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FKTV: "Damning Video Explaining How, Why and Who Stole the Election"

Posted By: hobie
Date: Thursday, 12-Aug-2021 05:29:52


Damning Video Explaining How, Why and Who Stole the Election

Mike Lindell's 3-day Cyber Symposium began yesterday and early into the program, they played this short video featuring Phil Waldron, who's a retired Army Colonel in Unconventional- and Information Warfare and has been involved with the forensic investigation of the 2020 Election since the very beginning.

He speaks very powerfully here about the dire challenge to America from the stealth Unrestricted Warfare campaign being waged against us by China, the bankster elites and our own corrupt officials.

Sadly, the majority of people are unable to see beyond the unrelenting propaganda from the Mainstream Media to comprehend that we are in the throes of a global information war; that the coronavirus is a cover for a worldwide Technocratic takeover.

Waldron begins by discussing the CCP's 75% ownership of Dominion via UBS (aka Union Bank of Switzerland) and how the Spanish company, Scytl declared bankruptcy in May of 2020 and was purchased, in a closed private equity deal by an Irish/EU company called Paragon.

Scytl subsidiary, is where numerous counties in the US send their election data for processing – and as a result, these counties no longer own or control their voting data!

Furthermore, we learn that Democrat operative, Jonathan Brill serves as President, Secretary, Treasurer and CEO of Scytl.

It will be interesting to see, if at any point during the Symposium, anybody mentions that Scytl USA, LLC was originally founded by CENTCOM in 2009 and that in 2010, 100% of the ownership was transferred to the Spanish corporation, Scytl Election Technologies, S.A.

This is according to Americans4Innovation publisher, Michael McKibben and his forensic team, who describe Dominion and Paragon – the latter of which has 118 subsidiaries – as these impenetrable corporate labyrinths. He says the sheer number of subsidiaries is how they feel that they can lie so brazenly.

McKibben's most shocking bombshell is his claim that CENTCOM orchestrated the theft of the 2020 Election, saying, "It's real clear now, from looking at the information, [it] was a Central Command operation and that it was specifically regarding election-rigging…what it looks like is that SOE Software [which was later acquired by Scytl] was hired by CENTCOM to build what would become the Scytl system and get it ready for Prime Time, which appears to have occurred in 2010."

Is it a coincidence that Biden's Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin was the Commander of CENTCOM between March 2013 and March 2016? This is the same Secretary of Defense who, on Monday decreed that all 1.4 million active duty US troops be "vaccinated" by September 15th – with the same genocidal bioweapon that has killed tens of thousands of Americans (at least) and severely injured hundreds of thousands more in the past 8 months.

CENTCOM shares its headquarters at McDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida with United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). There's a pervasive rumor, which was bolstered by the Q movement, that Donald Trump was recruited by JSOC and that his entire presidency was a Special Access Program.

Clif High has recently been saying as much; that Trump had been tweeting about Dominion as far back as 2012 – and that this mission is now about to go more dynamic.

If there is no mention at the Cyber Symposium of Scytl's origins within our own military and how the latter oversaw the cyberattack against the US, one nightmarish possibility may be that everyone currently "exposing" the fraud is captured, as if we hadn't already seen a lifetime's worth of captured government desperadoes, already (but I doubt this).

There have also been rumors that the Trump team purposefully allowed the election to be stolen. There's no shortage of evidence of this in Patrick Byrne's written account of the post-election Trump White House, in The Deep Rig.

"Hopiumly", the secrecy is part of the ongoing SAP and that there's some truth to the rumors about a vast sting operation against elite criminals all over the world.

We'll see what happens over the next few days...I do trust Phil Waldron.




In November 2020, multiple groups of Americans came together, because they all observed something really incredible in the 2020 General Election. The groups united to launch a full-scale investigation, led by former members of the US intelligence community, the Department of Defense, NASA, the US National Laboratories, private investigations and cybersecurity companies and legal firms from around the country.

The discoveries gained through intensive research left everyone involved deeply concerned about the future of our nation and our world. While the US media will undoubtedly discredit this information as 'Far Right conspiracy theory', the fact is, the people involved in this investigation represent all colors, creeds and all political parties.

To ignore this message is to surrender to a government takeover that will gravely affect the lives of every man, woman and child of every nation. If there ever was an authentic non-partisan issue, this is it.

In 1970, Henry Kissinger said, 'Who controls the food supply, controls the people. Who controls the energy, can control whole continents. Who controls money, can control the world.' This concept is critical to understanding the thinking of those who seek to cripple and control America.

To achieve their goal, they've got to disrupt families, divide races, destroy small businesses, dismantle the Middle Class and distort the American Dream of owning land, a home and everything necessary for the pursuit of happiness and sovereignty.

In collusion with our foreign adversaries, these treasonous few are working hard to tear down the last standing wall between them and their agenda of global domination. That wall is you, the American People.

By focusing on a specific election system vulnerabilities, our investigation confirmed that the entire US election system is under the total control of private equity firms and foreign money. UBS Securities, LLC, New York and UBS Securities, Co. Ltd, Beijing injected hundreds of millions of dollars into Staple Street Capital, the current owner of Dominion Voting. UBS currently holds the

intellectual property of Dominion as their equity collateral.

Up until December 2020, UBS Securities, LLC, New York listed three senior Chinese Communist Party members as being on the boards of both UBS Securities, LLC, New York and UBS Securities, Co. Ltd, Beijing. The company is owned 75% by the Chinese government.

Scytl, the parent company of Clarity Elections, located in Madrid, Spain, a data-management and early election night reporting company, went bankrupt in May of 2020 and was subsequently purchased, in a closed private equity deal by an Irish company called Paragon.

