and have dominated Syria to rubble and crushed isis and all others to save Assad's nation to the point he can live a normal life with his people without fear. He can because Russia went all out on the battlefield.

Russia isn't treating this as a war and it has cost them precious resources in men and equipment. And for what? Why I think Putin is treading water here as more mishaps like this happen. Because insiders there know damn well they can end this "operation" in a month if they fought as they did in the past decade plus.

I don't think Putin survives this if this stupid sh*t keeps happening as it did with Belgorod, Russia attack and the recent bombings inside Russia along with this strategic loss of their flagship.

I honestly don't even want to Imagine what the Russian Response will be.

The Russian response about the Moskva sunk will be a tactical Nuke, my guess.

I followed Syria close for 3 years and Russia was indiscriminate in their bombing and support for troops. I mean they wasted entire areas and blistered isis and others without care.

They are treating this war in a way they don't want to look "bad" in the world's eyes, or like good Samaritan invaders. No, bruh, you are invaders and invaders are going to be met with force regardless of your reasons. It is war or it isn't. So they are trying to legitimize their invasion based off how they conduct this "operation". So clear to not declare war as war is annihilation.

Yet NATO and Ukraine are treating this like war and would annihilate Russia if it could do so tonight before morning.

Russia is either scared to conduct a true military conflict like they have in Syria or they can't afford it. I use to think they would defend their men against knowledge NATO is commandeering the battles and strategy. Yet they aren't. They talk. So I see them as phony and Putin as another schuckster milking his people while their countrymen die and he hoped to make bank with China and some others.

He is a business man now and politician. His days of KGB man are long gone. I don't think he will make it past the year as president of Russia.

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