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CGI's MAXtheMAGAnificent: Perspective on the Influencers...Juan O. Savin, X22, Mike Adams, Alex Jones, Cliff High and Others on Rumor Mill News

Posted By: RumorMail
Date: Sunday, 2-Jan-2022 09:20:22


It’s time to take stock from the perspective of we beleaguered American patriots of what the influencers who claim to be on our side are saying and writing about the abominable situation in the USA (and around the world). To do this, I first review in this article "what's going on" presently in our formerly great country. Then I remark on what I believe is the credibility of those most prominent influencers who we see every day in the Rumor Mill Reading Room as they comment on our plight and project how things may or may not work out.

So, how’s it going for us at this point? Well, let me count the ways…

1. We’re being ruled by a counterfeit president who is a figurehead (not much head there) being run by China and an evil bunch of globalists bent on destroying our country and our way of life;
2. The counterfeit president is using all of the instrumentalities of our government to transform our country into a fascist state;
3. Our federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies have been turned against the citizenry of our country in the manner of the Nazis in the 1930’s…the FBI is our SS under the aegis of the Department of Just-us, the Department of Homeland Security is providing the brown shirts, the CIA and the 15 other “intelligence” agencies (aside from the DIA) are our Gestapo surveilling our entire lives (totally illegally) in order to exert total control over us;
4. The courts are totally corrupted, the legislators are either collaborators or just plain incompetent fools, the administrative state is running wild on its own without any control…enforcing rules (with the force of law) that they alone wrote and taking away our constitutional rights and liberties at will; the police have been transformed from a mission of “protecting and serving the people” to “protect you from yourself,” as in the NYPD, New York’s finest now breaking up non-covid compliant children's birthday parties while they allow violent criminals to roam the streets terrorizing the people of the city;
5. The military has been turned into a left-wing social experiment and is being debilitated with “extremist purges” and death shot mandates to the point that our global adversaries will soon be able to run us over with abandon, and our military officers are almost universally corrupt traitors who have no interest in combat readiness or the protection and effectiveness of our troops in war…they are the new flower children who will happily see our nation militarily defeated by foreign adversaries;
6. Our borders are totally open, allowing a real invasion of our country to take place without opposition…in fact our government is aiding and abetting this invasion which is meant to replace we citizens in a dramatic demographic transformation of our country’s electorate from a first world to a third world status that shall forever vote for Democrat socialists; our communities are being overrun by these foreign invaders whom we are supposed to ironically support with our tax dollars while they destroy our communities and our way of life;
7. The counterfeit fascist government that is ruling us has introduced a fake, endless pandemic in order to force us to take death shot non-vaccine vaccines…including our children whom they have now targeted to either kill or render sterile…so as to reduce us “useless eaters” to a manageable level while they systematically remove every civil liberty we ever had;

8. Medical professionals and hospitals have been turned into murderers at the behest of the counterfeit government which is simultaneously restricting the use of safe and effective treatments for their plandemic virus while instituting protocols in our hospitals to kill anyone who is admitted with Remdesivir and ventilators;
9. The counterfeit fascist government is shutting down our food supply chain so that we will starve to death if we are not killed by their non-vaccine vaccines and the non-vaccinated are being turned into societal pariahs who will eventually be made prisoners in their own homes or committed indefinitely and without any due process to concentration camps where they may be killed;
10. The counterfeit fascist government is systematically destroying our currency so as to make us poor via inflation and collapse our financial system and thus our national economy so that we citizens can be easily transformed into their serfs and slaves;
11. Our education systems from pre-k through college have become socialist (communist) indoctrination centers destroying any sense of patriotism in our youth, confusing them as to what gender they really are, and setting them up as intellectual zombies compliant with anything that the counterfeit government says; and,
12. Pedophile satanists within and without federal, state, and local governments are succeeding in destroying every ethical, moral, and societal norm that has underpinned American (and indeed western) civilization…now leading to the total breakdown of our society.