The election site is where numerous counties in the US go to a website address. The counties don't own or control their voting data and the positions of President, Secretary, Treasurer and CEO are all occupied by one man, Jonathan Brill. Brill also happens to be a part of Scytl's Senior Management Team and has run campaigns for Democratic Party candidates.

Our investigation also revealed that, contrary to the current political narrative, the election systems and their equipment were connected to the internet, making them infinitely hackable.

(Montage of several government officials claiming that 2020 was the "most safe and secure election in history")

That's what they say now but just a short while ago, the political narrative was very different.

(Montage of Democrat politicians, including Kamala Harris

and Ted Lieu testifying that electronic voting machines

are rife with fraud)

Through forensic analysis of election management system computers in Antrim County, Michigan, affidavits from numerous election officials in Georgia, as well as the operators' manual for Dominion's Democracy Suite 5.5, our teams have gathered indisputable evidence that the entire system can, indeed be connected, hacked and manipulated – and, in fact, it was.

Initiated by a court order, the Michigan investigation team obtained forensic access to a DS 200 tabulator, the machine that counts the votes. A Telit 4G wireless chip manufactured in Taiwan was discovered embedded into the motherboard. The voting machine tapes clearly indicate modem engagement and transmission of election data.

Some of the anomalies that we noticed in the 2020 general elections, that 5 key states all stopped counting at the certain time in these key battleground states; these were all where the software; Dominion machines, the ES&S machines were used; the Smartmatic, the GEMS software.

So, when the stopped counting – and this has been noted in all other countries, as well – President Trump was significantly ahead. When reporting and counting resumed, there was a massive spike occurred, that favored Joe Biden.

The next major observation the teams made was that there were significant financial transactions from private and non-profit organizations that had a severe impact on the 2020 Election.

As revealed in a TIME Magazine article in February of 2021, individuals and organizations had been plotting to fortify the election, since at leas 2015.

(Montage about the TIME article)

This network influence diagram really shows the interrelationship of money, people and influence and control between key players and key organizations.

Now, there were over 200 Non-Profits that we found in this network that are all connected. What's even more troubling is that all of those 200 organizations have received substantial funding from a single source [George Soros].

This is not the first time that Mr Soros has been implicated in a plot to destroy a nation. His cover organizations have been banned from several countries for doing exactly what they're currently doing to America.

The Philippines, Russia, Turkey, Poland, Pakistan, as well as Soros' own homeland of Hungary have learned the heard way the true intentions of this ruthless multibillionaire.

[Montage about the devastation of Soros NGOs, from his funding of the migrant caravans to BLM and then the Fox News hosts' censorship of Newt Gingrich's discussion of Soros on live TV]

It was in 2006, when Soros said, "The main obstacle to a stable and just world is the United States." Translated into truth, that sentence would read: "The main obstacle to destabilizing the world is the United States."

While Soros is often accused of unfounded conspiracies, that should not detour from the heinous crimes against humanity that he's actually guilty of. Many of those crimes, he keeps hidden in plain sight.

According to a white paper, US Programs Strategy 2015-2018, Soros' Open Society began funding radical operations in Arizona and Georgia in 2015, with the goal of subverting the 2020 Presidential Elections.

Through massive campaign contributions and non-profit funding, Soros owns and controls countless public officials, university professors, teachers' unions, mayors, district attorneys, judges, congressmen, senators, secretaries of state, sheriffs, governors – and electronic voting machine companies around the world.

In 2010, George Soros shocked even his devout loyalists, when he declared that China has a better-functioning government than the United States.

While the Chinese people should be considered friends and allies, the Chinese Communist Party is anything but. The CCP has been plotting to take over the United States for the better part of this last century and their Unconventional Warfare principles have barely recognizable to the US population.

While we were sleeping, their poisonous seeds, planted long ago have taken root and are now in full bloom within US soil. The Chinese government and their operatives are buying up the United States at an alarming rate. Through cover organizations and individuals, they are purchasing American farms and businesses in mass volume. In addition, the CCP has co-opted the US entertainment industry.Chinese firms own several US entertainment companies and control more than 8,000 theater screens. Hollywood scripts are often reviewed censored if they pose any threat to the image of the Chinese Communist Party. And many professional sports teams are controlled in great part by the CCP.

(Montage about Chinese influence over Hollywood and Joe Biden)

China is currently making big moves to gain control over US port operations and already controls the Panama Canal. They're building 5G networks throughout Europe and the West, which can be used to fill personal information and sensitive data directly to the Chinese Communist Party.

The Chinese government uses commercial software and apps to spy on US citizens and extract their private information. It's estimated that at least 80% of American adults have had their private information harvested by China.

Big Pharma has exported the vast majority of their production to China. Currently, 97% of the antibiotics in the US come from China. 30% of Personal Protective Equipment, such as face masks come from China.

80% of imports of rare earth minerals come from China, which are vital for smartphones, electric cars, defense and other technologies.

In 2017, the US produced zero rare earth minerals. China, on the other hand accounted for more than 80% of the world's supply.

In lockstep with the Mexican drug cartels, 97% of fentanyl, one of the most addictive and deadly drugs is smuggled into the US from China.

People's Liberation Army hackers are executing unconstrained penetration, surveillance, theft and offensive cyberattacks on US businesses, critical infrastructure, intelligence apparatus – and yes – even the US election system.

To ignore this message is to surrender to a government takeover that will bravely affect the lives of every man, woman and child of every class, culture and nation.

Our goal is to reach and revive the heart of humanity while there's still time. This is your wake-up call.

Running Time: 23 mins



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