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Posted By: Seawitch
Date: Friday, 9-Jul-2021 04:37:04

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Fri. 9 July 2021

Compiled Fri. 9 July 2021 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author, “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

“Trump will be president again on the morning of August 13th”…Mike Lindell

“Hold the line patriots! We are the news now! Every lie will be revealed!”…Q &Trump

Dark to Light:

Mirror Project WW3 Plandemic Agenda FULL Documentary

Mirror Project WW3 Plandemic Agenda FULL Documentary – GreatAwakening.World (

Join the Class Action Lawsuit Against Google, Twitter, Facebook:

America First Policy Institute (

God Bless America & Patriotic Music – The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square – Bing video

Judy Note: No one was privy as to the exact date of the Tier 4B notification and beginning of redemption/ exchange appointments. We know that the funds have been released for the Shotgun Start, on Wed 7 July Iraq released globally it’s digital gold-backed Dinar; Fines, Penalties and Adjudicated Settlements were paid into accounts overnight Wed 7 July and that at the same time as the bond payouts began, Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) 800# link notification would go out.

Military Intel Contact: Watch for the Shotgun Start and Tier 4B notification by Fri. 9 July. F&Ps (Fines & Penalties and Adjudicated settlements) were paid into accounts overnight Wed 7 July. They were to be followed by the German bonds and Yellow Dragon Bonds being paid out and access given to bond holders at the same time that Tier 4B 800# link notifications go out.

MarkZ: On Fri. 9 July we will probably see the F&P’s go out, and then sometime over the weekend we will see 800 numbers or emails.

Bruce: On Fri. or Sat. 9, 10 July bond holders would receive notification, while Tier 4B would be notified Mon. or Tues. 12, 13 July. Liquidity and appointments would begin on Tues. 12 July.

On Thurs. 15 July the General Public Tier 5 was scheduled to start their exchanges at the new international rates.

On Thurs. 8 July from Coach Jerry…Dear Community: With all the continued discussions and disinformation being released, I believe the Alliance, White Hats and “Good Side” have been sending us a very clear and consistent message. “Stabilization by the arrests, defeat and elimination of the Satanic Cabal / Deep State is necessary before there can be and will be any significant RV/GCR release.”

The up and down emotional roller coaster of “here today – wait until tomorrow” reporting is necessary for one main reason… to draw out, expose and arrest these evil operators. In that sense, we certainly would be justified in feeling “played.” Though, I believe it is more along the lines of being part of “a play.” The only difference is our inability to know ahead of time, the duration or the precise outcome of “this play!” Yes, very disconcerting indeed. Yet, through all the rumors, reported successes and tremendous sacrifice of our military domestically and globally, the one consistent description being used is… “The Arrests.” Notice how methodical the rumors of arrests have been reported (not necessarily listed in chronological order). First, in inconsequential: celebrities, low level government employees, relatively unknown CEO’s, and so called religious leaders. Next, the more prominent: The ones needed to be CGI-ed or body-doubled. Or perhaps those who have been allowed to remain in place with their ankle bracelets firmly secured. Thirdly, the high level government officials, bankers and well known CEO’S: These reportedly left their various meetings / tribunals in tears upon seeing the evidence against them. Lastly, is where I think we are now: The worldwide mass arrests of the 100’s of 1000’s remaining – all the ones that appear to have been ignored, or forgotten.

At this point the sleeping populous will have to be shocked into reality. This glorious global military operation will become public knowledge. Be encouraged fellow Anons, Light Workers and Digital Soliders… it’s coming! We will be vindicated. We will be rewarded.

In the final analysis, it has always been about the children and creating a better world. See: Sex trafficking of Haitian kids exploding (

Thank you POTUS (DJT). Thank you FLOTUS (MKT). Thank you Q.

WWG1WGA…Coach Jerry

A. Thurs. 8 July 2021 The Big Call, Bruce: 712-770-4016 pin123456#

Q & Trump Great Awakening World: Hold the line patriots! We are the news now! Every lie will be revealed!

On Mon. 5 July q new Dinar currency rate showed up on the bank screens and climbed with trading.

On Mon. 5 July three new countries were added to the GCR – North Korea, Iran (on par with the Iraqi Dinar) and Venezuela – making it 34 currencies to revalue.

Overnight tonight Thurs.-Fri. 8, 9 July liquidity was supposed to start flowing – going to paymasters and starting to pay out. That would take place through Sun.11 July.

Tomorrow Fri. or Sat. 9, 10 July bond holders would receive notification.

Liquidity would happen Tues. 12 July.

Tier 4B would be notified Mon. or Tues. 12, 13 July.

The Non Disclosure Agreement would refrain you from talking about your exchange.

B. Thurs. 8 July The Real News:

Be Ready CYBER POLYGON. See Klaus “Shredder” Schwab video. Attacks to shutdown everything: Planes, Trains etc. Remember “GOD WINS” – TESLA WINS. Something just put to me is very interesting. Q says “Think The Football” The 3 Pillars aka City Of London, Rome/ Vatican & Washington D.C. All Bankrupt – Chapter 11. They are starting to remove Fences around D.C Friday this will take [3 DAYS] “BAY OF PIGS” On SUNDAY – Europe Cup – “7 11” Italy vs England. All of Europe will be watching.

When is REGULATION coming? Sec Conf will be Analysed Dark 10. The Event Triggers Events that leads to EBS 10 days of darkness. Somewhere in that 10 days BOOM – Regulation & Precious Metal backing. Now WATCH THE WATER. XRP – Ripple Case. ChongQing – Yangtze River. Three Gorges Dam. Market Crash. EU First then WORLD.