So, that’s how it’s going. Pretty bad, but you wouldn’t know it from how most of the influencers on our side seem to see it. Let’s take a look at what these influencers are saying and how credible they seem…

Juan O. Savin
“Juan O. Savin” I put Juan’s name in quotes because nobody seems to know what his real name is and who he is, and he ain’t sayin’. We’re supposed to accept the idea that Juan is such an important “white hat” insider that he must remain a man of mystery only known by his fancy cars and great collection of cowboy boots he wears…all that we see in his videos. I admit that I really want to believe everything that Juan says about how everything is going according to plan for the “white hats” just like Q said, that Trump is actually one of our two presidents right now and is our only commander- in-chief, that all this destruction of our country and our lives needed to happen in order to wake up we citizens to what the “black hats” have done, that everything is being done according to the Law of War…and by the way, the plan will never work unless God somehow intervenes on our side. It all sounds good, but by the time any of the good stuff Juan says is supposed to happen happens, there won’t be anything left to save as far as our country and our American way of life is concerned…just look at Australia to see where we are very rapidly headed. It’s like if you took your car in for service and they told you that they have to run your car into a brick wall at 80 miles an hour in order to get it ready to be serviced….make sense? On top of all this, when anyone of us cries out in anguish about what is going on and calls for real action now to stop this madness in its tracks, Juan raises his voice and denounces us, calling us “hot heads” who will only play into the black hats hands just like the Jan 6 false flag incident if we call for the taking of direct action to take down the enemies of our country right now. The fact of the matter is that we know the names and addresses of the people who constitute the leadership and administration of the enemy forces…they are living and operating in full view among us and they are acting kinetically to literally kill us and our children. They are appearing on the TV and are all over the Internet extolling their plans to exterminate us and destroy our country, but Juan keeps saying that there is nothing that we can do about them or to them…we just have to peacefully demonstrate against them on weekends in our communities and maybe file a law suit here and there while “the plan” plays out. When he says this sort of thing there are times when I think that Juan is a super sophisticated black hat plant working to suppress the people’s will to effectively fight the enemies who are destroying our country. As far as I’m concerned the jury is still out as to whose side “Juan O. Savin” is really on. By the way Juan, what ever happened to the McAfee 3.something terabyte data dump that was going to expose everybody on the other side? That was another dud. Oh, and we’ve heard enough about Melania’s dress…we’ve got it.

Dave Mizipsode (sp.?) and the X22 Report
I really do believe that Dave is absolutely on our side and that he is doing everything in his power to inform us of the truth of what he believes is going on day to day. However, at the beginning and end of just about every one of his podcasts he declares that the “deep state, the central bankers, the globalists…” (the enemies of our country) are panicking because their plan is not working and they are about to go down, and, that “Trump and the patriots” (the patriots being the white hats described in the Q posts) are in complete control and executing the Q plan as designed. Again, I really want to believe Dave that everything is happening just the way it should, but there comes a point when a sense of incredulity begins to set in for those of us who are the victims of the “deep state, the central bankers, the globalists” actions. It sure doesn't look to us like the bad guys are panicking at all, in fact it looks to us like every passing day that the bad guys get to do their dirty work unmolested that they become that much more confident that their plan IS indeed working and the best thing to do is to double-down. Just look at the list of what the bad guys have achieved that I show at the top of this article. Does it look like they’re panicking to you? I hope that Dave is not trying to lull us into a false sense of security about our desperate situation on purpose…I hope that he is just overenthusiastic about “the plan.” If it is just overenthusiasm, maybe it’s time to tone it down a bit about “Trump and the patriots” being in complete control. If this is the way things are going with Trump and the patriots in full control, what would it be if they weren’t in control?

Cliff High
A great critical thinker and analyst. Incredible student of history. Highly credible as he backs up everything that he says with solid logic and real data. Puts everything into perspective and does not sugarcoat it. A light of reason in the darkness. He admires Juan O. Savin, so that’s a feather in old Juan’s cap. Big on UFO’s but backs it up…almost makes you believe for sure.

Mike Adams, The Health Ranger
An absolute boy scout. Totally credible and realistic about what is going on. Probably with Cliff High the best commentary in the alternative media. A great patriot. Thank you Mike.

Alex Jones and the INFOWARS crew
Absolutely solid realists just like Mike Adams. Always way ahead of his time. A great patriot. Thank you Alex, and thank you for bravely enduring all the slings and arrows.

