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Posted By: hobie
Date: Tuesday, 13-Jul-2021 02:53:58

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:


Dear Hobie,

As always thank you for your commitment and high services to the Principles of our American Dream of Liberty and Justice for all.

Please find Beneficiaries Monograph to President Trump as sent 3:54 pm, pacific, 7/12/2021.

As we stated last week in the Fuse is Lit Monograph the fuse burns brighter every day.

Cosmic A TICKET ride coming soon. Rideum Cowboy. Yippi I A with big spurs.

- - -


Dear President Trump, our President,

Purchase Contract with the United States Government to Enforce the Law.

Beneficiaries promise to Advise our President from the the People’s Original Jurisdiction, requires this Monograph to be presented to the Trustee serving the People’s law.

The Civil Action in the Florida federal court is a contract, a private chattel property of the plaintiff. Donald Trump as the purchaser of the contract is owed obligations from the seller of the contract. The contract is not complete nor enforceable until the purchaser of the contract secures ownership and title to the contract property.

Without having a public record security agreement perfecting the contract the contract is open to assumption for construction.

When the terms and conditions of the contracted for performance are not specific, duly filed public record, the mechanism of assumption takes control over administration of the contract. The purchaser of the contract places them selves at severe risk by failing to define the parties, the obligations between the purchaser and seller, allows the law requiring performance under the purchase contract to be assumed by the contract administrator, a judge.

All law is contract, all law is private between the parties, read in consent of the governed, all law deals with property and property rights. A contract is property defining property rights.

The American People, particularly Donald Trump, have a property right, ownership position, in governments We the People created. Thus, We the People, particularly Donald Trump as the Trustee over the Peoples law of constitutions, holds dual property rights in’ the Florida law suits.

Donald Trump speaking for and representing all of the People in the Florida civil action is acting as Trustee, and as an individual American. Trustee is the property custodian and protector of the property held in Trust. The property is the People’s Political Will being expressed through vote transferring powers creating government to the Trustee for administration.

This Advisory Monograph provides the mechanism to secure the contract for application of the laws underwritten by each agent of the seller of the government service to provide access to and enforcement of the Bill of Rights, specifically the First Amendment.

The United States Government is the seller of services to the People. The United States Congress legislatively created a store front, the U.S. District Court in Florida to distribute its services. Also provided by Congress are the defined duties of the agents representing the United States.

All courts in the United States operating under the federal umbrella are creatures of statute. The legislature, Congress assembled, created all of the carts, all of the rules, and all of the procedures. What this means in real simple terms is when Donald Trump as the plaintiff requires statutes of good standing to be enforced by the Florida Federal Courts the courts have no choice. The other side of that coin means when Donald Trump fails to invoke the statutes and hold the court to them, Civil Rights are not subject matter over which the court has jurisdiction.

Oh please let us see the judges and attorneys chew on this point!

The United States legislatively created courts are the store front selling legalized force applying the law. Thus, principal and agents are bound together under a single identity known as government.

The only intent stated by the People for creating governments is the service to and protection of the People through the operation of law defined by the People’s Constitutions, particularly the People’s first and controlling law, the Bill of Rights and the People’s Declaration of Rights forming the state via constitution. Congress merely created the mechanisms to provide the services. Fundamentally the only authority Congress and all of its constructed entities hold and only proper function is to serve and protect the People. That’s what the Peoples Constitutions define in clear terms which bind every public servant.

If one does not demand proper service and its delivery, those delivering service are allowed to choose delivery or not! The secured contract removes the choice point for public servants. Then, the servants will define them selves by their actions represented on federal public records in the Florida court.

What this means in simple basic terms in relation to the Florida suits, is that the purchase contract for the civil action law suit, is that the purchaser of the government services is the Beneficiary of all the governments acts and all government agents acts. The United States recognized that position through their court and the offered legal force powers to be usable by the Plaintiff through filing a civil action!

Mr. Trump, as the secured contract owner with proof of ownership over the contract for services you are the BOSS so long as you act under the law and rules of the contract. You will simply be enforcing the contract terms you define which is your absolute right. First, you are the Beneficiary of all government powers. Second, you

are the contract purchaser. Third, the contract owner is the sole exclusive party to the contract holding authority to define the contract. All other parties are either servants to the contract you purchased or subjects of the contracts called defendants.

When the Office of the 45th President is a purchaser of the contract to apply legalized force, through the civil actions, the full expression of the Executive branch authorities under Constitution are present in the court. Records constructed by the court are perfect evidence never challengeable by any public servant, nor government licensed entity or individual.

Sad to say that no American at this point is justified in reposing either confidence or trust in any federal court or judge or attorney. The reason this statement is true is based on three fundamental inescapable points. The People have been and are misidentified as subjects over which government controls, rather than the principals to be served. The attorneys, judges in particular, controlling access to the Law of the People’s Original Jurisdictions, refuse to properly identify the People as the Masters over government and its service providers. The judges and attorneys refuse to recognize and execute as written, the People’s Law of constitutions, controlled by the Bill of Rights and States Declaration of Rights, as the terms and conditions each judge or attorney agreed to be subject to under contract to operate in the name and under authority of the governments and its service point outlet, the Florida court for which the People are the ultimate creators.