Sec Conf Will Be Analyzed Dark [10] You Have it All. Enjoy the Show. Q And [-] Project Odin Switch Just like Pool says OVERNIGHT.

CIA Guns Down Dutch Reporter And Haiti President To Protect Drug And Child Sex Pipeline

If the release schedule of your deadman’s switch is known, you also face the risk of your adversary shutting down the entire internet for the few hours your switch is scheduled to be released.

No more personal credit line you say? Perhaps it is because soon banks will no longer be able to loan and charge us interest on our own money. Fyi: WF is one of the Gesara approved banks:

The remaining metal fencing around Capitol was set to come down as soon as Friday and finish within three days.

Pentagon Rejects MICROSOFT and AMAZON Contract! THE MILITARY SAID F*CK YOU TO BILL GATES AND CIA/MOSSAD VATICAN/ ROTHSCHILD/CCP services. MILITARY CLOSING IN. CIA SERVERS half is at (AMAZON) Assassination Haiti President same day Microsoft (CIA owned) Amazon (CIA/Mossad owned) were denied contracts (Haiti prez had dirt on CIA/AMAZON/ Microsoft). Submarine tunnels in Haiti (Clinton/ Mossad/ CIA/Epstein) it’s all connected to back to TEXAS Sub tunnels I have been talking about…And OPS IT’S ALL CONNECTED 45 Sues Facebook Twitter and Google. (Those CIA servers (Amazon) hold all the information… Microsoft Servers/ networks/ software/ Backchannels (doors) into the Pentagon/World leaders computers/illegal data collection (spying) OBAMA GATE, FISA.

US Capital Police Expands Jurisdiction To All 50 states To Arrest “Potential” Domestic Terrorists (TruNews video)

Last week the DoD confronted 32 governors who were summoned to the Pentagon in order to stop planned Deep State violence and operations meant to block GCR/RV exchanges through 14 of these corrupt governors—they had to do this last week BEFORE releasing the GCR / RV, which release is underway right now this week.

Sun 4 July – (Q) The Storm Rider Lots of Flights to GITMO, Past 8 days…[FRI 25 June – SAT 7/3], Tuesday night June 29 & WED June 30 early morning hours. Over 700 [high level] arrests were made through the United States, UK. EU. On the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA}–[IT] WAS THE LARGEST MASS ARRESTS SO FAR IN a 32 HOUR time frame. DS, MSM is not reporting on the arrests but creating distractions… The Military [and] Federal Marshals moved on behalf of Sealed indictments and important evidence, files and servers provided by [CCP Chinese Security Chief Defector] Dong Jingwei.”

The Assassination of Jovenel Moise the President of Haiti was silenced for working with NSA and giving information to U.S. MILITARY INTEL and direct Evidence on The Clinton foundation and all the gold stolen from Haiti through the Clintons and CIA… President Moise had all the evidence on the Submarines the Clintons and Epstien had on the island to transfer hundreds of thousands of children trafficked across the world. Moise had collected evidence the past four years on mother Teresa human trafficking networks in collision with The Clinton foundation/FBI and 90 Billion dollar payment to the VATICAN who headed the operation. In the evidence/files/servers given to Trump/NSA. The CIA had used weather modification and TECTONIC WEAPONS to cause earthquakes and Floods to cover up the story of 800,000 missing children. The sealed indictments touches on all these facts. All evidence and testimony are recorded. Unfortunately the Deep State CABAL of the WORLD are running lowest on Adrenochrome in the world wide market … Sources believe the upheaval in Haiti is the same Deep State play book…send in the UN [DS] Take over the country and the Children…

Major arrests in TEXAS….even monkey Werx reporting Flights on human trafficking and ops in area and flights to GITMO…(@MWX …) Even MSM Reporting in TEXAS on so much trafficking busts the past 8 days…But nobody wants to mention CIA involvement…

Gene DeCode Discusses Deep Underground Military Bases With Cirsten W & Scott Mckay | Paranormal | Before It’s News (

EU to crack down on crypto currencies | Cyprus Mail

Jacob Zuma, Former South African President, Is Arrested NY Times: The Constitutional Court had found him guilty of contempt for failing to appear before a commission investigating corruption accusations.

Patrick Bouvier Kennedy 777…17 @kennedy_bouvier) Tweeted: Jesse Presley = John G Trump same person. Elvis & Donald are first cousins. Nicola Tesla’s accountant was Prescott Bush. George Bush Sr. as a boy went with his father and Nicola never liked George he didn’t keep his hands off things

Darktrace: How cyber-attacks take down critical infrastructure:

FBI Drops Thousands of Pages of Documents on Murdered DNC Operative Seth Rich — This is After They Said They Had Nothing:

C. Declassified Documents:

1-17-20 DECLAS ombudsman report on politicization of intelligence on foreign election threats:

1-17-21 DECLAS DNI Ratcliffe ICA Foreign Threats to 2020 Election:

1-15-21 DECLAS FISA Abuse Investigation 11 Transcripts:

1-15-20 State Department – Activity at the Wuhan Institute of Virology:

1-15-20 Long List of Trump Administration Accomplishments:

1-12-20 DECLAS NSC Indo-Pacific Strategy on China:

12-29-20 REPORT: Senate Investigation Finds Obama Admin Knowingly Funded al-Qaeda Affiliate,%2012-23-20,%20Memo%20on%20World%20Vision%20Investigation.pdf

12-23-20 FBI DECLAS E-Mails Hunter Biden Burma

12-17-20 DECLAS Peter Strzok Texts – Spying on Trump BEFORE Crossfire Hurricane

12-17-20 Navarro Election Report All Three Volumes


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