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Virus lyrics sung to the tune Johnny Cash's song: "How High's the Water Mama?"

Posted By: Nameless_one
Date: Saturday, 7-Nov-2020 14:29:59

In Response To: People have asked: What will happen when Biden is president - here is an answer (GeorgeEaton)

How high's the virus mama?
6 foot high and risen.

How high's the virus mama?
No talk'n on Verizon.

How high's the virus mama?
No more mask while shopp'n.

How high's the virus mama?
Keep'n curfew while I'm mopp'n.

How high's the virus mama?
temperature is average and smile'n.

How high's the virus mama?
Goodbye, I'm on my way to Thailand.

: It took them 60 years to reach the point where the
: "target" (USA) had been softened enough that the
: second phase in target softening could proceed. The stages
: (of a communist takeover. GE) are: Demoralization
: Economic destabilization
: Social destabilization

: And then the installation of "cooperative leadership
: leading to ultimatums being levied that are impossible to
: fulfill.
: Once the ultimatums go unfulfilled long enough then the target
: is declared rogue.
: Once declared rogue the target(nation.GE) is invaded.

: Covid-19 was the Economic destabilization needed to not only
: destabilize the USA but to also weaken our strategic
: partners enough that we could not call on them for help and
: that they would likely flip in order to care for their own
: populations and "stay out of the game".

: Hillary Clinton was to be that "cooperative
: leadership"
: Trump forced them to up their time-line(alter their schedule.
: GE) or else they would have been set back the 60 years it
: took for them to get to this point.

: The fact that foreign governments like Germany are now
: speaking in favor of Biden reveals that they are part of
: this plan and an enemy nation. (most of the major nations
: are globalists and therefore against Trump. GE)

: We now know that all of the corporations in this country in
: big tech and media are enemy collaborators as well as many
: others like Gillette and Nike.
: (the entire pop culture, education system, politicians and
: main stream media are all part of promoting socialism. It
: would be easier to list which companies or organizations
: that oppose globalism. GE)
: Your neighbors, be them dupes or willing participants, it
: doesn't matter which, have sided with these corporations
: and these foreign governments and they are willing to
: obviously support our destruction.

: Our neighbors to the north and south will not mount any
: resistance to stop foreign militaries from landing and
: staging invasion forces into the USA.
: The entire west coast of the USA is controlled by subversives
: and enemy collaborators who will not mount any kind of
: citizen resistance to an invasion from sea and will
: immediately surrender and demand the citizens to stand down
: and cooperate with the invasion forces.

: They will quickly take control of our military bases and
: critical infrastructure, it will move with lighting speed.
: Calls to surrender or negotiate will immediately hail from
: congress and across social media and any voices to the
: contrary will be silenced one way or another.

: This is happening and will happen.
: This is what is going down right now.
: Source and discussions:

: My comment: Electing a socialist like Biden and Harris has
: much deeper ramifications than people realize. They have
: told us what they stand for and what they plan to do. They
: will start weakening gun laws. They will enforce stricter
: and longer quarantines. They will implement a contact
: listing program and arrest and detain those that resist the
: new laws. They will give reparations to blacks which will
: add to the bankruptcy of the nation. They will work towards
: a living wage system for all citizens to receive a check,
: whether they work or not.

: They will open all borders and allow unchecked foreign
: invasion into this nation which will be in the tens of
: millions of people from all over the world. They will allow
: the Chinese to come in and buy up businesses, corporations,
: land, mines, logging companies - you name it, they will buy
: it and be given tax breaks to do so.

: They will release hundreds of thousands of prisoners from
: prisons. They will change the federal laws on drugs and
: work towards legalizing all drugs nationwide. They'll start
: curtailing the use of gasoline powered cars with jail time
: punishments for offenders.
: They will place a user tax on all purchases to increase
: federal revenue. They will forgive all college tuition
: debts and also work towards 100% free education for all.
: They will shut down independent schools and mandate all
: children must be go to government schools.
: They will start subsidizing businesses and farms since the
: economy will be close to collapse, and this will make the
: government an owner of those farms and businesses. They
: will mandate forced inoculations and vaccines and people
: will be given a card to identify them as compliant and
: disease free.