These public servants, judges, and franchise government operators, attorneys, argue. That’s what all of them are paid and authorized by each other to do. Arguments over points of law or procedure resolve nothing. The only real resolution to the First Amendment trespass, the essential subject matter, of your civil action, is for the law to enforced strictly as written. No judge nor attorney is authorized by either statute or license to apply personal discretion as to whether they recognize or enforce the Bill of Rights as written. The constitutions nor the Bill of Rights contemplate or state in any manner whatsoever that public servants or licensed individuals or entities operating under governments mantel, to hold or exercise powers to do any thing except provide honest service to the Bill of Rights as written.

Until the judges and attorneys answer this one question, all their arguments, acts concerning the application of the Bill of Rights are voidable and only affect those that consent to their hegemony.

Can you judge, or you attorney identify, from the source of all government authority, the States United or the United States Constitutions, the grants of jurisdiction to exercise police, regulatory, or adjudicative actions subjecting the Bill of Rights, particularly the First Amendment, freedom of speech, to the administration of your official or licensed actions allowed by government documents?

The answer is of course CRICKETS. No such authority is found in the construction documents creating any government operation.

The above points and facts of law provide a basis for Donald Trump to exercise the absolute right to define the personal legal relationship and the contract relationship with the United States Government and every individual public servant or franchisee acting as underwriter for honest government process.

Being that all federal government powers are limited by venue to the seat of Government, 4 U.S. Code § 72, Washington City, the District of Columbia, all jurisdiction exercised by the United States is situated and exercised in D.C.

The Recorder of Deeds and Liens in D.C., under explicit control of Congress, provides access to the creation of public record concerning all contracts with the United States Government. One simple document provides Donald Trump with access to perfection and securing the Federal Courts services contract.

The UCC section of the Recorders Office is required by law to record your security instrument defining the terms and conditions controlling the purchase contract for honest services, bought and paid for from the federal court in Florida. The forms are self explanatory. No on line filing is available since 2002. Beneficiaries believe this more cost effective service was deleted to limit and control contract rights of the People with government from being memorialized in the proper venue and jurisdiction.

The essential and controlling issue is the proof verified by Archivist of the United States producing official record of Congress extending its legislative jurisdiction over venue owned and controlled by the states. Second control is P.L. 88-243, 77 STAT 630. Never altered of changed yet amended by supplementing Titles clarifying specific subject matters.

The holder in due course of a registered contract with the United States Government, public record on the constitutional venue and with in the exclusive legislative jurisdiction over that venue, is the premier position on which to stand to deliver real solutions to our countries confusions. Short circuiting constructed confusions is always available through application of fundamental principles, facts of public record, execution of law transmitted through procedures offered and recognized by current systemic operations. Binding systemites in their own systems effectuates a capture and corralling of confusions intended to support and feed from corruption. The contracts purchased from the Florida court open the gates subjecting systemites to the law each promised and is paid to recognize and serve honorably.

Secured Party is of course Donald Trump, the purchaser of the contract. Attaching receipt proving payment is proof of sale and secured party standing and proof of contract.

Second secured party is the Office of the 45th President of the United States of America, in capacity of Trustee to the People’s laws captured under Constitutions constructing all governments. Amendment form adding parties.

First debtor is the United States Government.

Second debtor is the United States District Court for Florida.

Third debtor operates as underwriter for honest contract administration, Clerk and Court Administrator.

Fourth debtor operates as underwriter as adjudicator, judge, over facts, the fiduciary officer applying the law of the case.

Fifth debtor(s) are underwriters operating as exclusive franchisees providing artificial entities, corporations, presence in the court, attorneys one and all as BAR representatives, subjects by consent to the People’s Law of Constitution as Amended by the Bill of Rights.


Contract #………………………… date: ………………; Civil Action Contract for honest government services to be provided.

ACCEPTED: Offer by the United States Government fulfilling its Constitutional duties to provide access to, enforcement of the Supreme Law of the Land identified as the Bill of Rights, particularly the First Amendment; Federal Rules of Civil Procedure as written; Federal Rules of Evidence as written; Good standing federal statutes securing Civil Rights enforced as written contract between the Secured Party and debtors; Public servants fiduciary obligations required by law of the Oath Clause found at Article VI United States Constitution, sections two and three, the individual public servants underwriting bond attaching all personal property; Attorneys fiduciary obligations under BAR memberships and special privilege to operate in commerce in or for public jurisdictions.

Mr. Trump, are there any sane Americans that truly believe that government being in control over access to the electronic transmission forums for exercising the guaranteed terms of government service known as the Bill of Rights secures any rights? Beneficiaries believe as most Americans do, that the track record of government management shows conclusively that governments, large or small, is the major cause of mismanagement and confusions in our country. This belief is caused by public servants simply failing to execute the Supreme Law of the Land as written.

Mr. Trump, the simple fact is government regulators across the board have been criminally negligent in performing their duties to execute good standing statutes serving and protecting the People. This systemic problem could be addressed in large extent by executing the contact security record as advised herein and later herewith.

President Trump, any American semiawake understands that we as a people have been programmed for quite a few years. The most effective way to clean out a corrupted program is with new programming. Essentially, the lawsuits in Florida are the opportunity for the 45th President of the United States to begin to offer new programs. When the new programs serve MAGA a huge boost in MAGA execution is in play. MAGA in Beneficiaries understanding is simply the execution of the law as written and letting the chips fall as they will !

Every American has the choice to make right now. Choose what operating system from what hard drive you operate on? Hunter Biden’s or the American dreams.

The simple way to get the message through is the meme world.

Every American has the choice. SPAM or STEAK!!!


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