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Posted By: hobie
Date: Sunday, 18-Jul-2021 02:07:37

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:


Dear Hobie,
As always thank you for the hard work providing the free speech place that is RMN.

The below Prayer is being presented to herds of churches and politicians as I write.

Beneficiaries intent in this action is three fold.
1. To call every Christian or Moslem, or Jew, or Buddhist or any flavor of religious or spiritual practice to account. The account due is recognition of our American fundamental right to choose as memorialized by the Peoples law called the Bill of rights.
When a sharp necessary tool is left out in the elements and not protected and kept sharp it has no value when needed.
The Declaration of Independence is the tool. The sharpness of that Prayer is our Bill of Rights enforced by the will of the People taking action.
A Prayer is a pretty good start to any adventure.
2. To cause the People to recognize the Declaration of Independence as a Prayer.
The Declaration of Independence is the Prayer calling upon Laws of Nature given to the American people by Natures God, as spread across our land by that Prayer. Endowment from our Creator is the un-a-lien-able, never subject to lien or jurisdiction other than from nature’s God, our Right to choose to create governments serving the Laws of Nature serving the principal that all of mankind is created equal and protected by the Rule of the Peoples Law, operating in the accord with the Laws of Nature by order of Nature’s God.
Surrender of jurisdiction to mere public servants in their usurpation of powers of creation is a crime against Laws of Nature and Natures God. Also rising to actual felony of conspiracy by cooperating with color of law being forced upon the People.
3. To call every Political Personality to account for their playing politics with every Americans life by FAILURE AND REFUSAL to address the fundamentals of the Peoples First Law, the Bill of Rights and Declaration of Rights in every State as United constitutions.
The continued rhetoric of political posturing, who did or did not when and where, he said she said, boasting, complaining with out action, exercising the right of worship, when refusing to recognize the Laws of Nature memorialized by the 1776 Declaration, Bill of Rights, by Political Personalities, Church leaders, as our country confuses its self into oblivion is the crime of malversation: Merriam-Webster; misbehavior and especially corruption in an office, trust, or commission; corrupt administration.

No government created by the People recognizes nor authorizes any government or government service provider, agencies, or franchised licensed entities, corporations, to ASSUME JURISDICTION or RULE OVER, our Declaration of Independence, our Bill of Rights, our State Constitutions Declarations of Rights, our Constitutions.

Any and every public servant or individual receiving payment or privilege from governments that refuses or fails, no excuses acceptable, to honor, recognize and enforce the Peoples Laws first, last and always, commits the felonies of insurrection, rebellion, obstruction, rising in many cases to treason through cooperation with foreign parties.

NOW, what are you the readers going to do about your rights?

Beneficiaries have provided tools to address root issues free gratis. See over 200 hundred tools provided via RMN in the last 4 years.
Where are the real Americans?
Corruption wins every time that good men do nothing!

The Prayer is presented to you. Use it or loose it, the right to pray as you choose.

If you remember and recall the gift from the founders of our country, you will not find the above too strong of language.


A Call to Judgement, Service to Creator or Kowtow To Mans Corruption.

If We as the American People do not trust the Laws Nature given to us by Nature’s God, Declaration of Independence Prayer, who or what should We trust?


FIRST. I, ………………………… , humbly accept the Honor of TRUST placed in a me, a mere man, by the Lord, to invite every American to join in Prayer to Nature’s God.

SECOND. I invite every American to Please join in the Prayer with your whole heart, mind and soul.

THIRD. We, the People of the States United, humbly request our Creator to recognize We as the American People speak with one voice, one mind, one heart, seeking Natures God accept our Prayer.

FOURTH. We as the American People humbly seek forgiveness from Nature’s God for allowing Natures God gift of individual Liberty, the right to choose, to be abused, by our lapse in honoring the bounty gifted from Nature’s God, resulting in We the People being subjects, SLAVES, to minions of the Great Deceiver operating through corrupted individuals.

FIFTH. We the American People accept the forgiveness granted by our Creator and promise to faithfully with continuing diligence to honor the Laws of Nature providing Liberty of choice, to serve Nature’s God through application of the Rule of Law, creating Liberty and Justice, Peace and Happiness for all of the American People and mankind.

SIXTH. I, ……………………………, Declare in the name of the Father, that the American People seek to honor our Right to Choose found in our Declaration of Independence, recognizing that our Prayer is necessary for the abundance of Nature’s God, to again be expressed through out our Constitutional Republic.

SEVENTH. I, Declare in the name of the Father, the American People humbly seek guidance and assistance from Nature’s God to exercise our individual internal fortitude, for rooting out and banishing the evil that pollutes our American Dream of Personal Liberty, through the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God, expressed in our Bill of Rights.

EIGHTH. I, ……………………,Now Declare every American is invited to express their personal relationship with Creation by certifying this Prayer with AMEN, spoken at the same moment, sending the message to Nature’s God, that, We as a People, are now joined and informing those enticing us to evil and slavery, their time is no more.

And for the support of this Prayer, with a firm reliance on the protection of Devine Providence, We the People mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.


Please remember that when millions and millions of Americans share this prayer, throughout the People United, We as People speak for the Laws of Nature as the direct agent for Nature’s God, just like the founders did to the World in 1776.

This Prayer is the highest form of spiritual warfare. The only casualties from spiritual warfare are those choosing depravity over righteousness moved through the Rule of Law.

Spiritual warfare in the form of Prayer always settles the conflicts when We the People join with Natures God in work creating resolution. Prayer first then action.

There is no power of mankind that could withstand the Prayer of millions of Americans lead by our true hearts in service to Nature’s God, when delivered with a single heart and mind shared by millions of Americans.

Please consider speaking this Prayer with the voice Nature’s God provided on a daily basis. The Lord knows We certainly need some help at the moment.

It’s not magic when Prayer produces results. It is Natures God in action !

We the People have not, because We ask not.


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