: They will push the idea of not allowing US citizens to leave
: the country unless given special permission. All banks will
: have to comply with federal rules of allowing complete
: access to your bank account records at all times, along
: with credit card use all without a court order.
: The freedom of speech will be no longer an option in this
: country. All speech must be approved by the government and
: those that monitor speech will censor and report what you
: say.

: Your second amendment right to own a gun will be eroded by one
: law after the other that will virtually make it illegal to
: own a gun. And in time ownership of guns will also be
: outlawed like in Australia and England. That is a short
: list of what they have planned for our future, and they
: mean ever bit of it.

: As that is happening the government will be printing so much
: money that inflation will kick in and erode away our buying
: power. They will increase the cost of living allowance from
: yearly to several times a year to try to keep up with
: inflation. But, by the time they change it, it will already
: be behind the inflation rate.
: With businesses closing down, and the nation financially
: stifled, they can then impose new laws that will make our
: nation an imitation of China. Without guns, and no money
: for gas for cars, and no independent way to defend
: ourselves and our nation, then they will ask for foreign
: troops under the UN banner to keep the peace. The last
: remaining European families, independent patriots and
: Christians will then be enemy number one and will be
: "visited" by a combination of federal troops,
: local law enforcement and foreign troops.
: Each person will be interrogated and questioned to find out if
: they are a threat to the government. Their homes will be
: thoroughly searched with radar invasive systems to detect
: metal, like the barrel of a gun, that might be hiding in a
: wall somewhere.
: That is the future that Biden and company want for this
: nation. They not only want it, they desire it, crave it and
: have longed for it for decades. They talk about it in
: parties while they drink martinis and sniff children's hair
: - between doing lines of coke and popping meth.
: This is the future Trump was trying to avoid. Voter fraud is a
: major crime, in fact it literally overthrows a nation! The
: stealing of an election by these communist subversives is
: equal to the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor and the invasion
: of the British to kill Americans in 1776.
: This is no small thing or the temporary set back as one party
: wins one time and the other party wins next time. This is
: the absolute downfall of our nation as we know it. Once
: they have all power in their hands they control the
: military, the banks, corporations, the farms, our food, our
: fuel, and they have the power to allow foreign troops to
: walk into our country without firing a shot.
: With the power of our missile defenses, they will REFUSE to
: prevent any nation from attacking us. The enemy is now
: inside the gates and controls our military at that point.
: There is no resistance to an invasion force. In fact an
: invasion force like we would describe it today, would be
: welcomed as comrades and be wined and dined across the
: nation in a huge celebration of victory over the racist
: capitalists.
: There will be no armed defense made for this country with
: Biden as president. If we tried to gather from the county,
: armed sheriffs, deputies and farmers and hunters to defend
: against foreign troops driving towards our area - the
: federal government would send troops to wipe us out as
: domestic terrorists. And our children that survived would
: be orphans and our wives raped and killed by the their
: communist comrades.

: This would all be done with the blessing of Antifa, BLM, the
: military and the federal government. They believe this is
: the just punishment worthy of the white people of this
: nation - that by Biden's own words: "MUST BE WIPED
: OUT, BECAUSE IT IS OUR STRENGTH". That is pure double
: speak from Orwell's 1984.

: Make no mistake, vote rigging is a treasonous crime of the
: highest order. It conquers nations and the crooked winners
: rub their hands in glee and laugh at the gullible
: "cattle" that were so easily duped and deceived.
: They will say to each other: "How foolish they were to
: trust us in their vote counting areas! How easy it was to
: take over the nation and rule by decree! Who will stop us
: now? NO ONE," they will answer, "BECAUSE THERE IS
: Let an enemy steal an election and the nation is conquered.
: George Eaton

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People have asked: What will happen when Biden is president - here is an answer
GeorgeEaton -- Saturday, 7-Nov-2020 14:29:59
Virus lyrics sung to the tune Johnny Cash's song: "How High's the Water Mama?"
Nameless_one -- Saturday, 7-Nov-2020 14:29:59

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