Scott McKay the Patriot Streetfighter, Cirsten W, Gene Decode
I believe that these people are on our side, especially Scott McKay, but they all put forth this crazy, totally unsubstantiated information that severely damages their credibility. Some of the things that they claim without an ounce of proof are:

1. naming famous deep state people being arrested and taken to GITMO for trial and hanging or simply being eliminated by the white hats;
2. tunnels that have been dug for thousands of miles all over western Europe and Asia by the bad guys that are used to hide and move multiple quadrillions of dollars worth of gold that was stolen from everybody else…the tunnels are also supposed to be used for human trafficking,
3. tunnels all over the USA used for similar nefarious purposes
4. Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS) that are apparently being blown up by the white hats
5. tunnels under Washington DC that have been used almost exclusively for child trafficking for high end deep state players…now being blown up after all the kids were cleared out (why wasn’t this done when Trump was president…the white hats were supposed to know all about this)
6. John F. Kennedy Jr. is still very much alive and slated to be the vice president whenever Biden/Harris are arrested (favorite story: when Hillary collapsed into her van when she left the 9/11 ceremony the reason that she collapsed was because JFK Jr. was sitting in the van to greet her…right)
7. Medbeds…need I say more?
8. GESARA and NESARA coming or something called the Quantum Financial System…absolutely no proof or reason to believe.

I’m sorry, but this stuff that they talk about is so fantastical and again, unproven, that it really damages any belief in the stuff that they say that could be real.

Mel K
Somewhat in the same mold as the three above but without the crazy stuff…much more credible and of much more value as far as an alternative media source.

Nino Rodriguez (Nino’s Corner)
The best thing about Nino is that he expresses his listeners’ frustration with Juan O. Savin on the multiple update interviews that he does with Mr. Boots. Nino is the only podcaster who really interviews Juan and challenges him as in (paraphrasing) “my listeners are watching our country being destroyed and their lives being ruined and you keep saying that good things are happening but nobody is seeing it and by the time your white hats do something there will be nothing left.” Bravo Nino!! Keep it up…you are channeling our total frustration with Juan.

Pete Santilli
Solid patriot who has been there, done that. Highly credible. Tells it like it is. Thank you Pete.

Lionel (last name?)
Really frustrating to listen to this guy. Constantly tells everyone that he is the only person alive who knows what is really going on and then constantly disappoints as he rambles aimlessly through his monologues. Some high points…said that anyone who takes the Balance of Nature fresh fruit and vegetable nutritional supplements is an absolute idiot but never explained why (stuff sounds good to me and I’m probably not an idiot), derided the celebration of Memorial Day saying that all the people who died in service to our country died for no cause at all but to aggrandize the leaders of the nation at the why should we celebrate them, called Kyle Rittenhouse an idiot (or something with the same meaning) who should have never done what he did to try to defend his community…it goes on and on. Occasionally provides some valuable insights but not worth the time.

Simon Parkes and Dr?Charlie Ward
Zero credibility. Total waste of time.

Judy Byington, Rose Rambles, and whoever puts out RealRawNews
Total garbage.

Benjamin Fulford
Hard to believe a lot of the stuff that this guy says while sitting in his basement in Japan. He claims to be in close touch with the Japanese government and goes from being a valued friend of Japanese leadership to an enemy (to be murdered) and back to a valued friend of whoever is running the show in Japan. He is supposed to have complete and total information on all of the activities of the few families who have been apparently running the world for centuries and what is happening to them today (total destruction). However there is no proof of anything he says except that he calls out stories that are in the general news that seem to have a tangential connection to his inside information. Definitely fun to read though!

OK, so that’s what I think of some of what I would call the primary influencers on our side of the alternative media who are speaking to us day to day via their podcasts and interviews…telling us “what is really going on” as we seem to be riding the USS Titanic to a watery grave.

Some of you may know that I have written several parody “Amazing Captured Zoom Calls” published on Rumor Mill News. These are made-up conversation supposedly among the people who are currently working diligently to destroy our country and our way of life (the deep staters, the globalists, the corporatists, the bankers, etc.). I have really enjoyed writing those parodies but have recently found it almost impossible to write more of them as I can no longer find any humorous way to portray these consummately evil people. It’s like writing a humorous conversation between Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot…it probably can be done but there are probably a lot better things to do with your time.

So, while I can’t seem to be able to write my parodies for now, I thought that I would throw in my two cents regarding who I think we can trust to somewhat guide our thinking as we try to decipher what the heck is really going on as our country and society are devolving into chaos, madness, anarchy, disarray, mass psychosis, and turmoil. I hope that you found this writing interesting and perhaps will comment with your thoughts

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