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Anna Von Reitz: "Thoughts Are Living"

Posted By: hobie
Date: Tuesday, 12-May-2020 05:05:21

Regarding copyright, see Legal Notice on the linked page:


Monday, May 11, 2020

Thoughts Are Living

By Anna Von Reitz

“Shhh!” My Grandmother would say with some annoyance. “Don’t you know that thoughts are living? And words are powerful!”

She said these things often enough and with enough seriousness to impress them firmly in my young mind, even if I didn’t fully
understand what she was telling me at the time.

Yes, our thoughts contain life. They derive from life and are alive. Some thoughts are virtually immortal, while others, less substantial, are ephemeral.

Once you realize this, your attitude toward thought and your responsibility as a thought-producer changes.

Suddenly, you start thinking about thinking— and about the quality of your thought output.

Am I just spinning a lot of lies and impressions and half-regurgitated media drivel around in my head, or am I concentrating on worthy things and solid information?

Thought quality is important in and of itself, but it is additionally important because thought forms the basis of emotion and emotion motivates action in this world.

Correct and solid thinking is the basis for right feeling and action, so if you have been drifting along in a daze letting the Talking Heads on TV or the corporate executives at George Soros’s Disney, Inc., do your thinking for you— snap out of it.

Your living thoughts are what create your world.

Think about what I just said.

You want a better, kinder, safer, saner world?

Think better thoughts.

Put an end to the media monopoly on your brain power. Turn the knob. Push the button. Cancel the subscription.

Guard your thoughts and train them.

Ask yourself— how did that “News” story make me feel? What, if anything, did I gain out of it?

Does it give rise to anything desirable or comforting or uplifting or profitable?

Your thoughts are living and your words are the personification of your thoughts. They are the condensate of thinking, and they may stick in the mind of your grandchild —for good or evil— for decades after you speak them.

If you put them down on paper or electronic media, your not-so-paltry words may outlast you by centuries.

Here we are, in 2020, still reading Plato.

As everything on Earth is accelerating and the electromagnetic fields are changing, you will notice a lot of odd things—- one of which is the speed with which your thoughts manifest as realities.

You will be thinking about a song, and moments or minutes later, it will be playing on the radio.

You will be worried about a debt, and the next call will be the debt collection agency.

You will think of your Sister, and at that moment, she will call.

And all of this synchronicity will be happening with increasing speed and strength of manifestation.

The things you dwell on and really concentrate your focus on will appear first as Thought-Forms. At this stage, what you are creating is like a shadow or overlay on the day to day story line you are living.

It’s there, but it’s not totally materialized in your experience, because you are not raising —or lowering—your own pitch to interact with it.

It’s like playing a song you want to hear on Station KNOW and keeping your own radio tuned to Station WBET.

The song you want manifests and plays but you don’t get to enjoy it.

Nonetheless, by focusing on what is good and true and useful and pondering on these things and day-dreaming about beautiful crystal streams and world peace, you draw these things into this reality.

Maybe as a result of your own limitations you won’t experience what you dream of and love and give your life force to, but other people and the planet as a whole, will.

And sooner or later the power of all our good thoughts made manifest, shines through. The collective energy of all our good thoughts wins, and the world has no choice but to follow suit.

This is why we need to train ourselves to guard our thoughts —especially against useless, repetitive and negative programming by the Media Mouths. See the YouTube video, “This is What Mind Control Looks Like. This is Project Mockingbird”.

This is also why we need to combine forces to dream together and choose to dream great things—- because thoughts are living and words like bricks, are enduring.

Many of you participated in the work of dissolving the Seal on Bardsey Island and the Great Palatine Seal in Rome. That joint action changed the way energy flows around the planet and set the entire Continent of Africa free to live a richer, healthier, more abundant life.

This, in turn, makes Africa a better reservoir of life and source of energy for the whole planet. It will no longer be limited or constricted as it has been in the past.

You helped accomplish that, just by sitting in your living room, thinking good thoughts of peace and liberation.

Want to do more?

Jerusalem has eight Gates, but some of the gates have been shut tight by stones and mortar since ancient times. These same gates have been sealed spiritually for centuries.

This was done by Evil Doers in an attempt to gainsay the Living God, in order to prevent the True King from entering the city and to keep the Lion of Judah trapped inside.

Today, we will lay siege to these ancient evils and liberate Jerusalem. Everyone stop a moment and see all eight gates of Jerusalem thrown open.

It is dusk, early evening in Israel.

Instead of the Gates being shut, see in your mind’s eye, all eight Gates of Jerusalem standing wide open, and brilliant light pouring out from all of them, illuminating the surrounding countryside.

Feel a fresh wind flowing over the land. Picture sheets of gentle rain falling, washing away the dust, filling the streams and cisterns. The parched land grows green again. All is refreshed, open, breathing, alive, and peaceful.

There is no longer any fear or threat of war, no longer any hatred or theft or unrest or sadness.
The Valley of Hinom has been cleansed, not with blood, but with love; the natural balance of Nature has been restored.

All you can see or sense for many, many miles around is peace and joy and plenty. Abundant life, abundant rain, abundant peace, and no fear or want of any kind.

The olive trees sigh with relief. The plums and cherries unfurl their blossoms. The King of Kings walks the land and blesses it so that it will never know war or suffer again.

Feel the relief and the release of pent up energy. All eight Gates are open at last.


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