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CGI's PatMac: COVID-19 Vaccine Agenda: Mass Immunization Or Mass Genocide?

Posted By: RumorMail
Date: Wednesday, 28-Jul-2021 18:00:57

A post submitted by CGI member, PatMac:


“The most merciful thing a large family does
to one of its infant members is to kill it.”
— Margaret Sanger, Author, Eugenicist,
Founder of Planned Parenthood, and
Hillary Clinton’s hero

“When plunder becomes a way of life for a
group of men in a society, over the course

of time they create for themselves a legal
system that authorizes it, and a moral code
that glorifies it”
— Frederic Bastiat, Author and Economist

by Patrick J. McShay

Our illegitimate, unelected, and confused president, Joe Biden, appeared on a CNN town hall meeting this week looking and sounding every bit like an Alzheimer’s patient, stumbling and mumbling through geriatric moments of confusion and lying through his teeth about everything. He admitted that he not only wants to take Americans’ assault rifles, but he also wants to take every semi-automatic weapon including handguns. He also said that you won’t get COVID if you get vaccinated, a real whopper! In New York alone they have 8900 confirmed COVID cases in fully vaccinated people.

In England, Boris Johnson’s Chief Scientific spokesman, Sir Patrick Vallance, announced that 60% of hospitalizations for COVID, and 30% of the so-called “Delta variant” deaths, were people who were double vaccinated. The vaccines have no upside, they are ineffective and they are severely injuring and killing people. The government, with a complicit media, are covering up this devastation by pushing these poisons on the unvaccinated, including our children.

Dr. David Martin believes this COVID agenda is a hoax being used to scare an ignorant and trusting public into taking these vaccines that are full of known toxins and poisons including Graphene Oxide. Graphene-based “Neuromodulation” technology describes brain controlling bio-circuits using AI powered Graphene.

See more at this link:

Dr. Martin believes this is nothing less than a culling, mass murder of the masses on a global scale. He explains that these are not vaccines at all, and when they inject known toxins into people, they are injecting an agent of death! People think that a fragment of the SARS COV 2 virus was put into vaccines but that’s not true. He says in the case of the mRNA vaccines, “a computer-simulated synthetic, chimeric, computer-generated code that was uploaded by the Chinese in January and given to Moderna to put in their vaccine, so that your cells would produce the S1 Spike protein synthesis, not the actual virus. This was a computer code uploaded by the Communist Chinese into U.S. manufacturing to inject a pathogen stimulant into the U.S. population”.

Dr. Martin said there is no COVID virus. He believes this is a planned genocide! Martin said he sent all of this information to the Department of Justice and 2 U.S. Attorneys and has heard nothing.

*See Dr. Martin’s explosive interview here:

Dr. David Bauer heads up the program at one of the largest bioweapons labs in the world in England, and studies the effects of the COVID mRNA vaccines, shockingly admitted in a TV interview that inoculations from Pfizer will destroy your immune system and will require monthly injections. This confirms what Virologist Geert Vanden Bossche suspected, that the vaccine specific immunity would override your own innate immunity..

See the shocking interview here:

The NFL is continuing to destroy and desecrate their brand by now forcing players to get the vaccine or face daily testing, mandatory masks at their team’s facility, and traveling on road trips. While on the road they are forbidden to leave their hotel or interact with anyone not affiliated with their team. In addition, all unvaccinated players will no longer be able to eat their meals with the team or use much of the equipment at their team’s facility including the sauna and the steam room. Positive tests will result in quarantine. Any game that is canceled because a team is unable to play because of a COVID outbreak among UNVACCINATED players, coaches, or members of the staff, and the blame will fall on the infected team. It doesn’t say who they will blame if the outbreak is caused by VACCINATED personnel.

This subject has already come up. Buffalo Bills Wide Receiver Cole Beasly Tweeted on July 23rd to Jerry Hughes, a teammate who is pro-vax, “Jerry- So if a Vaccinated player gives an Unvaccinated player with underlying conditions COVID it’s cool though, and the player with underlying conditions gets blamed for it?

*These people who want the vaccine are the least educated because of the censorship and the complicit media. The NFL is complicit and will be liable for any player negatively affected by these poisonous jabs.

PGA golf pro and this year’s British Open Champion John Rahm was forced to withdraw from a tournament that he was leading after 3 rounds earlier this summer after he tested positive for COVID-19. Rahm had a 6 shot lead with 1 round to play to pick up a check for over a million dollars. Although he was asymptomatic and no danger to anyone, and knowing that the PCR tests are wildly inaccurate, he was still forced from the tournament. Rahm, who is fully vaccinated, just tested positive for COVID again and has been forced to withdraw from Spain’s Olympic team, his Olympic dreams ruined over a phony and contrived pandemic.

*If the COVID vaccines work, how are the unvaccinated a threat to anyone, especially those who are vaccinated? Are they admitting the people who are vaccinated aren’t protected? Is that why children still need to wear masks in school? If a vaccine doesn’t protect you, why is the government pushing them unless the reason for the vaccine isn’t in our best interest? Does anyone find it suspicious that while Joe Biden’s policies are destroying the country, he spends an awful lot of time pushing and threatening American citizens to accept these dangerous and deadly vaccines, and denying them “informed consent” by censoring doctors and scientists who see this vaccine agenda for what it is?

