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Posted By: hobie
Date: Thursday, 15-Jul-2021 05:14:36

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:


Dear Hobie.

As always thank you and RMN for the opportunity to experience freedom of speech and thought.

Please find below Monograph, TRUMP, NATIONAL PRAYER, PLEASE!, as sent 7/14/2021, at 6:10 pm, pacific.

All things have a beginning. In order to understand the present it is wise to return to the beginning. Thus, the chart of events leading to the present allows us to conceive of the future that could be most beneficial.

This Monograph is intended to touch the hearts, minds and souls of the American People and hopefully invoke actions serving personal resolutions rather than relying on others to solve our confusions. Politicians, judges and attorneys perhaps?

For this, the Beneficiaries Pray.

Who will join us?

- - -


Dear Mr. Trump, our President.
Fundamentals of MAGA Begin With Restoration Prayer.

We the People have not, because We ask not.

All solutions resolving any problem begin with opening the dialogue.

Mr. President, it is time for the American People to return to the first root growing our American adventure for the last two hundred forty five years.

Opening the dialogue with Nature’s God would appear to be a very good place to start real resolution to many, many of our countries confusions causing the Identity of the American Dream founded in the Laws of Nature, to be lost through deceit and lies.

The Great Deceiver is captured by the Laws of Nature’s God being spoken from the soul of mankind.

Our Countries recent celebration of the ultimate commitment to the principles founding our country, Fourth of July, appears to be missing the key element.

Where is the Prayer from the People lead by our President each and every time the People are gathered through public meetings?

Our Country, was born in the Prayer of the Declaration of Independence.

Why are We as People avoiding a simple Prayer honoring the source, Creations gift to all of mankind called the Declaration of Independence?

When, We as the American People fail to honor the very source of our Liberty by choosing instead to focus our words and actions on deceit and lies, We dishonor the gifts and resulting bounty our country has been blessed with.

The Declaration of Independence calls upon the Laws of Nature given to mankind by Nature’s God to be spread across our land. The endowment from Creator is the un-a-lien-able Right to choose to create government serving the principle that all of mankind is created equal and protected by the Rule of the Peoples Law operating in accord with the Laws of Nature’s Gods.

The Declaration of Independence is the very beginning source of all that the term MAGA captures.

The identity concept created by the term MAGA is in the future possible through honoring Nature’s God and the bounty gifted to the American People when We honor the Laws of Nature.

When the underpinnings, honor to Creator through prayer, are missing from seeking MAGA, the meetings with the People by pass the critical element in the formation of our Republic, MAGA then becomes an impossibility.

We, the Sovereign Beneficiaries, approach our Trustee, Donald John Trump, as our partner serving the Dream of the American adventure in self recognized and actualized personal Liberty, in harmony with CREATORS love of all of mankind.

Beneficiaries, formally request our Trustee, Donald Trump, recognize that as the chosen leader of the People, ordained by CREATION to serve, stands upon the foundation from which to speak for all Americans and invite all Americans to speak with a single voice.

The spoken word when shared by the People in a single prayer delivered in harmony is the full majesty and power of Nature’s God speaking through mankind. This is full honor to the Creator.

As Beneficiaries to the Public Trust Donald Trump serves, our Letter of Wishes hereby presents the opportunity for the Peoples of Office President, to invite all Americans to Prayer, leading the American People, to cleanse the depths of corruption terminally infecting our Seats of Government.

Donald Trump holds the trust of the American People. When that position of trust is exercised by inviting the whole of the American People to join in a single Prayer, the original intent of our Declaration of Independence, a single point focus of millions of hearts, minds and souls, is Joined with CREATION, serving the Laws of Nature, and Nature’s God.

There is no power of mankind that could withstand the Prayer of millions of Americans lead by our Creator Ordained Political Trustee, when delivered with a single heart and mind shared by millions of Americans in the same moment.

Beneficiaries are not aware of a single instance wherein a Prayer to Nature’s God harms Natures Gods children, and fails to change mankind’s world for the better.

Such a Prayer, invoking Creations Blessings, in accord with the 1776 Declaration, inviting the American People from the Trustees Office of President, immediately forecloses all the confusions attacking the concept of personal Liberty. Such a Prayer crushes the dialogues of confusion. Such a prayer destroys the purveyors of confusion causing corruption of the American Dream. Such a prayer recognizes and invokes the unique relationship between the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God with the American People.

There is no greater honor or service to Nature’s God, and the Creators People, than leading the Prayer, to join mankind with the Laws of Nature, for the cleansing of the deep depravity and turpitude degrading the gifts from Nature’s God to the American People sharing our dream of Liberty, the Right to Choose, Liberty and Justice for all, with all of mankind, by example.

This Prayer is the highest form of spiritual warfare. The only casualties from spiritual warfare are those choosing depravity over righteousness moved through the Rule of Law.

Spiritual warfare in the form of Prayer always settles the conflicts when men join in the work creating resolution. Prayer first then action.

President Trump, when the prayer recognizing Natures God gifts to the American people and the full bounty which we have received, is not honored on a regular basis, the bounty is dishonored which invites the corruption of purpose shared with the whole world through the American People’s Declaration of Independence.

More to the point, a a call to action for every American, to honor Creations gift of our Declaration of Independence, through simple factory direct prayer to Nature’s God, will never harm any of mankind world wide, and We the People will serve notice to the purveyors of the Slavery to the Great Deceiver, that the Laws of Nature are in full force and effect.

If We as the American People do not trust the Laws Nature given to us by Nature’s God, Declaration of Independence Prayer, who or what should we trust?

FIRST. I, Donald John Trump humbly accept the Honor of TRUST placed in a mere man by inviting every American to join in Prayer to Nature’s God.

SECOND. Please join in the Prayer on the screens with your whole heart, mind and soul.

THIRD. We, the People of the States United, humbly request our Creator to recognize We as the American People speak with one voice, one mind, one heart, seeking Natures God accept our Prayer.

FOURTH. We as the American People humbly seek forgiveness from Nature’s God for allowing Creations gift of individual Liberty to be abused, by our lapse in honoring the bounty gifted from Nature’s God, resulting in We the People being subjects, SLAVES, to minions of the Great Deceiver operating through corrupted individuals.

FIFTH. We the American People accept the forgiveness granted by our Creator and promise to faithfully with continuing diligence to honor the Laws of Nature providing Liberty of choice, to serve Creation through application of the Rule of Law, creating Liberty and Justice, Peace and Happiness for all of the American People and mankind.

SIXTH. The People’s President, Donald John Trump, declares that the American People seek to honor our Right to Choose found in our Declaration of Independence, recognizing that our Prayer is necessary for the abundance of Creation to again be expressed through out our Constitutional Republic.

SEVENTH. We the American People humbly seek guidance and assistance from Nature’s God to exercise our individual internal fortitude, for rooting out and banishing the evil that pollutes our American Dream of Personal Liberty, trough the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.

EIGHTH. Every American is now invited to express their personal relationship with Creation by certifying this Prayer with AMEN, spoken at the same moment, sending the message to Nature’s God, that, We as a People, are now joined and informing those enticing us to evil and slavery, their time is no more.

And for the support of this Prayer, with a firm reliance on the protection of Devine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.

AMEN! millions and millions of times through out the People United.

Mr. President when the American People speak with one heart, one mind, in one voice, on one subject, at the same moment, the world changes just like it did in 1776.

Mr. President, history exposes very many situations where the simple act of prayer drove the Great Deceiver back into his own dissolving shadows.


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