At a recent music festival in the Netherlands for VACCINATED FANS ONLY, the concert turned into a superspreader event with over 1000 new COVID cases diagnosed! Also, 6 of the Democrats that fled Texas by plane and maskless, to Washington DC, to avoid voting on new State election laws, have been diagnosed with COVID, despite all of them being double vaccinated. Poor Jen Psaki had no answers to how this could have happened, but seemed largely unconcerned when asked about it at a subsequent press conference. It kind of makes me wonder if any of these people have taken the vaccine.

The truth is, COVID Vaccines are killing people at a 79% higher rate than the COVID-19 virus in the United Kingdom according to statistics. Maggie Zhou from The Daily Expose reports that numbers from Public Health Scotland, unbelievably show that in 15 months the COVID-19 deaths totaled 3591 with no other comorbidities. It also shows that in less than 6 months, 5522 healthy, breathing people in Scotland died within 28 days of receiving the COVID vaccine. How many people have died in England after the jab? Based on the population the number of dead in England may be as high as 57,000.

*Drug Overdoses Caused More than 93,000 Deaths in 2020, a 29% Increase

CDC Director Walensky said “the”Delta variant is one of the most infectious respiratory viruses we know of and that I’ve seen in my 20-year career.” Yet former Pfizer Vice President, chief scientist, and world-renowned immunologist, Dr. Michael Yeadon dismisses these dire warnings about these variants and explains that a variant is never more than .003% different from the original virus, and that people who have had the COVID virus now have immunity and nothing to worry about, but adds that those who have accepted the jab will die within 2 or 3 years. Dr. Yeadon believes these so-called vaccines are bio-weapons and those yet to be vaccinated should fight for their lives and the lives of their children.

According to the CDC’s data, the group of fully vaccinated people who have experienced the most severe negative reactions to these COVID vaccines are the elderly. 75% of hospitalizations and deaths among those fully vaccinated were 65 or older.

Dr. Yeadon has called the CDC’s hyperbolic, fearmongering statements about the variants a scam used to impose more government lockdowns and mask mandates. Dr. Yeadon and Dr. Martin are 2 of the “Disinformation 12” so dubbed by the Biden Administration because they won’t go along with this obvious move toward a medical police state. The question people should ask themselves is, do you trust the liars at the CDC or longtime respected doctors who actually treat patients, and scientists that know Dr. Fauci well and don’t trust him as far as they can throw him, who have all been banned from speaking by the mainstream media, had their videos taken down on Youtube and silenced by social media?

Dr. Michael Yeadon on Variants, Boosters, and Civil Liberties:

Laura Ingraham has been criticized by the left for having on guests that have been critical of the vaccine program and, based on recent guest Dr. Harvey Risch from Yale’s School of Law, it’s no wonder, as Dr. Risch called out the CDC for medical fraud. The CDC changed the COVID-19 guidelines for the fully vaccinated, lowering the cycle threshold count of the PCR test ONLY for the vaccinated, as I reported months ago. He said, “this COVID testing fraud continues to obfuscate the American medical response, as the original aerosolized bio-weapon evades detection as the ongoing release of that spike protein continues through the savior vaccine.”

Klaus Schwab, the President of the U.N.’s “World Economic Forum” has been very outspoken about how the COVID vaccine is making it easier for the globalists to pave the way for the “Great Reset”, which is a nice way of saying that their plan is to crash the economies of the western world, blow up the middle classes, make way for “Agenda 2030” where national sovereignty,patriotism, gun rights, and secure borders are a thing of the past. What better way to do that than to fund anti-American groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa challenging everything Americans stand for, paid by Jewish billionaires like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg among others.

Jane Burgermeister is a Journalist specializing in science and has a Masters degree from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. In 2009 Burgermeister filed a criminal complaint with the FBI against the World Health Organization (WHO) The United Nations (UN) and the United States Government, the FDA, and Baxter Pharmaceutical Company. Her complaint accuses these defendants and their representatives of committing several felonies in connection with bio-terrorism with attempted genocide, mass murder, coercion of constitutional bodies and treason. The following is from Burgermeister’s article, “Evidence of the Use Of Pandemic Flu To Depopulate The United States”:

“There is evidence that an international corporate criminal syndicate, which has annexed high government office at the Federal and state-level is intent on carrying out mass genocide against the American people by using an artificial (genetic) flu pandemic virus and forced vaccine program to cause mass death and injury to depopulate The United States in order to transfer control of the United States to the United Nations and their affiliated security(UN troops) that will be made up of troops from China, Mexico, Canada, and England.”

In 2009, the same year Jane Burgermeister filed her lawsuit, Joseph Moshe, an Israeli Microbiologist called into True Ott’s LA talk show to warn people that Baxter International’s Ukraine lab was in fact producing a Bioweapon disguised as a Flu vaccine. He was quickly found, chased, tased, and gassed by the LA SWAT Team in association with the FBI. No word on Moshe’s whereabouts today.

This sounds just like the program Dr. Pierre Gilbert talked about in 1998, as well as Dr. Rita Laibow when she said a pandemic and killer mandatory vaccines would be used for depopulation purposes coming soon to the US in an interview with Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura on the latter’s TV show in 2013. Obama signed an Executive Order in 2011 for an internet kill switch to control the internet. He said was done in case of a Bird flu outbreak or other emergencies where they would need to shut down communication. Was Obama on the listof traitors that Jane Burgermeister turned up in her research?

A whistleblower has come forward from the Center For Medicaid and Medicare Services who is a computer programmer in the healthcare analytics field and who over the last 25 years has developed over 100 distinct healthcare fraud detection algorithms in both the public and private sector. She reported that the government agencies are intentionally undercounting vaccine injuries and deaths. Shockingly she said that there have been over 45,000 deaths of people who died within 3 days of getting the Jab. She said the number of deaths overall is obviously much higher. Brian Shilhavey from Health Impact News reports that a lawsuit has been filed on her behalf by attorney Thomas Renz in association with “American Frontline Doctors” against the CDC for fraud and a cover-up. Attorney Renz also blasted Google, Facebook, and Twitter as complicit in the cover-up due to their censorship of the truth.

Catherine Austin Fitts is a former Cabinet member in the George H W Bush Administration as the Assistant Director of HUD and a managing partner at Dillon Reed as an investment banker, and at one time a global insider turned whistleblower. Fitts calls this pandemic “The Great Poisoning” and believes it is an intentionally planned genocide brought on by the global elite, who have been planning such an event, and showing their hand in policy papers for decades. She said our controllers prefer a Globally controlled infrastructure rather than a nationally controlled infrastructure and have already stolen $21 trillion of taxpayer dollars over the years, and control a number of American politicians. Now they want the American people’s assets. She believes they are going all-in with this contrived pandemic and are willing to kill millions of people in the process.

Watch this powerful interview with Catherine Austin Fitts:

Joe Biden promised to unite the country and all he has done since his illegitimate inauguration is to divide us. Our controllers are using our taxpayer-funded schools to program our children to hate their parents and our country, feel uncomfortable with their sexuality, and to be ashamed of the color of their skin. They are dividing the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, the pro mask crowd, and the anti maskers, and they are being fully supported by a dishonest and complicit media.

These people who call themselves Democrats and Republicans need to show that they are Americans first or they need to go! Where do these Marxist racists think that Blacks will be treated better than in America? Africa? seriously? China? absolutely not, the Chinese hate Blacks! Russia, no way! India, Not a chance, they really hate Blacks! Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon?, nope! They hate Blacks more than they hate Homosexuals and they’re still throwing them off of rooftops all over the middle east. Dopey Joe’s controllers are attempting a color revolution in America the way they’ve done it for decades in other countries. This is why they stole the election for Dementia Joe. He is compromised by the Chinese and Trump, despite his flaws, was way too pro-America to pull off a coup like they’re pulling.

The RINO’S are still refusing to cooperate with the Arizona recount and audit despite the fact that they have already found so many areas of concern that State Senator Wendy Rogers has called for decertification of the election. Bobby Piton, a mathematician who testified at the Arizona hearing shortly after the election has been working with canvassers in a number of states and he said based on what they’ve found in Arizona he believes when the audit is completed it will show Trump winning by over 300,000 votes. He said they found every kind of fraud imaginable.

*See Stew Peters’ interview with Bobby Piton here:

Piton is also working on the audits and canvassing in other states as well, including In Georgia. They have found that thousands of votes were illegally counted in Georgia and that was from a small sample. RINO’s in the state, including the governor and the secretary of state, are blocking a full audit that many, including Piton, now believe would show a landslide win for Trump. Mike Lindell’s new film “Absolutely 9-0 proves beyond any doubt that the election was stolen, and to naysayers, Lindell is offering $5 million to anyone who can prove the evidence in his film is not valid.

See Mike Lindell’s film here:

The longer Joe Biden and the racist Democrat traitors occupy the White House, and Nancy Pelosi controls the Congress, these anti-American politicians will keep the southern border open, foment chaos between the races, indoctrinate our children with racist hatred for their fellow students and their country, continue to demonize Trump supporters as racist terrorists, and continue to shove this medical police state down our throats in perpetuity. The vaccines are killing people and these Judges don’t have the backbone to do the right thing for the American people. They have sided with employers in mandating these vaccines that have yet to be approved by the FDA in violation of the Nuremberg Code, and not one judge looked at a single piece of evidence in any of the cases that they threw out over election fraud.

Republicans say wait until the midterm elections, we’ll take back the House. What if we don’t make it to the midterm elections?

The best way to move forward is to pull together against this Marxist evil that is bent on destroying us, Humanity depends on it!

Thanks, Pat

*Recent Articles By Patrick J. McShay:

*The Transhumanist Agenda And The Mark Of The Beast Vaccine

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